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Best Smart Locks, Cameras, and Thermostats for Airbnb Hosts

If you’re an Airbnb host, you can help automate tasks and add extra layers of security using smart locks, cameras, and other smart home equipment.

In this article, we’ve picked out some of the best smart home gadgets you can use in your Airbnb home to track your location and manage arrivals and exits remotely.

Best Remote Smart Locks

If you want to manage your Airbnb location remotely, Smart Lock is one of the best investments you can make. With a smart lock, you can give your access code to each guest, or make sure that only the guest staying at your facility can get in and out.

Below we have selected two of the best remote smart locks that offer different options.

August Smart Lock (HomeKit enabled) – $ 229

August Smart Lock (enable HomeKit) – $ 229

We will start in August 2.0 Smart Lock because it is very easy to install if it is compatible with your bolt. A screwdriver and 10-15 minutes of your time are enough and you can install August Smart Lock.

The main reason the August Smart Lock is so simple is that it simply locks onto the existing bolt rather than completely replacing it. After installing the August 2.0 Smart Lock, you will need to log into the August app and create temporary virtual keys for your guests.

Your guests must also download the August app and need to turn on Bluetooth to open the door. If you occasionally treat your Airbnb listing as your home, you can take advantage of a number of other features, such as HomeKit and Siri integration.

While living remotely, you can combine the August Smart Lock with the August Doorbell Cam for $ 199, giving you the ability to remotely monitor your porch.

Schlage Connect Camelot Smart Lock – $ 139.99

Schlage Connect Camelot Smart Lock – $ 139.99

In today’s world, it is rare that someone does not have a Bluetooth enabled smartphone, but this is one of the main concerns for those interested in Smart Lock August 2.0. span>

Fortunately, the Schlage Connect Camelot smart lock solves this problem by keeping the guest-side option with a simple digital combination lock that can be controlled remotely.

In addition to the ability to remotely open and lock the door using your smartphone, Schlage Connect Camelot stores up to 30 different door codes that you can share with your guests.

It’s very easy for you to create a new code, pass it on to your guests during their stay, and then delete the code when they leave.

Again, the Schlage Connect Camelot Smart Lock is quite easy to install – all you need is a screwdriver and a little time. You do not need to remove the door from its hinges or replace the bolt.

This Schlage door lock can also be connected to Amazon Alexa.

Airbnb Monitor

Although you must respect your guest’s privacy and agree not to install cameras where your guests stay, you can still install the camera overlooking the front door. This is more than enough to keep track of who comes and goes.

As an Airbnb host, you set rules about who can stay, and you can choose to allow or prevent guests from referring friends. So with a camera you can keep an eye on things, and if someone comes along who shouldn’t be doing it, you know about it.

We chose two options below. One feature-rich premium option from Nest and a more affordable Airbnb host option with multiple Airbnb listings.

Nest Outdoor Camera – $ 159

Nest Outdoor Security Camera – $ 159

The Nest is really killing the smart home, so it should come as no surprise that they have a great outdoor smart security camera.

This camera is weatherproof so you don’t have to worry about getting wet. The mounting tool included with the Nest camera makes it easy to mount almost anywhere. You can check everything that happens in the Nest app, as well as pay for a $ 5 / month Nest Aware subscription for 24/7 HD 1080p recording.

Once installed, you will be notified when Nest detects movement or loud noise, so you will always be on the lookout for any particularly naughty guests.

Yi 4 Home Camera Kit – $ 95.99

Yi Home Camera 4 Pack – $ 95.99

Yi is another competitor in the smart home security camera market, but they offer cameras at a much more affordable price. The YI 4 home camera kit costs just under $ 100, but you get a total of 4 cameras to use in different locations.

Yi also has a supported app that will give you access to remote view of your cameras and alert you when motion is detected. The camera quality isn’t as good as the Nest’s, but if you only need to keep an eye on who leaves and enters, the 720P video stream offered by Yi is more than enough.

Airbnb host smart thermostats

Before deciding on a price for your Airbnb listing, there is one thing you should always consider: the potential energy costs your guests might have. The biggest costs are likely to be heating and air conditioning. These smart thermostats can help cut down on your bills when a guest stays in your home.

Nest Thermostat E – $ 169

Nest Thermostat E – $ 169

With the Nest Thermostat E, you can remotely control air conditioning and heating, making sure guests are not using electricity when they are not even at home.

If you don’t want to constantly check your guests, you can use the Nest Auto Away feature to automatically adjust the temperature when guests leave your home.

The Nest Learning Thermostat is a more popular product, but as it learns over time how to use a single family to better manage the heating and air conditioning in your home, it is not as useful for hosts Airbnb. Since new guests regularly come to your home, the cheaper Nest Thermostat E makes more economical sense.

Smart thermostat ecobee4 – $ 211

ecobee4 Smart Thermostat – $ 211

The ecobee4 smart thermostat is an alternative for those looking to give their guests easy temperature control.

Paired with Amazon Alexa, your guests can voice control the smart thermostat. Ecobee4 also has the ability to detect when your guests are leaving the house and adjust the room temperature accordingly.

You can purchase additional room sensors to adjust the temperature for each room – especially useful if you have multiple guests sharing a multi-bedroom home.

Remote control is also very easy with the included ecobee apps for Android and iOS.


Thank you for reading our guide to some of the best smart locks, cameras, and other smart home equipment designed for Airbnb hosts.

It should be noted that any surveillance equipment should be mentioned in your Airbnb listing, but most guests will be happy to know that there is a camera outside that not only guards your home, but and their own belongings, safer from potential theft. Enjoy!

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