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Change Your Mindset and Your Output with These Five Productivity Apps

The digital economy, the gig economy, the worry economy are all the ways we describe the world we live in today. But speaking of this, we really live in a productive economy.

The need to be even more productive is the main reason why the pace of life seems to be constantly accelerating, why we are introducing automation to manage this acceleration, and why some people burn out and take a new minimalist direction, living without attachment social norm “do things faster and more efficient. ”

But you don’t need to “cut the cord” to live a happier life. If you’re overwhelmed by how much you need (or want) to get done in a day, these five productivity apps might be the answer.

Cool – goal setting and habit tracking

Download: iOS., Android

Subscription Terms:
Monthly: $ 9.99 per month
Yearly: $ 7.99 per month, one payment of $ 95.99 billed every 12 months

If you’re looking for a productivity app that wants to understand your current state and steer you towards a more productive state where you become more productive, Fabulous is a great choice. This app will help you change your mindset by establishing a more efficient daily routine that promotes more productive, healthier and happier lifestyles.

Supported by Research

To start off, Fabulous asks you a series of questions during setup to get to know you, like when do you wake up? Are you getting enough sleep? Are you doing?

This is not an arbitrary curiosity of the application developer; Fabulous was “created at Duke University’s Advanced Retrospective Analysis Center, a laboratory dedicated to exploring what makes people happier and healthier through behavioral sciences,” the app’s creators say.

In essence, it is a channel through which years of research and science are now being used to help ordinary people improve their lives.

Take a trip

Based on what you tell Fabulous, he offers you a personalized plan to get your body and mind on the right track. Once you’ve signed up (or signed up for a free trial) to access a space called Sphere, the app sets up your first goal for you. You start what is called “The Unexpected Journey.”

You will start with something simple, something easy that you can do. Fabulous will encourage you to drink water first when you wake up over the next three days to move your mind to a new state.

By completing tasks like these, you open up new ones. The idea is that you will continue to maintain the habits formed from previous trials and change your routine for the better over time. You can see what’s ahead in your roadmap.

But that’s just one trip. There are others, such as “Fabulous Night” (learn “how to get a good night’s sleep”) or “The Art of Stoic Living” (learn to use “stoicism to open up new opportunities and thrive in stressful situations”). There is also the Sphere Series, a six-month travel compilation designed to help you improve your daily routine, boost your energy, and get rid of bad habits.

Make yourself fabulous

With Make Me Fabulous, you can access several activities to help you improve your health and happiness. Complete a seven-minute workout, take a 20-minute nap, or, for maximum productivity, try a deep workout session in which you won’t rest for minutes or hours.

When you are more motivated to change and achieve goals, you are more productive. This is the foundation of Fabulous. He does the hard work of coming up with new routines and adjustments for you; all you have to do is complete them.

Headspace – meditation

Download: iOS., Android

Subscription Terms:
Monthly: $ 12.99 per month
Yearly: $ 94.99 per year

Since changing your mindset is critical to improving productivity, Headspace is an app worth exploring. It guides you through meditation practices and was built on the practices of a former monk and renowned mindfulness expert Andy Paddicomb.

Basic course

Headspace begins by asking about your meditation experience, why you want to learn meditation practices, and when it makes sense for you to meditate during the day.

If you are a beginner, using the free basic course of the app, you will get a trial version of 10 sessions with two ways to use. This will help you become familiar with the basic techniques of meditation and mindfulness.

Meditation Library

If you decide to upgrade to a higher level by subscription, you will have access to the complete library of Headspace meditations. Here you can tailor your meditation sessions to those areas where you need to practice mindfulness the most.

For example, if you are experiencing stress and anxiety, Headspace offers guided meditations designed to release that negative energy. If you need to increase your workload and productivity, there is practice for that as well.

There are hundreds of activities designed to improve areas of your life such as concentration, physical activity, and sleep. You will also receive tips and nuggets of wisdom to help you stay on track.

Other unique features, such as Mindful Moments and SOS Session, are available when you feel the need to practice mindfulness or suppress stress at any time during the day. You can track all of this progress to see how much you have improved.

Sleep at a distance

Headspace also offers an experience called sleep, which includes sleep meditation guidance, sleep-inducing sounds, and what Headspace calls sleep broadcasts that “guide you to your resting place.”

Given how important sleep is to productivity, this seems like a natural extension of what Headspace is already offering through other meditation practices that lead to higher productivity.

Staying aware of what you are trying to achieve and doing it with a clear mind so that negative or burdensome thoughts do not get in the way is critical to improving and maintaining productivity. Headspace can help.

Productivity – to-do lists and plan goals

Download: iOS.

Subscription Terms:
Productive Premium One Month: $ 6.99
Productive Premium Three Months: $ 11.99
Productive Premium One Year: $ 29.99 < / p>

It’s nice to focus on the right place to be as productive as possible. But at some point, you may need more structure to organize and manage what you are trying to make productive. An app like Productive can help with reminders and statistics to help you reach your goals.

Choose or Create Better Habits

Habits are the foundation of productivity and truly the foundation of your productivity as a person. The whole point of this app is to make it easier to form and follow the habits that help you achieve your daily goals. Productive offers a range of habits to choose from: going to the gym, cleaning the house, talking to a stranger – the options seem endless. You can also create your own habits.

When you choose a new habit, you also choose an icon to represent it, as well as determine the duration of the action and when / where it will happen. This habit is then added to your to-do list and will appear when you set it up, whether it be daily, weekly, monthly, or one-time. When finished, you simply mark it as done.

Habit Statistics

You will be able to see your progress or lack thereof with the Productive Life Journal feature. This provides a calendar view that indicates which days you completed all or only a portion of what you started, giving you an idea of ??when you are most or least productive. Statistics include:

Productive is actually a simple application that is actually very suitable given the nature of its goal of providing better performance to users through a minimally distracting architecture and interface.

If you want an extended to-do list that will also help you consolidate and maintain good habits, then this is the productivity app worth downloading.

Google Keep – Notes and Lists

Download: iOS., Android

Subscription terms: free

It is only recently that people have begun to yearn for new digital ways of managing performance. But some people still prefer notebooks and diaries to stay on track.

If that’s you, it might be a good idea to stick with a simple productivity app like Google Keep. There is nothing to see here; Google Keep just gives you a modern way to keep track of thoughts, create lists, and organize everything else in your life.

Catch, organize thoughts

Jot down thoughts, from typed or speech notes to doodles and pictures you take or upload. Organize them by shortcuts to group them the way you like and make it easier to find.

Or find them by type, for example, view all images in one place, regardless of the label. In any case, given that this is a Google app, it’s very easy to search for any notes, images, drawings, or lists you create.

Lists galore

If you’re serious about making lists, Google Keep gives you an easy way to create lists with checkboxes that you can check off as you progress. In particular, the app has the advantage of helping you populate your shopping list with suggestions. You can also set reminders for lists as well as notes and pictures to take care of what needs to be done at the right time.

If you prefer keeping things simple but organized with a simple touch, Google Keep is perfect. It’s a simple yet modern notebook planner that’s more advanced than the built-in note-taking app you probably have on your smartphone.

Flora – Focus and Habit Tracking with Gamification

Download: iOS., Android

Subscription terms: free

Many of the situations we find ourselves in require a few people to stay focused so that the group can work collectively productively – be it a business meeting, study session, or meeting. Smartphones often distract us.

Flora is a productivity app that makes it easier and more fun to keep you productive while helping everyone away from their phones.

Plant trees to increase productivity

The Flora concept is simple. You set a timer so you can focus on a task or action without going to your smartphone for a break. When you start a session, a virtual tree will grow in Flora. Before you start, you can invite others to join by sending them a unique code.

As the tree grows, you have the option to take a break or give up. Any break time you use will be subtracted from your final focus duration time, whereas a failure will kill the tree. Flora shares your tree cultivation and destruction data with your peer community (you can keep it a secret if you’re too ashamed) so they can see how productive or unproductive you really are.

To increase the rates, you can also set a real monetary price that you are willing to pay to plant a real tree if you fail your Flora tree planting session. If you end your session, you will not be charged and Flora will reward you with a prize.

Plan for achieving goals

Flora allows you to mark sessions, set time-based goals and set reminders for upcoming events. This way, you can see how productive you are in different circumstances depending on how well you plant trees during these activities.

If you can’t focus on yourself, rewarding your productivity can be a rewarding step. Flora not only makes you pay for the lack of focus, but it turns those imperfections into something vital to our world: trees.

Get back on track

Whether you’re taking on too much work, trying to get involved in too many things, or trying to devote time to too many people, trying to do more can easily become a burden and lead to feelings or results of less productive work.

If this is what you are experiencing, it might be time to try one or more of the five productivity apps above. Are there other techniques or tools that you have used to recover or improve productivity in a dynamic life? Share them with us in the comments below.

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