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Best japanese learning app

Best japanese learning app.

Learning any language can be difficult. But if you are learning Japanese, you need to go even further to learn different writing systems and memorize a lot of symbols. Combined with trying to figure out grammar and pronunciation, a beginner may have a lot to worry about.

Fortunately, there are many resources for anyone learning Japanese at any level. The apps listed below can help you in many different aspects of Japanese language learning and will keep the information perfectly in your long-term memory. Try some of them and see how they can improve your Japanese skills!

1. Learn Japanese!

If you are a beginner, this is a great app to get to know the various hiragana symbols, as well as katakana and some basic grammar. This app will show you how to write characters and how they sound.

You can view all the lessons whenever you want, and the app keeps track of what you miss often so you can view more of them. It’s great for remembering the various Japanese writing systems or learning them from scratch for a beginner.

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2. Memrise

This app contains tons of resources and makes learning Japanese characters and phrases fun. What makes this app unique is that it includes videos from native speakers so you can understand how words are pronounced and how they are used in everyday speech.

There are many courses available, from beginner lessons to more advanced ones. There are also various types of study activities to help you learn faster. The app also lets you track your progress and set goals so you can see how far you’ve come and what else you need to work on.

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3. Shirabe Jisho

When learning any new language, it is important to have a dictionary handy. Shirabe Jisho is one of the best English-Japanese dictionaries for iOS. If you come across an unfamiliar word or just want to improve your vocabulary, this app can help you a lot.

You can search for words in English or Japanese and match the definitions related to kanji and usage. This app will be extremely useful at any stage of your language learning journey and is very easy to use in any situation.

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4. Bunpo

Bunpo is an app that offers basic to fluent Japanese courses. For each lesson, a brief explanation of the concept is given, followed by some exercises to explore.

Boonpo also keeps track of information that you may have difficulty with and allows you to review it if necessary. Some features require an upgrade to membership, but all courses are free. This is a great way to learn a language regardless of your level of experience.

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5. Busuu

This is another app that offers Japanese language learning courses. There are many available, from beginner to advanced. Busuu also allows you to create a personalized curriculum so you can stay on track with your learning.

A unique feature of Busuu that can really help in learning Japanese is the chat feature. This allows you to connect and communicate with native speakers of your target language. During this, the fluent speaker will be able to correct your writing. This is a phenomenal method for really anchoring the language and better reinforcing concepts that might seem too abstract.

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6. Duolingo

Of course, one of the most famous language learning apps is also great for learning Japanese. The lessons are free and you can navigate a variety of content. The lessons are very fun and help you learn even the most difficult concepts.

Duolingo makes it easy to keep track of your progress, and if you haven’t finished the lesson for a long time, you can review them so that you stay relevant. Duolingo also has a competitive aspect: you earn experience points to advance through the leaderboard. This is a great incentive to keep learning as much as possible every day.

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7. Learn Japanese! – Kanji

One of the most difficult tasks in learning Japanese is memorizing kanji. There are thousands of them and it can be difficult to really remember them. This app helps solve this problem by providing many kanji to learn, but makes it easy by showing you exactly how to pronounce and write each one.

If you’re just starting out with kanji, this app will be a great help in determining which one you should learn first. Since writing characters can also be difficult, this app can be a little more useful than a book as it allows you to practice spelling each one correctly. Try this app and see how much you can learn in a short amount of time.

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8. FluentU: Learn Language Videos

Learning a language by listening to others speak it can be very effective. FluentU takes advantage of this fact and invites you to watch many videos in your target language. However, instead of just passively watching, you can actually interact with the videos and take quizzes, click on words or phrases to learn meanings, view vocabulary, and more.

It’s a great and fun addition to any learning regimen that will help you see the language differently than you might just learn from a textbook.

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Best Apps to Learn Japanese

While the prospect of learning a new language can be daunting, having these apps can help accelerate your progress and provide more than a traditional learning method can provide.

Best japanese learning app

Best japanese learning app

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