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Best texas instrument calculator 2020

Best texas instrument calculator 2020.

1 – Texas Instruments TI-108 Solar Power Calculator/Teacher�s Kit (set of 10)

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There appears to be some variability in what people are getting when they buy this set. It should be a brand-new, sealed box of ten.I bought 30, which came in 3 sealed, brown packages with Texas Instruments clearly labeled on them. Inside each package was a large envelope containing some literature, a large, folded poster of a TI-108, and a CD containing some PDFs with so-so teaching plans. An inner box contained the ten calculators, individually wrapped with a foam spacer. Each calculator had a slide-off cover to protect it. I removed the foam and was able to store 29 calculators in one box (with the covers still on the calculators). . i bought them for my 7th grade math class (30) of them. they are awesome. the school had provided the classroom with a cheaper brand, but the kids tore the numbers off them (of the numbers (keys) fell off them. I highly recommend these calculators. We have only used them for 6 weeks and I will update this if anything changes.Update. I purchased these in the spring and still love them. I need to buy 10 more as I keep one at home, gave one to my mother and ONLY 1 gone missing (with every kid having a cell phone, I don’t think they are tempted by a $5 calculator). I am about to place my order for 10 more and wanted to update this. . Dunno why they are labeled for use in elementary classrooms. It’s the only calculator I let my 7th and 8th graders use because they still have to know math basics. For example, I caught some of my students using their phone calculators to figure out scientific notation problems. Since I purchased four classroom sets of these simple calculators, they now have to actually figure out how to solve problems of that nature. . I’ve tried cheaper calculators but the kids pull the keys off. TI-108 is solid construction and stands up well in the middle school classroom. This is the calculator to go with. Read more

2 – Texas Instruments TI-15 Explorer Elementary Calculator

Top Reviews My daughter needed this calculator for 6th grade. I ordered it ahead of time, and it worked fine. She used it for less than two weeks when the center of the screen went black. It is broken behind the glass. You can see the fine lines. She carried it home in her backpack. Nothing was on top of it. I have no idea how it broke. Something made for kids should be sturdier. Now I have to waste money on a second one. . The calculator of my childhood. This calculator is the most basic set of buttons that can get the job done. I’ve used this beautiful thing since I was in 2nd grade. It has all ten digit buttons. It can do any basic math with ease, but don’t you dare ask it to do exponents or logarithms. It’ll have a heart attack. Experts only tip: type 5318008 in the calculator and flip it around. . I purchased two calculators, one for each of my kids for school as part of their school supply list requirements. Only one of the two calculators worked when they arrived. I am trying to do a return or replacement. It’s frustrating having a product that does not work but is needed for school. . I love this calculator! I got one when I was in 6th grade and it has been my favorite any time I didnt need scientific or higher calculations. It does fractions! My siblings found it when I was out for a while and lost it and all my other calculators. I was very glad to find out they still made them. Read more
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Best texas instrument calculator 2020.

Best texas instrument calculator 2020.

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