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Best texas instruments ti-84 plus ce graphing calculator 2020

Best texas instruments ti-84 plus ce graphing calculator 2020.

1 – TI-84 Plus CE Color Graphing Calculator, Red

Top Reviews My husband has gone back to school as a adult and needed this item. My best compliment is that after a decade or so of being out of school, he was able to pick up calculator up and use it fairly easily. . Love the calculator. I have been in some pretty advanced math and have used several versions of the TI-84 throughout the years. Amazing piece of tech. The company I ordered from as well was extremely efficient and got my package shipped expediently! Overall very happy and I highly recommend this calculator for anyone doing any form of graphing, algebra, chem, or stat math. . We gave this to our high school granddaughter who was thrilled when her SAT math scores rose by 40 points after she received it. . Absolutely love this graphing calculator. The new ones are way more advanced than they used to be, and it has a much better screen than the original TI-84. The product has improved massively over what it used to be, and the price has dropped compared to how expensive calculators used to be. I highly recommend this TI-84 Plus CE graphing calculator. Read more

2 – Protective Case for Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus CE / TI84 Plus CE

Top Reviews I ordered this case and it does not fit the TI-84PLCE graphing calculator. This case is 1 1/4 inches too short for the calculator. I double checked that I ordered the correct case and I did, which I returned. Please beware this case’s measurements/site is wrong. This case was 6 1/4 inches long and the calculator is 7 1/2 inches in length. . While it is true that the Texas Instruments TI-30XA has a built-in sliding cover, it is equally true that kiddo has a remarkable ability to find new ways to break things. Hey – that may be a future summer job, product tester/destroyer. Anyway, we don’t want the calculator destroyed as kiddo needs it for algebra, so in a belt-and-suspenders approach to protection, we have acquired this case. The calculator fits within nicely, the shell is fairly sturdy but soft, the zipper appears to be robust, and as long as kiddo doesn’t lose it (another great skill), the calculator will enjoy greater protection. The case could also be used to hold a smaller phone, an external battery pack, a pack of playing cards, a power adapter, or any number of other devices that we need to carry around. . Fits the size calculator as stated. Sturdy shell not flimsy. Could be used to carry anything really. . This seems like it will last as a case for my 12 year old son’s calculator. We will see but I am hopeful! Read more ~~ best calculators ,

Best texas instruments ti-84 plus ce graphing calculator 2020.

Best texas instruments ti-84 plus ce graphing calculator 2020.

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