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Best ti89 titanium graphing calculator 2020

Best ti89 titanium graphing calculator 2020.

1 – EZ Graphing Strong Pink Hard Slide Cover (See Description for Details) for TI 84 Plus, TI 84 Plus C Silver Edition, TI 89 Titanium (not for TI 84 Plus CE)

Top Reviews I absolutely love my new EZ Graphing slide case cover. The cover fits on my calculator perfectly and has a lot of cool features. The x/y coordinate on the center of the cover is especially awesome as it helps me both speed up and achieve a better layout for my graphing problems. The centimeter ruler on the side is also great for drawing a variety of geometric shapes. I love that I don’t have to remember to bring an extra ruler in my backpack anymore. This cover rocks! Also, I love the look and color of the cover. I use my calculator every day and it is so much more cheerful to see and use my calculator with it’s cute pink cover. Overall, very glad that I bought it. . First off, I use the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition.My initial impressions of this cover is that its a neat and possibly useful accessory for my calculator. Its numerous equations for the different types of graphs is certainly useful if you need a quick reference. The cut out at the top for a quick and easy graph making looks pretty useful as well and the two types of rulers will certainly come in handy. My gripe about the cover is that it is very much a standalone cover when you are actually using the calculator, because the rulers will get in the way off holding the calculator. In addition, the rulers itself adds bulk to calculator itself making it somewhat harder to grasp or hold. However, I do recognize that it is really the only place to put a ruler on the body. The material used for the cover is not like the glossy slippery original ones either. It’s more matte and rough. A huge thing about the back cover is that it does not include rubber feet and any grippy materials leaving the calculator to slide around. If one was the use the calculator without the cover attached, then it would be fine but I do. A minor thing is that I don’t really like how apparent the logo sticks out on the back. The TI logo is pretty small unlike EZ graphing.Overall, I’m not sure if it will beat my trusty ruler but I’m willing to use it in its place. It is definitely a solid product and if you are in need of an all in one package, then this would not be a bad purchase. . Fits great, son likes this over the stock cover. The green sets his calculator apart so it does not get mixed up in a crowd. . I’ve used this for years! Really great tool, making graphs, having a quick reference to slopes and curves helped a lot in calculus. Read more

2 – MASiKEN Hard Case for Texas Instruments TI-Nspire CX II/Nspire CX CAS/TINSPIRECX TI-Nspir Graphing Calculator, Protective Carry Bag

Top Reviews Fits the Ti83 and 84 and an extra smaller calculator. It works great to keep the extra little tools for math that kids need for geometry plus pencils. . Great Price! Fast shipping!! My daughter loves it!!! . Very protective and sturdy. . Is a little bigger than i expected, but i went by photo. Read more
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Best ti89 titanium graphing calculator 2020.

Best ti89 titanium graphing calculator 2020.

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