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Best Subreddits for Women 2022

Best Subreddits for Women 2022.

Reddit.com may call itself “the home page of the internet”, but who is it for? According to HootSuite and We Are Social’s 2021 Digital Trends Report, the majority of Reddit users are male. Women make up just over 37% of Reddit’s roughly 52 million daily users.

Some women may be put off by this. However, we have found that if you expand your Reddit reach beyond the default subreddits, you will find a subreddit for just about every community you can imagine, including many that women might be interested in and support.

What Does “For Women” Mean, Anyway?

As you can imagine, people have many common interests and use the Internet for the same reasons, regardless of gender.

We are looking for information. 2- We stay in touch with our loved ones. 3 – We follow the news and learn to do new things. We watch movies and TV, listen to music and play games. These are our interests regardless of gender.

However, the list below includes subreddits specifically for women, in addition to those that we think many women might like.

1.  r/TwoXChromosomes

TwoX says it’s “a subreddit for both serious and silly content aimed at women.” Moderators monitor posts that provide “respect, equanimity, grace and relevance” and say that Redditors who display hate, bigotry, racism, misogyny, misandry, transphobia, or homophobia will be banned.

TwoX is a very large subreddit with over 13 million subscribers, but some have complained that it is becoming one of the most negative as it grows.

2. r/TrollXChromosomes

TrollXChromosomes, “a subreddit for angry comics and other girlish memes,” has a much smaller audience than TwoX, at around 823,000. Acceptable content includes high-quality gifs, pictures, and memes. This sub was created after r/TwoXChromosomes became one of the default subreddits, resulting in a large influx of men. You will find fewer men commenting on r/TrollXChromosomes and many more memes.

3. r/AskReddit

Visit one of the most popular subreddits, r/AskReddit, to ask and answer probing questions. Then check out our Top 50 Subreddits article, which has the categories Best Subreddits for Questioning and Best Subreddits for Learning from Experts. You can AskScience, AskHistorians, AskCulinary or get advice on how to do it yourself. Women love to learn and Reddit is a great place to do it.

4. r/ABraThatFits

For many women who have started working from home and won’t be back in the office anytime soon, this subreddit is no longer as relevant as it used to be. The same can be said for r/FemaleFashionAdvice. If you mostly do virtual meetings, the Zoom mullet is all you need!

However, many women do not work from home. In any case, no matter how rarely you leave the house, feeling good is good for your mental health. This subwoofer will help you make sure you’re wearing the right bra for you. For more self-care, you can visit r/skincareaddiction, r/fancyfollicles, r/streetwear and r/xxFitness.

5. r/aww

Do you know who loves photos of cute and cuddly things? Women. (As well as men and non-binary people, the elderly, children, animals and inanimate objects.)

6. r/TikTok

When SproutSocial released demographics for several of the leading social networks, we were interested to read that men dominate many social networks, including Facebook and Instagram. However, TikTok users are reportedly 61% female. If you have concerns about privacy and security on TikTok, you can still find some popular toks on Reddit.

7. r/IAmA: Ask Me Anything

r/IAmA is a large subreddit with over 21 million members. Ask Me Anything (AMA) posts are crowdsourced interviews and can be fun to read. The admins of this subreddit make sure everyone follows the rules. If you see a post you like or a question you want the original poster (OP) to answer, give them your votes. The more women who participate, the better.

8. r/PersonalFinance

According to this 2019 Gallup poll, women are more likely than men to pay household bills but are less likely to make savings or investment decisions. However, this is only among heterosexual couples who are married or live together. Many women live alone or with someone other than men, and you can bet your last dollar what they think about personal finance.

9. r/Technology

You probably won’t find this shocking, but do you know who uses technology? Women! Dive into the world of r/ios, r/android or satisfy your video game cravings in r/GirlGamers, r/Fortnite, r/CallOfDuty or r/Sims4.


In a world full of men going crazy about any topic, women are often accused of being dramatic. We had no idea that in fact, indoor plants are above all!

11.  r/DivorcedBirds

It really has nothing to do with women, but it’s so funny that we’re sneaking into position #11. It’s a subreddit for “photos of fabulous birds that look like serial monogamists.”

12.  r/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

“This subreddit was created so that girls can get advice and share their discoveries to help others in their daily lives. A survival guide with “life advice” for the average girl.” This is an online community where girls and women take care of each other.

13. r/Feminisms

One of the commonly accepted definitions of feminism is “the protection of women’s rights based on gender equality.” This subreddit states that they use “the plural form of feminism, feminisms, to understand that feminism is not a monolith.” This is a place to have serious, respectful, collaborative conversations about feminism and its intersections.

14. r/Women

The last entry on our list is perhaps the most obvious. r/Women says it’s a place to discuss “the lives and stories of all women.” Everyone is welcome, regardless of gender, work, whether or not you have children. Notably, “Trans people and especially trans women are welcome here.”

Best Subreddits for Women 2022

Best Subreddits for Women 2022

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