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Best financial calculator 2020

Best financial calculator 2020.

1 – HP 10bII+ Financial Calculator (NW239AA)

HP 10bII + Financial Calculator (NW239AA) Top Reviews I own both the HP 12C Platinum edition, and the 10bII+. The 12C is basically the most well-known financial calculator, having been around for a long time in the finance field. The platinum edition boasts a faster processor and the ability to do some equations that the older 12C model cannot.That said, I much prefer the 10bII+ calculator to the 12C for the following reasons.FIRST, A VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: WHEN YOU RECEIVE YOUR HP 10BII+, YOU MUST SET THE [P/YR] KEY (PERIODS PER YEAR) TO THE PROPER SETTING! OTHERWISE, ALL OF YOUR CALCULATIONS WILL BE INCORRECT AND WILL CAUSE MASSIVE FRUSTRATION! To do this, first, press [SHIFT RED], then, press and hold [C ALL]. The current setting for period(s) per year will flash on the screen. For most calculations, you need to set it to 1 period per year, as any necessary adjustments (for example, monthly compounding), can simply be entered as an additional equation entry on a per-calculation basis (example shown below). Press [SHIFT RED], then, press [P/YR]. Ignore the error message. Press 1, then, press [SHIFT RED] and [P/YR] again. You have now set the period per year at 1. To check, press [SHIFT RED] and press and hold [C ALL]; it should display 1 P YR on the screen.1) Key layoutThe key layout for the 10bii+ makes a lot more sense than that on the 12C. For example, on the 12C, CFj and Nj are located on separate keys; on the 10bii+, they are located on the same key. This makes cash flow calculations a lot easier. The 12C uses the difficult to identify [CHS] (change symbol) key to enter a negative number as an initial investment (outflow), while the 10bii+ has a [+/-] key for the same function; the latter makes much more sense to me.2) Greater Precision for CalculationsWhen solving for time [n] (Example: How long will it take $5,000 to grow to $10,000, assuming a 5% annual interest rate? Answer = 14.2067 years), the 12C rounds the answer up, to 15, while the 10bII+ gives you the exact answer, to four decimal places. The lack of a precise numerical answer from the 12C is very disappointing.3) IntuitivenessHere’s the big difference-maker to me between the 12C and the 10bII+ — although most of the steps for calculation entry for the 12C and the 10bII+ are roughly the same (allowing for their respective differing key layouts), I think that, for certain equations, the calculation steps for the 10bII+ are more intuitive and easier to remember than the 12 C. Here’s an example:Calculate the future value of $1,000 invested for 5 years at an annual interest rate of 6%, compounded monthly.12C Keystrokes—————1000 [CHS][PV]0 [PMT]6 [ENTER] 12 [÷][i]5 [ENTER] 12 [x][n][FV] =1,348.850210bII+ Keystrokes——————1000[+/-][PV]0 [PMT]6 [÷] 12 [I/YR]5 [x] 12 [N][FV] =1,348.8502Okay, so, this may seem like a minor difference between the two calculators, having different entries for steps 3 and 4 (entry of interest rate and time period), but, I think that the way that the 10bII+ allows you to enter the time period and interest rate in a situation where you have to do monthly (or other time period) compounding is much more intuitive and much easier to remember than that on the 12C.4) Price differenceThe 12C costs $55 ($66 for the platinum edition), while the 10bII+ costs $25.In closing, whatever financial calculator you buy, make sure to pick up a copy of Kaplan Schweser’s book Understanding Your Financial Calculator; it contains hundreds of step-by-step instructions for solving a slew of financial equations, with specific keystrokes for the 12C, the 10bII+, and other commonly-used financial calculators. Without this book, unless you’re a seasoned professional who has been using financial calculators for a long time, you won’t be able to use the calculator to its full potential. Runs on 2 CR2032 batteries, which are included, along with a vinyl carrying case. . For anyone looking for a good, simple financial calculator, let me tell you that the 10bii Financial Calculator is the best buy I’ve made so far during my college tenure. I purchased the 10bii Financial Calculator ($29.99) because it is essential for calculating financial questions correctly in my Personal and Family Finance class.Capabilities:• Factors that influenced this buy for me were the depreciation functions that enable quick calculations of asset values, statistical data entries, regression options and as well as the unlimited frequency of cash flow and statistical calculations.• Breakeven quantity calculation makes for easy determinations of estimated profit. Amortization and time value of money functions make calculations for loans and mortgages quick and easy.• The fast processor delivers immediate results and eliminates the waiting on complex calculations to configure.• The 10bii is also suitable for seven other different areas of use besides finance; these areas being business, accounting, real estate, math, banking, statistics, and science.• The college-friendly price of $29.99 made a lot of sense for all of what I was getting with this calculator and being brand-new with a sustainable case frame.The main reason though that I went with the 10bii Financial Calculator as opposed to other financial calculators is that the 10bii Financial Calculator is an easy-to-use finance tool. The combination of these factors made the decision that much simpler for me and didn’t need much debate.Limitations:Now, even with the limitation of editable data points possible being 45, that is still a large number for a statistical data entry and statistical data can still be calculated and evaluated correctly with the 10bii Financial Calculator. You also may be able to find cheaper financial calculators but more than likely these will be used with lesser capability and durability and only with the price differential being $8 or less.With this product, I believe the capabilities out-weigh the limitations greatly and point to the reason of why this is such a great financial calculator. If you are a student, working adult, a parent, or retiree I consider this the 10bii Financial Calculator crucial for better-navigating through financial questions whether it be for educational purposes or your own personal finance. . As a longtime financial advisor, I used the HP12c Financial Calculator for nearly 30 years. It served me well, and helped me greatly in my work. Now retired, I took a real estate investment class with my wife. I tried to teach my wife how to use the Reverse Polish Notation on the 12c, but gave up after a short while.The instructor recommended the HP 10bII+ calculator to the class. I bought 2 of these calculators for class use, and was amazed at how easy it was to learn how to use. It is far more intuitive to use than the 12c. My wife caught on how to use it quickly, and has become quite skilled at it. I had to unlearn a few things, but once I did, I now prefer using the HP 10bII+ financial calculator. The quick start manual that came with the calculator teaches enough for most users. For people who want to dig deeper in the capabilities of this calculator, the included manual is very good.This calculator does everything that I need as an investor. I recommended it highly. . Very disappointed in this new plus iteration of the 10bII. I went through a long and competitive school program with the 10bII and it was great. The buttons were solid with good coatings, sturdy frame overall, with a nice leather slip-on cover. This 10bII+ I just received has cheap buttons with an unsatisfying click when pressed, the coatings seem like they will rub off soon, and the slip-on case is partially a cheap plastic and I can barely slide it on. Not sure the case is worth the effort to get on. The notations around all
e buttons are also more distracting/confusing. I paid a premium to get this new version of a great calculator and feel ripped off. Stick with the 10bII if you can. Read more

2 – (Texas Instruments) Advanced Financial Calculator (BA II Plus)

(Texas Instruments) Advanced Financial Calculator (BA II Plus) Top Reviews Here’s their example:N=36 (the number of payment periods=3yrs); PV= 50,000 (loan amt); Interest/yr=9.75% OK so far?Their calculated payment/mo is $5,052. So, over 3 years or 36 pmts, the total paid is $181,872. That makes absolutely no sense. What am I missing? . I bought this for a Corporate Finance class in my MBA program. I got an A in the class. . I bought this for financial courses that are part of my MBA. However, I can see a use for the business functions beyond school. As I continue to progress in my career, it will be good to be able to calculate formulas as I gain more revenue responsibilities. . I purchased this calculator for my finance class. I’ve been using it for about 1 week and have come across an issue with the buttons sticking. I have to ensure I press very firmly and double check it has been entered correctly. On a few occasions I did not double check and got an incorrect answer on my assignments. I find this to be extremely aggravating as it effects my work. Read more

3 – HP 12C Platinum Calculator

Product description\n\nHP 12C Platinum Calculator Amazon.com\n\nHP has adopted and improved the industry standard – the world famous HP 12C. The HP 12C Platinum now includes both RPN and algebraic input, plus more industry-leading computing with four times the memory.\n\nFree online training\r\n Get the most out of your HP Calculator with online training. First, visit the HP website for Learning Modules, which are online, self-paced tutorials that you can manage. Also enroll in virtual courses led by experienced instructors who will answer your questions.\n\nThe HP 12C Platinum remains the perfect choice for complex math in real estate, banking and finance, with over 130 built-in functions. Statistical functions include aggregate analysis, standard deviation, mean, mean weight, linear regression, prediction, and correlation coefficients, just to name a few. Business and finance features include TVM (loans, savings and leases), office supplies, bond price, return to maturity, recorded cash flow analysis with 30 cash flow notes, and more. Programming is simple, with up to 400 recorded movements stored at the push of a button.\n\nWhat is in the box\r\nCalculator, user manual, batteries, fat carrying case, warranty card (1 year) from the manufacturer\n\nThis portable and compact (5 x 3.1 x 0.6 inch) calculator will blow your bills in real estate, banking and finance. Her claims to fame include over 130 built-in functions, RPN and algebraic notation, and 400-step programming.\n\n Perform industrial calculations using four times more memory than the previous one. Define everything from debt and mortgage payments to transfers of interest rates, prices, and bond yields. Improve data entry and account performance with fast and efficient RPN moves. Perform program movements with a simple push of a button.\n\n Protect your calculator and place it in the included carrying case and ensure the reliability and reliability of the HP 12c. One year warranty Top Reviews My first 12c lasted 30 years before the LCD began to fade; loved it. My second 12c is a 30th Anniversary Edition that is now throwing an error when it’s turned on requiring off/on several times to clear, and also has a sticky 9 key. While it still functions properly otherwise, it’s a disappointment especially after only 4 years of use. But it was built in China, IMO a huge mistake by HP with a product that has such a storied history. I received my new 12c Platinum today, and I’m pleased that it was built in the Philippines. I also like that product ownership has apparently been moved by HP to Boeblingen: That facility is quintessentially German, rather intractable but uncompromisingly focused on engineering quality. So I’m hopeful that this unit may last a long long time, too. Layout is unchanged. The print on the keys is bold, like the current regular 12c, but unlike the slightly larger/not bold typeface of the anniversary edition and the original 12c (which I prefer, but that is subjective). The LCD numerals are taller which arguably is a little more legible, but the contrast is a tad less. The nameplate and bezel are silver metallic, just like in the photo. Of course, as always, the functionality is extensive and comprehensive.IMO the 12c is in a class by itself. . This is my fourth RPC HP Calculator in 35 years. I buy one every now and then whether I need one or not. :)Despite also owning an iPhone/iPad/iMac/Microsoft PC I still prefer HP’s RPC calculatorCriticism: The keys don’t have the solid/smooth feel of the original HP12C, and the new carrying case is thicker/more clunky than the original. Charge $10 more and bring back the original features for five stars. . The product arrived in a hard sealed package with HP security strips in place. Checking with HP I was quickly able to validate the device was a guine HP product and had a valid factory warranty. Opening the package I found the HP 12C Platinum Financial Calculator. The model was FF2231AA, and used two batteries not one as stated in the product details. Checking the serial numbers this appears to be a newer model made in late 2017 or early 2018 in the Philippines. It is very quick with calculations. I would recommend this seller and this product to others. . This particular item received seemed more “plasticky” than other 12Cs I’ve seen over the years and after limited use I noticed a lot of key sticking to the point where it wasn’t clear if it was taking my key strokes in computations. I also noticed it freezing up periodically (never really experienced that with previous calculators). Finally, when entering certain functions and the calculator shows a status before returning a result (e.g. when running an amortization) the display only shows a partial word. It is like not all the pixels are firing on all cylinders. Can’t really understand if it says ‘running’ or processing’ or whatever. Could be a lemon, or more concerning it may not be a legitimate HP manufactured product. Read more

4 – Casio FC-200V Financial Calculator with 4-Line Display

Strong and realistic financial capacity requires a lot of financial work. New direct mode and power switch. The FC-200V is equipped with a full 4-point display that allows you to easily enter, check, adjust and correct each parameter. It also provides a very simple 3 digit and comma display function. Depreciation, bond calculat
ion, breakpoint calculation. Simple interest calculation. Compound interest is an exchange between the nominal interest rate and the effective interest rate. Top Reviews One thing I wish this displayed was a comma showing every thousand. I’m always counting the numerals for accuracy, the comma would simplify. . This calculator takes a little bit of getting used to, (I think I expect too much intuitiveness), but once you get the hang of it, it will save you tons of time doing compound interest and annuity calculations just b/c you’re not as prone to fat fingering it or placing a parenthesis in the wrong place. Great calculator for accounting/statistics classes. Would definitely recommend to a friend. . More complicated than I like. But, this thing has everything you might ever need. I use the “Cost” feature the most. I like the multi lines. And can change an entry without having to start all over again. Dual powered, so I do not have to worry about the batteries going out. This is not something you can quickly take out on the dinner table. It takes work learning it. Thick little manual comes with it. . Purchased this calculator for my class and I have never used a financial calculator before, so I wanted to buy one that was easy to operate. Our instructor told us if we are not finance majors there was no need to buy the TI BA II plus. I am not a finance major and only taking this class and maybe another. If you are in the same situation, or looking for a calculator to use for your everyday finances I would get this one over the TI BA II plus, because it’s much easier to operate. I’ve tried that one during class too and I have to say, I’d pick this one over the BA II any day.Formulas need to be entered into the TI BA II by hand one by one (for this you have to know the formulas by heart) vs. the Casio, where you have all the basic formulas programmed for you. You just have to fill in the empty spaces and hit EXE, then calculate. That’s all. Super easy.I also own the Casio fx-115ES scientific calculator which I also love using and comparing the two, I would say this finanncial calculator is about the same as far as quality and ease of use go.Hope this review helps you to pick the right calculator for your needs. Read more

5 – HEW10BIIPLUS – HP 10BIIPlus Financial Calculator

Whether you are a student or a professional, 10bII + makes it easy to do business, financial, statistical and mathematical calculations. Over 100 features included, including potential distribution. Intuitive keyboard layout with minimal strokes required for many common tasks. Easy-to-read display with modified contrast and screen design. SAT, PSAT / NMSQT and College Board AP tests are allowed. Top Reviews Luckily I’m working on a Master’s Degree, or otherwise, I wouldn’t know where to begin with this calculator. It is not for the novice. All the similar calculators are about the same. After spending time learning how to use it, it has been extremely useful. Good value for the money. . The calculator came with everything include a CD showing you how to use it and a soft case for protection. The packaging was great. The display very clear and it has all the functions required for accounting and finance. Overall I am very satisfied. . At least I passed accounting . I got this for my financing class because it was required. It is simple to use and everything is clear so it is easy to understand. It came with an instructions book (one in English and one in French). It also came with a pouch to put the calculator in. The buttons are a little hard to press, but other than that it’s a great calculator. Read more

6 – TEXBAIIPLUS – BAIIPlus Financial Calculator

Financial calculator BAIIPlus Top Reviews This is the required calculator for WGU’s Principals of Finance C708 class. Was able to open the package and get started. Works as expected. . When I found out how many Finance textbooks recommend this calculator I was (rightly) suspicious. The ONLY reason you would ever need this calculator is to solve for a couple of financial equations that call for some calculus. 95% of all financial equations can be solved using Excel built in formulas. Also, if you have a Texas Instruments graphing/engineering/etc. calculator, you will be able to solve finance problems without this calculator. The calculator works but should be cheaper considering it’s limited functionality. The functionality is not that clear, the calculator comes with very little in the way of instructions. However, there are dozens of websites and YouTube videos demonstrating the calculators use for various functions. . I bought this calculate and when I used t I kept getting the wrong answers. I search the internet looking for answers. It was until I bought another calculate from a different store when I realized all I had to do was reset my calculate. There is a reset button on the back of the calculator. This is why I am giving it a 4 stars could not find the answer I need on the internet. . The only thing I had to look up on google how to reset it so the mortgage calculations worked correctly. Heres how to fix it.https://epsstore.ti.com/OA_HTML/csksxvm.jsp?nSetId=74829What may cause an incorrect answer when calculating Time Value of Money using the BA II PLUS and BA II PLUS PROFESSIONAL calculator?If the BA II PLUS or BA II PLUS PROFESSIONAL calculator is returning an incorrect answer when calculating Time Value of Money, it could be caused by incorrect settings on the calculator or incorrect input from the user. Below is a checklist of procedures to follow if the calculator is returning an answer other than expected.• Values from a previous problem are stored into the [N], [I/Y], [PV], [PMT] and [FV] memory variables. If these values are not cleared out, they may cause errors in the next calculation. To clear out all Time Value of Money memory variables, press [2nd] [FV].• Incorrect payments per year (P/Y) and compounds per year (C/Y) settings. When calculating for monthly payments, make sure the calculator is set to solve for 12 payments a year (monthly payments). To do this, press [2nd] [I/Y], input 12 and press [ENTER] [2nd] [CPT]. When computing yearly problems, such as bonds, make sure the calculator is set to solve for 1 payment a year (yearly payments). To do this, press [2nd] [I/Y], input 1 and press [ENTER] [2nd] [CPT]. In special cases, the payments per year may differ from the compounds per year. To input custom values for both, press [2nd] [I/Y], input the desired value and press [ENTER]. This will set the payments per year. Press the [down arrow] key to access the C/Y setting, input the desired value, then press [ENTER] [2nd] [CPT].• User inputs values incorrectly. The calculator follows the rule of inflow and outflow. In order to signify an outflow, such as a monthly payment, you will need to enter it as a negative number. Inflow, such as a loan from a bank, is considered as such because the money is going from the bank to you. These values are entered as positive numbers. In m
ost cases, [PV] will be entered as a positive value and [PMT] will be entered as a negative value.• Incorrect payment setting. Payments are usually due at the end of a payment period, such as a mortgage, or at the beginning of a payment period (annuity due). When computing end of payment period calculations, make sure “BGN” is not present on the calculator’s display. If “BGN” is present, to remove it, press [2nd] [PMT] [2nd] [ENTER] [2nd] [CPT]. If “BGN” is not present on the display and the user is calculating an annuity due problem, to activate “BGN”, press [2nd] [PMT] [2nd] [ENTER] [2nd] [CPT].For more information on and examples using the BA II PLUS and BA II PLUS PROFESSIONAL calculator, take a look at the BA II PLUS and BA II PLUS PROFESSIONAL guidebooks. Read more

7 – HP 17BII+ Financial Calculator, Silver

Product description\n\nFor students and professionals in real estate, finance, accounting and business. The HP 17bII + Financial Calculator is powerful and easy to use. Calculate loan payments, interest rates, transfers, standard deviations, interest, TVM, NPV, IRR, cash flow, bonds and more faster. It has 28KB of user memory, over 250 functions, RPN data entry and algebra, clock, appointments, calendar, HP Solutions app, and list and message indicators. Amazon.com\n\nDesigned for real estate, business and finance professionals, the HP 17bII + Financial Calculator offers algebraic data entry methods or RPN data entry methods and over 250 easy-to-use functions. The easy-to-read 2-line 22-digit display shows the menus and indicators you want, as well as the clock and calendar.\n\n Free online training\r\n Get the most out of your HP Calculator with online training. First, visit http://www.hp.com/calculators/educators.html to see Learning Modules, which are online self-paced speed training lessons you can master. Second, to sign up for virtual courses, visit http://www.hp.com/calculators/training/virtual_classroom.html, run by experienced instructors who can answer your questions. Third, click below to take an interactive tour of the product and learn about the rich features of this calculator.\n\nWhen entering the business, 17bII + TMV functions and amortization plus menu are based on cash flow analysis, currency conversion, amortization, interest calculation, interest rate conversion, bond price, yield calculation and save a lot. Statistical / math functions include correlation prediction (linear, logarithmic, distance and force) and deflection calculation and many more.\n\n The HP 17bII + Financial Calculator has 28KB onboard memory and robust memory protection. It provides you with the game in German, French, English, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese and a one-year warranty.\n\n What is in the box\r\nCalculator, batteries, user manual, leather carrying case, instructions and warranty information Top Reviews I needed a second 17BII Business (original still works, made in Singapore), so I selected the newer 17bII+ Financial (made in Philippines).Major cosmetic issues. The alt keys, originaly orange on the 17BII, printed on the keyboard surface are clear and EASY to read. (the color is in the correct spectrum for the eye to read in poor light and on brown background).The new 17bII+ has the alt key descriptions on the lower bevel, in wishy washy baby blue (opposite end of the color spectrum), making it impossible to read when holding the calculator with light skimming over the keys. To add insult to injury, the fonts are smaller, cheaply painted on the key. The original 17BII had the color in the plastic, and would not wipe off.The only redeeming value, is the RPN function, sorely lacking in other finalcial calulators. There are keystroke input issues, but I will not dwell on them, as they have been well documented by others here.A total failure in design. The calculator has been ‘Ived’ as a useless piece of decoration. . Really like the calculator key layout. Really like the button feedback. Hate, hate hate the fact that for some reason the first number keyed in (regardless of which number it is) does not register about 70% of the time. This problem does not manifest in any subsequent key entries. Only the first digit entered is affected. It just does not register for some odd reason. Its a shame because they had a serious brain fart with the 10B and decided to replace the Clear key (ie the most used key) at the convenient lower left position with the “On” button that does nothing when in use. I love the key layout on this model. I also love that the plus key is at the other convenient lower right position. I may return this otherwise fantastic model and see if I can get the first digit to actually input. Its causing far too many errors and wasting time re-entering a series of numbers when I realize that “835” became 35.REVISED. lowered to 1 star. Keyboard does not register first key punch about 95% of the time. also NO HP WARRANTY SUPPORT “NO HP WARRANTY SUPPORT! – “HP 17bII+ Financial Calculator – Retired ProductsThe following products have been RETIRED and no longer supported”(yes I ran the key pad reset utilities to try to fix the problem) . I have used the HP 17bII+ calculator for over 10 years. When mine finally died, I ordered a new one – that’s how much I like it. It was supposed to arrive last Friday, but due to Amazon’s new delivery outsourcing to god-knows-who, they came to my office after business hours, so they had to come back on Monday to deliver it. (So much for their get it in 2 days! promise. Good thing that’s free with Prime membership.)The calculator itself was almost perfect. Clearly brand new, still in all sealed plastic wrapping, but the there are two small pieces on the battery cover designed to slot into openings on the back of the device (to hold the battery cover on securely), and one of them was already broken off. This means the cover will close, but not securely.Normally, for a purchase this expensive, I’d return this one & get a new one with no broken bits. HOWEVER – since I can’t rely on Amazon to get a new device to me in a timely manner, I’m using tape to hold on the battery cover. Tacky, but effective. I need my calculator.So I like the calculator (although the case it comes with is much too tight and made of some rigid material); have no use for the case; and was VERY disappointed in the delivery service. . Before buying this calculator I was worried by the many folks who felt that they keys on the device were unreliable or hard to press, but now having this device I’m quite happy with it. In fairness, I have to say that I don’t press the keys rapidly — so I can’t say that the unhappy folks are wrong. All I can say is that for my needs, I’m not in a rush to enter my calculations and they keys work very well. Moreover, this calculator can perform so many built-in types of calculations and also allows the user to enter and store any unique types of equations that the user may need. Getting familiar with the device takes some reading of the instruction manual (which comes on a CD), so I can’t say that it’s easy to learn — but after spending some time learning how to use it, it becomes very easy to use. My only regret is that the HP 19bII is no longer being made, but this HP 17bII+ is almost as good, and worth the money on Amazon. (Other vendors also carry it but sell it at a much higher price. Read more

8 – HP HP10bII+ Calculat
rice financi�re

HP HP10bII + Financial Calculators Top Reviews Calculator works well for the class I’m taking. I was afraid it would be in French because of the product name, but it’s the English calculator. . Nice calculator. Let’s the job done . Perfect just what I needed for my finance class . Came in with the instruction manual so good enough for me Read more

9 – Sharp EL-334WB Business Calculator, White 4.0

Sharp EL-334WB Business Calculator, White 4.0 Top Reviews Here are the “good” and “bad” on this product ADVANTAGES.1. USER APPROVED: It is one of two 5-star rated calculators on the Amazon website. Of the two, it has the most user ratings.2. REPUTATION: The SHARP brand has a long history of manufacturing inexpensive, useful, and durable calculators.3. VERSATILITY: For the record, the device has program keys for accountants: COST, SELL, and MARGIN. For all other users, there is an abundance of function keys: GRAD TOTAL, DOUBLE ZEROS, BACKSPACE, and PERCENTAGE.4. USEFUL: Little things make life easier for the operator: automatic power down, two power sources for uninterrupted operation – solar powered and emergency watch battery cell, and mathematical sign changes. The display screen is big – 40+ users are able to see without squinting. Long numbers are broken up with commas after every three numerals.5. ATTENTION TO DETAIL: There are two things that competing models do not have. First, there is a plastic piece on the bottom. Swing it out, the device becomes a tilting desk calculator. Second, push any key down – it makes a sound. Release it – there is another sound. The noise assures the user that the information was registered and accepted by the calculator.6. PRICE: It is only $1 more than the cheapest basic calculator.7. VALUE: No other calculator has such useful features for such a reasonable price DISADVANTAGES.1. It is missing several useful things: a protective top cover, calendar, world time with day-light savings, alarm clock, stop watch, and “talking” – audio pronunciation of numbers and operation. . Been using Sharp Elsimate calculators with built-in, collapsible stand for more than 12 years. This is the third style and the worst for grip and comfort of transport in hand. My first Elsimate had a grippy perimeter material that offered comfort and grip in hand. My second Elsimate had no grippy material along its perimeter, but did have bevelled or inset edges that offered a secure and reasonably comfortable grip. This Sharp EL-334WB is the worst for hand comfort and grip. Not only is it uncomfortable to hold in hand, it has sharp-angled edges along its perimeter that make it difficult to achieve a secure grip.I swapped this newest one out for an EL-334T and will hope Sharp improves their design for user comfort and utility going forward. There are dozens upon dozens of calculators on the market. I want to stick with Sharp, but can’t if they continue to disregard simple user comfort/utility features. . I like the larger size and design but it has two issues. It requires an additional step to run financial calculations (cost, sell, and margin). I prefer the 2-step functionality of my old KS-1000 (discontinued). The other issues is the angle of the display. Although it has built in stand, it does not provide enough of an angle to view the display directly. Again, like my old calculator provided. May be drop the built-in stand and give the display tiltable display or a greater fixed angle on the display itself. . Quite satisfying to hit the buttons, makes you feel professional even if you calculate the square footage of your room.Big minus is the lack of the OFF button. You don’t know when it will turn off and lose your calculation. Need to press + or something to keep it alive. Read more

10 – Calculated Industries 3400 Pocket Real Estate Master Financial Calculator

Resolve real estate issues quickly, including principal, interest and interest payments. No need to memorize complex formulas. It is the perfect resource for mortgage trainees, new agents, home buyers, sellers, and anyone looking for a quick financial assistance solution. Pocket Real Estate Master helps you compare loan options easily. Find monthly payments based on different loan amounts or interest rates. Find the loan amount based on the payments made by the customer. Determine quickly the overall benefits, benefits, and future value of the home. Solve general real estate issues, including only equity, interest and interest payments. No need to memorize complex formulas. It is the perfect resource for home finance trainees, new agents, home buyers, sellers, and anyone looking for a quick financial assistance solution. Pocket Real Estate Master helps you easily compare loan options. Find monthly payments based on different loan amounts or interest rates. Find the loan amount based on the payments made by the customer. Determine quickly the overall benefits, benefits, and future value of the home. Top Reviews This is a nice device. Well designed, with a cover that closes and a holder for the (small) manual inside the cover. Simple to use. Has the basic functions a real estate agent needs and nothing else, so it’s not overly complicated to learn. . I’ve been a loan officer for 24 years and appreciate this hand held light weight mortgage calculator. This is simple without the extras that I would never use.Price beats the other $100.00 CALCULATORS that have too much going on.Simple and it has a cover too. . I am in finance it is the best calculator. It made me a lot of money using it. Much easier than my old HP12C. . It does everything I need for calculating mortgages and interest, etc. My only complaint would be that the case opens from the wrong side. I have to turn it upside down to open it. Could just be a defect on mine alone. Read more

11 – HP 10bII+ Financial Calculator (NW239AA), 2 Pack

2 packs Top Reviews Read more

12 – HP 10B Financial Calculator

Product description\n\nHP 10BII Financial Calculator amazon.com\n\nIf you need to study a dynamic business p
rogram while working and planning your future career, purchase the HP10B Business Calculator. With over 100 built-in functions for business, finance, math, and statistics, the HP10B is the perfect calculator for students looking to get ahead. Easily calculate loan payments, interest rates, worksheets, discounted cash flow analysis, TVM (loans, savings and rent) and more. Data analysis is comprehensive, and you can understand the meaning of standard deviation, mean and weight, as well as predictability and communication. Cash flow analysis is journal-based and consists of 15 functions.\n\nThe HP10B Business Calculator has an algebraic input system and a logical and intuitive keyboard layout with easy-to-read labels. The LCD display contains up to 12 characters per line of text. This compact and powerful calculator is easy to slip into your purse or purse and bring to class or work. Hewlett-Packard offers a one-year warranty on the HP10B. – Dana Van Nyst Top Reviews Best calculator in the world! I own 5. . Better than any newer model . Definitely . The screen on the 10B I had for like 10 years failed and I was desperate to replace it. Found this one and it was everything they said it was. I hope to get another 10 years out of this one. . This one was used. I bought it with a great deal. Thank you so [email protected] Read more

13 – Victor 6500 12-Digit Desktop Financial Calculator, Loan & Mortgage Payments and Interest Calculator for Real Estate, Cars, Boats, and Homes. Battery and Solar Hybrid Powered LCD Display

Size: 1 pack\n\nThis 12 digit calculator is ideal for home or office desktop use. It is equipped with a very wide tilt LCD display. The soft touch keyboard, gorgeous 21mm display, and transparent metal surface make it the perfect calculator for your office. The Loan Wizard will help you easily answer any loan related question (enter any three variable loans for the fourth account and you also have the option to change the maturity every year))Û” Other features include: automatic tax keys, selectable decimal, square root, large key, percentage key, 3-key free memory, code toggle key, return key, delta factor, automatic power reduction, mixed power (solar / backup battery ). Standard 2-year factory warranty. Top Reviews My office calculator died after 30 years – I was very suspect about getting this one. I didn’t think anything could compare with my old one. This calculator is easy to use, and I’m very happy with it. It runs on battery and solar, so I can finally cut the cord! Love it! . Ordered for someone else. But arrived well packaged and in a timely fashion. I also use this calculator and it is great. Love that I can program the tax rate into the memory. Nice scale to output. . The Victor 6500 many not be the most expensive calculator, but it is one of the best. The display is quite large and easy to read. The buttons have a feel that is unlike any other calculator. They are easy to push with a slightly longer travel. The “feel” of the buttons make this calculator worth it. . Very good calculator. It is a larger than advertised but performs as expected. he display is easy to read and loan functions are easy to perform.This is a very good calculator for the money. Read more

14 – HP 10bII+ Financial Calculator

Cargo Depth: 8.5 Ship Height: 0.8 Cargo Width: 5.9 Master Package Quantity: 10 General Information Manufacturer: Hewlett Packard Manufacturer Part Number: NW239AA # ABA Brand Name: HP Product Model: 10bII + Product Name: 10bII + Financial Calculator Marketing Information. Whether you are a student or a professional, the HP 10bll + delivers accurate and fast reports on business, finance, statistics, and math, making it easy to solve at a price everyone can afford. Product Type: Business / Financial Calculator Technical Information Functions: Financial Functions: Financial Functions: TVM Automatic Power: Savings and Lease Cash Flow Analytics (45): IRRNPVNFV Bond Amortization SOYD SL Bonds Bond Interest Expense Margin Analysis Breakdown Sales History Accounts Weight Sports Activity (Approx.): 3.00 oz. Miscellaneous. Package Contents: 10bII + Financial Calculator. Getting Started Guide. Batteries Protective Case Warranty Standard Warranty: 1 year. Top Reviews Not quite as many fuctions as 12C but high quality at an amaxing price. Great keyboard feel. . I like it . Ante la escasez de calculadoras financieras en el mercado, esta es la más básica, por lo que echo en falta muchas funciones. Su precio, comparado con las científicas es elevado.De todas formas, cumple con las expectativas sobre ella . TRES BON PRODUIT QUE J’UTILISE ET DONC QUE JE CONNAIS DEJA.J’ESPERE QU’ELLE ME DURERA AUTANT QUE LA DERNIERE !AFFAIRE A SUIVRE Read more

15 – Texas Instruments BA-II Plus Advance Financial Calculator

This easy-to-use financial calculator calculates annual expenses like annuity, mortgage, rent, savings, and more. Create meeting schedules. Net present value calculation, i.e. interval calculation, interest transfer, delta coefficient, profit and loss, price, selling price, margin, profit. It analyzes cash flows up to 24 nontransferable cash flows in up to four digits. The calculator has depreciation tables. Two-day counting method (original or 30/360) for calculating the value of a bond, obtaining a maturity or call. Statistics of one and two variables based on a list of four regression options: linear, logarithmic, economic, and reliable. Math functions include trigonometric calculations, natural logarithms, and powers. The design also includes a 10 digit performance and 10 custom slots. Automatic energy saving saves energy. The calculator includes a protective case and a 2032 lithium battery. Top Reviews Read more

16 – HP F2231AA 12c Platinum Financial Calculator, 10-Digit LCD

Excellent mix of statistical, business and math work. Easily calculate loan payments, interest rates and transfers. Works with over 130 ROMs. Ideal for real estate, finance, accounting, economics and business. Easy to use layout. Top Reviews Just as exspected Read more

17 – HP 10bII Financial Calculator

Product description\n\nThe HP 10bII Financial Calculator includes over 100 built-in functions for business, finance, math, and statistics, making the 10BII the perfect calculator for entrepreneurial students looking to go further. Calculate loan repayments, interest rates, troubleshooting, microcredit flow analysis, TVM (loans, savings and leases) and more. Statistical analysis is comprehensive and you can understand the meaning of standard deviations, values ​​and weights, as well as forecasting and communication skills. Cash flow analysis is journal-based and consists of 15 functions. The HP 10BII Business Calculator has a separate signal input system and a logical and intuitive keyboard layout with easy-to-read labels. The LCD display contains up to 12 characters for each line of text. This compact and powerful calculator is easy to slip into your purse or purse and bring to class or work. HP offers a 10BII 1 year warranty. Amazon.com\n\nIf you need to complete a fast-paced business curriculum while working and planning your career, purchase the HP 10BII Business Calculator. With over 100 built-in functions for business, finance, math and statistics, 10BII is the perfect calculator for business students who want to go further. Easily calculate loan repayments, interest rates, paperwork, small cash flow analysis, TVM (loans, savings and rent) and more. Data analysis is complex and you can understand standard deviations, values ​​and weights, as well as predictability and communication skills. Cash flow analysis is journal-based and consists of 15 functions.\n\n The HP 10BII Business Calculator has a separate signal input system and a logical and intuitive keyboard layout with easy-to-read labels. The LCD display contains up to 12 characters for each line of text. This compact and powerful calculator is easy to slip into your purse or purse and bring to class or work.\n\n HP offers a 10BII 1 year warranty.\n\n What is in the box\r\n Calculator, user manual, installed and updated batteries\n\nWe all know that it takes a lot of money to be successful at work. That\’s why the HP 10bII is a great choice for business and finance. It offers over 100 basic business functions that are readily available and can support the growing load of courses or small businesses. At such a low price point, many powerful features make the HP 10bII a smart investment. Top Reviews My trusty HP 10B from college (22 yrs old) has finally had a issue. Certain number keys often do not register when depressed which is very frustrating. So I needed a replacement. I was VERY sad to learn that HP has stopped making the 10B. It had plenty of flexibility for almost everything I do as a Financial Controller without a lot of seldom used features to add clutter.On first glance the 10BII feels a little lighter (and cheaper built), is about the same size and the keys are a little larger than the original 10B. In short, after a week of use, I simply do not like it nearly as much as my trusty 10B.Here is why:1. First and foremost, THEY MOVED THE CLEAR KEY! Why oh why would you ever move this consistently used button from its easily identified location in the bottom left of all keys. To add insult, in its location is now the On/Off button. While the Off function still requires a {brown} function key to work so that I am not turning it off with every single calculation, it is very frustrating to almost instinctively press the clear key to find it did nothing at all. Hopefully this will grow on me but I see no logical reason why that particular key would have been moved. Perhaps next time move the Plus key to the upper right to really irritate long time users.2. The key depress feedback on the 10B was simply dreamy. It conveyed a slight but distinct feedback that the keystroke was sufficient which inspired confidence and contributed to speed. The 10B keys also required very modest force to depress. The 10BII however has definite feedback in the form of MUCH firmer buttons and a relatively loud click to let you know the button has been depressed and has registered. This feels (and sounds) cheaper and feels like it takes a LOT more pressure to assure the button registers which slows me down quite a bit. You could certainly hear a distinct click, click click symphony as the person seated next to you performs their calculation tasks with a 10BII.Some other functions are re-arranged as well but I do not use them nearly as much as the clear key. There are 6 keys per row in the top section containing the financial functions on the BII compared to the B model.Hopefully this model will grow on me since I connect with the input logic HP uses in finacial function calculations. Hopefully it will last me another 22 years and have the same HP quality as the 10B. Time will tell.Update May 2012 : I have reduced the 10BII to 1 star. The item seems to have an issue with simply turning off during a calculation. Its almost as if the batteries are not seated properly and loose contact. I think it is time to simply scrap this item and try something else. . I teach classes on how to use a financial calculator. Before teaching the classes, I spent 6 months evaluating other financial calculators including: the HP12c & 17b, the Texas Instruments BA II +, the Real Estate Master, Casio Financial and the Sharp Financial Calculator. Most of them cost less than $60.The HP10BII was the easiest to learn to use. And it’s as powerful as you need until you get into complicated computations AND it’s one of the least expensive! HP did it right with this one! And you determine your results algebraically like we all learned in school; not reverse polish which is very confusing.I liked it so much that I contacted HP & asked them if they would upgrade this model with a larger screen to include all five financial registers: N, I/YR, PV, PMT & FV so that you can see the current value in each register (to minimize errors). My all-time favorite was the discontinued Texas Instruments Financial Investment Analyst. The screen was large enough & contained all of the registers; making it easy to play what if games.The HP10BII stands out above all the others! . There are a lot of complaints about display problems with this model, in fact, the used one I ordered here had a bad display as well. Amazon was kind enough to refund me but I would shy away from this model. Many schools and textbooks seem to teach using a TI financial calculator but my professor recommended the HP and his lessons are geared toward this calculator so I bought a new HP 10bII+ (note the +), a newer version of this and I hope it doesn’t have the same display issues. Note: the TI and HP seem to be very similar and I am able to follow along with my textbook which refers to the TI easily even though I have the HP. I think the TI is slightly less expensive here and in most retail outlets. I’ve had a TI scientific calculator for about 10 years and it’s working beautifully! Haven’t even had to replace batteries yet. All else being equal, if my professor didn’t teach with the HP I would have purchased the TI. . Like the reviewer before me, I too ordered the high-end model of the HP-10bII only to have the regular one shipped instead, and was still charged the higher price.*EDIT* ~ I’d like to post an update to this review. Upon reading my complaint, the seller (Unbeatable Sale Inc.) quickly and promptly went to great pains to address my gripes and resolved things very quickly. Unlike most of them out there, this seller genuinely cares I know; it was a surprise to me too! So consider this a withdrawal of my low 2-star rating (the edit-feature won’t let me change the actual star-rating above) based on my experience with Unbeatable because they im
pressed me with their proactive customer service in this matter. They get 4-1/2 stars from me, (+1/2 star for taking care of things like a good company should, and +4 stars for actually giving a damn).The calculator itself that I did receive works just fine. It’s fairly intuitive to use and crunches the numbers pretty quickly, unlike some other low-price financial calculators I’ve seen before. The HP 10bII easily gets 5 stars on its merits alone. Even so, my advice to you, should you opt to buy this calculator here, is to write a reminder of which model you’re ordering in one of the comment boxes. Read more

18 – Sharp EL-330WB Standard Function Basic Desktop Calculator, Large Display, For Home and Office, Dual Power, Solar and Battery

Sharp EL-330WB Business Calculator, white 3.25.0 Top Reviews NOT a standard function calculator. There are extra steps to EVERY operation one would want to do, it’s unlike both standard calculator and the HP I had in college, counter-intuitive, obnoxious to the point of uselessness . Best calculator for ease and functionality. I’m old fashion — quick and easy. Couldn’t find it in the office supply store. Other brands didn’t last a month. I keep one in my home office and at my part time job. The best brand. . Big display, large buttons, lot more calculator than I needed. . Exactly what I was looking for, this works great. Big display and buttons so super easy to use. Great price too. I keep it at my desk and handy at all times when I’m working Read more

19 – Calculated Industries 8030 ConversionCalc Plus Ultimate Professional Conversion Calculator Tool for Health Care Workers, Scientists, Pharmacists, Nutritionists, Lab Techs, Engineers and Importers

Size: 1- Product Packaging Description\n\nConvergenceClick Plus is an easy-to-use and powerful portable calculator that provides over 500 conversion combinations using 70 standard, metric and other units. Besides linear units, units of area and volume, they work between weight, temperature, speed, flow, pressure, torque, power and power. Don\’t waste time looking for books and tables on the Internet. Find fast, accurate solutions for all your professional switching needs. With Convergent Plus you can insert and convert everything from very large to micro and nano units such as kilograms and tons, barrels, scrap, grains, miculators and even spoons and cups. With ConversionCalc Plus, no changes are at your fingertips. Includes accompanying quick reference guide, optional slide or cover with pocket reference / user manual stored in a built-in pocket (downloadable in Spanish), long life battery (CR2016) with one year life. Ideal for healthcare professionals, scientists, pharmacists, nutritionists, laboratory technicians, engineers, specs, importers / exporters. Amazon.com\n\n Provides over 500 transform combinations (see Larger).\n\nConversion Click Plus for the Computer Industry (Model 8030) is a powerful and easy-to-use portable calculator that combines over 500 conversions in 70 standard, metric and other units. Work and exchange between weight, temperature, speed, flow rate, pressure, torque, power and force, as well as linear units of measure, area and volume. Don\’t waste time looking up tables in books and on the Internet. Find fast, accurate solutions for all your professional switching needs.\n\nWith ConvergentPlus, you can input and convert everything from very large to micro and nano units such as kilograms and tons, barrels, scrap, grains, miculators and even spoons and cups. With ConversionCalc Plus, no changes are at your fingertips. It is ideal for healthcare professionals, scientists, pharmacists, nutritionists, laboratory technologists, engineers, specifications, and importers / exporters. What is in the box\n\nCalc Plus Portable Conversion Calculator, Quick Reference Guide Included, Ship Safe Pocket Reference Guide (available for download in Spanish), CR 2016 battery cover. Supported by one year limited warranty. Metric, American linear standard, area unit, decimal square and fractional feet, inches – yards, meters, kilometers, etc. Gallon size, fluid ounce, tablespoons, minutes, liters, microwave ovens, acre feet, feet for boards, standard and metric cube sizes and more. Change in weight between tons, pounds, dry ounces, metric tons, grams, kilograms, non-grams, micrograms, grains and scrap. Convert pressure between pounds per square foot, pounds per square inch, columns, kilopascals, and megapascals. Convert torque to pounds, inches, pounds and newton meters. Professional 8030 Conversion Calc Plus requires a fast and accurate solution for all your professional conversions in no time. The built-in function integrates more than 500 conversions using 70 standard and metric units of measure and other units of measure and exchange between linear units of measure, area and volume. Medical professionals, scientists, pharmacists, nutritionists, laboratory technologists, engineers, etc. Top Reviews This is the first conversion calculator I have owned and I don’t see any reason to ever upgrade.I am both a cabinet maker and a hobbyist gourmet cook. In my cabinetry shop I am constantly having to add measurements and divide by another number. This conversion calculator is saving me hours of hand written calculations. For example, I am able to add 11-9/64″ to 4-3/16″ and then divide the result by 3. I can do that calculation with this conversion calculator in just a few seconds verses having to do it longhand on paper.In terms of being a hobbyist gourmet chef, most of my European cookbooks use metric measurements. This calculator allows me to convert to traditional American measurements easily. Also, if I am doubling or tripling a recipe, this conversion calculator allows me to convert 9 teaspoons to tablespoons.This conversion calculator is in the mid-price range for conversion calculators but I can’t find any reason to upgrade. This calculator does it all!It’s easy to use – I haven’t had to read the instructions because the calculator is intuitive. . I have always loved my model 8025. That being said I love the door you can shut on the 8025 more than this slip on cover for the 8030 but I guess it could get used to it maybe? As far as durability for persons with the dropsy syndrome I can tell you that with my 8025 I was always careful not to drop it as it is/was way to important to me for me intact and not broken. The keypad seems more sensitive and responds easier it seems on this 8030 as compared to the 8025. This calculator also seems to calculate faster, newer technology I guess like a faster processor maybe, so I like that very much. I wanted this model for all the extra functions and now I don’t need another calculator that I own to do other conversions that my 8025 can not do. Nice product, I highly recommend to anyone wishing to speed things up and be accurate quickly. My reasons for 4 stars is, I wish it had the door like on the 8025. . Fantastic calculator!! I have an old Construction Master IV made by same company and it has been my go-to calculator, but this one might change that! Has everything one might normally need for making conversions – VERY fe
w instances where this may not have the function you may need. Is simple to use as well. 5-stars all the way. . This is an updated model of the Ultimate Measure Master Calculator (Model 8025). It has all the features of its predecessor; it has a lot more conversions not present in the former model. This calculator is fantastic for hobbyists, health care professionals, surveyors, etc no need to memorize how to convert “A to B”. It’s built-in! It’s a FANTASTIC Conversion calculator! Read more ~~ best calculators ,

Best financial calculator 2020.

Best financial calculator 2020.

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