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Best hp prime calculator 2020

Best hp prime calculator 2020.

1 – HP Prime Guide Algebra Fundamentals: HP Prime Revealed and Extended (HP Prime Innovation in Education Series Book 1)

Top Reviews While my original review still stands, I’ve finally figured out why this book is so ‘hit and miss’.I’s a copy and past from his previous book on the TI/Nspire, with new HP Prime specific additions.(There are still typos with ‘left-over’ TI/Nspire references sprinkled throughout.)When you get past the unedited/painful portion(s) containing the new Prime info, you actually get to well edited, easy to read sections on algebra fundamentals.My advice is not to lose heart at the beginning of the book, but to make the slog past the first/new section.When you get to the older material from the previous book, it’s significantly easier going.Original review:While the book tries to present some in-depth education about a calculator that is by it’s very nature, quite complex, it would be considerably easier to follow if the professor would learn some remedial grammar.( Or have the book heavily edited by someone who already knows.)The order of subjects might indeed be a little hard to follow, but learning XCAS based software really has no ‘flow’ or ‘order’ to speak of . so I don’t feel it fair to criticize the author for what is a very subjective choice about his chosen order of concepts.What is unforgivable is the number of typos, punctuation, and grammar errors.When a university professor doesn’t even know the correct usage difference between the words ‘then’ and ‘than’, it seriously undermines his credibility as an educator . and makes the material much harder to read / slog through.After I’ve thoroughly gone through the book, I will see if the content manages to eventually ‘rise above’ the noise level.If so, I will revise this review accordingly. . Poorly organized and written, this book is a mess. I should have paid attention to the negative reviews already posted, they are right. . The edits in this book, and the obvious references to the TI-Nspire series, make it obvious which content came first. It is a useful book, but appears to have been hacked together in haste to cover the HP Prime. It suffers a loss of readability and, for me, lacks in imparting the joy of reading a technical instruction book. This is /it/ as far as books written for the HP Prime, though. So, if you have the Prime and are looking for some additional instruction in algebra with your calculator, you may as well buy it. . I found this book impossible to read and gave up just 20 or so pages in.This is not so much a tutorial or a textbook, but more a series of bullet-pointed notes. I suspect that perhaps they are the notes the author uses to teach his math class, and much of it doesn’t really make sense outside of that classroom context. Unlike a tutorial format, many of the points seem to be made out of the order of the actual calculations. Most of the book is not written in complete sentences, but in a truncated style that is yet strangely verbose given that the operations are all described in prose rather than shown in visual steps. Keys, for example, are all referred to by names made up by the author rather than simply showing the icon for the key. Many steps are simply referred to as “we did this” without really explaining how “this” was done.I suspect there is a lot of good material here. Flipping through the book, it appears to get into some interesting real-world application examples later on. Unfortunately, I will not have the patience to get that far with this writing style. Read more

2 – An Easy Course in Using the HP-12C

Top Reviews This 1984 text on the use of the legendary HP12C calculator ,reprinted in 1995(my copy) explains clearly in the first 15 pages the STRUCTURE of the HP12C or its architecture.Unconventional a you will discover that the table of contents is placed at the back.The illustrations help a lot in visualizing the calculator architecture and inject a tone of relaxation in a subject (finance) rather serious.The text is printed in a letter size not demanding on your eyes focus .A question before leaving you : can you tell if there is a difference between the Display and the X register ? Is the X register in the Financial register ? If you are not sure about your answer, get a copy.I recommend as a first before reading the HP manual or handbook in hard copy or online. . This is a great manual to not only learn how to use the legendary HP12c, but also learn about important finance and accounting topics such as the time value of money. After studying and learning the material in this book, you will be well prepared for college finance and accounting classes in regard to basic time value concepts. In addition, this book contains information about the HP12c that I haven’t seen anywhere else, so if you’re serious about learning to use the HP12c then this is a great place to start. The book is concise, easy to follow, and takes a humorous approach to teaching that is enjoyable. There are also comic-type illustrations throughout the book to help explain or diagram various concepts, such as the different memories and windows of the calculator. Highly recommended to business/accounting/finance students and anyone who wants to learn more about the time value of money and using the HP12c in particular. . Published in 1984, eleventh printing 1993. Would a programming book still be relevant if released 27 years ago? For basics, it works, but $6,000 for a brand new car . oh to live in antiquity must have been wonderful! . I ordered a book called an easy course on using an hp12c. This is not a book on using the hp12c. Read more

3 – Programming Notes and Hints for the HP 35s Scientific Calculator

Top Reviews Provides insights into the calculator and gives simple but practical programming samples. Other suggestions complement the short manual and makes the calculator useful as a very small computer. . HP 35S additional insights well worth a few $. . Super guide to programming the HP35s. Really enjoyable. All examples worked perfectly . Would have loved a final example programme that pulled together some of the prior material in one genuinely useful chunk of code. Hope author writes another programming book. . No non mi ha soddisfatto, perché o sono io imbranato o non so, ma non sono riuscito a scaricarlo e perciò a leggerli .aiuto!!! Read more
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Best hp prime calculator 2020.

Best hp prime calculator 2020.

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