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best way to clip on twitch

best way to clip on twitch.

Twitch is full of intense, hilarious and hilarious moments that are incredibly worth sharing. That’s why you have clips. Clips is a Twitch feature designed to help you deal with these very situations.

With Clips, Twitch lets you create short video snippets (or clips) from what you’re watching. It even lets you edit your takes, which means you can pinpoint the moments you want to capture.

Sharing clearly plays an important role in this function. Twitch not only allows you to post your clips via social media or directly as Twich.tv links, but also publish them for everyone to see.

If you haven’t created your first Twitch clip yet, this guide will show you how to pin to Twitch. This feature is built into both desktop and mobile Twitch so you can start cropping on any device.

However, you will come across channels that require you to be a subscriber or subscriber before you can start creating clips. On some channels, the clip function may even be completely disabled.

How to Clip On Twitch – Windows and Mac

You can shoot, trim, and share clips to Twitch while streaming content to PC and Mac via the Twitch desktop app or browser-based web app.

1. Start playing a live stream or previous Twitch stream. If you are using Twitch on your web browser, make sure you are signed in to your Twitch account before proceeding.

2. Every time you come across something that you want to cut, hover over the video. Then click the clip icon in the lower right corner of the panel.

Tip: Use the keyboard shortcut Alt + X (Windows) or Option + X (Mac) to start cropping faster.

3. A new Twitch popup or browser tab should open and load the clip creation screen. Use the markers on the timeline to trim your video from 5 to 60 seconds – you’ve got 90 seconds of footage to work with.

Note. If you close a browser window or tab, Twitch will automatically post the last 30 seconds of your footage.

4. Insert a title. The clip will be published, so try to make it memorable. Then select Publish.

5. Select the Twitter, Facebook or Reddit icons to post the clip to social media. If you’d like to get a direct link to the clip, select the Copy to Clipboard icon instead.

You can also use the Insert icon () to insert a video into a website.

How to Clip On Twitch – Android and iOS

If you have the Twitch app installed on your iPhone or Android smartphone, you can trim, crop, and share videos just like on your desktop. But you can also share them before making any changes if you like.

1. Start playing the live or previous broadcast.

2. When you want to cut something, briefly tap the video. Then tap the Crop icon in the upper right corner of the panel.

3. You have two options. You can share 30 seconds of footage immediately using the share options at the bottom of the Create Clip screen. Or you can click View and Edit to trim the video clip. Let’s say you chose the latter.

Note. If you share or close the Create Clip screen, Twitch will automatically post a 30 second clip.

4. Touch Trim Clip. Follow this by using the markers on the timeline to trim your video. Click Finish to confirm your changes.

5. Name the clip and click Publish.

6. You are now returned to the Create Clip screen in Step 3. Select Share Clip if you want to send a link to the clip through any instant messaging application on your device.

If you’d like to share your video via the built-in Twitch chat, select the Share via Whisper option. Or click “Copy Link” to copy the link to the clip to your clipboard.

How to Manage Clips on Twitch

Twitch automatically publishes all the clips you create for everyone. You can find them in the Clips section of the respective channels. However, they are hard to find among clips from other Twitch users.

If you want to manage your clips, your best bet is to use the Clip Manager. This not only allows you to re-share or delete your clips, but you can also download any clip locally.

However, you can only open the Clip Manager in a web browser.

1. Go to your Twitch Creator dashboard (dashboard.twitch.tv) and sign in to your Twitch account.

2. Expand Content in the left navigation pane of the Creator toolbar and select Clips to access the Clip Manager. After that, you should see all the clips you have created so far.

3. Select a clip and you can view, delete, rename or share it. You will also see a Download icon in the list of Share options. This allows you to get a copy in MP4 format. However, you cannot edit your clips.

You can filter clips by category or channel using the search bar to the right of the Clips Manager. If you’re streaming on Twitch, you can also watch other users’ clips from your videos by checking the toggle next to My Channel Clips.

Start Clipping

With Twitch Clips, you’re not just filming and posting, but giving streamers the opportunity to experience their content. Avoid spamming with this feature and use it wisely.

best way to clip on twitch

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