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Best Games 2023 like 2048, bigger and better

Best Games 2023 like 2048, bigger and better.

‘Help! I can’t stop playing 2048 ‘, “2048 Game is the most addictive game I’ve ever played!”, “Evil, EVIL game” were some of the tweets I heard online when 2048 first appeared at the beginning of 2014. I really liked this game and I still play it when I’m bored. While I’m a fan of this game’s minimalist design, I still wanted to explore the different possibilities this game offers. I’ve played every possible variation and clone and came up with 2048 of the best alternative games. Let’s check.

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Games, like 2048

1. Dotsup

Let’s start with a game that retains the essence of 2048. Dotsup is a puzzle game that will challenge you to think outside the box. It doesn’t fit the traditional 4×4 box layout and presents you with unique layouts and purpose. Instead of numbers, you get squares with dots that you can combine to form a tile from the sum of the previous tiles. Your goal is to reach your goal in the shortest possible time. If you’ve played in 2048, you’ll love it even more.

Play Dotsup on Android

2. Shoot and merge

Classic bubble shooter combined with 2048 where you shoot numbers on a decreasing grid. He uses both mechanics to offer an interesting concept. You shoot tiles with numbers that stick to the grid at the top. If adjacent tiles match in value, then it merges and creates a tile of higher value. Your goal is to create a 2048 tile before the grid goes down. One interesting mechanic included in this game that makes it more fun is that it combines tiles in two directions. If your tiles match, they will automatically merge, giving you a significant advantage.

Play Shoot n Merge on Android | iOS

3. Age 2048

Another approach for 2048 that is yielding fruitful results. Age of 2048 is a similar game with a redesigned layout and instead of a number, you play with elements of civilization. Your goal is to build a city and move civilization forward. Start by combining bonfires to create a tribal hut, combine them to form a tribe, then a village, then a city, and so on. This is an addicting game with a bit of history.

Play Age of 2048 on Android | iOS

4. Dead 2048

The zombies have attacked and you must defend your place by building a tower in this Tower pool, building 2048. The game takes place on a farm with 16 blocks and a gate to the zombie entry point. You have to swipe and combine defense towers to create a barrier to keep the zombies on the other side. You will have to use resources carefully so as not to clutter the tower with unnecessary tiles. There have been times when towers were attacked by a zombie infestation and you could kill a zombie by dropping a tower on it. So what are you waiting for? Build this damn tower.

Play Dead 2048 on Android | iOS

5. Nine impossible

Do you think it is difficult to create 2048 tiles? Well, if you can hit double digits in this game, I would count as a pro. Impossible Nine is a 2048-style game with slightly different rules. You only move to the next number when three tiles with the same value have at least one side touching each other. The game is played in a 5 × 4 arena and you can move individual tiles to a specific position if the path on the board is clear. You can stack the higher values ​​together for later use, and merge the smaller tiles to get a higher score.

Play Impossible Nine on Android

6. Kitty Cat Island

Imagine that you are on a desert island and your only food source is fish. Doesn’t sound good, does it? Now imagine yourself as a cat. This is nothing but paradise. In this game you play the classic 2048 and help the cats to catch fish. Every time you combine the tiles below, Cats will force the fish to eat. Your goal is to catch the maximum amount of fish caught. It has a few additional features that make it better than most 2048 clones. For example, you can use the grid to clear all useless tiles, use a fishing rod to remove a stuck tile, and the inversion tool to switch tiles to an adjacent tile. These tools will help you reach your goal quickly if you’ve ever had trouble reaching 2048 before.

Play Kitty Cat Island on Android

7. 2048 hex

So you think you’ve played 2048 and getting there isn’t too much of a problem? Then try the Hexagon layout. The 2048 Hexagon is the same core mechanic with a redesigned graphic design. Instead of a square grid, it is played on a hexagonal board. You don’t slide your finger across the board, but drag a couple of tiles to a specific location. The game may seem simple at first, but it gets complicated very quickly if you don’t arrange the tiles in order and merge them. However, you will spend hours trying to score more points.

Play 2048 Hexagon on Android

8. 2048 bricks

The Tetris effect is real, you can watch it, it has leaked out to 2048 and I have to say that it is the best of both worlds. Instead of tetrominoes, you get a square tile that falls to the bottom. Your goal is to get to tile 2048 by matching tiles with the same value. The tiles fall from the top, just like in Tetris, and you need to make space quickly before the tiles reach the top, otherwise the game will end. I can’t get you to hit the play button, play it now.

Play 2048 Bricks on Android | iOS

9. Hexic 2048

I know we have already looked at the 2048 hex, but it is slightly different from the previous 2048 hex. This is a 2048 clone that is being played on a hex board. All the controls and mechanics are the same and you move the tiles the same way as in the original 2048. So, if you want to hone your 2048 skills, you better start playing this game.

Play Hexic 2048 on Android | iOS

10. 2048 Chromecast

When you’re frustrated that you just can’t make it to 2048, all you have to do is look at the big picture. No, you can get the bigger picture by downloading the game to your Chromecast and playing from your smartphone screen. While you can stream any game to your Chromecast, this game is specially designed for that and you only get the game on the big screen and your smartphone gets remote. Technology!

Play 2048 Chromecast on Android

11. 2048 Solitaire

There used to be some decent games on Windows like pinball, mahjong, solitaire, etc. Now I certainly don’t miss solitaire, but it’s fun to play the game with a 2048 twist. Yes, any game can be modified to play like 2048 and I’m as surprised as you are. This is where you get numbered cards that you must place in one of four decks. If the values ​​match, the cards will merge, and you need to score as many points as possible. It does not match the order used in the original solitaire, and you can put any card on top of any deck. When the cards start piling up, it gets tricky. Try it, maybe you will like it more than the original.

Play 2048 Solitaire on Android | iOS

12. 2048 3D

This game is not for the faint of heart and easily disappointed. I mean these words, and if you played in 2048 and almost gave up, you will have nightmares for days. It has a 3x3x3 3D ​​arena. The goal is the same, but the gameplay is new. You can swipe up and down as usual when only one side of the arena is visible, but you will have to keep track of all sides because dice are generated throughout the arena. Swipe with two fingers to move the arena and one finger to move blocks. I can’t stress enough how difficult this game is. You have to play it anyway, otherwise you won’t know if I’m serious or just exaggerating.

Play 2048 3D on Android | iOS

13. 2048 Cross Line

If anyone ever tells you that mathematics and geometry are useless and you would not use them in real life. Ask them to play this game. This is a different game, and it just borrows one element from the original 2048 besides the title. The game presents you with a line with a certain number of balls. Every ball matters, and when two balls touch, they merge. You play by cutting a line and reordering the balls. If you think things are getting harder, you are right and things are getting harder. The balls from the side of the obtuse angle move first, and the rest of the balls follow them. This is an essential mechanic that will help you master the game. Don’t worry, there is a manual in the game to help you explain everything. Check it out.

Play 2048 Crossline on Android | iOS

14. 2048 Ball Blast: a crazy number

Another 2048 style arcade game in which you play a game disguised as a different game. The playing area is a circle, in the center of which there is a shooter who shoots balls of various denominations. You can aim anywhere in the circle except for other balls, otherwise you will die. Two balls of the same value will be attracted to each other and merge into one if there are no obstacles on the way. Your goal is to get the maximum number of points and get to the ball worth 2048 and above.

Play 2048 Ball Blast: Crazy Number on iOS

15. Threes!

The game that inspired OG 2048 and paved the way for a whole genre of games. Threes also play on a 2-D 4 × 4 board, but with different rules. Tiles with the same value are merged only if their value is greater than 3. Tiles 1 and 2 will only merge with each other. This makes the game much more difficult. Your goal is to keep the board clean and create tiles of the highest value.

Play threes! on Android | iOS

16. The big house

It’s more about city building than 2048, and I really love this game when you’re just bored and want to kill time. Your goal in this Facebook Messenger game is to build the largest city possible. You start out slowly with a small piece of land and combine small huts to build houses, houses into mansions, and mansions into cities. As you play, you receive random gifts and plots of land to expand your territory. The animation is for kids, but I like it too.

Play Big House on Facebook Messenger

17. 2048 Hexagon Connect

Think of this game like 2048 with steroids. Instead of playing on a square board, it has a 6×5 honeycomb structure. Your goal is to score the highest score by combining cells of equal value. He has a different logic. 2048 has merged two tiles with equal values, but here you must place cells with equal values ​​so that at least one side is touching. When four cells of equal value touch each other, a cell is formed with the value of the sum of all the smaller cells. Go play it now, honey.

Play Hexagon Connect on Facebook Messenger

2048 on the web

18. Eleven

This clone is a research project by Milovan Shuvakov, and to be honest, he created a fun game. It has the same layout as the standard 2048 4×4 board, but tiles start with 1 as the smallest value. when you merge two tiles with the same value, the result is the next integer, not the sum of the previous two tiles. Now, you might think that Goal 11 isn’t hard. Well, play it yourself and find out.

Play Eleven on the Internet

19. Numberwang

Based on the Popular Math Quiz Show, this 2048 version is an absolute ride I recommend you take. The layout is the same, but the numbers are generated based on a very sophisticated AI that determines what number appears when two tiles are combined. AI is automatically displayed if you hit NumberWang. The goal of the game is to complete Wangernumb, which I must tell you is not easy at all.

Play NumberWang on the Internet

20. 8402

Every game I have listed above is played against a computer or some kind of “AI”, and your goal is to win the game. Let’s change the situation a little. You will be playing as an AI and the AI ​​will try to create a 2048 tile. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Play 8402 Online

Games like 2048 – a wrap-up

These were some of my games that I play when I crave 2048. I tried to list all the games I played at one time or another because I wanted to play 2048, but I got bored of the original gameplay. You can check them out and share what games like 2048 do you enjoy playing in the comments below, maybe a tweet?

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