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Best Google Search Tips: Always be on your search

Best Google Search Tips: Always be on your search.
These days, the first thing we do when looking for answers on Google. The search engine company Alphabet has created an incredibly efficient search engine. This is why it can be very frustrating when you can’t figure out how to get the results you want from Google.
Well, if you’ve made it to the end, here are some non-standard Google search tips that can help you find those elusive search results when nothing else is going to help.
Best Google Search Tips: Always be on your search

1. Think like a search engine

When search engines index pages, they use different ways to determine how to classify and link to different sites. They also need to decide how important the pages are to each other and how relevant they are to the specific things you were looking for.
Google uses a technology called PageRank. This determines how important websites are based on how many other sites link to them. So how does this help you?

Well, if the site or information you are looking for seems unimportant to PageRank, you will likely find it much further down the list of sites. Of course, not on the first page or two! This is because you and PageRank define differently what is important.
Search engines like Google are also constantly changing and refining how they define results. While you don’t need to be a search engine expert to get effective results, it can be helpful to read Google’s search algorithm updates. Having an understanding of how a search engine “thinks” can help you understand why you are not getting the expected results for the search terms you are using.

2. Think like others

When we formulate search terms, we do it intuitively. Each person will have a unique way of phrasing things. They will use vocabulary that they understand. There are a million ways to say the same thing, and depending on who you are as an individual, you may be able to articulate something in a certain way. this is unusual or different from most people who search or write about this topic.
Alternatively, if you are looking for information about different cultures, you might have to do a little research on the terms used by people from that culture and include them in your search.

Either way, this can help either make your search more popular or adapt it to the region most related to your topic. Think about the human element involved and spice up your searches with the right human taste!
Alternatively, you can use Google Translate to change your search phrase to another language if relevant to your search. You can find anything other than English online that has what you need.

3. Whip out a thesaurus

This Google Search tip is somewhat similar to the previous one, but perhaps a little more appropriate for the book. The book in question is a thesaurus! Yes, synonyms, antonyms and all different words that describe the same thing can be found in the thesaurus and this will help you get more search results. Try the different vocabulary variations you use in your search and see if they affect your search results.

4. Search for the thing you want

You don’t find what you are looking for, so why not try looking for something closely related to them? By searching for related people, concepts, and keywords, you can simply get information about the topic you are looking for. One of the linked pages might have a link to a little-known resource that Google missed.

So think about what people might be looking for by digging into the same area as you and then either looking for that or combining those searches with the ones you’re already using for a more accurate result.

5. Play charades with keywords

Are you trying to find a song, movie, book, or some other medium whose name you just can’t remember? Perhaps you watched it as a child and have vague memories. So how are you going to find it if you don’t know the most important words like title or author?

You’d be surprised how accurate a search engine like Google can be if you just add up everything you CAN remember about something. If you enter the query “movie with a flying dog,” Google dutifully returns “Endless Story.” The more you memorize, the more likely it is that a unique combination of terms will lead you to the right place!

6. Use something other than Google

Remember how we said that search engines have algorithms that make them “think” in a certain way? Well, no two search engines are alike. Despite the fact that Google is the most popular search engine, you have nothing to lose by dumping your searches among its competitors. This will give you more variety in search results and make it more likely that you will find what you are looking for. …

7. Ask others

Search engines are fantastic pieces of software, but sometimes they just don’t compete with the wisdom of the crowd. This is especially true if you are looking for information that is too confusing or specialized. It would be easier and more efficient to connect directly to the human brain.
Look for forums, Facebook groups, and other discussion areas where people who specialize in the subject area you need help gather. You can also go to sites like Quora or Reddit and hope that people who happen to know what you are looking for will catch on. Not everything is available online or well indexed by search engines, so don’t write off direct human help!

The only real problem with this result is that you have no guarantees of an answer, and it can take a long time before someone comes back to you. That said, if you don’t get anything on Google search, you have nothing to lose by putting a few tentacles online in the hope of the kindness of strangers.

8. Learn technical tricks

While Google was designed to be intuitive and human-friendly, it is still a technical piece of software. This means that a simple façade hides many features for power users. If you really want to control your search destiny, it’s advised to check out these advanced Google search tips.
Luckily, we have two great guides, so if you need to update your Google-fu, check out 15 Google Search Features You May Not Know About and Advanced Google Search Using Search Operators.
Combined with a little creativity in your search, these technical skills will help you rise to the top of Google mastery. At least until Google’s next major algorithm change, i.e.

Best Google Search Tips: Always be on your search

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