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Best ipad tips and tricks 2022

Best ipad tips and tricks 2022.21 Best iPadOS 15 Tips and Tricks 2022.

iPadOS 15 finally catches up with iOS, bringing home screen widgets and an app library to iPad, as well as new features like Focus, SharePlay and Universal Control. You can get a lot of additional tweaks and improvements that aren’t so obvious.

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Whether you’ve just upgraded to iPadOS 15 or bought a new iPad, the tips and tricks below can help you dramatically improve your tablet’s performance.

1. Create Smart Stacks in Home Screen

iPadOS 15 lets you add widgets to your home screen just like you do on an iPhone. Having multiple widgets can quickly eat up screen space, however, so creating stacks of widgets is a better use of space. Just drag widgets of the same size on top of others to create a stack. You can then browse them by swiping up and down.

By default, widget stacks automatically change based on usage patterns. If you want to stop this, press and hold the stack and select “Edit Widget”. Then turn off smart rotation.

2. Switch App Library to List View

The App Library, another iPhone feature that debuts with iPadOS, includes all apps installed on the iPad. However, exploring each category can take a long time.

Switch to the List view by swiping down in the Application Library or by clicking the Search Application Library box at the top. You can then scroll down alphabetically (don’t forget the index on the right) and quickly jump to the app you want.

3. Declutter the Home Screen

On iPadOS, you can remove any app from the Home screen page and it will still appear in the App Library. You can do this by pressing and holding the app icon and choosing Uninstall App> Uninstall From Home Screen.

4. Install to App Library Only

If you love trying out tons of new apps (but hate that they clutter up your home screen), you can make them appear only in the App Library. Open the Settings app and tap Home> App Library Only. Select “Install to Application Library”.

5. Manage Home Screen Pages

iPadOS makes it easy to manage your home screen pages. Press and hold an empty area of ​​the screen to enter wiggle mode, and tap the strip of dots above the iPad dock. You can then hide the home screen pages, drag them to reorder, or even delete them.

6. Multi-Task on iPad Easily

Over the years, multitasking on the iPad has changed the game. With iPadOS 15, setting up apps in Split View or Slide Over mode is even easier. Instead of using traditional gestures, try tapping that tiny row of three dots at the top of the app. The toolbar that opens allows you to enter a split view or slide.

Entering Split View from a full-sized app lets you choose another multitasking app right from the home screen. However, some applications may not support this feature and have three dots at the top.

7. Create Quick Notes

If you’re using Apple Pencil, you can start taking notes anywhere by invoking Quick Note. Just drag to the lower right corner of the screen to create a new note. Then drag it to any corner of the screen. You can find your notes in the Quick Notes folder of the Notes application.

8. Create Custom Focus Profiles

No matter what you use your iPad for, you will definitely love the new Focus mode. It blocks notifications, except for notifications from selected apps and contacts, based on activity. You can switch between the four default modes – Personal, Drive, Work and Sleep – by clicking the Do Not Disturb icon in the Control Center.

You can also create your own Focus profiles. To do this, open the Settings app and tap Focus> Add.

9. Manage Notes Using Tags

The Notes app in iPadOS 15 supports hashtags. They help you organize your notes. Just paste them anywhere you want when creating or editing a note.

The Tags section of the Notes sidebar displays any tags you create. Just select them to instantly filter related notes.

You can also use Smart Folders (tap the New Folder icon and select New Smart Folder in the Notes sidebar) to continuously filter notes based on predefined tags.

10. Preserve Your Privacy Online

Are you paying for additional iCloud storage? If so, Apple should automatically update you to iCloud +. The best thing about iCloud + is its ability to hide your IP address and encrypt network activity with a feature called iCloud Private Relay. Go to Settings> Apple ID> iCloud> Private iCloud Relay to activate it.

11. Protect Your Email ID

Another key benefit of iCloud + is the ability to hide your email address with bogus addresses, especially when you subscribe to unfamiliar websites. Go to Settings> Apple ID> iCloud> Hide Email to start using this feature.

12. Copy Text in Images

iPadOS 15 supports Live Text. Just open any image with text and you can select it like normal text. This makes it easier to copy, for example, scanned documents.

13. Install Extensions in Safari

Safari on iPadOS 15 is one step closer to becoming a full desktop browser with support for extensions. Check out the Safari Extensions category in the App Store to start installing grammar checkers, password managers, content blockers, and more. You can then manage them by going to Settings> Safari> Extensions.

14. Create Tab Groups

Safari also makes tab management more convenient by introducing tab groups. Bring up the tab switcher and open the tab groups menu to start grouping tabs. Then you can switch between them using the same menu.

15. Translate Text Anywhere

With iPadOS 15, Apple introduced the Translator app for the iPad. But you don’t have to use it to translate text in other apps (like Messages or Safari). Instead, simply select the text and click Translate to translate within the app itself.

16. Enable Low Power Mode

iPadOS 15 finally lets you conserve iPad battery life with Low Power Mode. To enable it, go to Settings> Battery and turn on the toggle next to Enable Low Power Mode.

17. Check Image Metadata

If you’re working with photos, you can check the EXIF ​​metadata of any image by swiping up (or clicking the info icon) while viewing it in the Photos app. You can also change the time and place by clicking “Configure”.

18. FaceTime With Anyone

With iPadOS 15, you can access FaceTime with any contact, whether they have an Apple device or not. Use the Create Link option in the FaceTime app to create shared links that anyone can use to join them through a desktop or mobile browser.

19. Improve Email Privacy

Using the standard Mail app, you can tell iPadOS to block tracking pixels in privacy-compromising messages. To do this, open the Settings app and choose Mail> Privacy Shield. Turn on the toggle next to “Protect email activity”.

20. Try Out Continuous Dictation

The iPad does a great job of converting speech to text. But if clicking on the microphone icon once a minute prevented you from using this feature before, it’s time to try again. iPadOS 15 supports continuous dictation, so be sure to use it regularly in messages, notes, pages, and more.

21. Get Temporary iCloud Storage

If you’re looking to upgrade to a new iPad, you can upload a full backup to iCloud without paying for additional storage. Go to Settings> General> Transfer or Reset iPad> Get Started to back up your data. Then you have 21 days to restore the data to another iPadOS device.

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Best ipad tips and tricks 2022

With superior home screen controls, improved multitasking capabilities, and additional privacy-related controls, iPadOS 15 takes it one step closer to being the perfect laptop replacement. Keep using Apple’s latest mobile operating system and you can find more ways to get the most out of your iPad.

21 Best iPadOS 15 Tips and Tricks

Best ipad tips and tricks 2022

Best ipad tips and tricks 2022

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100 ipad tips and tricks

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