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Best food scale with nutritional calculator 2020

Best food scale with nutritional calculator 2020.

1 – Digital Kitchen Food Scale for Baking Weight Grams and Ounces OZ Lb ML 5 Units 1g to 33lb Stainless Steel Wipe with LCD Display Silver (Include AAA Battery)

Top Reviews Stylish digital kitchen scale. I use it for weighing portions before meals, since im always on a diet or when baking all kinds of cookies for children (flour, sugar, etc.). This scale is very compact and handy, can be weighed in g, oz, lb, ml. They work on ordinary small batteries (included) which I can always find at home, if they need to be replaced. I like it! . I received this scale, Fast delivery.I use this scale every day for food portions.It’s easy to clean and easy to love. I really like how the screen lights up for an appropriate amount of time, and then goes dark, but is still remembering the weight for a while. This contributes to the long battery life I’m enjoying. The surface has a greater area than my old scale, which makes it that much easier to use. . The scale works excellently. It easy to read and very accurate.It is small but it fits its purpose excellent. It does not take up space and can work well. I recommend this scale to anyone who needs this scale . We needed a scale for shipping that would weigh packages and many scales don’t go above 11 pounds. This scale will measure up to 33 pounds! It measures in g, ml, oz, lb. The scale is easy to use and easy to switch between units of measurements. It’s lightweight and is powered by batteries. I tested the scale by weighing a candy bar that says it’s 4.4 ounces. The scale said it weighed 4.5 ounces so it’s either just slightly off or I got a little more weight in my bar, lol. Read more

2 – Etekcity Smart Food Kitchen Scale, Digital Nutrition Weight Grams and Oz for Weight Loss, Keto, Baking & Cooking, 304 Stainless Steel with Bluetooth, Large, Silver

Top Reviews Bought this scale to weigh my litter of puppies. It’s fantastic so far. I just put a plate on it, tare the plate, and then set a puppy on it. Works like a charm. Would definitely recommend it. Plus it’s very nice looking. Great for the kitchen if that’s what you’re buying it for. .  This stainless steel scale works really well for us. For the price you can’t beat it.If you cook and bake a lot like we do, the scale helps achieve an accurate measurement. It’s super convenient when a recipe calls for an ingredient in grams and you don’t have the tools to measure, this scale is simple to use and accurate.In our video you can see it turns on quickly. You can change the unit while the item is on the scale. And it turns off within seconds.We’ve used this scale many times over the last few years and we are still using the same AAA batteries it came with.The small grips on the bottom of the scale are nice to have.Overall it’s a great scale and even better price! . This scale is terrible. It is true, you get what you pay for and I only paid $8. The weight reading continues to move up and down. I used a calibrated scale side by side and weighed 4 grams. This scale went back and forth from 3-5 while the other one gave exactly 4. Honestly wish I had spent a little extra money on a better scale. I work in law enforcement and need more precise weights than +/- 1. . Easy to use, pretty accurate scale, love the way it looks (very sleek and easy to clean since its a stainless steel top)The only issue i had is looking at the actual read out Since the entire thing is pretty flat on the top, if you place any sort of decent sized bowl or plate, it completely obstructs the digital screen. You end up having to see if you can push back the bowl and get a look at while bending over to look under the curve of the bowl or placing a thinner box and the plate or bowl on top of the box.Honestly the scale would have been 5 stars but the fact you cant see the display without going through a mission is pretty annoying.EDIT: After giving it 3 stars Etekcity contacted me to let me know that they had a larger version and sent it free of charge, it was the  Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale Multifunction Food Scale with 30% Wider Platform 11lb 5kg, 3 GP Batteries Included (Stainless Steel) , which pretty much negates the issue I mentioned above. And after I looked it up they have a newer version of the one I was sent that has the read out to the side which seems even more practical.For customer service alone, I had to raise my initial 3 stars to four! Read more

3 – EatSmart Digital Nutrition Scale – Professional Food and Nutrient Calculator

Top Reviews Hi, yes, the new scale works. But nowhere in the owners manual does it tell you that it appears to be designed to die shortly after the 2 year warranty runs out. It just stops working. You change the batteries, no help. Specifically, the power button, which appears to be cheaply made and not replaceable, wears out too easily, IMHO, So no, I won’t tell you to get one, but rather, don’t buy it. The problem seems to be that the button panel, designed to be as cheap to make as possible, doesn’t hold up to the type of wear a diabetic would need from it. . I like the accuracy of this and it is great helping me keep track of the foods I eat, I am diabetic and it makes it a lot easier. The only thing I don’t like is the learning curve on using all of the features of this scale, not very user friendly but works good once you get the hang of it. . I am still learning how to use this scale. Just weighing things is fairly simple. And I like the fact that you can take the top off for cleaning. However I am intimidated by the directions on measuring the calories and other nutrients as well as storing data of foods not in the scales’s data base. There are 3 pages of instructions which could have been more clearly written and supported by graphics. I simply want to know the calories associated with the portion of food I am measuring, e.g. 3 ounces of roasted skinless chicken breast. I have yet to master the sequence of steps to figure out calories. Thank goodness that I can google this and have my answer in a nano second. Net – the scale is not easy to use but is easy to clean! . Our 6 year old Granddaughter was just diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. I did an extensive amount of web research and Selected this scale as being the absolute most helpful tool to help her and her parents manage her Diabetes. There are many gram scales on the market but this one goes the extra distance by listing 999 popular American foods in the database with the readout of carbs, calories and fiber for the weight ot each food. You can then add that food measurement to the calculator memory. This will allow you to measure each food portion in a meal adding each food portion measured to the calculator and when done, push the equals button and get a total readout of information for the complete meal. This totally takes the subjective guesswork out of trying to determine the size of each portion by subjective guessing as to small, medium, large or whatever you would be doing without this scale. The instructions are very easy to understand and the scale is very easy to operate. There is also a mode where you can input the label information from prepackaged foods and weigh that food and get the proper reading for portion size information for carbs, calories, and fiber. Our 6 year old Granddaughter is already operating it for weighing her foods at mealtime and also snacks. She tells her parents the numbers and they determine the insulin dosage based on the scale readings and the blood sugar readings. We are extremely excited to have her taking charge of her Diabetes with the parents overseeing all that she does. Read more

4 – Ellessi Food Weight Scale. Battery Free Digital Kitchen Scales 11lb 5kg. Stainless Steel Coffee Scale

Top Reviews It simply doesn’t work. I wanted to avoid buying batteries and creating polluting waste but this scale is useless. I kept trying to charge, and charge, and charge, and charge and it never did. Unfortunately I went back to buy a scale with batteries that does its jobUpdate. I have been contacted by the customer care and get have provided full refund. Spotless. So GREAT customer care ALSO they are resending a new scale, which I am even happier about because I really want to stop using polluting batteries. Hopefully this one will work better. Looking forward to update the review. . I love the concept of this scale-the scale I have been using eats batteries. I am more than willing to crank the dial. But the flaw that makes me avoid using it is the location of the units switch. Who in their right mind would put that on the bottom of the scale so that users have to lift the scale to change it. WHY OH WHY? . This is my first kitchen scale and I love it! I just recently read an article about the benefits of a kitchen scale even if you’re not trying to loose weight & im so glad I tried this out. I really dislike anything on my kitchen counter so I wasn’t quite sure I needed another kitchen gadget but I love that it has no cords, it keeps the counter from feeling cluttered while I’m using it and stores easily in a drawer when I’m done. I used it to make brownies to cut down on dishes & a bunch of measuring cups & for increased accuracy in baking. It worked perfectly.I was excited that it doesn’t take batteries too. I always plan to properly dispose of old batteries but I never seem to and usually feel a little guilty about it. It’s very simple to use, just turn the knob and you can see the battery picture charge, then your good to go! . I reviewed and researched many scales before I took the plunge on this food scale. I’m one of those MyFitnessPal.com groupies and I weigh and track all of my food to keep this aging body at its nutritional best. Every single day I use this scale and every single day I applaud my purchase. I keep it out on my counter which means it’s compact and attractive. I can set a serving bowl/plate directly on the scale (I confess that I place a paper towel down first to prevent the possibility of scratches), press the TARE button to re-set it to 0.00 and then place my food directly in the bowl/plate for a precise measurement. No fuss no muss and no batteries ever!!!!! This is great for measuring food, baking ingredients, and even that package that needs extra postage. Highly recommend. Read more

5 – GreaterGoods Nourish Digital Kitchen Food Scale, Not-Connected, Digital Food Code App Download Included (New Backlit)

Top Reviews There are not enough products with codes. I know I can add custom codes however it would be the cat’s meow if I could scan a barcode, get the nutritional info, weight my product and get the exact data for the exact product I am eating. The scale is great. MyFitnessPal app allows me to scan items and delivers exact nutritional data. Now, y’all need to find a way to put all of that together. . I like the concept of this scale. It is beautiful, clean, very, very attractive and modern. The one thing I didn’t like is all the pre-programmed codes are full of junk food or foods that someone who is counting macros wouldn’t necessarily eat, like a lot of processed foods, like name brand sugary cereals, etc. I can’t find “grilled chicken”, but I can find “fried chicken with skin”. Really? I was expecting more whole foods, but not very many. I guess I can program them but I wish it had more options pre-programmed. I give it 4 stars because I love the design and concept. But people who eat friend chicken are probably not going to be counting macros. I want to have more options for lean meats, lean cuts, whole grains (I can’t find rolled oats, but I can find apple cinnamon oats!), or there is only two options of brown rice, long grain uncooked, and cooked. what about short grain? Unhealthy people don’t count macros. . UPDATE: this is the best food scale I have EVER owned!!! I wish they also made a portable version!!! 8/10/17I’ve had the scale for two days and I actually called (and emailed) customer service because I wanted to ask 2 questions: 1. can custom codes be overwritten since they are limited (A: Yes) and 2. is there a way to enter food label information without creating a custom code. (A: No)The scale is amazing; it’s easy to use and look up codes. It also has a zero feature that can allow you to calculate your meal. Shipping was quick, customer service is expedient and friendly, and the scale arrived as described, in perfect condition. My favorite feature besides being able to add custom foods (using a food label) is the on/OFF button. I love being able to turn it off instead of wait for it to auto shut off. I also love being able to turn it on without having to do those annoying repeated taps, presses, etc. This is a great design scale. As of right now, one of my best Amazon purchases!The only thing that was somewhat of a con for me is I wish the scale had the ability to directly enter food label for foods WITHOUT having to save a custom code for it. It would’ve been great to have another mode “Label” that would allow you to instantly enter food label info for that one-time item. I did test the over-writing of a custom code and it is true you just have to clear the current info and re-enter the info for the new food and it will save it and replace the previous info. . I love this scale for helping me keep track of my macros on Keto. I honestly don’t understand some of the complaints about the scale being hard to use – read the directions, people! Yes, you do have to put in code numbers to get your nutritional breakdowns but as far as I know, no food scale with a computer chip and a camera to identify what food you’ve placed on it and if there was one, it’d be so darned expensive you wouldn’t be able to afford it! Just read and follow the instructions instead of expecting someone else to do the work for you. Read more

6 – IDAODAN Smart Food Scale with Perfect Portions Nutritional Facts Display, Digital Nutrition Kitchen Scale – Accurate Food and Nutrient Calculator, Pursue a Healthier You

Top Reviews Great scale . I like this haven’t had a chance to use it that much but it’s a good buy. This is great got to use it and I’m glad I got it. . nice scale, easy to use. zero button is really nice. memory is also very useful . I bought this digital food scale to replace an old plastic scale I had. This is amazing, quick and accurate. What I like best is I can set a plate on the scale then turn it on, which will show “zero”, then add your food to plate for the portion size desired. I liked it so well, I purchased another as a gift. Read more

7 – Etekcity Food Scale with Bowl, Timer, and Temperature Sensor, Digital Kitchen Weight for Cooking and Baking, 2.15L, Silver

Top Reviews Love it!! Great price, very accurate and looks very professional. The fitted bowl works well for a litter of squirming puppies we just had – making sure they are gaining weight properly. I just started a new diet and I can place a cup or any container on it, turn on the scale and it zeros out so I can add ingredients by weight. My husband is using it to with our boys to weigh the Boy Scouts Pinewood Derby cars they are crafting. It’s very accurate. . I bought this product because of the good reviews and it had some pretty nice features.Upon opening it I realized it was much smaller than the advertised pictures showed. But that’s ok with me because it has a Tare option so I can use a larger bowl if needed.It is stainless steel, very sleek.I tested out the features and most of them worked just as discribed BUT the temperature sensor wasn’t very accurate.I took the the temp of a room temperature lemon, a refrigerated egg and a large ice cube from the freezer. The temperature changed with each one but wasn’t accurate to the actual temperature of the item.That was the only drawback. This is why I couldn’t give it 5 stars. Besides that, it’s a nice scale and will do the job. . The more I use this scale, the more I like it. It is an attractive scale with a bowl that works well for both dieting and baking. My usual scales were the flat platform type, and adding the nicely shaped steel bowl makes ALL the different. And the controls are easy to use–buttons. Not membranes. Yes, this is a great scale. I measure out my pasta for dinner to avoid over-eating starch. 2 oz is a good single serving and I like medium shells. I pour the shells into the scale and I can dump them right into the boiling water.If you bake “gravimetrically”, you add flour and dry ingredients by weight, taring your scale between ingredients (tare = reset scale to 0.) I watched a friend of mine baking in Germany and she’d add the flour, tare the scale by hitting the TARE button, then add sugar, etc. It’s an easier way to measure butter and fats, and it’s really faster than measuring out cups by volume. And it’s more accurate. So a scale that lets you put a bowl on it AND see the grams or ounces is very useful. Of course, it’s great for dieters, because measuring your food is key to knowing what you eat. I never, NEVER make pasta without weighing it out first.The scale is sleek and pretty. The right side on-off-tare button is a bit twitch (hence, the one star is taken away.) I had to only LIGHTLY touch it to turn off the scale. If you press it too long, it goes right back to the on setting.The scale uses 2 AAA batteries, which is great because it’s easier to keep those around than the coin batteries,which are more expensive and I always seem to be out of at home.This is also really a great scale for pasta, especially elbows, medium shells and rigatoni. If you eat measured amounts of pasta so you don’t overeat, you can quickly weigh out 2 oz (standard serving) in the bowl and dump it right into the boiling water. . I bought this scale based on positive reviews, and the reviews were just as accurate as the scale is. I needed something that could measure lighter weights for cooking while still being accurate. For example, I use this scale to measure out coffee beans to grind for a French press pot of coffee, and it needs to be extremely accurate, so I use the gram scale because there is 28.3495 grams in a single ounce — very accurate measure if you’re serious about good coffee. I’ve had other scales that were not nearly accurate enough to be useful, so when the last one broke I bought this one. I have no idea how long it will last, although it seems to be well made; it’s mostly metal and the bowl is metal, and the parts appear to be durable, so hopefully it will last a while. This particular scale is said to measure up to eleven pounds (4,989 grams, give or take half a gram), and the gram scale is the most accurate measure, and it will measure fractions of a gram. Easy to use, appears to be durable, accurate, and I even got a pair of AAA batteries that still had some life — can’t ask for anything more. 5 stars for functionality; no idea about durability or battery life, but if the scale works for a year or two I’ll feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth. Recommended. No affiliation with Etek. Oh, the scale was boxed really well and it arrived promptly, too. Read more

8 – Taylor Stainless Steel Analog Kitchen Scale, 11 Lb. Capacity

Top Reviews I bought this scale for uae at farmers markets, and it works like a charm. It’s got a nice large display for the numbers, the bowl is big enough to hold a few pounds of cherry tomatoes easily, and it axdes to the aesthetic of my table. Very importantly, though, it makes the trip between my house and the market twice a week, plus being used at home, and after about a month of this use, I have no complaints! This scale travels well, weighs well, and looks professional – what more could a girl ask for? – Note, I’m not measuring down to parts of an ounce and such, so I can’t tell you how accurate it is for that kind of stuff, just that it works wonderfully at a farmers market. . The scale is nice and cute as it appears, but isn’t super accurate. Better served for measuring quantities in the 1-6 lb range than for ounces. . I’m very happy with both the style and the function of this product. I purchased it for weighing venison when my dad and I butcher our deer. I tried digital scales in the past, but those automatically turn themselves off after a while and it’s difficult to see the reading with freezer paper on top of the scale. Not with this manual/analog scale. The numbers are big and easy to read. This unit is also nice because adjusting for additional weight on the scale, like a large piece of freezer paper or another bowl, is super easy with the dial under the bowl. No need to hold down buttons to zero or switch between units of measure. It’s always on and always ready to go. My mom even liked the looks of it and hinted that I should keep it at her house. . This scale works great for most anything you need to weigh. While it might seem large/bulky in a small kitchen if you have room to leave it on the counter you can enjoy the classic look and easily access it for accurate measuring. If you are looking for a scale you can tuck away when not in use, this one might not be the best choice. It feels well built and does have a dial so you can adjust the weight, and I love that I don’t have to worry about batteries. I would definitely recommend this scale! Read more

9 – Smart Food Scale Kitchen Scale Nutrition Scale with Nutritional Calculator Calorie Counting and Diary Nourish Tracker Pull Over Coffee Scale Function App

Top Reviews It doesnt work with other apps and works only with its own app instead of being detectable by bluetooth in general so that it can be used with my other apps where I have my dietery recipes, etc. So, had to return otherwise the product is fine. . Love this! The only thing is that I can’t seem to get the modes to change on the actual device. I have to change it through the app itself. But so far it works great and is accurate! It has help me keep track of my servings and portions. . When I try and download the app my phone says this type of app might hurt your phone. I have never received a warning like that before and will not put it on my phone. It is now basically useless. . This scale is like no other scale I have ever experienced. Its bluetooth and touch screen operated which is really neat. I did a side by side comparison with the OXO scale and I was very impressed. It gives a very accurate reading and can be relied on for all your baking needs. I did however have trouble finding the app it uses. The manual mentions you need a QR code to access the app. It doesnt make sence to download the QR app just to download another app. Too much of a hassle for me. For those wondering what app to download it’s called AiFresh. The app is very easy and simple to use even for the non-tech savy. The information in the app will keep up with the calories consumed daily and gives you a nutrition report. As well as nutrition for each food item. The whole app and scale is pretty mind blowing. I’m happy with my purchase. Read more

10 – Kitchen Scale – Bakers Math Kitchen Scale – KD8000 Scale by My Weight, Silver

Top Reviews I am a baker by trade and I purchased this scale to weigh my products so they would be uniform; which is important in my line of work. I really liked that I could use an adapter and avoid running through batteries. I also liked the weight range on it as I could weigh something as small as my rolled cookies and as large as the postal packages I send to my customers.Like many others (check out the 1 star reviews), the scale worked fine for less than 2 months and then it wouldn’t turn on anymore. I placed brand new batteries in it to see if it was the adapter or the scale. Unfortunately, it was the scale. This was very disappointing considering all of the positive reviews. I was unable to reach the manufacturer for a possible solution. Amazon was kind enough to issue me a refund, so there is nothing truly lost here. But if you are looking for a reliable kitchen scale, then I suggest looking elsewhere as this one is not built to last. . Bought this following the very good review from the NY Times Wirecutter. Received the KD8000 Scale and initial impression was positive. Scratch on the display face was minor annoyance but wasn’t enough to want to return it for another. The inability for the scale to keep the weight displayed steady when an object was placed on it was a deal breaker. A solid object placed on the scale would slowly drift higher in weight, return to the original weight then drift lower in weight. This swinging of the displayed weight was unacceptable. I had used the tare button prior to placing the solid item on the scale. Read through the included manual and followed the suggestions of making sure the scale had been in the room for an hour so that it could adjust to the room temperature, wasn’t near devices that generate magnetic fields, not near heating or cooling vents, surface for the scale was flat, etc. Placed my two coffee scales Bonavita and Hario V60 with the identical solid weight on each one and the weight displayed held steady. I expected the KD8000 to do the same and it wasn’t. Returned the KD8000 to Amazon and asked for a replacement. I liked the potential for this scale, liked the Wittercutter review and thought that this was just a bad unit. Replacement arrived and have the same problem. Display value drifts up and down. Returning to Amazon. . Got this scale a few weeks ago after buying a smaller size scale and decided to return it (Don’t buy this one:  Elec3 Multi-function Digital Kitchen Food Scale ,11lb 5kg Stainless Steel Platform with LCD Display (Silver) ) This is simply the best scale we have owned. We use it at every meal. We are not great cooks, but we follow great recipes and a scale is easier to measure everything on ;-)Pros:- The display is really easy to read and easy to switch between modes.- Did you know scales must be calibrated at your altitude level if you want them to be accurate? Well they do. and this is the only one on Amazon that can be calibrated in your home that does not cost over $500.- So great to have one that you can get the power cord for (we use it 5-7 times a day and will waste so many batteries) – get the cord it will pay for it self after 4 sets of batteries and well it is better for the environment!- You can totally fit a large plate on the stand and still see the weight measurement easilyCons:- I will take up a tad more space than one of the really small scales so do your measurements to make sure you will like it on your counter- Do not be taken in by Amazons recommendation to by (that people often buy) a 5-10 gram calibrating weight This model cannot be calibrated by that little weight. your need 5kg!- So a 5kg weight is more expensive than the scale on amazon. so buy one on ebay All in all this has been a great scale so far, and looking at other reviews people have had this scale for 2-4 years . They work well until they prematurely break. I have bought 36 of them, from Amazon, in the past 6 years for my three stores. They last about 5-6 months each. They come with a worthless 30 YEAR warranty. But, the sellers don’t help with the shipping cost which is about the same as the purchase price! So, I keep buying them until I find a better one for the same price. Read more

11 – INEVIFIT DIGITAL KITCHEN SCALE, Highly Accurate Multifunction Food Scale 13 lbs 6kgs Max, Clean Modern Black with Premium Stainless Steel Finish. Includes Batteries & 5-Year Warranty

Top Reviews I was looking for a food scale to replace the one I have had for years. Of course, I was looking for one that would be durable and accurate. I purchased the INEVIFIT DIGITAL KITCHEN SCALE based upon reviews. When it arrived, I was surprised at how light it was and concerned that the button area would not hold up to use. I inserted the batteries and only the bottom half of the numbers illuminated. I switched batteries and had the same problem. After contacting the manufacturer they advised that the product was damaged during shipping. With no confidence that the scale would be durable, I returned it and ordered the accuweight 207 digital scale. It too had great reviews and was the same price. The Accuweight scale is far superior and much more durable than the Inevifit. The buttons are well placed and durable. It is accurate each and every time and so easy to zero. I hope this review helps make your next food scale decision easier. . It’s a very accurate scale and it’s really one that I was hoping that we would be happy with. It has a backlit and easy to read display, but when you add a full size plate onto the scale, this is were the issue comes in. You have to try to look at an angle to see the weight and the type of screen they use washes out and you can’t easily tell the weight on display. It’s a really disappointing flaw as otherwise it is an awesome scale but not having the visibility in a prime use is a major disappointment. . I needed a good (accurate wise) and relatively cheap scale for weighing my pet bird (a small parrot). It’s very important to us to have her weight as accurate as possible. I just got the scale and so far I love it! I repeatedly weighed different items and the scale showed the exact the same weight for each item (of course different weight for different items) just like it showed the very first time I had weighed them.P.S. A U.S. nickel is exactly 5 gr according to Google. Here are the pics of the scale proving it. 1 nickel = 5 gr. 2 nickels = 10 gr. . I finally used the scale twice last week because I was waiting for my the other stuffs that I ordered to arrived. I actually encountered problem with this scale. For example, I had to measure 2.45 oz it kept jumping from 2.43oz to 2.55oz back and forth for at least several minutes and scale shuts off. Turned it back on try again tare it starts all over again same thing. Tried it a second time still problem kept jumping from 2.17 oz to 2.21 oz. Would not buy or recommend this product. It Read more

12 – Digital Kitchen Scale and Measuring Cup

Top Reviews So far I haven’t been able to use it yet to bake. That doesn’t mean I didn’t play with it when I first got it–weighed lots of stuff. I have had a Taylor for years–It’s true plus is the conversion chart–it’s minus is the cup isn’t removable. I used to drop a coffee filter into the bottom to measure stuff like peanut butter. I hate cramming stuff like that into a measuring cup and then losing a good amount trying to get it back out again. Same goes for brown sugar–pack it and then unpack it into your recipe! Weighing it so much better. Don’t get me started on sifted flour. 2 cups of flour sifted is different then 2 cups of sifted flour!My favorite part of your scale is that I can remove the cup and use bottom platform as a flat scale. I use beaker liquid measuring cups for liquids and small bowls for added ingredients–It’s perfect. Many of my collected recipes require multiple ingredients and lets face it baking is a science of weights and measures and what looks right to the practiced eye. AND now that the practiced eye ain’t what it used to be, I rely on weight. I really like that the readout is on top. It’s heck to have to bend down to the handle and then crane your neck up to get a handle readout into the focus of a bifocal! . I absolutely love this measuring cup!!! What a great invention!!!!I love that I can put flour in, reset it and add sugar, reset it and add milk, etc. One cup for measuring several things at the same time.Love, love, love it!!!! . I was not impressed with this item. Some times it works and sometimes not. It does not always zero out its own measuring cup. I thought this item would be great for measuring soft solids like lard. Since I had issues with the device, I was not confident in the readings to be accurate so I checked the measurements using measuring methods and this device had said the one cup of solid oil measured at 1 1/8. However, liquid measurements were more accurate. Maybe my device is faulty. I found this product to be more troublesome than a help. . Basically like the item but it turns off too quickly. 30 seconds is not enough time!! Read more

13 – Etekcity Food Scale, Digital Kitchen Weight Grams and Ounces for Baking and Cooking, Medium, Stainless Steel

Top Reviews I have had a similar scale from another company for a number of years, but when it finally died I noticed the Etekcity was less expensive and had good reviews, so I decided to try it. Great decision!It is impressively light and is easy to use and to store. I love the tare function that lets you put an empty bowl or plate on the scale, zero the reading, and then add what you will weigh,which is something I want to do fairly often.The readout is impressively legible, with high-contrast black on white large letters. Even my visually impaired husband, who can no longer read most household appliances, can read it.It is also accurate, and when I was testing this aspect, I learned something that rather surprised me. The scale has different settings for fluid ounces of water versus milk, which makes sense, since fluid ounce is more of a volume unit than weight. When I measured both the water and the milk, the scale said they weighed about 1/2 ounces more than the measuring cup said. So I got out a different measuring cup, and the reading showed very close to the 8 ounces I thought I had poured. A third measuring cup confirmed this. Apparently my scale is more accurate than at least one of my measuring cups!I am very happy with this little scale and expect it to get a lot of use in my kitchen. . I’ve been on keto lifestyle for a while and I do a lot of cooking and baking at home! So I use my scale almost everyday! I bought this scale to replace my old one. I was looking for a scale with regular batteries ( my old one had a flat round battery and they are kinda pricey! ). I was surprised when I received it because it was so thin, light and little ( with the box! ) but it’s a really nice scale and the numbers are very bright so it’s easy to read! I LOVE this scale and I’m glad I chose this one!!! . This is a nice little scale. I’ve never used a food scale before, so I don’t have anything to compare it to. The top of the scale is stainless steel and the bottom is a creamy white plastic. All I do is touch the “on” button to turn it on, place my empty container on it and press the tare button (same button as the “on” button) so the weight of the container is not counted, then add my food to the container in the grams my dietician prescribed. I use all the same size Ziploc containers, so I can quickly fill my grams without having to re-tare a container.Seems accurate; I placed a piece of cheese on it and it matched the stated weight of the cheese. I can manually turn it off or it will auto turn off after about 3 minutes.Very easy to use. Easy to clean. Uses 3 AAA batteries that come with it and the batteries are easy to change. Very lightweight and easy to move around. Sleek, compact, and nice-looking. The price was good, too. . Update 1/7/2020 – very disappointed in this scale. I have not even had the scale for 6 months and it continuously stops working. When pushing the on/off/reset button it does nothing. You can’t switch between the different measurements. I have replaced the batteries multiple times.Love this scale and all the different measurement options. It is small, only a small side plate or bowl fits on it and still be able to see the measurement, but works for us Read more

14 – Escali Primo P115C Precision Kitchen Food Scale for Baking and Cooking, Lightweight and Durable Design, LCD Digital Display, 8″ x 6″ x 1.25″, Chrome

Top Reviews I’ve been using this for more than six years now. I use it every day, multiple times. It is incredibly useful. You can use much fewer dishes with an accurate scale, and save time as well as getting more accurate measurements.When I bought this scale, I also bought a set of little weights — from 1g all the way up to 500g — in order to figure out whether the scale is accurate. It was. Well, yesterday I took those weights back out and tested the scale again. I thought there was no way it would still be accurate after six years of daily use. Well, it was — completely accurate. If I put 1g on the scale, the readout says 1g. If I put 393g on the scale, the readout says 393g. Pretty impressive. That’s when I decided I better come back and write a review. . I just got into artisan sourdough baking a week or so before the holidays. Using Chad Robertson’s “Tartine Bread” book as a guide, I crafted the Country Bread recipe into loaves that looked and tasted so good, they became much-appreciated holiday gifts for friends and family. In order to make this type of bread required several new tools of which I had no previous knowledge. This digital kitchen scale is one of those tools.Using an accurate-to-the-gram scale exclusively for all baking ingredients measurements was new to me, but now that I’ve done it, the results speak for themselves. Weight is more accurate than volume, and with this scale, it’s so easy to “zero” the display using the left button and add the next ingredient weighed to the gram. The Primo Escali was the best value for the money of the scales I researched on Amazon. The only drawback is with a large bowl on top, it’s hard to see the display. Not enough of an issue to change my rating because I’m used to it now. . Scale is consistent and accurate. I’m happy with it. Because I don’t trust the finish/paint, I won’t put any food directly on the scale & will always use a container.Accuracy: Used a 1 gram calibration weight I bought via Amazon; the scale showed 1 gram for the weight.Consistency: I re-weighed different objects multiple times (keeping the scale on, turning it off & on, etc.) and each object’s weight was consistent.Scale is very light and outside material is plastic. Mine is chrome-colored. There are no removable components from the scale – the entire scale is a single piece. e.g. the round top where you place things you want to weigh is not removable; if something spills on it, you just wipe it. This means you can’t just a piece of it in the dishwasher; you have to just simply wipe the scale. It also means that the cleaning is easy – there aren’t any nooks and crannies that are tough to get spills out.The round top where you weigh things has a chrome finish/paint that looks and feels like something I wouldn’t want to put food directly on (will it chip? what’s the finish/paint made of?). I asked the manufacturer (escali) & they said there’s no lead in the finish/paint but I just would never put any food directly on the scale (e.g. an apple). The manufacturer then pointed me to a stainless steel add-on for the scale that they have for the scale, but I decided not to buy it. ITare function is a convenience. I don’t normally use it b/c I just first weigh the container I’m using for the food, etc that I want to weigh and note its weight to manually subtract it in my head. But tare is nice: just turn on the scale, then put whatever empty container (e.g. a plastic bowl) that you don’t want included in the weight of the food, etc that you’re looking to weigh on the scale, you’ll see the weight of your empty container, hit tare button (same button as the On/Off button) to tell the scale to subtract the weight of your container, and you’ll see the scale go to 0 with your container on it. You can then just add the food, etc that you’re looking to weigh into the container. You can even take the container off and add what you need to add and put your container back on the scale with your food, etc, in it. If you want to tell the scale to stop using the tare for this container, just click on the tare button again.Note that if you have the scale turned off and have something on the scale when you turn it, the scale will subtract the weight of whatever’s on the scale. So you want to not having anything on the scale when you turn it on. . I thought maybe if I paid a little more, I would get an accurte kitchen scale that would stand up to real use. If you think about it, how often to you purchase say, a bathroom scale, which is meant to hold the weight of a person and doesn’t cost much more than this kitchen scale.The description of the scale I ordered states that it has durable construction. The scale i received is made of cheap, thin, plastic. I can not see it holding up to use in anyone’s kitchen.Even if it were durable enough for use in a kitchen, which it is not, its poor accuracy means that it is useless for cooking or nutrition. Can we really even call it accuracy when it is up to 30 percent off even after repeated calibrations?As an inaccurate, poorly made scale, over priced scale, it rocks. As something you would like to use in your kitchen to weight food for cooking, baking, or nutrition, it is a terrible waste. Read more

15 – AZEUS Food Scale with USB Rechargeable, Digital Kitchen Scale with 6 Units, High Precision to 0.04 oz /11lbs Capacity, Weight Range from 3g-5000g

Top Reviews  The scale is sleek and simple to use, Included is a usb charger. The display is large enough to read and also lights up making it easy to read. You can change the units between grams, ml, fluid oz, and pounds:oz making it very versatile. I would recommend this simple and sleek scale for your kitchen. .  Very accurate. Weighs my weights perfect as seen in the video. Love that it doesn’t take long to charge, and it’s easy to use. The size makes it easy to store also. .  My recent kitchen conquest has been acquiring this kitchen scale. Primarily, I care, as anyone would when they obtain a scale, about accuracy. Does this function well, and is it accurate?I ran a couple of tests comparing it to another scale I had and found them matching exactly. This is not to say my other scale is something I necessarily trust and if there were any discrepancies, I wouldn’t be able to know which scale is to blame, but weighing a dozen of stuff, they produced the exact same weight, so I’m comfortable with identifying it as accurate, delivering on its intended purpose, and pronounce that I am very pleased with it.The second most important thing is how easy or difficult it is to operate it? I was interested in trying out USB charging versus batteries, and almost immediately after I opened the box and saw the charging cable, I started to have second thoughts! With batteries, you can change them right away but with charging, this could need an hour time-out or more! Freaking out like I will need to use this thing to save my life and at all times! I know, it’s nuts. But my fears were completely subsided after I started operating it and realized that they display the battery icon showing how much charge it has, which means that I can predict when it will go out, and start charging it as soon as it gets low. A huge plus is using less batteries, so less environmental waste, less cost. Another plus is that its display is lighted for the first, I want to say 30? seconds. Then the light goes off but you could still see the numbers. I love that it lights up making reading the results all the more easier.Charging is easy, you see the charging icon filling up when you hook it up to a power source, and the icon disappears once it’s fully charged. Using it was easy, as well. If you had any experience with any other kitchen scale, this one doesn’t complicate things, you choose your unit, you choose whether to add weight or zero/tare it, and you turn it on and off. My video should walk you through all my experience using it for the first time.Another huge plus is that it looks incredibly elegant! I just love how big in surface to weigh things, and appealing in appearance it is. Add to that the ability to hang it up on the wall instead of being forced to take up counter space, it’s a 5-star no-brainer for me.My only con is that I didn’t understand, and didn’t find any information on the manual, about the units with regards to weight, water, and milk icons. I’m not familiar with that concept from about 3 previous scales I’ve purchased in the past. It seems like it adds value but my issue is with the fact that it is not explained well in the reading material provided. As soon as I went to the website to register my product for its warranty, I saw that they seem to have 24/7 customer service support, so I will be reaching out to them about it, but since it performs all the functions I need exceedingly well and collectively outperforms my previous scales, I do highly recommend it. . My assessment of the Azeus kitchen scale is mostly positive. The sleek, flat design and low profile make it easy to weigh all sorts of objects in all sorts of containers (with the exception of items that roll, like eggs) as well as very easy to clean. I compared the scale’s accuracy with two other scales and some packaged items with marked weights and found it to be very accurate. The readout is also bright and easy to see, and there is a five minute hold to the reading before the scale shuts off which is longer than my previous scale. This is very helpful when weighing a lot of items while chopping, etc. I don’t have to keep turning the scale back on and recalibrating in the middle of a project. I only have two complaints about the scale. First–and this complaint applies to most kitchen scales–the maximum capacity is only 5000g/11 lb. This is probably adequate for most uses, but I like to cook large dishes and divide them into individual servings; the weight limit makes this more difficult. I’m also not crazy about the variety of unit measurements: grams, milliliters water, milliliters milk, pounds/ounces, fluid ounces water, fluid ounces milk. One must cycle forward through the entire list of measurements to change from one to another (there is no back feature), and the separate measurements for water and milk seem more annoying than helpful (the difference is so minimal in small amounts that I can’t imagine many people will utilize the feature). Overall, I like the scale, prefer it to my previous scale, and would recommend it to others. Read more

16 – Ozeri ZK19 Touch III 10 kg Digital Kitchen Scale with Calorie Counter, 22 lb, Black

Top Reviews I wss hesitant to buy these as I wss unsure if they would be fast enough to use, but they are great.The message when you turn them on only lasts long enough for you to pick something up and place it on them – around 1.5-2 seconds. So the they are pretty much instant on.I do not need the calorific calculator and it almost put me off, but I found they were all separate buttons and did not impede using them as regular scales.One great feature is they remember which setting yoh had them on last, so you don’t need to switch through settings every time you power them on. If you have set them to measure grams and let them power-off, then the next time you power them on they’ll still be set to measure grams which saves a lot of time!The backlit LCD screen is very high contrast with large digits. The display is very easy to read with its light-blue text on dark-blue background.I love that the entire top of the scales, including the touch-sensitive buttons, is all tempered glass. It makes keeping it clean very easy.They won’t measure anything below 5-6grams – this is because of the automatic power-saving. I have not found my scales to waver between measurements like one review I read. The readings on my scales are stable and react very fast perhaps there has been a firmware change between the current and older model?I love them. I just hope that neither my wife or I happen to drop them! . Terrible. It didn’t measure anything accurately – the number never settled, and instead kept going up or down (randomly). I tested it with an apple, and it measured it as ranging from ~100g – 1000g. It’s pretty and I was excited at how sleek it was, but buy something better! Luckily the return process was easy, but there are plenty of comparable scales that actually work. . I bake. Trying to use this to measure 10g salt or 5g yeast is useless, it doesn’t even notice added weight, so I put some calibration weights on it. 1g, add 2g, add 3g. still at 0. Add the 10g weight, it jumps to 9g .This is some pretty garbage, do not buy, or at least keep the box unlike me! 🙂 . I’m a little disappointed that after putting food on here that it will continue to adjust for a good 5-10 seconds after instead of showing immediately. It’s perfectly usable and goes down to the units that I need and it is waterproof, unlike my previous scale, so there’s that at least. Read more

17 – Ozeri Pro Digital Kitchen Food Scale, 1g to 12 lbs Capacity, in Stylish Black

Top Reviews FEB 11 2018 UPDATE EDITPBS TV show America’s Test Kitchen recently tested kitchen scales and fount a Cuisinart scale (4x more costly) to be first choice, then named this scale as a suitable accurate less costly alternative. I’ve bought several of these scales as gifts and all are still working fine.NOV 9 2015 EDIT:Both scales are still working fine, and are used regularly. I called the giftee, and there are no problems. I see that Ozeri has another similar scale with a larger surface and a wider front, with buttons on the side. So, upon reflection and unreported originally, I find the narrow front makes it very easy to grip and place upon the cabinet shelf (on seldom used serving dishes). Further, I suspect that the bigger the scale gets the more annoying will be the problem of storage. The original tape I placed over the readout is still intact and clear, and, I like the larger size of the buttons on this model compered with the newer one. My recommendation: get this one.___________________________________________________________________Original:1. The EatSmart Precision Pro Digital at $25 (12/11) and the Ozeri Pro Digital at under $20 scales are IDENTICAL. I have both, having had the Eatsmart for at least three years, and the Ozari I bought as a gift and tested it. One is black with a chrome-finish platform. The other is silver with a chrome-finish platform. The black body looks as if it is black plastic throughout; the silver body finish might possibly have been painted or otherwise applied (It’s description says Elegant Chrome, but just the platform and buttons have a chromed finish.) Personally, I prefer the black, available in both brands.2. The readout is large; you don’t need glasses. It is not backlit and is a problem only in a dimly lit room–solved by turning a light on.3. The clear plastic covering the LED readouts is recessed slightly from the body of the scales. Flour, spices, and liquids could conceivably get on the clear cover and in the corners, creating an annoyance and the necessity of occasionally cleaning the recessed edges. The solution I found was to put a strip of clear packing tape over the whole lens area, flush with the scale body and not pushing the tape down onto the clear plastic. Cleaning is now a simple wipe.3. The auto-turn-off period after registering a weight or momentarily tapping the weighing platform was within seconds of the three minutes specified, and differed between scales only slightly. This lag between registering a weight and auto turnoff is extremely important; do not buy any scale that does not have such a lag or does not specify a similar or longer lag time!4. For light weights and for a five pound weight they each gave the same accurate results. A nickel (US) is 5 grams even, and can be used as a test of your sample’s accuracy, Use one, then use ten, for 5 and 50 grams, and more if you wish. Regardless of WHERE on the platform I placed a stack of ten nickels, the weight registered the same for both scales.5. Contrary to one popular review of the Ozeri: a) The scale in fact turns off very easily: CLICK THE TARE BUTTON ONCE TO GET THE SCALE TO READ ZERO, THEN CLICK IT AGAIN TO TURN IT OFF! I confess it took me a month or so of using the scale before that pattern occurred to me. b) Treat the scale reasonably and it will last a long time. My Eatsmart version is still going strong.6. The 5 1/8″ diameter platform is sufficient for most uses, but when using a dinner plate to expand the platform size (taring out the plate’s weight) I have to lower my head somewhat to “get at” the reading, because the edge of the plate hides the readout, preventing a reading from directly overhead. A larger diameter platform scale at times would be nice, but such would present a problem for convenient cabinet storage. Using a bowl instead of a dinner plate, or putting a plate on top of a bowl makes the readout easier for large volumes or weights.7. The scales measure grams in one gram units, i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. It measures ounces in units of .05 ounce (1/20 oz.), i.e. .05, 1.0, .15, .20 etc. Pounds are measured in units of .002 pounds. This is as much precision as you could possibly need in a kitchen.8. The scales work fine with rechargeable batteries. Battery life is reasonable, regardless of the type of AAA battery you use.9. Both scales came with a book of calorie equivalents.10. I appreciate the large buttons and the reassuring audible click when they are depressed. Small point, perhaps, but that’s how I feel about them.11. Just the platform and buttons have a chromed finish on plastic. The “chrome” is not hard metal, though the pictures might lead one to think it is.Things I’ve learned that you may find useful, though not relevant to any particular scale:Using a scale guarantees me a consistent cup of coffee. Measuring coffee by volume can be deceptive, depending on the type of grind and type of roast. If kids argue over who is getting the bigger portions of a particular dish, give ’em the scale and let THEM adjust the quantities for “fairness”!* I’ve found that standardizing on a cup of flour of 4.8 oz works best with most recipes. If you measure by the level cup, you’ll find that a “cup” can equal from 4.3 to as much as 5.4 ounces. 2 grams of loose tea equates with most teabags and the cruder measure of one teaspoon, commonly suggested for one to two cups of tea.*OR, let the complaining child divvy up the food in equal portions, but the non-complainers get to pick before the complainer! .  This is a simple no-frills scale that is generally okay overall, but it has one annoying fatal flaw. It constantly loses 1g. In most cases, 1g probably isn’t that big of a deal. But, you never know if you can trust the weight after using the tara feature. If you aren’t using the tara, you can see the -1 displayed after removing the item from the scales. But, if you place a bowl on it, then zero out the weight of the bowl and then add food, you can’t tell if you lost a gram because the display won’t be -1, it will be approximately the weight of the bowl. I already owned one exactly like it under a different brand name. I didn’t recall that being a problem. I bought this second one to replace a Soehnle (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000JG4C2W) that I didn’t like because it constantly timed out too early. Anyway, it’s annoyed me to death. So, I bought an Escali to see if it is any better. I think that’s the brand Alton Brown uses (my hero 🙂 ).I’ve edited this review to show how when you way something, it can’t settle on a number, then after the item is removed, it’s off by -1. This is almost every time I use it. . I’ve been on dozens and dozens of diets in my life. If there’s a diet out there, the chances are that I’ve tried it at least once. What I’ve come to discover is that there is really only one diet that actually works: less calories going into that giant pie hole that I call a mouth.So I started a food diary to record all the food I eat every single day, to keep track of exactly how many calories I’m eating. The only way to really do that is with a food scale. So I weigh everything I eat, and look up the calories to everything and record it in my food diary. This is the only diet that has really worked for me for any length of time.This food scale is really nice. To change the measurement, just hit the unit button until it tells you what unit of measurement you want; grams, ounces, pounds or kilograms.The tare button is very nice too. That way I can zero out the weight of the dinner plate.I also like how easy it is to figure out. I never had to read a manual or anything else to figure this thing out. Very intuitive.My ONLY complaint, and the only reason this scale is getting a 4 star review instead of a 5 star review is sometimes it goes a little wonky. I swear sometimes I wonder if it’s possessed. For example, just today, I was weighing some almonds and it couldn’t make up its mind whether it weighed 20 grams or 25 grams. It was going up and down like crazy. But putting one mor
e almond on it put it at 26 grams, where it stayed without going all crazy on me. So it seems like it’s doing the crazy flip-flop thing when it’s between measurements and can’t quite make up its mind how much something weighs.Otherwise, I really like the scale. It looks nice, does the job adequately, it’s small enough to fit into a drawer, and it’s reasonably priced. I would recommend this product.EDIT: This was a 4 star review, however, it broke after only 3 months of use. I didn’t drop it, or get it wet, or do anything to cause it to no longer work. I tried changing the batteries nothing. Sooo I am marking it down to 2 stars. So disappointed. . love these scales. only small but excellent if you need scales buy this one you will not be disappointed. Read more

18 – Digital Kitchen Scale by ZERLA�, Multifunction Food Scale with Range from 0.04oz to 11lbs, White

Top Reviews I’m very disappointed with this product considering the other reviews. Right out of the box I had a problem with the display. I received it on Sat. 1/28 and unpacked it on Sun. After installing the batteries I found that upper 2/3’s of each digit did not display. If you view it from an angle you could see the display. I’m hoping that it doesn’t get any worse but this is not what I expected. It does seem to be accurate.UPDATE!!!!! After a brief conversation with customer service they sent a new scale that arrived today and works great.I have upped my rating to a 5 star rating. . Easy to use. Extremely sensitive. I wanted the weight of something in a ziplock bag.I set an empty bag on the scale, let it zero itself out. Removed the bag and put the one with the food in it on the scale.It gave me the precise weight.Easy to go from US to Metric weight.Can do ounces or pounds:ounce.Shows ounces to the 0.01 weight when in the ounce only format (0.1 ounces in the “pound : ounce” format),Great value. . It’s doing great so far! I had bought two different scales from two different companies (one being from Zerla) for our own comparisons and I had to return the other one due to not having ounces as an option even though it was listed that way. We buy a lot of scales for our business (busy sandwich shop) and plan to buy several more in the next few months. This one is holding up very well compared to many we’ve bought in the past. . I wanted a digital scale to help me precisely measure equal amounts of material when using two-part epoxies. Disposable measuring cups are great for liquid epoxies, but I am also using a two part system that has a putty like consistency. I wanted to do a little better than just eye-balling it, and this compact scale is an economical way to be certain I have equal amounts of each ingredient. It is very accurate, and small (in my case this is a benefit). I imagine that it would be useful in the kitchen for measuring small amounts of ingredients like chopped nuts, chocolate chips, etc. I can’t speak on the battery life since I’ve only used the scale twice, but it’s nice that it includes batteries at all. You can use it right out of the box, and, for the low price of the scale, it’ shouldn’t be a big deal if you have to replace the batteries with name brand ones any way. Read more

19 – Kiaitre Food Digital Kitchen Scale – 11lb/5kg Kitchen Scales Digital, Food Scale with Stainless Steel Finish and USB Rechargeable, 1g/0.04oz Precision Food Scale for Cooking and Baking

Top Reviews The kitchen scale arrived in a small package with the scale, 2x AAA batteries, USB cord, and instruction manual. First off I noticed that this scale is much smaller than my current kitchen scale, which is great. Also the scale actually looks very nice and sleek.I’m a weekly food prepper and having a kitchen scale allows me to get equal and proper portion sizes for my meals. This scale has all the modes you could need: grams, kilograms, pounds, ounces, milliliter, and milliliter of milk, all of which you can cycle through quickly by pushing the Unit button on the right of the screen. My current scale does not measure grams which frustrates me when I need to measure flour or water when I make pizza dough or pasta, as ounces are less accurate. This scale allows for more accurate measurements for more consistent recipes. If you are in the market for a kitchen scale I highly recommend this one, you will not be disappointed. .  Purchased primarily for storage at work as it is compact and low profile. Sleek small scale, though I’m not sure the top is real stainless steel. Out of the box, it comes with two AAA batteries and a usb to micro usb (common with android phones) cable.I initially had trouble finding the micro usb plug on the scale, but it is on the left side of the device. I took a picture for reference in case anyone else has issues locating it. I do wish there was some kind of LED indicator for when the scale is plugged in. There is internal power storage of some sort, which means you don’t need to provide external batteries if you charge the scale. To test this, I removed the AAA batteries and plugged the scale via micro USB. I then unplugged the micro USB cable and the scale remained on.I like that you can actually charge the device via micro usb, which uses up less battery over time. One of my main complaints with my old scale is that it uses the coin shaped batteries, which are not rechargeable and harder to find. This uses standard AAA, which is much more convenient.To shut down the scale, you have to hold the button on the left (see my video).Weighing:This scale is occasionally off. I won’t say it’s the most precise scale I’ve used – when weighing multiple items, I find it’s most accurate when you take everything off, tare, and put everything back on. Then I was able to get consistent results.For the price though, this is a convenient scale. . I am very happy with this product. Even though it is small, it does not need to be any bigger for the items I need to weigh. This tool is helpful especially if you’re into dieting like keto. I has units in g,kg, ml, lb, and oz. if you’re doing keto, I definitely recommend this product. . Scale is very sensitive. Even lightly placing a finger on it immediately changes the weight. You can tare the scale. You can measure in grams, kilograms and pounds. It has a nice sleek design and is small to store in your kitchen. It also comes with batteries and a cord to plug it in instead of using battery power. It does not come with a base for the cord so you will need to have one or get one. Overall, a good scale. Seems to measure accurately, attractive and slim. Read more

20 – OXO Good Grips 5-lb Food Scale with Pull-Out Display

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21 – Weigh Gram Food Scale with Bowl for Cooking and Baking, Digital Kitchen Scale Weight Grams and Ounces with LCD Display, 11lb/ 5kg, Black

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22 – VisionTechShop ACOM APW-200 Digital Portion Control Scale, Lb/Oz/Kg/g Switchable, Low Profile Design, 60lb Capacity, 0.02lb Readability, Single Display, NTEP Legal for Trade

Top Reviews It would weigh 10grams but not 11 and not again until 20 grams . If you want to buy this scale and are hoping to have a readability of 0.00g or more then THIS IS NOT the scale you are looking for. I had understood that this scale had that capability however once I bought it I found out it does not have that capability for grams, only kg. And sadly, I wasn’t able to try the product before the return period was over – so doubly disappointed. . I don’t like having to change the mode to pounds when weighing. If you are weighing pounds, you have to put it on pound mode, if weighing ounces you have to change to ounces. For us it’s a waste of time being that our bbq business is fast paced and every second counts. . Great scale super easy to use and self levels Read more

23 – Weighmax Electronic Kitchen Scale – Weighmax 2810-2KG black

Top Reviews I have been trying to cut for a long time, I was overweight and needing to shed some extra pounds. I was actually 80 pounds overweight. I was using myfitness pal but if you use any app such as this you’ll know the serving sizes are never accurate and you cannot be sure that you are getting the correct amount of calories. So I purchased this scale to help me dial in my calorie intake much further. Its 100% on point. As this scale helped me to identify areas in my diet where I was getting extra 400-600 calories from miscalculating the food based on the nutrition label. I have since then lost a total of 60lbs and i only have a few pounds left to lose thanks to this scale I can see my weight loss dreams come true. . I bought these scales to donate to the San Diego Humane Society Kitten Nursery where we use them to weigh our kittens. Weight gain is a great sign of their overall health. They are very easy to clean in between each kitten or litter of kittens, which is vital to the health of our fragile little babies. These scales get a lot of use and last quite a while before they eventually die from constant use and disinfection. . I love the bowl and it fits my snake nicely. . I couldn’t be more pleased with my new scale Its MUCH bigger then I expected which is sweet The bowl has a pour spout and is actually quite roomy being I could place my whole open hand in it no problem It’s easy to use Comes with batteries Has an option of either grams or ouces via a switch on the bottom of unit This helps me measure my food portions perfectly and the price is fantastic!!!! I’m so happy I chose this scale after looking at what seemed like hundreds!!!!! Now if it helps me lose weight as intended I’ll be even MORE impressed!!!! 😉 lol I highly recommend I read reviews of people complaining its not dishwasher safe I giggled It’s one fricken bowl people Big deal I HAPPILY hand wash mine Knowing I got a GREAT deal on a cute scale Worth 5 stars plus some Read more

24 – Etekcity Food Scale with Bowl, Digital Kitchen Weight Grams and Ounces for Cooking and Baking, 1g Increment, Large LCD Display, Red/Stainless Steel

Top Reviews This scale has some nice features which, for me, were important. First, the scale platform is raised a bit above the display. That means when you set your big 12-quart tub on top, you can still read the display. The second thing I like is that the small tray that comes with it is sized to act as sort of a turtle shell for the scale when inverted during storage. Mine goes into a kitchen drawer, and there is always a chance that something could get knocked over on it. The tray takes the impact like a domed helmet for the scale. Thoughtful feature. Other than that, it works great, zeros easily and quickly, and I think the red color really looks great too. I’m not sure I would change anything. . The display was impossible to read. It is very small and with no lighting I could not read the tiny print as to what function I was trying to use. It may be a great scale but if it can’t be read it is just a paper weight.As a result of returning this scale, the customer service dept. of Etekcity with no prompting on my part, sent me a different scale. This scale has all of the features of the original, with one major exception. It has a large backlit display. This is what I needed and this is what they provided. Kudos to their customer service. . I ordered this unit based on all of the great reviews, and was excited to use it when it came. Unfortunately this unit is not accurate. After turning it on for the first time per the included instructions, I proceeded to test it to make sure it weighed items accurately. It adds 0.09 ounces per 1 ounce weighed. For example, my 1 ounce coin reflected 1.09 ounces and 2 of these coins reflected a 2.18 weight, and so on. This doesn’t sound like a lot but when working with lye or weighing out food for a diet, this will yield very poor results. Very disappointed because I can’t use this to make my soaps or weigh my food, which are the only reasons I bought this. . The letters depicting oz, fl oz, lb, etc. are tiny and if you are having any vision issues, could be hard to read. The numbers themselves are huge and easy to read. There is no backlight to help either.Given a choice, I would order a different model in the future to have the visibility but this will do for now. It is a nice scale if you can read those little letters. Read more

25 – Escali Arti Kitchen Scale, 7 kg, Bamboo Finish

Top Reviews Worst scale I have ever used. I am a chef, and I know that Escali makes amazing scales. This is NOT one of them. It is cheaply made, and WILL NOT TARE CORRECTLY. This thing is a POS pain in the A. Don’t purchase this piece of garbage. . I hate this scale. It looks cool. It’s accurate. But the tare function is a pain- you tap it lightly and nothing happens, hard and it screws the measurement up there’s no light. A large plate hides the reading. I bought this because I thought it could replace my old oxo (that was fine just didn’t look cool)- but no. And the batteries are already dead after 2 months of use. Back to my Oxo. . I was so excited to receive this scale. I had read the reviews, and I thought that what I would be getting would be good for the price. I was wrong. From day one the scale read incorrectly, refused to tare, and showed the weight jumping significantly (anywhere from 3-100 grams from what it actually was) despite the fact that I hadn’t added any additional weight. I thought oh, maybe the batteries are just dead. So I bought some new batteries for it, popped them in, and hoped for the best. They didn’t work, so I tried two more new ones. Nothing. Finally I knew that something was just wrong with the scale, fresh out of the box. Looks great, easy to clean, but when it doesn’t do it’s job, what’s the point? . First thing I did upon unboxing is check the accuracy against a set of perfectly calibrated reference weights that I have from a lab at work. The Escali Arti is dead-on accurate to the gram from 50gm all the way up to 5,000 grams. Even moving the weights well off-center didn’t upset the Arti. Tares perfectly. The seamless glass top makes for a clean look and is easy to keep clean while using and when cleaning-up after use. I’m using predominantly for baking so flour, sugar, baking soda, baking powder, etc are all over the place.The only downside (if I had to find one) is that since the glass surface is contiguous from the weighing surface to where the buttons are pressing any of the buttons while in the midst of weight something will cause the displayed weight to vary momentarily. I only really noticed this because I was playing around with all the functions. In practical usage I wouldn’t be switching between units while in the middle of weighing something, so not really an issue. The displayed weight returns quickly to the correct number within a moment or so.I chose the Shiny Silver color as it was the cheapest but it actually looks great. Almost a stainless steel look that goes well with the rest of the kitchen appliances. Wife and I decided it looks so nice we’ll keep it out on the counter; it’s thin enough to just lean it up again the wall behind the knife block. Having it handy at all times will make it even more useful than if we had to root around a cabinet looking for it whenever needed.Overall, very happy with the purchase. Read more

26 – NEXT-SHINE Recahrgeable Kitchen Scale 5kg x 0.1g/0.01oz, USB Mutlfunction Digital Food Scale with LCD Back-lit Display and Large Protective Tray for Food Baking

Top Reviews Very good scales. Cool design, the LCD is lightened. Just what I needed. You don’t need batteries. You just charge it. . Great product and great price. Battery stays charged for a really long time. I’ve only had to charge it once upon opening and I’ve had it for over a month. The scale struggles to weigh anything under a gram or milliliter accurately. . I brought it for my daughter. . This is an excellent home scale. Simple and easy to use, rarely needs to be recharged, and it can be calibrated. There aren’t many other options that allow this large of a range of weight readings while providing this level of accuracy all for such an reasonable price. Furthermore, when my cover was damaged by the delivery people, Next Shine customer service was very responsive and helpful and sent me a new part without hesitation, even though it was not their fault. Thank you next shine. I recommend this scale without hesitation. Read more

27 – Freshware Meal Prep Containers [15 Pack] 3 Compartment with Lids, Food Containers, Lunch Box | BPA Free | Stackable | Bento Box, Microwave/Dishwasher/Freezer Safe, Portion Control, 21 day fix (32 oz)

Top Reviews I love these things. I used to feel guilty for buying my son commercial frozen foods for his school lunches and ‘grab and go” dinners, but they were practical and time saving, which is a necessity for us because I have more than one job and often don’t have time to prepare food for each meal from scratch. Now I cook large batches on the weekend and freeze them in these containers. They’re practical and time saving, and we can make them with healthier ingredients. The containers, themselves, of course do not magically prepare food for us, but having a stockpile of them handy at a reasonable price makes it easier to manage the preparation and storage of homemade freezer meals. [We also bought some of the clear, round containers with lids for soups and sides.] Then there’s the portion-control aspect of these containers. This was a good decision for our family. . Good product at a decent price. I see them lasting 3-6 months at most, but that’s really good for $15. By then they will be dingy enough to replace anyway. The plastic is slick so they was really easily. They are a bit flimsy, and seem to warp a bit after several runs through the dishwasher. They could melt in the microwave if they’re in there more than about 2 minutes. We had that happen with one, but the little compartment that melted was empty whereas the other two had food.Overall I like it. . As a meal prepper this size is perfect for prepping larger meals and portion control. And they fit in my husbands lunch box perfect. He works a 13 hour shift and I send him stocked with healthy meals. The lids fit tight, no worries of spillage. My food keeps for 5 days and is as fresh on day 5 as day 1. I love the split compartments and the lid keeps them split. No overflowage if the container gets tipped. I wish I would have had these back when the kids were little for lunches! Not meant to last forever, but they are great value for the price. And if he forgets one at work, no biggie if I don’t get it back.  Freshware Meal Prep Containers [15 Pack] 3 Compartment with Lids, Food Containers, Lunch Box | BPA Free | Stackable | Bento Box, Microwave/Dishwasher/Freezer Safe, Portion Control, 21 day fix (32 oz). These are great containers. I was surprised how well the lid snaps on. I wish they were a bit deeper, which is why I only did 4 stars, but they do hold quite a bit. I’m excited to use these for work! Read more

28 – Withings Body – Smart Weight & BMI Wi-Fi Digital Scale with smartphone app, Black

Top Reviews I did a LOT of research before purchasing my smart scale. I am simultaneously happy with my purchase and regretful of it.The Nokia Smart Scale works as advertised. This thing is really easy to set up and use. Turn on the scale, install the app, sync. If you use other apps, sync those up. I have synced it with a few apps, including MyFitnessPal. I like the tracking aspect of the app, providing a chart of your day to day weight. As someone who analyzes numbers for a living, it’s quite sweet. In terms of mindfully keeping track of your weight, I can’t imagine a better scale unless there’s one out there that lies to you to spare your feelings.I regret this purchase BECAUSE it’s so easy to use. I put it in front of my closet, and I step on it before I pick my suit for the day. A second or two on the scale and I get my weight, my BMI, and the weather. And since it’s winter, I feel like every morning, the scale tells me “You’re overweight and it’s freezing out. Have a nice day at work while I lie here snoozing all day.” It’s possibly that the harsh tone of the scale is all in my mind. (At least that’s what the voices in my head tell me.)Seriously though, if you are taking your weight management seriously but want to minimize the effort, this is an excellent product that does what it says it does.Who knew Nokia still made relevant products? . Two big issues that caused me to return the product. The first is safety.Safety – the bottom of the scale has plastic feet, not rubber. Using this on tile caused the scale to slip and move a considerable amount of distance. You can only safely use this product on carpet if you don’t want sliding. Huge engineering fail.Intrusive – they promote using an app with the scale to wirelessly keep track of weight and BMI metrics. The app FORCES you to create an account via email and also forces you to agree for Nokia to process your health data on their servers. Stop it. Let my info go from scale to app without you data mining me.I happily returned the product and will buy a dumb scale if I can’t find a company that respects privacy and smart enough to create a product that doesn’t become a hockey puck on tile. . Scale worked fine since I bought it. Moved it to the other side of the bathroom and set it down on the floor and glass exploded everywhere. I saw this in other reviews and thought it would never happen to me.This literally happened while being repositioned and dropped 1/2 inch onto the floor.Scale works well and syncs well but now it doesn’t do anything because it’s in the trash. . Bought this scale so that I could use it with my Fitbit and MyFitness Pal. It seemed to be capable and the tech support kept stringing me along that I needed to unpair and re-pair the apps before finally telling me that it just wasn’t a feature. Super disappointing that it will only keep data in its own app and only sync with its own trackers. If you want all Nokia products this may work for you. The scale otherwise totally works as it should but I don’t need yet another app. Read more

29 – EatSmart Precision Elite Scale-15 lb. Capacity, UltraBright Display and Stai Digital Kitchen Scale, One Size, Silver

Top Reviews The reason for owning any scale is to be able to measure weight and to do so with ACCURACY. An inaccurate scale is about as useless as an inaccurate watch (i.e., a watch that runs but cannot keep the correct time). This scale has proven exceptional in meeting the standard of accuracy. I purchased this scale in April 2015 and after 2 years of use I checked its accuracy with a 2 kilogram calibration weight. With the calibration weight on the scale the display showed 2.001 KG. That is an accuracy of 1 part in 2000 – an accuracy of 0.05 percent (1/20th of 1 percent). In evaluating scales, it is important for the buyer to understand the difference between ACCURACY and PRECISION. PRECISION refers to the scale’s ability to show a DIFFERENCE between two readings. Typically, this is seen in how many digits can be displayed. You should never confuse the number of digits displayed with the scale’s accuracy. Potentially, you could own a scale with lots of digits (high precision) but horrible accuracy. For example, you could own a scale that displays to 4 places (as this scale does) but would have displayed the calibration weight at 2.735 KG. Thus, the number of digits is not an indication of accuracy. Accuracy refers to the ability of the scale to provide a true reading of weight. A scale that is accurate to only 3 places (regardless of the number of digits shown) is better than a scale that displays to 4 or 5 places but is accurate only to the second digit. Based on my observation of how this scale performs and its exceptional accuracy, I would give it my highest recommendation. . This seems like the all-around best fit for casual home baking. Just one gripe, listed below.What I like:• Option to measure in grams (why I replaced the scale I already had)• Large capacity• If turned off while set to grams/ounces, etc., it will turn on with the same grams/ounces selection• Times out after 3 minutes, but the timeout resets back to 3 minutes every time the weight changes• Large, easy to read display• Standard, AAA batteries• Nice size, easy to wipe cleanMy disappointment:• Though accurate, it only measures in full grams, so it’s very easy to overshoot. If I get to 5 grams (on my way to 6) and then add a pinch at a time, the scale will sometimes sit at 5 and then jump to 7. Sometimes I can take some that ingredient out and hit my desired weight, but if I’m taring weights into a single bowl and I’m on the 4th ingredient, and it’s a small amount or I’m adding something like honey to other liquids, that’s not always possible. . The EatSmart Precision scale I purchased in August 2014 lasted for four years. It was simple to use and reliable, so I purchased this second one in February 2019. I installed the batteries it came with, but it showed Lo instead of measurements or wouldn’t light up at all.I put fresh batteries (4 AAA) but they drained within a day. After several sets of wasted batteries, I contacted the company by email.They replied right away with an apology and instructions to reset the scale. It worked! It’s only been five days, so I will update if I have problems again. But I’ve been checking each day to see if the batteries are okay. (Update: June 5, 2019-still working.) So if you are having this problem, try resetting it before giving up. I’ll copy and paste their instructions:Please follow the reset procedure below which normally alleviates any error or issues associated with our scales.Remove the battery from the scale.Set the scale on a hard, flat surface without the battery in place.Apply a small amount of pressure on the scale surface for approximately 10- 15 seconds (still without the battery or power source)Carefully replace the battery without pressing any buttons or activating the scale.Set the scale back on the hard, flat surface with the battery in place.Use the scale to weigh an itemUpdate: July 15, 2019 – The scale wouldn’t go on and had to be reset, then batteries were replaced with new ones. It’s working, but I’m removing a star and not recommending this scale any more. . I purchased this as a replacement to my old Taylor digital scale. I’ve gotten much more into nutrition and being able to easily change units, among other things, is what sold me on this scale.The scale is on the large side with huge digits. The back light is very effective the scale easy to read. I regularly use large plates on it when prepping food and can easily read the display. It’s easy to re-zero after adding ingredients. The units are easily changed with the left button. The scale also remembers your preference and will turn on with your last setting. The scale can read in grams, decimal pounds, and pounds/ounces.I checked it with my calibration weights. Using 500g, the readout was within 1g across the center and four corners. This means that even if you put what you’re weighing a bit off-center, you’ll still get an accurate reading.Other than being possibly too big for some people’s liking, I’m quite happy with it. It’s well-built and the price is great. The metal weighing surface is a nice touch, although it’s not removable for cleaning. If you tend to make large messes during use of your scale, it may be better to purchase one with a removable top.At the $35 I paid, I consider it a five-star product. The only thing I’d change is to have the top be removable for cleaning. Read more

30 – Escali F115 Compact Kitchen Scale, 11 lb/5 kg, Stainless Steel

Top Reviews This scale was a little frustrating from the beginning. It was slow to respond to touch, so I needed to be patient each time I pressed the Tare button or change the measurement type. But after owning this scale for only three months, the digital display is no longer working and the scale is not measuring accurately. 0’s look like 8’s and other numbers have odd appearances. Today I needed to reduce the sugar I put in a bowl and it took 10 pinches to reduce the weight by one gram (this was normal and expected), but one more pinch reduced the weight by 12 grams. That was obviously faulty! It’s too bad, because it’s not an inexpensive scale. But it sure seems cheap. . This product worked great for 5 months, I changed the batteries and then a month later it just stopped turning on. I wish it would have lasted longer because I did like this product. I’m hoping they work with me to replace it. . There are no buttons to push, except ‘on.’ All other functions work by touching the flat surface, and initially, only a light touch was needed to use the tare feature, or to input a number, or to change from grams to ounces, etc. After about 18 months, the tare spot became only intermittently responsive, and within a month, most of the functions require multiple tries, if they respond at all. I thought perhaps this was a power issue, so I changed the batteries, but that did not fix the problem. The scale is otherwise accurate and easy to use, but I use a scale quite often for baking; it needs to be reliable and work as designed. This one fails, so I’m now shopping for a replacement. . We’ve been using the scale for baking, and it’s been doing a great job for over a month. Very easy to use, can switch between different measurements, and packs away to keep our counters and drawers nice and tidy. If I could go back, I’d buy it again. Read more

31 – San Jamar SCMDL5 Mechnical Dial Food/Kitchen Scale, 5 lb Capacity

Top Reviews So far so good. I like it because it was showing the oz pound there, I have searched many on Amazon and didn’t found many like this. . I absolutely love this scale. Great quality, easy to adjust and read, shipped quickly and great price! A great addition to any kitchen!!! . Easy to use and tare. . Does work but the moving outside dial is annoying, feels kind of flimsy, but has done the job so far Read more

32 – Ozeri ZK24 Garden and Kitchen Scale, with 0.5 g (0.01 oz) Precision Weighing Technology

Top Reviews This should be noted in product description: In the case of grams (g), the scale will ROUND to nearest half gram. Scale does NOT accurately weight gram tenths, weights less than a gram (.4, .5, .6, etc.) display 0.0. Returning, need a scale that measures/weighs gram tenths. . Works great but the picture on the front makes it appear as though I’m using it to weigh marijuana. . Do not buy this. Does not weigh accurately. Weighs to the nearest .5. Anything under X.5 will be rounded to X.0. Over X.5 will be rounded to nearest whole gram. ex. 0.7 = 1.0. 0.4 = 0.0 . I’ve love to use to my other kitchen scale by this same company but don’t like having to wash the top off if I’m weighing meat or something that could cross contaminate.So I decided to purchase another one! I love using it for baking and weighing out my meat that I buy in bulk from the meat market. Also for weighting different herbs from my herb garden. I’m so glad that I have two now!This one is very lightweight and attractive in my kitchen! It really looks nice. It’s also so easy to use and change from measurements (example gram, ounce, pound). Just the tap in the scale and it changes it for you. It’s been 100% accurate thus far while using it.I have to point out something that I appreciate so much from this scale that some may not care anything about. It runs off of batteries and when I turned it over expecting to go turn the house upside down looking for a small ‘something’ that would open the compartment. But to my surprise it didn’t have any tiny screws! You simply slide it and put the batteries in! Gosh I wish Everything has a battery compartment like this scales! Haha hey, sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference right?!Bottom like I love it. Looks nice, easy to use and and goes up to 13 pounds I believe it said. It’s a 5 star product in my opinion! Read more

33 – KOIOS USB Rechargeable Food Scale, Waterproof Kitchen Scale, 0.04oz/1g Precise Graduation Digital Scale for Cooking Baking, High Accuracy Food Scale Target in Grams, Ounces, and Liquid

Top Reviews  Beautiful, sleek and compact! This kitchen scale is a great value for the money. It is very precise in its measuring abilities. It is extremely easy to throw it in your purse or a bag to take along with you if you are measuring portions. The size is also great for storing in your kitchen without taking up space.It comes with a convenient usb charger so it could be charged just about anywhere from your car to your computer. The display is very clear and easy to read. It’s very nice that it has the “tare” function meaning that you can measure liquids or small light weight ingredients inside a cup or bowl. The automatic shut-off is great to conserve the battery life. I am very pleased with this beautiful kitchen scale. .  I absolutely love my new kitchen scale. It is so easy to use and stores in such a small place. It is a must have if you would like to measure your ingredients in grams instead of cups as some recipes are written. I received my kitchen scale free to test and review and I am very pleased with it. The display is easy to read and it cleans up easily. I love that it is rechargeable too. No more replacing batteries. I tested a few things for accuracy and was pleased to see the scale shows exactly correct. . The only thing I don’t like about this scale is that the tare icon doesn’t work consistantly. Sometimes the tare icon appears on the screen; but often it does not. Tare is used when you want to weigh only the item and not the container. You place the empty container or plate on the scale and then zero out the weight of the container and then place the item that you want to weigh on the plate/container. When you zero out, the tare symbol is supposed to appear on the screen. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. However, the scale reads wnen zeroed out, and the weight of the item once you place it on the plate/container is accurately shown. And you can zero out again if you want to add a different item onto the plate/container. Otherwise, the scale is great. There are no batteries to replace as this scale is rechargable. After almost 2 months, I’ve yet to have needed to recharge the scale again. I use this scale to measure the food that I eat. I had gastric weight loss surgery and weighing food is a must. Great product except for the tare icon/symbol issue. I was not able to contact the manufacturer for help on that one issue. .  Lightweight and accurate. I love that it charges via usb instead of using batteries and the surface area of the scale is a great size. I also like that the display is large. Second koios product I’ve purchased and been extremely happy with! Read more

34 – OXO 1271680 Good Grips Portable Compact Healthy Portions Diet Scale,White,16 Ounce

Top Reviews After doing a lot of research (Google and reddit and more forums) I decided to buy a mechanical scale. And this is by far one of the easiest to store/use/clean when I need to meal prep for bulking/cutting season. Easy to calibrate, seems pretty sturdy, small size but it’s more than enough(I live on school campus so I can’t bring large appliances and tools so this worked out great). A+ would buy again and recommend to friends.I don’t usually do reviews but this item was pretty impressive. #notabot #amazonisawesome . Because this appears to be almost the only small, compact, easily portable bowl/lid scale many people could find in 2019, it often gets 5 stars from people. This rating is intended to rate the item as to design and suggest improvements. First, it’s hard to gauge accuracy because markings on the scale are such that they do not allow for really precise measuring. An improvement would be to extend each scale on the base as there is room for that or create a wider base first, and ass more detailed markings to each scale. Adding some height to the item would enable a deeper bowl and thus larger portion size. Making these two improvements would result in the scale being easier to use overall yet still protable. Otherwise customers must quint at scales to get a rough idea of a measurement; and some items just cannot be weighed. . I use this scale for measuring (practically everything) since I follow the Keto way of eating. I absolutely love that I can place any container on the scale and balance it to zero before measuring. No batteries to worry about! I plan on bringing this scale on my holiday travels. Yes, I love it that much. . This is a great little scale. I really love the mechanism which allows you to “tear” or zero out after adding a bowl or to add an ingredient without having to do the math, like a digital scale. This size is also nicely portable, which matters to me because I weigh my food even in restaurants, and sometimes the tables are too unsteady for a digital scale. Read more

35 – Digital Nutrition Food Scale

Top Reviews My toddler son is newly diagnosed T1D, this scale has been amazingly helpful!!!! We HAVE to count carbs and I’m super type A about it. This thing is accurate and flawless (I checked it against my other scale). Seems some of the programmed counts are more generic, but they don’t vary wildly from the specific brands I use, etc.(Excuse the overhead light reflection blocking carb count) . Update: I received a replacement as a result of my review below. The new unit works perfectly. I tested it out with a heaping plate of food and it instantly gave me an accurate weight. I’ve been using it multiple times per day for the past week and a half and love it. This one is a keeper!Original review: I love the size and design of this scale and find it to be accurate for anything weighing less than ~150g. Anything heavier than that and I find it to be totally useless. I can put an item on the scale, like 250g of yogurt, and watch it slooooowly add in 1g increments. It takes several seconds per gram and seems to go on forever. Eventually, before it finishes weighing the item it times itself off. It is so frustrating. I love this for weighing smaller items and portions but if you want to weigh anything of real substance you should look elsewhere. Maybe I just got a faulty unit? . I have been using this scale for over three years now. I have a number of issues with it.The first one is the poor accuracy. If you are trying to watch your salt or sugar intake, then the scale simply doesn’t measure small weights well. If you are trying to measure 5g of salt, you can overshoot it by half easily – the scale simply won’t register small amounts.If you scale the total weight of the recipe (say, a dough), vs. the sum of the ingredient measured separately, the difference can be as big as 10%.The auto-off feature gives too little time, and the data is not saved. The non-volatile memory is so cheap these days, how hard would it be to record at least the current weight?The display is hard to read, especially if you want to use a bowl. In the shadow of the bowl and at an angle the display is pretty much invisible.I don’t know if there are better products out there, but this one is very frustrating to use! . I did NOT know food scales with built-in nutrition facts existed so I’m very late to this train, I always knew weighing food is more accurate than measuring but I also knew there would still also be the middle-man of looking up values so I never joined the food scale club & just made sure I was consistently measuring things the same way so changes would still be changes. But I jumped on this the same day I found out about scales with nutrition facts I did some research because I always make sure I’m getting the best value & this one seems to be the best one out there. I found a couple other similar cheaper ones but their food code lists were far less thorough & organized. This one is AWESOME. I see in some reviews some people have to take some time to learn how to use it but I grasped it pretty immediately & it was just about looking up the food codes, maybe because I’m already very versed in nutrition & already knew the values I was aiming for. Read more

36 – Rummikub with Bonus Jokers Game, Classic, Pressman

Top Reviews The tiles are very lightweight and the tray channels are not very deep. The tiles are always being knocked out onto the table. Do not buy this game. Spend the extra dollars to buy the large number Edition. It is very stable and easy to read. . It’s a very entertaining and at the same time challenging game. Doesn’t matter the age, anyone can win, it depends on you visual ability, because anyone can count from 1 to 13. I love to play it with my granddaughters and with my wife. It’s ala blast . We had the Old version of the game and decided to update. It might take a while to get used to the new wildcard options but I think they are a good addition to the game. . I have played the traditional Rumikub game for years. This game with more jokers adds more playing fun. My only complaint is that there are still only 3 lines on the trays for your tiles yet there are 4 colors. There are times when your tray gets full and you still can’t meet the meld requirement so you have to put tiles on the table below your teay. Please add a 4th line on the tile tray one for each color. This was a problem with the original Rumikub game and now with this bonus game as well. I wish the game makers would listen to us who play this game often. A 4th tray line is desperately needed.p! Read more

37 – CAVEEN Calculator Ultra Thin Solar Power Calculator for Home Office Desktop Calculator Tilted LCD Display Business (White Basic)

Top Reviews Super lightweight looks very modern. Number displays big to it’s easy to readAlthough the calculator is big it fits comfortably in one hand. Also the gold is more like a copper color . I was looking for a large and basic calculator for when I am not on my laptop using the virtual version that would provide the features to easily press the keys quickly, lightweight and would compliment my home office desk and this product does this. However, I would have preferred if the arc design at the top would have been elevated a little higher than 30 degrees but aside from this minor preference, it’s a very good product. . I love this product. I ordered to go with my gold and white office decor. This is perfect t and works great. . I loved this when I first received it, but the numbers are beginning to fade and eventually I’ll have to use a permanent marker to write in the symbols and numbers or memorize where they are located.The color on the calculator is not fading, just the inking for buttons. Read more

38 – AccuWeight 201 Digital Multifunction Meat Food Scale with LCD Display for Baking Kitchen Cooking, 11lb Capacity by 0.1oz, Tempered Glass

Top Reviews 2nd REWRITE of the REVIEW: I had originally written a good review then revised it downward after further usage confirmed the scale was giving inaccurate readings when weighing larger amounts of items that are not solid/stable – e.g. water that sloshes around in the container. I returned my first scale to Amazon for a full refund. “My tronics” (the seller) reached out to me and wanted to send me a new Accuweight scale, even though I had already received a refund. They said that they stand behind their product and want every customer to be satisfied. True to their word, they sent a new scale, at no cost to me. I was skeptical at first, and doubted that it would be any good. Well, I was wrong. I have been using the replacement scale and have compared the readings to another scale we have, and I am convinced it is functioning perfectly. I believe the original scale was a fluke and that the quality of the product is very good. I have tested it with different types of materials, sitting in different spots on the weighing surface, and I am happy with the consistently accurate performance.I also love the fact that this scale has a flat, smooth weighing surface. This design gives it a sleek, classy look, and also makes for easier cleaning. The tare function works perfectly, and while I have not actually timed it, it gives me plenty of time to add each ingredient. I have not had it reset on me. The Accuweight switches easily between the different units of measurement. All in all, I love it!UPDATE AFTER EXTENSIVE USE: I have both this scale and another scale of the style that has a raised circular weighing platform, with the control buttons on the top of the scale, just in front of the circular platform. Since the two scales function with equal accuracy, and this one is definitely more attractive. this one at first seems like the better choice. Well, even though I love the looks of this one, the design has one drawback. Because the on/off control is on the front edge, it is easily bumped. The scale is often being turned on by accident. This is a real annoyance for me. Depending on where you keep your scale and whether you work in the area next to it, this might not be an issue for you. I just thought I should share my experience. Since this may not be an issue for other users, I am going to retain the five stars. . This scale looks and feels great and we were very excited to start using the scale. Once we started using it we immediately found that we were unable to read the display unless standing at uncomfortable angels or directly over the top of the screen. The unreadable screen makes this product non user friendly and basically useless. We are returning this product. I’ve attached pictures that show what I see at the viewing angles I use. . I have had four different inexpensive kitchen scales like this one, and this is the least accurate I’ve had by far. It’s the best looking, and was inexpensive, but looks aren’t worth anything in a scale. I use it to weigh coffee beans for pour-overs. It requires at least 6 grams to begin to function. Today I measured out what it read to be 21 grams of beans for a small pot. It looked like more that that so I reweighed it on a scale I trust, and the actual weight was 27 grams. If measurements matter enough to use a scale at all, then a scale that is consistently 22% off, as this on is, is worthless. . Look, if you need something to weigh food for meal prep, go ahead and buy it, but know that if you need something accurate don’t buy this scale. If you put any “thin” powders, such as powdered sugar, cocoa powder, cinnamon, etc it won’t weigh it. It also won’t weigh anything below 6 grams. Also I was contacted by I-tronics but it was just a general copy paste of what to say, they didn’t care enough about their customers to even have real people write the emails. And after that litteraly ghosted me for three weeks! Read more

39 – WW Scales by Conair Digital Glass Weight Scale with Contemporary Silver Finish Bathroom Scale, 400 Lbs. Capacity

Top Reviews Although it is nice looking, this scale does not fulfill its actual purpose, i.e. give the correct weight! Even if I stand on it over and over again, it gives me different readings off by a few pounds. What a useless product. . Do not waste your money if you are looking for syncing & tracking – Syncing w/ App stopped after 2 1/2 weeks. Read the multiple reviews on the app store – mostly poor – wish I had read them before spending my money.When it did work, the app crashed every single time.It did sync with WW account for 2 1/2 weeks – so that was nice but now, scale works as a scale but no longer connects to app. I am left with a plain digital scale that is priced way too high if the function you bought it to perform does not work. Very Disappointed!!!!!!(If they get the bugs worked out, I will update my rating to higher score) . Love the app that comes with the scale and it tracks right to my weight watchers app. Was easy to set up and the colors are nice. Was able to easily set up different profiles. . Do not buy. This thing has been nothing but problems for me. First hour with it trying to sync it’s Bluetooth to my Galaxy s6 to later find that they have problems with my device and the recommended work around doesn’t exist anymore if your phone is up to date. Decided to give the scale another try today (day 6 of having it) and the thing won’t even turn on. Save some headache and get a different scale. Read more

40 – Hangable Digital Kitchen Scale Food Scale, 11 lb/5kg Tare Function Automatic Shutdown Stainless Steel Silver Batteries Included

Top Reviews Always wanted a food scale. Spent the first hour testing its accuracy with random things around my kitchen. Low and behold – it’s accurate!! Makes cooking and portioning my meals much easier. Stainless design is sleek and fits well in the kitchen. Like the on/off feature and the fact that it comes with batteries. . I got a food scale because I have a restricted diet. Since I’ve done more cooking at home I needed a scale. This scale is great. I tested it with food items still in their packages to check weight. Its a great scale and works well.I love the feature that allows me to hang the scale on the wall. So it doesn’t take up any space. Its easy to clean Also. . I just started a new diet and this scale hangs on the wall. I have a small kitchen so it is at arms reach hanging on the wall, a space saver, and the scale is digital so it is easy to read and quite accurate. Very convenient item to have in the kitchen. That is why I gave it 5 stars . This scale is everything I need and more. I like that it has a sleek design, and is easy to hangup in my kitchen. All of the buttons work well, and the tare function is very useful when measuring out spices. I like the flexibility on how to weigh items. No more conversions because it weighs in grams, pounds, ounces, ml, and kilograms.I have mainly been using this to measure food, to help myself keep a consistent healthy diet. I have started keeping track of all of my nutrition and this scale has been a great tool to help me with this. I also think that this would be great to weigh anything, not just food. Read more

41 – Weigh Gram Scale Digital Pocket Scale,100g by 0.01g,Digital Grams Scale, Food Scale, Jewelry Scale Black, Kitchen Scale 100g(TOP-100)

Top Reviews I got this scale to weigh my baby crested geckos, as I have heard that it is very accurate. I had another that wasn’t accurate and didn’t go to 0.01 grams, but just 1 gram. This one is SO amazing when it comes to weighing smaller reptiles that you can put in a cup! . I use this one to measure out my espresso doses and it’s always spot on with a quick measurement. Unit is compact, easy to store and has a bright, easy to read display. If weed ever becomes legal here, guess I could use it for that too. . This scale is extremely accurate for the price point. Personally, I have another scale that I use for when I need a more accurate measurement (milligrams or centigrams). Turns out, this scale is pretty accurate to a centigram, and I didn’t even calibrate it. I included a picture of the scale with a 10g weight on it. Out of the box, the scale weighs that 10g weight within +/- .02g accuracy. Personally, this is still accurate enough for what I need it for, and probably accurate enough for most uses. And again, this is straight out of the box. If you calibrate it I can imagine it would be even closer to exact. The scale comes in a small box with a small manual, which is brief in explaining what you shouldn’t do. Instructions for calibration, etc are found on the inside of the lid to the scale itself. If you don’t need to measure hundredths of a gram 100% accurately, odds are the scale will be good out of the box. If you prefer it to be as accurate as it is capable of, I would buy a calibration weight set. This scale asks for 100g calibration weight, which are pretty cheap. Considering the cost of this scale, it is a steal at a little more than $10. I highly recommend it. . Great scale! I got it for my sister so she can weigh kratom. Very accurate and can hold up to 600g! Better than my scale that only holds 120 and I payed double the price of this one. I’ll be buying myself one of these soon aswell. Read more

42 – Kitchen Scale with Waterproof Glass Surface, 33lb Digital Food Scale Weight Grams and oz for Baking Cooking, Touch Button, 0.1oz Precise Graduation, Tare Function, 6 Unit, Batteries and Towel Included

Top Reviews Reading the reviews, it seemed like the main complaint was not the performance, but that it came in blue and that it was scratched. I quickly realized that these individuals were not familiar with the concept of a protective film that absorbs scratches in transit. . You’re supposed to peel that off once it arrives.It’s also accurate. It passes the nickel test (weighs 5 grams). I had it on both my room desk and kitchen counter for the test. It may initially read between 4 to 6 grams, but quickly reaches the accurate 5 grams for a nickel. That’s pretty impressive accuracy considering it’s a food scale and not a gram scale :D100% satisfied. The LCD screen is also bright and the colour complements the stainless steel and black. Handsome. . Nice addition to my baking set up. Got into homemade sourdough starters and needed accurate measurements to get the proper reaction from the starters. This scale was a perfect solution. It is accurate, easy to clean and easy to use as well. Especially like the tare weight function as I use several vessels in the process of feeding my rye and sourdough starters. . It’s easy to use accurate, handy like much in making my delicious bread will recommend to some of my friends who’s starting to bake.😷😷😷 . I like the variety of weight measurements, and What I like is to be able to weigh items that I send overseas.First, to clean it, you just wipe it clean.Second, it has multiple units of measurement.Third, it is easy to understand and change units of measurement.He looks good and is easy to use. Read more

43 – Ozeri ZK14-S Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale, Black

Top Reviews I bake bread at least once every two weeks, sometimes a little more frequently based on consumption, and always got at least a little bit frustrated with the difference in the size of the loaves and boules. We have limited space in our kitchen, due to the size of it as a whole, so we put off buying a kitchen scale. After baking bread the last time around I decided that it was time to look to see if a scale could be found that would be small enough for storage, while still offering functionality to measure the weights as precise as possible. I looked at a few of the different scales available on Amazon and was definitely not interested in getting one that relies on a watch battery and also wanted one that didn’t round the numbers up. This Ozeri Pronto has a small profile, uses two AAA batteries (which were included with the scale) and is precise within +/- 0.1%, based on the testing that another review for this product was able to determine.This Ozeri Pronto food scale was used for making both English muffin and Black Canyon sourdough breads. The English muffin bread was broken in to two loaves and the Black Canyon bread was broken into six parts. This time around I made three loaves, using our new  Freshware CB-104RD 6-Cavity Mini Silicone Mold for Soap, Bread, Loaf, Muffin, Brownie, Cornbread, Cheesecake, Pudding, and More  and broke the other three into another six parts in total to bake with ham and cheese stuffed inside.I noticed two aspects about this Ozeri food scale, which I don’t see as an actual issue, but thought I’d mention. The first is that when I was changing the bread and the tare weight was zero it turned off in less than two minutes, as it felt like it took me about 30 seconds, but could’ve been a minute, between removing the one dough and had to stop before the other was almost placed on the scale. Basically, you’ll want to make sure that any and/or all of the items that you plan on weighing are very much at the ready, otherwise you might need to turn it back on and set the tare up again. The other thing to note is that the ounces appear to change in increments of 0.03, which can make it almost impossible to get a truly precise measurement, but is still pretty close.For the first time since baking homemade bread, all of the various loaves had basically the same pre-baked weight and came out looking approximately the same size too.This Ozeri Pronto food scale works well and I look forward to using it for years to come. If you’re in the market for a food scale to use while baking, then this is a good scale to purchase.If you found this review “Helpful”, please click the button below. . I’ve had this scale for a couple of months now. I use it pretty much daily to measure out my food for tracking purposes. At first, the scale seemed to be working well. But within the last few weeks it has started giving me problems. I will place an item on the scale and tare it, and within a second or two the scale reading keeps fluctuating or jumping up and down by fractions of an ounce. I tried making sure that I had it set on a level surface (even though the surface I was using was the exact same one as from the beginning), trying several different surfaces. I tried it with different containers and items, in case my container was causing an issue. I’m really disappointed at the quality and (lack of) longevity of this scale. . I bought this to weigh ground up coffee beans and have been using it daily. It worked great for a couple of months, then it all of a sudden started showing negative weight on the scale (one gram at a time) a few seconds after turning it on, and for as long as you leave it on. If you zero it out, it just does the same thing over again — so you can’t trust whatever it says when you actually start weighing something because it shows a lower number than it should. I tried switching out the batteries with brand new ones, but it still does the same thing.Shame on me for not checking the reviews before buying — I see now that I’m not the first one to have this issue with this scale. . I bought this because it was the less expensive but still very highly rated pick from America’s Test Kitchen online reviews (youtube). It is super easy to use unlike some they tested which had confusing menu buttons and too many features. It is very accurate scale, lightweight and easy to clean. The surface accommodates my largest mixing bowl. I like being able to leave the bowl on the scale and press “tare” between ingredients to keep adding while it’s on the scale. Makes measuring so much easier. At the price listed, it’s the best on the market. Read more

44 – HDJUNTUNKOR Food Scale, 33lb Digital Kitchen Scale with 1g/0.1oz Precise Graduation for Cooking Baking, 5 Units LCD Display Scale, Stainless Steel and Tempered Glass

Top Reviews I’m using this scale for purposes probably a little different than most people, because I am weighing firearms and firearms accessories rather than food, but I think that this review will apply to a lot of people. Most food scales are extremely limited for the range of weight that they will measure, and the scale I had before this only went up to something like 5 lbs. Well, sometimes when I’m shipping a package after selling something off eBay, it weighs more than 5 lbs, and certainly some of my rifles weigh 9 or 10 lbs. So this scale was the perfect fit for me. If you ever have to weigh small amounts of food in the kitchen, or larger/heavier items, I think you’d find this pretty handy. It looks very nice, would fit in with most decor, and it’s pretty easy to clean with-it stainless top and glass display. . Since COVID hit us in the gut out of left field, the wife and I have been playing house more often than I’d like. One of the requirements as we explore various hobbies? A food scale. Bah humbug I say. But, since this has been an item she’s consistently wants (bring her joy she says, listen to Marie Kondo she says), I figured I’ll give, and get her a medium-line food scale. Not super expensive, but not cheap either (because I’m a good husband).I settled on this scale after some research – moderately priced, decent options for units and tare, looks good and sleek. It has a fairly high measurement range (god forbid if my wife wants to weigh something beyond 33 lbs) and was simple to use. Stainless steel means it’ll hopefully last as long as my wife is interested in this (TBD) but also makes it a breeze to clean.I tested this bad boy out as soon as it arrived, hoping it would be inaccurate so I could return it. Putting a can of my highest quality ingredients, I compared the advertised weight of the can (150g) to what showed up on the scale (189g). WHAT! 39g OVER? I initially exclaimed. But then I calmed down, and realized the stated weight may not include the can, and could also be more than stated because the last thing you want as a company is to under-stuff your cans and have some petty consumer file one hell of a class action against you. So, my test ended up being naught, and I shrugged it off as close enough. So, in terms of how accurate this thing is, you may have to rely on other reviews. My wife is ecstatic she’s able to tie a food to a number, so I’m not sure if she even cares how accurate this thing is. So, long paragraph short? It measures close enough.My only qualm? It requires two AAA batteries. Yuck! This would be five stars if there was a small, rechargeable battery inside that we could juice up with a USB cable. I would imagine for people who plan on using this scale professional / daily, they’d require either a larger battery capacity or the rechargeable option for convenience. Hopefully an improvement point for this product without increasing the price too much. . Very nice and sleek scale. This is exactly what I needed to weigh breastmilk for bagging. You are able to change the settings. It is also pretty easy to use and comes with batteries. It has 5 different units that you can change it to: grams, kilograms, lb:oz, ml, and even Fl oz! The finish on it is also very easy to clean from spills. Would recommend to anyone for home use. . It was a sad day for my wife when our food scale broke. We had a back up, but it’s not that great, so my wife has been making do. Recently, I purchased this one and am very pleased with the results so far. For starters, it has a large surface where I can fit a saucer or bowl and still be able to read the numbers. Secondly, it has a HUGE capacity for a food scale at 33 LBs. I can’t think of what kind of food my wife would measure that would be 33 LBs, but she can do it if she needs to! Lastly, and this is the feature my wife loves the most, is that it has an ON/OFF button. Some times it’s the simple things in life, but our previous food scale doesn’t have one, and she likes it. I’m very impressed with this scale, and it’s one I would highly recommend! Read more

45 – Kitchen Scale, 11lb Digital Food Scale, 1g/0.1oz USB Electronic Food Scale, Stainless Steel Baking Scale for Baking, Cooking and More

Top Reviews The food scale was well packaged and when taking it out of the box the scale looked very impressive with it’s stylish low profile design along with the easy to read function buttons.I love this scale! Sleek design, accurate reading, easy to use and great price!I I often buy ground beef and chicken breasts in bulk and repackage them in meal sized portions. I’ve only been using this food scale for a couple of days, it is so nice, good quality, large surface area for weighing. The back-lit display is something I wasn’t expected to see ,but I really do like how it looks. Also, I’ve tested all the available functions in many combinations and I have no doubt that the accuracy of each weight displayed was nothing less that 100%,you can see it in the pictures.P.S.I did not tear off the colored protective film,the real surface color should be silver.The food scale in this weight range along with it’s generous warranty is just about as good as you’ll ever get. NO disappointments with this purchase. . It really helps that I can weigh and keep track of my meal portions this scale is light and easy to read. . I received it on time and am happy with it so far, but there is a small dent on it upon receiving,any way it dostn’t matter.I am very upset that i wasn’t able to measure exact portions of ingredients when i attempts a new recipe. So obviously when I saw this scale on sale, I did not hesitate and ordered right away. For different recipes (esp if not US based), you can designate oz or grams – and it defaults to your last measurement. Also love that it turns off automatically after not using for a short period of time.Now it’s a piece that stays on the counter pretty much all the time especially now where we cook all the time. It’s slim, easy to use, light weight, and very readable. I’ve gotten all kinds of mess all over it and it still works after I clean them off. I’ve also dropped it from counter height and it didn’t break either. For the price you can’t do better. . I initially had issues getting the machine to turn on. I reached out to the seller, who was so supportive, they sent me additional ins tructions on how to turn the scale on. It was ”user ” error. THis is a gerat buy and accurate.This is anice looking scale. I like that it is able to accurately measur larger weights. I can easily put a heayy bowl on top of is, zero that, and shen add several pounds of oil. I don’ t think I will ever need the 11lb capability unless maybe I need to wergh a stuffed turkey. It is a sleek scale and doesn’ t take up much space in my cupboard. By comparison, my old mechanical scale tkes up a lot of space, only measures up to 4lbs and isn’ tas accurate. Easy to use, compact and works well. It even comes with batteries. Read more
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Best food scale with nutritional calculator 2020.

Best food scale with nutritional calculator 2020.

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