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Best finance calculator 2020

Best finance calculator 2020.

1 – HP 12CP Financial Calculator

Top Reviews This is a classic since 1981. The official calculator of the CFA and FRM tests. They used to issue these with ID cards at investment banks. How many electronic devices from the end of the Jimmy Carter era have a life span of 40 year (with internal refreshes of course). 12Cs never seem to break, virtually never run out of batteries, I’ve bought these over the years not to replace broken units, but because I lose them or pack them away when I change jobs. I currently have 2, somehow I left both in the office when March 2020 lockdown happened, hence this order! . If you’re looking at this review, you are probably asking yourself what I was asking myself: Do I buy the HP12c or the TIBAII? A finance professor recommended the HP12c to me, then another finance professor insisted on the TIBAII. I purchased both, read 300+ pages of instruction manuals, and here’s what happened:For almost every calculation, the HP12c, once you learn to use RPN (contrast with algebraic for you guys who don’t know what I’m talking about) is sooooo much more comfortable and, more importantly, much faster. If I want to calculate standard deviation, I can chain the entire equation out without stopping or storing a single value–in other words, I never have to say okay, gotta write this value down (or store it) so I can call it back up later when I need to add it to the next value. I did this on a statistics test and I was the first one done. I got worried because everyone else was still working on problems, but guess what? I was the only student using the HP12c, because no one wants to learn a new system–people are intimidated by RPN. Don’t be: it’s awesome.But on the other hand, the worksheets for the TIBAII are actually quite useful. HP12C doesn’t have a default 30/360 setting for bonds (it can be programmed according to the manual in about 40 steps, which I’m still learning about). TIBAII has some conveniences like combination buttons and permutation buttons. But guess why? As I mentioned above, in the HP12c, you can chain those calculations without even thinking, so it doesn’t need those buttons. TIBAII, with algebraic notation, benefits greatly from the added functions. So TIBAII appears to provide extra value that, frankly, is unnecessary if you use HP12c.I could give more examples like these. The TIBAII’s worksheets allow for fool-proof entry and give a few extra results that are useful [meaning, useful for the TIBAII, but HP12c users are doing them quickly from memory] (discounted payback, multiple IRR, NFV–i have the plus professional– for example).Who should use the HP12c? Well, from my experience, people who are good with numbers and want a device that keeps up with their computational instincts use the HP12c. As I mentioned before, you can chain together some seriously long computations in cool ways. If you are not that type of guy, it’s not going to be that useful for you–the thing is, I would argue that the HP12c can turn you into that kind of guy. The possibilities, once the system is learned, are great.The TIBAII is definitely a safer calculator. It is also more technologically advanced. The worksheets have value. They give you useful outputs (useful for the CFA, yes). But the HP12c user will tell you(rightly) that some of these are crutches that will result in you forgetting how to do the calculations (combinations, permutations).Here’s what I’ve done: I use the HP12c for everything I can, and I use the TIBAII for the 30/360 bond worksheet (and the discounted payback and a few other features that would save time on the CFA).So my goal is to use the fastest always, and to always give priority to me KNOWING a calculation–not blindly relying on a button. HP12c is the overall winner, but the TIBAII has a minor role on my desk.Buying both calculators is really not that big of an expense.One final note: the layout of the HP12c is so much more fluid than TIBAII’s lame scientific-calculator look. Every time I pick up the HP12c, I esthetically enjoy it. I have the platinum version, and man does it feel good.Good with math? Need a tool that allows you to exress that? You need HP12c’s RPN. Like the safety of support? Like extra features you don’t have to know how to calculate yourself? Need the 4-5 things that TIBAII offers quickly (for the CFA, for example?)?: buy the TIBAII. Are you like me? Want the RPN but also need that 30/360 bond worksheet? Use HP12c 95% of the time, then pick up the cheaper-feeling, plastic-y, scientific-y TIBAII (which is, nonetheless, a good product).One final thing: Once you learn RPN, you will be ruined for algebraic. The fact that I say that should tell you a lot. When I use algebraic on the TIBAII, I find myself thinking what idiot would actually prefer this crap over RPN? I know I shouldn’t, but I now tend to assume people who are bad at math would naturally avoid RPN and the HP12c. Again, that’s a very biased statement, but one that, even acknowledging it’s biased, I still say.Okay amigos, let the comments begin. . For HP12c Fans or newly inspired Fans, this is a really good calculator investment. Some think they can always use their notebook computer, tablet or smart phone for all such calculations and that handheld calculators–such as the Best of the Best HP12C–are outdated. While I admit I’ve used an HP12C for more than 30 years–so, yes, I am experienced (not old)–I disagree, respectfully, that the HP12C is a dinosaur or outdated. It is a tool, and a very important tool, as many a financial professional–such as CFP’s, CFO’s and CPA’s will tell you. I am not one of those. Although I hold a BBA in Finance, I am a business litigation trial attorney, representing companies and consumers and customers alike in business disputes. And I have long-used an HP12C to compute damages and cross examine damage experts. So, more than enough about me. The HP12CP–Platinum version 2 with the black keyboard face (do not get the one with the silvery keyboard face–too many reported bugs and flaws) and wider 2-CR2032 battery compartment–is an excellent investment in my view. While it is no where near as lightning fast as the new HP12C’s (and 30th Anniversary Limited Edition) that have the blazing fast Atmel ARM processor, the Platinum (although it is without the ARM) is much, much faster than the original 12C processor, particularly with TVM calcs, especially for i and for IRR. And the Platinum v2 (black keyboard face) has much expanded memory registers (80 cash flows vs 20 and 399 keystroke programming vs. 99 and the Platinum also adjustable LCD contrast where the 12C both old and new has none), especially handy when using the programming capabilities. And no reported, as I understand it, bugs in the firmware of HP12CP v 2 or beyond–I think the 25th anniversary edition is beyond the 12CP v2. Also, for when you are dealing with customers, experts or witnesses who do not know how to use the imminently more elegant and efficient RPN, the HP12CP can toggle into Algebraic mode–picture a normal calculator with an = sign. Very handy to have one calculator toggle between both modes to hand to the less RPN comfortable. But do you really want to hand over your notebook computer or smart phone to use to make your calculation point? So, if speed is your passion, you know RPN and you already love the 12C, then I strongly suggest the new (post 2011?) HP12C with the ARM processor. But if you want more memory and calc mode options, including algebraic vs RPN, an “undo” “backspace” and also parenthetical functions when using Algebraic mode, then the HP12C Platinum is for you. Enjoy! . I’ve been using HP 12C calculators since they first came out — and yes, that was a long time ago! This is still one of the best calculators out there. This “Platinum” version has s
e features that I have not seen before, such as the ability to toggle between Reverse-Polish-Notation (RPN) and algebraic. (By the way, the Enter key is the “=” key for algebraic mode.) My copy was made in the Philippines, which generally indicates higher quality than the ones made in China. My China-made unit stopped working, which fact tells you all you need to know about those versions. This unit also uses two CR2032 clock batteries, which I like since I own numerous devices that also use these common batteries.The tactile feedback on this keyboard is good. The lettering on the face is bright and easy to read. So long as this one keeps working I am pleased. RJB. Read more

2 – Calculated Industries 3405 Real Estate Master IIIx Residential Real Estate Finance Calculator | Clearly-Labeled Function Keys | Simplest Operation | Solves Payments, Amortizations, ARMs, Combos, More

Top Reviews Works great! I bought this while in Real Estate school, and I aced the exam! . I just adore this calculator. I have been a real estate broker for 30 years and think that this calculator is more practical that the HP calculators that were so popular in the 80’s. It is easy to use and gives me what my clients need to determine their mortgage payments, down payments needed with interest rates. You will not go wrong with this real estate calculator. I have bought 5 of them through the years with each one having improvements and more features. This is the best one and I like the others. Buy it! I have purchased tons and tons of calculators and this is by far the best in quality that works. I have 4 other real estate calculators from this company that are still working well with only battery changes, but being high-tech I like to have the new models when they come out, not to mention that I have one in my purse, one at home in my drawer, 2 at the office and now this one. I Still have my first model the Classic and it is 30 years old to date. None of them have needed any repairs and the only thing I have to do is change the batteries and this is not very often, like years go by before I have to do so. So I encourage anyone to buy Calculated Industries calculators, whether you are a real estate agent or not, there is always a specialty calculator for you.I am so sick of those cheap calculators that do not stand the test of time. Calculated Industries has my loyalty for life. . AS A REALTOR THIS CALCULATOR GIVES ME THE TECHNOLOGY TO ASSIST BUYERS IN-THE-MOMENT WITH THEIR MORTGAGE PAYMENT AMOUNTS. THESE CALCULATORS ARE RELIABLE AND LONG LASTING; MY HUSBAND HAS HIS FIRST ONE SINCE 1989, I AM ON MY 2ND BUT ONLY BECAUSE I LOST MY FIRST. . As I decide I was going to go back through my entire purchase history to write reviews for other potential customers, I decided to stay away from two types of reviews: personal electronics (because the industry changes so rapidly and my review, although still valid for that product, would be seen by exponentially less people as months go on), and personal items (because the world doesn’t need to know why I love a brand of adhesive bandages used to prevent chafing nipples when I run).I decided to write a review on this product, however, even though it closely fits into the personal electronics category.This is a simple calculator that anyone (yes ANYONE) should buy. It brings the complexity of time-value-of-money to any layman’s hands. I actually first saw this calculator when I went shopping for my first mortgage. I saw the loan officer using this and was able to spit hypothetical numbers at me faster than I could comprehend them. I went home, bought this, and was armed for our next meeting.Pros:1. FANTASTIC customer support. Even after reading the manual, I had a question that I couldn’t figure the answer to. I emailed the company and within a few days received a complete answer. It was nice I never received an automated email from them, nor did I get an email that gave me a bunch of links to where I could find the answer. The email I received was from a representative who knew the right answer and wrote the email as if to talk me through what to do. At no time did I feel stupid or that I was bothering them. This was impressive.2. Simple calculator combined with an extensive time-value-to-money calculator. Many specialty calculators (graphing, for example) have so many buttons that it would confuse the casual user, making him feel as if he only uses 10% of the calculator’s potential at any given time).3. Easy to learn. I took about 20 minutes and sat down when I first got this to learn how it works. I am of average intelligence and simply committed to learning this. The ease-of-use allowed me to talk on the phone with a loan officer many times and crunch numbers with her — throwing numbers back and forth.4. There is a small pocket built into the back of the calculator where the user manual sits so that if any information is forgotten, it can quickly be referenced. This pocket tucks the manual away nicely so that it doesn’t get torn.5. iOS app with the software to run this same calculator. I still prefer having the calculator in my hand, though. The option is available, though.6. This may seem petty, but I love the 000 button. It saves time from typing three zeros all the time. One wold think it is silly to write this as a pro but I find this button very helpful.Cons:1. Although there are one or two features I would like to see added (such as a yearly amortization schedule – for some reason, I can only get it to show me monthly), I can honestly not think of any cons at this time.2. Sometimes I get frustrated with the payments per year option and how to change it. Admittedly, this is my fault.Bottom line: Essential for the casual user through the professional banker. If you are going to spring for a simple calculator, get this one (you won’t regret it). Read more

3 – Calculated Industries 3415 Qualifier Plus IIIx Advanced Real Estate Mortgage Finance Calculator | Simple Operation | Buyer Pre-Qualifying | Solves Payments, Amortization, ARMs, Combos, FHA, VA, More

Top Reviews My brand new boss asked me to order this for him. He has one just like it already. He wanted another one, so he could keep his at home and have one at work. We work in banking. He says it is great, and he has used this exact model for a long time. He didn’t want anything else, he only wanted this one. I was glad Amazon had it. . GET THIS CALCULATOR AND PLAY WITH IT UNTIL YOU CAN UNDERSTAND HOW TO USE MOST OF ITS FEATURES. WITH THIS TOOL ANY LOAN CAN BE CHECKED FOR ACCURACY OR THEFT. YOU NEED THIS CALCULATOR. . Fast shipping and works great. I am horrible at math so this was greatly needed in my Real Estate course, but also allowed to be used in the state exam! . Love this! My husband works in mortgages and this baby is a lifesaver! Read more

4 – Calculated Industries
3430 Qualifier Plus IIIfx Advanced Real Estate Mortgage Finance Calculator | Clearly-Labeled Keys | Buyer Pre-Qualifying | Payments, Amortizations, ARMs, Combos, FHA/VA, More

Top Reviews “So so” financial calculator. Not as intuitive as the TI BA II Plus IMO. Though I would believe this brand may have some long-time users who would prefer this over other brands. This review is just based on my personal preference. . my husband is taking a real estate course & getting ready for his test. This calculator is just the thing he needed for the math questions he has been studying. he has found it easy to use & very helpful . Need To Take A Course To Operate This Calculator. Very Difficult To Operate. Manual is Not Helpful. . I originally bought this calculator when I was studying for my Real Estate. I grew to LOVE it. I recently took it out of the office and lost it. I didn’t think twice before ordering another and Amazon has the best price, . . I’ve looked for it elsewhere.If your not in Real Estate and would make the supreme error of purchasing a house without a Real Estate Professional (nice industry plug) then buy this calculator and you’ll be able to predict with great precision and confidence, what you payments will be. Read more

5 – Calculated Industries 43430 Qualifier Plus IIIfx Desktop PRO Real Estate Mortgage Finance Calculator | Clearly-Labeled Keys | Buyer Pre-Qualifying | Payments, Amortizations, ARMs, Combos, FHA/VA, More

Top Reviews If you are used to the TI BAII line or the various HP financial calculators – expect a culture shock: The keyboard layout differs – and hides eg. FV.Functionwise I prefer the Android version which I downloaded to my 5 smartphone first, because it allows to record the key presses and a printout. Because of eyesight I ordered the desktopmodel afterwards.The limitations in readability (3 stars) concern only the font size for the shift functions. Otherwise ergonomics help well against diminishing eyesight by good readability of keybord and LCD.The software has some quirks. Especially the ARM routines cause workflow interruptions and a need to reenter values way to often, because it’s very easy to press ARM a second time and change values accidentially. Also intermediate ARM results should be stored as cashflows automatically (switch to in preferences) to calculate the APR more esily.The other APR examples given in the documentation are misleading, because you have to press INT instead APR to get the correct result. Pressing APR changes the already existing data in the finance registers – sic!Where it shines is in calculating interest for odd periods easily, the whole qualification process, blended interest rates and combo loans.Would I buy it again? Yes. . I’ve been in the mortgage and banking industry for many years, and this has been the simplest of all the financial calculators I have ever used. I’ve used the smaller version as well as the mobile app and I love this version, it’s a fixture on my desk.Don’t be under any impression that this thing isn’t big, people comment on it all the time that it’s HUGE! Definitely easy to read. My favorite part is the “click” the keys make and the solid feel as you’re punching in numbers. I’ve gotten so used to it, I hardly have to look at the calculator, a huge upgrade for me versus the squishy keys of the hand held version.If you are new to the business or a seasoned pro: this calculator has the features you need to get clear figures for your clients in a highly readable display and is not incredibly complicated to get used to. . I am able to answer the complicated questions over the phone because of few keystrokes and one-button programming. The answers my clients call me for are immediately available and their confidence in me is easy to see. . This calculator is very easy to use; my 3rd one. This one hardly gets any use but I just noticed that the LCD has dark spots and I am not within the window of return which means that this calculator will fail sooner than later. Read more ~~ best calculators ,

Best finance calculator 2020.

Best finance calculator 2020.

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