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Best ti-30xs multiview scientific calculator 2020

Best ti-30xs multiview scientific calculator 2020.

1 – Texas Instruments TI-30XS MultiView Teacher Kit Pack, Yellow

Top Reviews Pros: Easy to spot. Includes a training activities to help students learn the calculator. Also comes with a poster to decorate your classroom/learning area.rnrnI absolutely love this calculator. I work as a GED instructor in the Hawaii Corrections System. I ordered these as there were not enough of them available and upper management refused to supply them. I since this is the official calculator of the new GED test, it is essential to have students work with them from day one. The bright yellow color made it easy to spot when a student decided to help themselves to a calculator or when I had to report one missing! The CD included with this set contains a large number of activities to help students learn the new calculator. . This is a wonderful product! It’s a great calculator that is easy to use and can be used on a variety of standardized tests. Students really enjoy the calculator’s ability to simplify radicals and when using the radian function it will leave the common degrees (those on the unit circle) in simplified radical form. This ability is great for those taking the ACT. Perfect for schools due to the yellow color and storage container. It does make it harder for students to accidentally take a calculator that is not theirs. Storage container is perfect for packing up at the end of class or sharing with another class. Holds up well. I have had many students accidentally drop these and they still work and no cracking of the screen. Well worth the money. . I bought this for my classroom. It is very user-friendly; the buttons and screen is big. My students love using this when working on math. They prefer this over other basic calculators. I love that the yellow is bright and stands out and helps everyone remember to put it back. The case that comes with it is easy to help keep the calculators all together. . I have taught math for 15 years and always have calculators disappear on me. These calculators are a distinctive yellow and come in a nice individually slotted box that I saved for storage. We are months into the school year and I still have all of them. They are intuitive and the screen display is very easy to read. I highly recommend. Read more

2 – Texas Instruments TI-30XS Multiview Scientific Calculator (2 Pack)

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3 – OFFIDIX Office Computer Key Electronic Calculator, Financial Calculators for Bank Stuff and Accouter, Financial Accounting Style 12-Digit Display with Battery and Solar Desktop Calculator Fathers’ Day

Top Reviews I was trying to find a calculator to replace a Sharp Elsi-Mate EL-2135 which is no longer made. This one is quite similar in most respects but is just enough smaller that I can’t “speed add” by touch like I can on the Sharp. The plus sign is hard to reach with my pinkie and I have to make a conscious effort to be sure I am pressing it enough. By contrast, the plus sign on the Sharp goes all the way up to the top of the 6 key. But, this is a nice calculator and I’ll get good use out of it.rnrnIt has the feel of a computer keyboard, which I prefer to stiff buttons on small hand-held calculators. . This is a review of the medium-size model .rnIn the age of thin, lightweight designs, this one seems bulkier and heavier than necessary, but that’s the point. The idea here is something like an adding machine without paper — a number-crunching device that’s more fitting on your desktop than the puny little calculators you usually find. But the design falls short in two aspects. First, there is no nub on the “5” key to orientate your fingers for 10-key use. Second, the buttons are difficult to push, as though they have stiff springs. (Use it for 5 minutes and your fingers will be tired. Use it all day and you might risk joint issues.) And yes, as other reviewers have mentioned, the User Guide is a mostly unreadable translation of something that was obviously meant for another product. Bottom line: find something else. . This was shipped to me only 2 months ago. The numbers on the screen are only half lit and unreadable. I changed the battery even though it is supposed to also work on solar, no change. It is totally useless. It seems you only have 30 days to return it. It is gong in the garbage as i cannot use it. Thank God it was less than $ 20. . Very delighted with quality for only 15 bucks, has nice feel to keys, very large LCD display and nice weight to stay put on desk, amazed with the quality of this product and best of all it takes one AA Battery, plus if battery is dead, solar light will power it, % stars all the way, I am ordering another, only Negative is Manual, very poor instruction in various languages a Xerox, a small copy piece of paper and tells you how to replace the Button Battery which it does not have! Read more

4 – Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS Scientific Calculator, Pink

Top Reviews Bought as part of a donation with other school supplies going to a needy child so i didn’t open it or anything. However, i did try a few things by pushing through the plastic and it seemed to work just fine. It was a day late on arrival which irritated the crap me since the only reason i ordered this particular one was because of the date it was said to arrive by which would have been the day before the school’s deadline. Instead I got it a day and half after the deadline had passed so I’m figuring it didn’t get shipped on time like it was supposed to. But hey, things happen. . Works exactly as I expected . Effective! . This is my favorite calculator! I especially love that it is pink:) Read more ~~ best calculators ,

Best ti-30xs multiview scientific calculator 2020.

Best ti-30xs multiview scientific calculator 2020.

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