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Cool New Features in Google Chrome v73

Google’s most recent stable version of Chrome, version 73, has some interesting new features worth talking about. Indeed, who has ever talked about the newest version of the web browser?

However, these features are unique and useful for almost everyone. While you’re at it, check out some of the great Chrome features you should be using.

Auto picture in picture

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to switch between apps while video chatting with someone and the video remains visible? This is now available in Chrome. For non-Android devices this still requires a button press, but for Android devices this happens automatically.

This can really help when, while video chatting with someone, you want to watch something else, such as a business report, to keep the conversation going. If you like it, you should also take a look at several Chrome extensions that will increase your productivity.


Google is working to automate it across all devices, so keep an eye out for this in future releases.

Progressive web apps work everywhere

A Progressive Web App (PWA) can be installed like a desktop app, but it does work on the web. This feature is now available for macOS users as well as Windows, Chrome OS and Linux.

Pete LePage, an attorney for Google developers, explains: “The Progressive Web App is fast and reliable; always boots and runs at the same speed, regardless of the network connection. ” You can try PWA with apps like Twitter Lite and Pinterest

DataSaver Secure

Chrome has had a DataSaver feature for a while now. This way Google will compress web pages on their servers so that they can deliver you a page in good quality but with a much smaller file size.

This was not always available for HTTPS traffic. Now this. Google claims it can ” cut data usage by up to 90% and load pages in half the time.”

Control the media with your own media keys

If your keyboard has keys for play, pause, rewind, and other media commands, they will now work with media in Chrome. It does not work perfectly yet, as not all media players support it. However, expect this to happen soon.

MacOS Dark Mode

Prior to Chrome v73, you had to install third-party themes to enable dark mode in your browser. Google has already prepared it for macOS and is working on it for Windows.

Dark mode is convenient for viewing at night. For most people, this is much easier on the eyes. Take a look at the comparison below.

Google admits to DuckDuckGo

Web browsers often have built-in access to search engines, so whatever you type in the address bar can become a search. Chrome had Google, Microsoft Bing, and Yahoo!

Built in for a while. In v73, they included the secure search engine DuckDuckGo. By setting DuckDuckGo as your default search engine, you can dramatically reduce the amount of information Google collects about you. We recommend you try it.

Other features

There are many other features in Chrome v73, but most of them run in the background to make things faster and safer. Or, these features are intended more for the web developer crowd so that they can give you the best experience on the sites they create.

If you are interested in learning more about these features, you can visit developers.google.com and chromestatus.com

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