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Best ti36x pro calculator 2020

Best ti36x pro calculator 2020.

1 – Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus CE Color Graphing Calculator, Golden Ratio (Metallic)

Top Reviews I’ve had this calculator for over 2 years now. It’s served me faithfully all that time, and software and programs work flawlessly. It does what it’s meant to do. No problem there. However, I’m ignoring the elephant in the room, the price. I bought the calculator for over $110 2 years ago, and the price hasn’t really changed since. A Barclays analyst estimated it cost TI between $15-$20 to manufacture a TI-84+, but it’s sold on Amazon for quadruple as much. Amazon itself sells a full-fledged tablet for fifty bucks, which often goes on sale for $40. The TI-84+CE comes with a 0.08 MP screen, a 15 MHz processor, 3 MB of storage, and 154 KB of memory. On the other hand, Amazon’s basic fire tablet has a 0.5 MP screen (6X more), a 1.3 GHz processor (85X more), 8 GB of storage (2500X more), and 1 GB of RAM (6000X more). The Fire Tablet also includes Bluetooth, WiFi, cameras and the like. All for less than half the price. By no means is the Amazon Fire Tablet the best tablet out there; it is just a cheap tablet made by a reputable brand whose specs leave the TI-84+CE miles behind. TI gets away with this highway robbery because its calculators are standardized, and classes are much easier to teach when all the students have the same (or similar) calculator. In that sense, TI has a monopoly on graphing calculators and gets to charge what it wants. So, in the end, my calculator works. However, I slashed two stars because I bought cheap tech that is way overpriced. Not worth the money at all, but I didn’t really have a choice. TI is the accepted brand. . Imagine my surprise when I found out that my old TI-83 didn’t have enough power to do everything I needed it to do for my next three math classes, College Algebra (math 114), Calculus for Business and Stats! After a lengthy conversation with my Math Professor, she recommended I pick up a TI-84 and if i was willing to pay a bit more get the color version. Man am I glad I did. This Calculator is so much fun. It’s like walking around with a mini computer in my pocket. I can put in my functions Ysub1 and Ysub2, Hit graph and whamo out comes this pretty graph, like the TI-83 it does handle a lot of numbers, you can set equations to zero and off you go running, however unlike the older version, you are not constrained with having to remember when to use or close parenthesis. I’ve run the same things through both calculators and was amazed when the older version basically had a heart attack when the TI-84 chugged through the answer.This one is rechargeable, which means you need to plug it into the wall and top off the battery, it comes partially charged. Color changes are super easy with just a touch of a few buttons. Outside of that it does have a larger memory so upgrades are a breeze. I an unable to speak at this time as to the battery life as I just bought it this week and haven’t had to charge it but the one time.Whats in the package:1. TI-84 Plus CE1 – Micro USB/ USB Mini-B port1 – USB/USB Mini-B port for charging1 – Cover1 – TI-84 Plus CE for Dummies pamphlet2 additional pamphlets for the TI-84 Plus CE1 -Warranty pamphletThis is really a good upgraded calculator that meets the needs of those who are going to school for general math and moving on to stats. I’m a business major so my math will end at Stats and Calculus for business. I really do like this new unit! . I’m disappointed with how this arrived. I’ve been really looking forward to using this calculator, but I’m gonna be returning it. It came with multiple scratches (they’re not that noticeable at first but you could definitely see it there) all over the calculator like described in other reviews.I also have to pay for the return shipping fee on my own. . I had a TI-84 in college. It was great. I ordered this calculator for my daughter for school and it arrived a day later than promised. When it was turned on the screen was white and blank. Thinking it needed to charge, I charged it for 24 hours. It is still white and blank. When it is plugged into the computer, it says that the OS is missing. I will be returning it. Read more

2 – Oxford Filler Paper, 8-1/2″ x 11″, 4 x 4 Graph Rule, 3-Hole Punched, Loose-Leaf Paper for 3-Ring Binders, 400 Sheets Per Pack (62360)

Top Reviews Update 05/02/2020: ok, they’re really too thin. I was so pleased to have found quad paper with grid lines that did not drown my own handwriting. No longer. I use erasable pens & pencil and if the surface of the paper is too porous, the paper stretches and rips. This rips (I am very gentle with my papers /pens /pencils). Imagine the thinnest and cheapest filler/binder paper you ever bought: it’s that thin. So if you need it to hand in assignments and forget it, then it’s good enough. If you want to write stuff you’ll get back to later, not advisable. Manufacturers somehow think that if you need quad paper you’re stuck and will spend an arm and a leg for it. That makes quad paper expensive and allows for one seller to offer a poor quality product at a slight discount. And the supply and demand argument only goes so far. Why can’t someone make a sufficient quality quad paper with very light lines without the exorbitant price? Until people stop buying this kind of cheap paper or reinforced binder paper with super dark grid lines, there’s no incentive.Original review: Good quality paper but slightly thin. Grid line are pale turquoise color which is great. Most graph paper grid lines are too dark and overwhelm my own writing.On the “thin” criteria: yes it would be nicer if it were a little less thin but most grid paper are too thick and lines too dark, I’ll choose this any day. It’s as if the manufacturers are trying to justify the unnecessarily higher cost: does it really need to be reinforced at the binder hole side? Also, it’s not any thinner than the average filler paper. Some types of ink would bleed through pages and sometimes its corners curl up if you press too hard when you write. But I’ve been looking high and low for affordable light grid lines grid paper that I’ll take this paper in a heart beat.One more thing, since it is thin, if you want your writing to be neat and clear, you can’t write on both sides of the sheet, just like average filler paper. But I never do, so I don’t care. . I have used graph paper in all of my math and physics classes since I started college. This is now my favorite graph paper, and I’m happy I got so much of it. The paper is like a regular piece of paper, but 3 hole punched and with a grid. This may sound weird because it is paper, but cheaper notebook paper can be thinner, not as bright white, and just in general lower quality. In my upper level math and physics classes I’ve found that good notes are absolutely key to success. This paper paired with a .5 mm mechanical pencil has really improved the quality of my notes. . i like the amazon basic graph paper pad but also needed loose leaf. tried several but this paper seems to be about the best i have found. fountain pen ink will bleed through so you can’t use both sides and you need a junk piece of paper to prevent bleed through to the pages below. but it takes colored felt pens, pencil, fountain pen, roller ball work very well . It’s graphing paper. It has a grid, you can write on it. Works as advertised. Read more

3 – TICONDEROGA Pencils, Wood-Cased #2 HB Soft, Pre-Sharpened with Eraser, Yellow, 72-Pack (13972)

Top Reviews I have to agree with the many other posts about the quality of these pencils. As a teacher, I NEED good pencils that don’t constantly break and cause interruptions. I need reliable pencils, that LAST! The quality of the Dixon Ticonderoga Pencil has significantly gone downhill in the past 2 years. It USED to be the “go-to” pencil for teachers. That’s no longer the case. I have also found that in addition to the lead breaking far too often, the metal eraser ends are coming off as well! At first I thought the kids were doing it, NOT SO. I had several of them out on the reading table and picked one up to use it – right off came the entire eraser end when I tried to use the eraser. I picked up another, SAME thing! What a shame. NO REASON the quality had to be sacrificed OR production moved out of the USA. I will be searching for a new “GO-TO” pencil. . First thing I noticed was that despite a poor packaging job by amazon, all pre-sharpened tips were intact. Upon testing I found both the eraser and tip to be resistant to breaking off. Even when I put excessive pressure on the tip it flaked off and still had plenty of point to finish a sentence. I could not get the eraser to break off through any amount of usage. When directly applying pressure to the base, it could be torn off but the anchoring was completely solid, with not so much as a wiggle. The grain of the wood didn’t seem to have any specific imperfections, the wood is solid but not brittle. You can hear and feel it crack when you try to break it without it actually breaking. It took considerable force for me to actually force it to break. The tip seemed to hold up just as well when you sharpened it again. At a competitive price and recognizable quality, these are better than most the pencils I used growing up. . I have a similar review for their mortal enemy, the Mirados (by Papermate, if I recall correctly). Basically, I was perusing reddit one day and I read a series of posts by some folks jokingly fighting over whether the Ticonderoga is the master race of pencils, or the Mirado. Each side offered pretty convincing arguments about why they were the better pencil fanatics (or rather, why their preferred pencil was the better one).So I was bored and decided to go ahead and order a pack of each. When I got them, I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed – the pencils were pretty decent, no complaints, but they weren’t as life changing as I’d hoped (like the way I was when I upgraded to a newer PC and saw what I was missing out on when I was playing at 15 fps compared to the more recent 45-60 fps that I’m now getting).Realistically, these pencils are ok, but you’re not really missing out if you decide to get $1 pencil packs from a dollar store instead (well, actually, you might – some rubber erasers that are cheaply made will harden and lose their ‘gooeyness’ and end up leaving pink streaks on your paper, or even ripping it . and in some other cases, the rubber will have become too gooey and will actually just end up sticking to the paper you were trying to erase, making it look like you killed a red colored insect and smeared its guts on your paper . so I guess you ARE sometimes missing out if you buy the cheapest pencils you can find). Regardless, though, I couldn’t really tell any different between these and the Mirados, so don’t feel bad if someone tells you that their preferred pencil is better (at least if the choice is between these two models).Regardless, hopefully one day the two camps will join forces and instead of fighting over which pencil is better, combine their powers and make some sort of super ultimate pencil.(For the record, I’m kind of a fan of the “Paper Mate Clear Point Mechanical Pencil” when it comes to pencils. It’s got a nice grip and has a replaceable eraser head, not to mention a neat way to ‘extend’ the lead out, or whatever the word is for making the lead come out after you use it up) . I used many pencils over the course of my life. I never really gave a second through as to which brand I was using. When I was promoted at work, I had to review many things and had to do so in pencil for changes which needed to be made. Another co-worker told me, these were the best pencils and I would soon see why. Well, he was right! These come pre-sharpened which is nice. The lead is great and especially easy to erase fully. I can tell when others use inferior pencils when I have to make corrections and they will not easily erase. I guess I have become a bit of a pencil snob now! I never gave a previous thought to what pencil I was using, but Ticonderoga is absolutely without question, the Cadillac of pencil brands. Read more
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Best ti36x pro calculator 2020.

Best ti36x pro calculator 2020.

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