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Best drum calculator 2020

Best drum calculator 2020.

1 – Drum Kit Calculator

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Add a new element to boring calculating! Each key has a different drum or cymbal sound. You can also turn off the sound if you want, but it isn’t that loud. .
great .
idk just want this to have a review .
Bought this for my son for Christmas, slightly over shadowed by the full size drum kit his uncle gave him! However for the hours between blowing every other gift out of his hemisphere, he really liked it!. It is a cool little gadget, my son loves numbers and beat boxing. Brilliant! .
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2 – OfficeMax 8 Digit Mini Handheld Calculator

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It’s hard to find a small enough calculator to carry in a scrub pocket all day, but look no further. These are perfect for those in the medical profession, and solar powered so you never have to change batteries. Recommended! .
Great holiday gifts for my students! .
I bought these for work, they are fantastic for what i do. I needed a smaller calculator because I’m always in between pallets and these are perfect. .
It is a nice size and very easy to use. .
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3 – New Universal Black and Red Printing Calculator Ribbon Spools With Dark Print Quality (3-Pack Deal) GRC E201BR

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Compared to other purchases of adding machine replacement ribbon, the color was dark and vibrant right out of the packaging. It’s a wee bit pricier compared to the alternatives, but higher quality in my opinion (I’m a tax CPA — and it’s important that I can read what’s on the adding machine tape). .
We have an ancient printing calculator (circa 1980s) and it still works great so we’re loathe to part with it (it’s handy for stuff like adding up a bunch of receipts, bills, checks). Of course, finding a replacement ribbon gets trickier with each year. We’re happy to have found a replacement, it works great (came in a set a of 3, so it’s probably the last set we’ll ever need, the calculator will probably outlive us ). .
I ordered the ribbon spool that I needed for my printing calculator. When it finally arrived, I received a spool of ribbon alright – the kind that you wrap gifts with! Although I initially laughed at the creativity of the seller, I am still without my spools. When I went to return it, there was a note stating that my item was not returnable. Although the creativity was 4 out of 5 stars, unfortunately I am without my product. .
These are okay – but they don’t last long. I have to replace the ribbon about every 6 weeks – not because I use calculator so much, but because the print become to light to read. Looking for something better for next purchase. .
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4 – Tune-Bot Studio TBS-001 Digital Drum Tuner – Clip-On Tuner for Acoustic Drum Kits

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Absolutely, hands down, one of the best musical purchases I’ve ever made! I’m an actively gigging musician and have been for 20 years. I mainly play bass and some guitar, but the past year committed myself to the drums, my true “spirit instrument”. Using my musical ear to tune the drums, I thought they sounded pretty good, but there was something missing.Came across the Tune-bot Studio and gave it a shot. It’s extremely easy to use and took no time at all to tune both the batter and resonant heads of my entire set to my preferred low resonance sound: 14″ and 13″ Snare, 22″ Kick, 10, 12, 14, 16″ Toms. Well, I assembled my set with newly tuned drums and WOW!! The sound is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! They are all perfectly tuned and are fantastically harmonized.Additionally, the tune bot website offers tons of guidance, tutorials, videos, and even a large list of professional drummers tune bot settings! If you are already looking at this product, then you will benefit tremendously from its use. Tune-bot fan for life! .
Can your drums sound better? Yes, maybe. The way your drums sound is absolutely a matter of personal preference / type of music / venue. But Tune-bot helped my drums sound better! I had tuned my drums to what I thought sounded pretty decent. Having read the positive reviews on Tune-bot, I decided to get one and try it out. Glad that I did! (also considered DrumDial Precision Drum Tuner).Pros:(1) Gives you a great starting point based on their manual chart or online tool – a reference point, and you can fine tune from there or leave as is.(2) Provides new perspective in tuning using measurable frequencies/notes and their different suggested tunings for different resonances (max, high, medium, low)(3) Saves time. After you’ve tuned to the way you like, you can record your preferred lug frequencies and fundamental notes on top/bottom heads (for snare, toms, bass) so next time you change heads, your tuning time will be much faster.(4) Tuning seems off or changed? You can check/compare with your last recorded lug frequencies and fundamental notes that you liked and adjust if changed. (Tune-bot has a feature to store the frequencies, but I just write down and save on a sheet of paper).(5) It works!Cons:(1) The two AAA batteries required run down pretty fast.Current Preferred Tuning for Yamaha Recording Custom (5 piece):o Toms 10”(3D), 12”(2B), 14”(2G), 16”(2D), “Call to Post”, resonant/batter head lug frequencies equal, max resonanceo Bass 22”(1D), resonant head lugs tighter, ~1.5x frequency of batter, resonant head has 5” port cutout (w/ KICKPRO Kick Drum Pillow + Evans EQ Pad Bass Drum Damper, inside)Ludwig Snare Aluminum LM402o 14”x6.5”(3G), resonant head lugs tighter, ~1.5x frequency of batterHope this helps! .
I thought about buying a whole new $1000 drumset but decided to change my heads and tune them correctly with the tune-bot. Sounds amazing and have zero interest in upgrading my shells because my existing set just sounds so much better and crisp. No matter what drumset you own, you need to tune it correctly to get the most out of it and I find it hard to tune with my ears. This thing makes it a breeze to get the perfect sound consistently. .
I’ve been a drummer for a long time and tuning was always a mystery to me. Some people may be okay with feel and you just know but I like science. There are infinite combinations of resonant/batter tensions, each drum is a little different from the next due to the many variables (wood type, bearing edge, hardware, hoop type, etc.) and my one good ear just can’t get tensions to +- 1 mhz. I have a real need to approach things with logic and science. I can now look up the settings of a drummer whose sound I like and dial in the settings. I can save them to the Tune Bot and have a frame of reference when I opt for a change. Do read the instruction manual and use the filter and the high filter when using high tensions on the snare. I take a piece of first aide white tape and write the settings right on each drumhead. Right now I have my snare at G. toms at C-A-F. People have commented on the sound and feel at open jams. It makes a big difference when your heads are in pitch. .
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5 – Brother Genuine Drum Unit, DR223CL, Seamless Integration, Yields Up to 18,000 Pages

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Apparently there is some tab on brand new Brother toners that reset the Low Toner Notification message that pops up when it needs to be replaced, this one did not which is super annoying and frustrating. Now I need to wait until I run through this cartridge before I can buy a new one that hopefully resets this (Btw I have no way of knowing when this one actually is low because I can’t see the actual levels) And, according to Brother there is no way to bypass this as its their way of making sure you use brand new / never used or opened BROTHER brand toner. .
Not ink .
We ordered this product new, and the package arrived having been opened, and possibly used? There was ink already on the drum, and signs of wear. Unfortunately we were desperate and had to still use. .
I’m bought this package 2 months I using this today I’m installing the black ink and the black ink is empty and now I cannot return it. This is not good for this people who sell a black ink with no ink .
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6 – Brother DR-210CL Four Drums – 1 Black, 1 Cyan, 1 Magenta, 1 Yellow – Retail Packaging – DR210CL

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These drums are sent to me defective! I’ve had the printer for 7 years and lightly used it. Thinking that I’ll go ahead and replace the drums due to age, although the drum life still shows 62% on the machine. This was a bad mistake to order these “genuine” drum. The moment I installed it, I got an error message “Print Unable 1A”. Thinking I re-positioned the drums wrong, I took them out and put them in again. The error went away. Now 2 weeks later, the error came back. This time, I followed all of the Brother manual instructions to clean the machine to no avail. The error persists. Finally, I tried putting my original old drums back in and the errors went away. Shame on you for selling bad defective products as genuine Brother parts. .
Yellow leaks out of the box. Figures. I’m done with buying color printers and toner. Manufacturers want literally hundreds of dollars for a set of toner and the after market options are garbage. After thinking about it, I really don’t need to print color that badly these days, so I’ll save the money and manufacturers on every level can simply lose my business on color entirely. In fact, I can get really old HP LaserJet printers for next to nothing or even free and there are many places to get old toner stock for obsolete B&W laser printers for pennies on the dollar. .
I decided to replace my drums. I did check the life and the OEM installed drums were only 80% utilized. These have something like a 15000 page life. Meh. I got em really cheap on a warehouse deal. So worth it to wring a few more years out of my 10 year old brother laser printer. .
Very pleased – these drums are the OEM parts for my model of printer. I have bought Amazon open box before and felt the risk was low – as it turned out, these look brand new. Put the first one into my printer and solved the print issue immediately. Very pleased. .
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7 – Nu-kote Model NR-40 Ink Roller, Black

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Its always such a relief to find replacement parts for an old, old item. I have no idea how old my calculator was, but it works and now I won’t have to retrain on how to use a new one. .
About the only place I can find rollers for my antique cash register. They do great. .
I bought these Nu-Kote Ink Rollers for my TI calculator. This machine is over 25 years old, these Nu-Kote ink rollers are perfect, fit in just like the original. Could not be better, the price and shipping are very reasonable. I would reccomend this product to anyone needing an ink roller for this type of old calculator. .
Just what I wanted; couldn’t find it locally. .
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8 – G. Skill RIPJAWS KM570 MX Minimalistic Fully Utilized Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Cherry MX Speed Silver

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I’ve had this keyboard for about a week now, and so far am very impressed. I bought this after eyeing RGB keyboards for several years, always put off by the high price and the insane light bleed. By light bleed, I mean when the keycaps are too high and allow the light beneath them to bleed out in all directions. The last thing I want in a darkened room is to have my keyboard shooting out colored lights all over my desk and depending on the angle, directly into my eyes. Either the LED was directly leaking light, or reflecting off the bottom of the board. The vast majority of keyboards I looked at in person for the first year or two had this issue, especially ones with mechanical switches. Logitech seemed to be the only company that properly sealed the LEDs so the keyboard didn’t turn into a projector, however they use proprietary membrane switches that I do not care for. There’s a few YouTube videos of people taking cardboard or other materials and tediously cutting holes for the switches, removing all the keycaps, and putting down a matte filter to prevent reflection. I decided to just wait until a viable option came up.After a week’s use, I am extremely happy with this keyboard. It is solid as a tank, saves your lighting profiles and macros to the board’s memory (no software needed after initial setup) and there’s no light bleed. The software is relatively difficult to use for a few minutes as you learn through trial and error. However after getting the hang of it, it’s a piece of cake to set up. I have a couple of simple macros, and two main profiles for games.The colors are very vivid and while I’m not a fan of RGB lighting on motherboards, RAM, or anything stupid like that, the keyboard is a perfect application. The selection of colors is great – I use dark blue as my main background and orange for my “contrast keys”. For the Insert/Delete/Arros section I use a very nice green, magenta for numpad, and red and yellow for random other keys up top. After learning that you can select the whole board to change color simply by clicking and dragging a box over the keyboard, I was able to try a dozen different setups quickly before settling on my preferred one. As I said, once you learn the software it’s pretty powerful and a snap to set up a new profile.My only complaint is that on keys that have two symbols (function keys, numbers, numpad), the LED light really only lights up the top part of the key. This isn’t an issue for the numbers or numpad since the important symbol is on top, but the traditional numbers below the F keys are pretty dark in a lighted room. At night it’s not an issue and TBH it’s not like I can’t figure out where 3 or 8 is. However, for a $100 keyboard it is a bit of a let down and something G.Skill should fix going forward.The uploaded picture is for Diablo 3, with keys 1-4, H and I lit up. I have the Brown switches which are great for typing or gaming. .
Pros:Easy light profilesMinimalist designDoes what it’s supposed to do.Matte finish more resistant to fingerprintsGood keyboard for the price (got it on sale for 60)Cons:1st keyboard was DOA (never had this happen before on a keyboard)Macro implementation is LAZY beyond words. See “other thoughts” sectionMacro lock doesn’t seem to work. (FN + MR keys)The key bed is recessed like a traditional keyboard, so more difficult to clean.No dedicated macro/game keysOther Thoughts:DOA: Never had a keyboard arrive DOA on me before, shout out to Amazon for taking care of it quick-like!Macro record: The recording process itself is okay: you press MR, select your key, record your macro, then press MR to end recording.Question is why the hell would you overwrite any standard keys?? Sure you could use it for specific games/apps but when you get back to general use you have to delete your macro. Dedicated keys would have been nice.Speaking of deleting macros, this is probably the worst part of the keyboard. The official instruction on how to delete a macro is to macro record the same key to itself. The implementation of this is so lazy, I don’t even understand why they bothered with the macro record.Example: to unbind “Z” as a macro button, you press MR, select Z, press Z again, then press MR to close.What they forget to tell you is that the macro record also records keystroke duration. That means if you tap out a macro you want to record, the macro replays in the same speed you typed it. So when you try to unbind a key per their instructions, any future keystrokes on the key you unbound is exactly as long as your recorded keystroke. This means the keyboard no longer recognizes whether you’re tapping the key or pressing and holding the key down!! I had the misfortune of accidentally macro recording over L-CTRL and I had one hell of a time trying to figure out how to reset the keyboard (L-CTRL+CTRL+L-ALT) until I realized the macros record duration as well. You can imagine what this does when you need to hold down a key during a game or some such and you can’t because the STUPID macro deletion didn’t work as intended, which means you have to reset the entire keyboard every time.On top of this, the Macro Record Lock doesn’t seem to work, so have fun figuring out what happened when you have other people using your computer and accidentally hitting the MR button! .
Cuando encontré el teclado definitivamente me gusto su diseño, había visto una mala reseña del teclado y tenía la duda si comprarlo o no, en esa reseña había visto que el teclado era de plástico y eso me dio mala espina. Días después cuando llego, quedé realmente impactado por el increíble material con el que esta hecho, muy pero muy resistente y cómodo. En mi caso lo encargué con cherry mx blue y así me llegó. Los cherry mx blue son mis switches favoritos por muchas razones pero la principal de ellas es el sonido que producen, algo a destacar es que yo estuve usando un tiempo un corsair k70 con cherry blue y me dejó un sabor de boca algo agridulce ya que la placa metalica del corsair estaba pegada a los switches y al ser presionados tenían un sonido estilo resorte, algo que no me pasa con este teclado gskill km 570 rgb, es un sonido perfecto, perfecta combinación de keycaps y switches en mi más humilde opinión. El software es más intuitivo y fácil de usar que el de corsair y razer. El RGB del teclado es perfecto, el brillo es increíble y alto, los colores son vivos completamente y las keycaps incluso con el teclado apagado se pueden ver perfectamente. Lo recomiendo personalmente ya que no me paga nadie, simplemente a los productos de calidad hay que darles su respectivo reconocimiento, sobre todo si es un precio accesible como este. .
Compre un teclado corsair strafe brown switches pero no me gusto. Lo vendi y vi este RGB y no sabia si comprarlo o no porque decia que la construccion era muy plastica. Me arriesgue y vale mucho la pena!!!Tiene Blue switches cherry mx como me gustaLa luz rgb esta muy bienEl programa para g.skill sensillo de usarEs plastico, pero plastico duro, se nota que tiene buena calidad y que no se me rompera a la primera y esta algo pesadito (lo intentas torcer y necesitas bastante fuerza)El cordon del cable viene envuelto en tela, que es algo que espero de productos de alta calidad.Recomendado si no eres una persona muuuuy exigente y eres un jugador casual como yo. .
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9 – Genuine Brother DR331CL (DR-331CL) Imaging Drum Unit for MFC-L8600CDW, MFC-L8850CDW

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Don’t see a way to contact seller directly. I installed this drum yesterday morning. I had 4 paper jams yesterday and 3 so far today. We do not print much. No change in the copier or the paper. . .just this new drum.If this will continue, please let me know so that I can return it. If not, please contact me with some kind of fix.This is just not tolerable for a printer. .
The package arrived in a good shape and quickly.The previous drum worked without replacement for 2 years. I installed this drum and within 2 weeks I began getting error messages telling me I needed to replace the drum. I’ve tried everything I can think of, and it seems like a really do need to buy a new one. I’ll be using a different provider this time. .
Not much to say, it came quick, it was the right part for our Brother MFP and it was a good price. .
Quick, easy and it’s like having a brand new printer. Bravo! .
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10 – E-Z Ink (TM) Compatible Drum Unit Replacement for Brother DR223CL DR223 DR-223 use with MFC-L3770CDW MFC-L3750CDW HL-L3230CDW HL-L3290CDW HL-L3210CW MFC-L3710CW (4 Pack)

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The drums are interchangeable and seem to be working fine. I don’t know how long they last because I just got them. .
They clearly state compatible with: MFC L3710CW MFC L3750CDW MFC L3770CDWBut nope. I knew there was no chip and read about how to deal with that, but my printer WILL NOT WORK around the error message so how is that compatible? I have tried every possibility as shown and written and in my machine options.A good hour and a half spent total and I am dripping in sweat messing around with stuff.ALSO, It looks like they are all black instead of different colors. THEIR PICTURE CLEARLY SHOWS four different color cartridges. They have a supposed explanation but why don’t they tell you that ahead of time with all the information on the purchase page? This is mis-representation of the product on TWO COUNTS. This is getting to be more than annoying when Amazon Sellers misrepresent their products. I need to make a copy by a deadline and I am screwed because it will takes a few days more for more ink to get here which is too late. .
Very good alternative to brand name drum kit. Installed about a month ago & working perfectly. .
So far so good! .
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11 – E-Z Ink (TM) Compatible Drum Unit Replacement for Brother DR360 DR 360 to Use with DCP-7040 DCP-7030 MFC-7840W MFC-7340 MFC-7440N HL-2140 HL-2170W HL-2150N (1 Pack)

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Generic housing, as advertised. Only in for a week now, but the new unit immediately addressed ghosting present with old unit, despite a new toner module. Fit was snug, but not tight. Given 6 years of recycled/refurbished toner and drum purchases for my HL2170w, I do not expect to see 21k (3% page coverage) pages printed before the unit fails. More likely 7-10k. The original factory drum only went 18kk and cost 4X as much. Not a bad deal to go with this unit if you don’t mind more frequent replacements.Also, aftermarket toner and drum often suffer quality issues relative to foreign material accumulation. Basically, the “cheap stuff” tends to generate more dust-like particles that accumulate inside the printer, silently mucking up the works. You take a risk with off brands, but e-z Ink seems to be a welcome middle ground between v4ink garbage and OEM quality while remaining low cost. .
My Brother HL-2170 was putting black marks about every 3 inches down the left margin of each print-out. I assumed it was caused by the aftermarket toner cartridge I purchased. I did not believe I had a drum problem as cleaning the drum had no effect. I dropped in this drum replacement and put back in the half-used aftermarket toner cartridge and perfect print-outs emerged. Go figure, the manufacturer was right, on occasion you do need to replace the drum. This aftermarket drum from E-Z Ink fit perfectly and appeared well constructed. A genuine Brother drum replacement costs almost as much as the printer itself. This aftermarket drum was economical enough to give it a try and, as it solved the problem, will now keep this printer in play. .
I’ve used E-Z Ink toner and drums in my Brother HL-2170W ever since I got it several years ago and they seem to hold up well. According to my settings print-out I’ve only replaced the drum (a DR-360) twice with over 39,000 pages printed so that’s pretty impressive . I’m only back here writing this review because I’m buying another one so that’s my vote of confidence. .
After a few pages, I was getting nice clean even printing. I do a fairly consistent quantity of printing and after about 300 pages, the amber drum light started blinking off and on whenever I printed anything. Now at a bit under 500 pages, it is still blinking and the pages are coming out with overall light printing and very uneven density across the page. I tried a new toner cartridge just in case that might be the problem, no change. This is way short of the printing lifetime I have had with earlier drums. .
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12 – Teenage Engineering PO-33 Pocket Operator KO Sampler/Sequencer

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The first time I saw a demo of the Pocket Operators – a YouTube video of the PO-12 Rhythm shot in some dreary, overcast field in Scandinavia – I was blown away. I assumed what I was looking at was just a prototype (nope) and they would rehouse this fragile-looking computer chip thing in some actual protective case for sale (nope again). But still, it sounded incredible into a powered speaker, seemed legimiately fun to tweak and program, and cost only $60!We’ve reached a total of nine Pocket Operator units now (as of August 2018), and while the various models have had their ups and downs, it wasn’t until I saw demos of the PO-33 K.O. Sampler that I was “blown away” by this series the way in the way that I was when I first saw that YouTube demo and was introduced to the whole concept. Until now, each Pocket Operator seemed planted in its own little niche, but the K.O. Sampler seemed almost limitless. A credit card-sized sampler that can actually sample 40 seconds of audio via on-board microphone OR 3.5mm line in? Powered by 2 AAA batteries?!? For less than $100?!!?Of course, you can’t triangulate affordability, quality, and depth of features without making some compromises, and there are important limitations you should know about the PO-33. But I find it to be that rare case with music gear where an affordable piece of hardware with notable shortcomings on paper turns out to be much more powerful and enjoyable once you actually get it in your hands.SAMPLING ENGINE & SOUND QUALITY:There really are quite a large number of ways to get sound onto the PO-33 and then move them around and edit them once there, so I will try to keep this short. The PO-33 is an 8-bit sampler, which basically means that it has a fraction of the digital “information” contained in a note from a 12-bit sampler or a 16-bit Compact Disc, for example. While I found it to be entirely capable of clear, detailed notes, it does reveal a gritty, raw character on many sounds, particularly when you turn it up. This may come across as “bitcrushed” or even “chiptune”, depending on the type of sound involved, but this is consistent with the character of the overall Pocket Operator series. In some cases, the 8-bit audio engine creates a cool, driven effect, but I do have to admit I’ve struggled with it trying to sample a lot of sounds with the Line In jack – particularly bassy sounds like an 808 Bass Drum, which becomes fizzy and almost unrecognizable. Crisper or higher pitched sound better, and you can work with filter/resonance control to try and improve this further.The face of the PO-33 has 16 numbered buttons. These represent both the 16 steps of the sequencer, as well as the 16 “banks” for sampled content. Banks 1-8 are “Melodic” samples. By selecting one of these 8 banks, you get control over 16 notes, representing two octaves of a “harmonic minor plus one” scale. (The original sample/root note is located at the “5” key, and one octave lower on the “13” key, so the scales mirror each other on the upper and lower halves, which is nice). This is a bit of a strange decision by Teenage Engineering, as many of their other melodic Pocket Operators were locked in a C Major scale, presumably so those new to music could just mash in notes and play things in key with multiple devices. More on that in the “Workarounds” section later.Sound banks 9-16 are for “Drum” samples, but here’s where it gets a little weird. The default way that “Drum” banks handle samples are to listen for transients and “slice” up 16 samples of different sounds to be laid out as buttons 1-16. So if you sampled a 3-second clip of an “Amen Break”, or whatever, it would (in theory) grab different kicks, snares, and hats, and lay them out as 16 triggerable samples. That’s potentially very cool, and you CAN adjust the start point and length of each slice, but it isn’t a very repeatable or dependable way to set up a new kit. What you can do as an alternative is to copy and paste individual hits recorded as melodic samples into the slots of a “Drum” kit, though that takes a bit of doing.The way that you sample is to hold down the red “record” button and then either make a noise into the microphone OR play a sound through the left side 3.5mm audio jack. The quality of the resulting 8-bit audio is a mixed bag. Some of the synth notes I tried to sample into the K.O. had a noise floor going on that made them almost unusable. At the same time, I was amazed how clear and dynamic the extremely small on-board microphone picked up noises. As an example, I banged an empty soda can on the table, figured out that the note I made with that was close to a C#, and then made a whole melodic loop out of banging a can on a table. That’s an absurd example of what you could do much more effectively with your voice or an actual instrument.One minor annoyance is that while the sample doesn’t record until it senses a certain noise level, you do have to hold down two buttons at one time, which then makes it hard to produce whatever noise you are making with your one free hand.SEQUENCER:I won’t say too much about the sequencer because if you are familiar with Pocket Operators, it is very similar to how the other units work. I also think the sequencer is the glue that holds these units together and converts them from “adorable music toy” to “surprisingly deep sub-$100 musical instrument”. Although each pattern is only one bar (16 steps in 4/4 time), you can program 16 of them and then chain them to repeat in any order over 100 times. It’s almost embarrassing how much more powerful the sequencer is on Pocket Operators versus some “serious” music gear costing 5 times as much. And it’s full of hidden tricks, such as the ability to set up to 8 note re-triggers per step. (Start playing a sequence, program a note, and then hold the button for that step while pressing the BPM button to cycle through re-trigger options).EFFECTS:The effects options in the PO-33 K.O. aren’t as memorable as some of the other units in this series (notably the PO-20 Arcade and especially the PO-32 Tonic), but they cover the basic needs of a sampler and get the job done. You have low- and high-pass filters and resonance control for each sample. There are 15 different effects (plus an “erase” key on “16”), though most of these are variations of stutters and loops. It’s still a lot of fun for live performance, and you automate different effects and control parameters within a sequence.LIMITATIONS & WORKAROUNDS:In researching the PO-33, I came across a few pretty major limitations that I feared might sink the device. However, thanks to the overall depth of features, and some clever workarounds to defeat these weaknesses, I find that the K.O. Sampler overcomes them.Probably the most major limitations is that each SAMPLE slot (of which there are 16) is monophonic, while the overall polyphony of the device is limited to four samples played per step. What this means is that if you load “Drum” Bank 9, you can’t play a snare and a hi-hat from that bank on the same step. You also can’t layer different pitched notes from a single “Melodic” sample on the same step to make chords. I believe the PO-33 prioritizes “Melodic” hits over “Drum” hits. However, you can play multiple “Melodic” samples from different banks at the same time, or individual drum hits from different banks, provided the total number of sounds does not exceed four. You can also copy instruments from the “Drum” banks as individual melodic samples, and the K.O. functions much more like an actual drum machine in that way.The limitations on the scale are another annoyance, but there’s an ingenious workaround I came across online that should allow you to play in any major or minor scale:Minor scale: The note you sample becomes the root note of the scale, playable with the “13” button. The remaining notes of the Minor scale can be played in this order: 13-14-15-16-9-10-11-5Major scale: Sample a note that is 3 half-steps or “semitones” lower than your intended root note. So, if you want a C Major scale, sample an “A” note, and then t
he root “C” will be on the “15” key. The remaining notes of the Major scale will be on these buttons: 15-16-9-10-11-5-6-7.It sounds convoluted, but try it and match it up to a piano or other instrument for reference, and you’ll immediately hear the notes of your scale!SUMMARY:I’m leaving out a ton of features, but the bottom line is that this is a very full-featured sampler that’s just a lot of fun to use, and extremely affordable. By comparison, the Korg Volca Sample is nearly twice the price, holds just a bit more sample data (65 seconds vs. 40 seconds on the PO-33), and you cannot load any samples onto it without a computer data transfer. It’s really the ability to sample anything, anywhere with such a small (albeit fragile) device that propels the PO-33 K.O. to new heights. Its limitations of a piece of hardware are noteworthy, but the musical possibilities with it are endless. .
I have the PO-12 Rhythm and a few of the other melodic Pocket Operators from this series. The PO-32 Tonic is just better than those other devices. What makes this unit interesting (and arguably worth the $30 higher starting price) is that it’s not sample player, but more like a stripped-down version of an analog drum machine stuffed into a microcomputer the size of a credit card.For some background, the full version of this sound engine is MicroTonic – a PC and Mac-based drum machine plug in first released in December of 2003. Not only does the PO-32 Tonic operate a simpler version of MicroTonic, but the designers of that program collaborated on the production of the PO-32, and it is capable of loading sound patches and pattern data if you have the full paid desktop version (costing $100). MicroTonic actually looks like a great program, but I didn’t much interest in buying a $100 VST to use with a $89 drum machine.But as it turns out, I don’t think you have to be a MicroTonic owner to appreciate what the Tonic does. It ships with 16 different instrument sounds, and as with the other Pocket Operators, these actually can be pitched and morphed with both the A/B modifier knobs and an even-more-awesome collection of 16 effects that can be applied live or on a per-step basis. The performative aspects of the Pocket Operators and implementation of effects are arguably the strong point of these devices, and the Tonic is the best example yet of that. Along with distortion, bit crush, and filter sweeps, there are several time based delay and stutter effects, including a crazy accelerating delay that sounds like a bouncing rubber ball.However, since the patch transfer is accomplished by fax-style data bursts (either through a built in mic or direct line transfer), you can back up your own data as 30-second data bursts, or grab other data bursts off of YouTube or SoundCloud. So, while you won’t have the ability to customize your own sounds, you can still expand the palette of the PO-32 with a surprisingly effective transfer method (I tried it a few dozen times without reading the instructions too closely and it worked every time – both from PC and from smartphone). The Tonic sound engine seems impressively powerful and varied. I’ve heard patches that run the full range from classic analog drum machines (808/909/etc), to more driven, electro-style kicks and blips, to almost acoustic-sounding drum sets.All the normal caveats for Pocket Operators apply – these things are small and they are FRAGILE. The failure point that concerns me the most are the super thing metal tabs that hold the AAA batteries in place. If those begin to fatigue and no longer hold pressure, I assume my PO’s will be done. The PO-32 has a workflow that isn’t necessarily intuitive from the instructions, but there’s actually quite a bit of depth there and you pick it up over time. Same goes for the pulse/CV synchronization with other hardware. It took a bit of trial and error and watching some YouTube videos to get each device in the proper mode, but it did work well after that (except for the problem that devices earlier in the chain are significantly more quite than those closer to the output).Minor gripes aside, there are some seriously great sounds in the PO-32 Tonic. I think the melodic Pocket Operators are more limited because they really suffer from limited scaling and no MIDI or external note sequencing capabilities. But the PO-32, like the PO-12 before, is a self-contained drum machine, and an extremely fun one at that. .
I got a bit bored of listening to Spotify while I travelled and wanted to continue to make my own beats! This pocket-size device is awesome for just that, and more importantly, you can record samples! Ideal fro recording the train station announcements and making mashed-up tracks with the samples you’ve recorded!Takes a while to get you’re head around but you’ll be making beats in no time!Please click ‘HELPFUL’ below as it really helps me do more reviews like this 😉 .
I did take a bit of a gamble on this after seeing a few videos on it.ProsIt’s so much fun! Seriously it is very fun to just muck about with this and try out new sounds, record samples and re-mix them.Very small and very portable. Easily slips into a pocket or a bag and so light you’ll never notice it.Great for getting into sampling and re-mixing. It’s probably the cheapest ways to get into this out there.Has some great options and you can create some really great sounds and tunes from it using even simple filtering, pitch adjust and trims. Good thing is it never erases the original recording, so if you want to go back and change the way you’ve tweaked the sound you can.Cons:It does have a bit of a learning curve. There are no instructions, and even the online guide is limited in that it only explains basic functions and doesn’t go into detain on how they combine. I can recommend watching some how to videos on this to learn the complexities.It has a 40 second sample memory, but that’s split across all the 16 samples, so you may find it a bit restrictive. The built-in ones don’t count to this 40 second limit and you can overwrite them with your own.The built in speaker is very quiet. You can connect headphones that helps, but in all the videos I’ve seen of it they are definitely amplifying the audio.Overall I have really enjoyed playing with this and I am seriously considering getting one of the other rhythm based units to connect to it. .
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13 – Do it Wiser Compatible Drum Unit Replacement for Samsung MLT-R116 Xpress SL-M2625 M2875FW M2625D M2825DW M2835DW M2875FD M2885FW – 9,000 Pages

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Bought this to replace the original factory drum on our M2835DW after it finally gave up around 50000 pages. The Samsung branded version was going to cost over half of what we paid for the printer (Black Friday sale over 3 years ago). I was very happy with the original as well as the number of pages we had printed with it – but it just felt wrong paying that much and I did not want to replace the printer as we had been very happy with it. This particular brand was about halfway between the Samsung and other OEM products – so not the cheapest option. However, it installed easily and has been working just fine through about 30 pages. Time will tell if it lasts but so far so good. .
I thought my printer was fried! The red light of death had been blinking for many months and then, poof, the Samsung died. I dug into the Internet really deep and discovered the drum replacement unit needed to be changed, not the toner cartridge. It came, I installed it easily, and I’ve got a new printer now. I couldn’t be happier! .
I never write reviews, but this product deserves one. It arrived quicker than expected, the packaging was incredibly well designed to ensure that the product was protected during shipping, it works perfectly for my printer (Samsung Xpress, M2835DW), and the price was great. If you’re wondering whether to order, as I was, don’t hesitate. Five stars, highly recommended. .
Perfect. Bought this one because the Samsung one that was installed in the printer was drawing horizontal lines on printouts. This one solved the problem. .
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14 – Nu-kote Model NR-42-2 Ink Rollers, Pack Of 2

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I have now tried everyone I bought. Not one of them worked. Them came in a baggy in a generic wrapper, do not buy.I now have to reorder from someone else. Only buy from name brand supplier. I bought these for 3 adding machines, did not work at all, they are just unreadable. .
Despite all the remarks from those who ordered an ink roller and found it was dry, did not work, out of ink and several other complaints, the Kores ink roller worked just fine. Now my ancient and faithful Texas Instruments TI-5035 II calculator that has served me so well these many years is back up to 100%, just in time to tangle with the income tax forms.And the best news is the Kores ink roller is made in, yes, you guessed it, the USA. (Probably why it works so well). .
I have an Ativa calculator which isn’t listed on the roller package but it works just fine. I bought two rolls in September of 2007 and they lasted me until this year. Surprisingly, I paid less for them this year than I did then when I bought them in an office supply store. My calculator doesn’t get heavy use but I do use it every day. .
First off I was very disappointed in the company that shipped the product because it took 2 days longer than the estimated dates given. However this is about the product. When I received mine it was clear that one side had been open so the red from that cartridge if sort of dry, but it still prints lightly. Overall it gets the job done, but I would not buy these rollers again. .
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15 – Dell TWR5P C/M/Y/K 55000 Page Imaging Drum Cartridge for Dell C2660dn, Dell C2665dnf, Dell C3760n, Dell C3760dn, Dell C3765dnf Color Laser Printer

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Toner Tap is expensive crap: For $149, this stated to produce 55,000 copies, and the black ran out after 531. Buy from another vendor! .
Once I figured out which cartridges to buy, they were easy to replace. Work great! .
There is no way to tell which color toner is in each package – so you have to open packages until you stumble upon the one you need to replace!!! .
Works great, saves big money. .
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16 – E-Z Ink (TM) Compatible Drum Unit Replacement for Brother DR350 to use with HL-2040 MFC-7420 Intellifax 2820 DCP-7020 HL-2070N MFC-7820N MFC-7220 DCP-7010 Fax-2820 Fax-2920 HL-2030 HL-2070 (1 Pack)

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I have tried many different brands off Amazon to replace toner and drums over the years. Sometimes they are good (but no longer around when I need to reorder) and other times they are crap. I was very close to getting Brother OEM this time around but decided to try this brand. Oh my! When I put EZ Ink’s toner and drum in my MFC-7820 and did my first print out, it came out just as sharp and crisp as Brother’s version. That was a month ago and I’m still thrilled. Everything about this company is professional and high quality. The packaging, the instructions, they even give you a sticker to put on the machine to make reordering easy. I will be getting all my toner and drums from them moving forward. I am so VERY pleased! They seem big on communication so I think if there was a problem, they would be good about fixing it. .
Works like brand new! Oh by the way you have to reset your drum light, because ALL that is is a counter. It will blink red when 50,000 copies has been reached. When the compartment (to change the ribbon) is opened, simply PRESS and HOLD the GO button until all the lights go out and all of them are back on again. It’s reset. Simple! .
I have not had any issues with this replacement drum causing function or print errors, it was a simple plug and play. At first I did have a little bit of faint artifacts but after about 5 pages the drum was cleaned off and no issues, it has been running for a couple of months. The only negative was the lack of a recycling program, so you will have to do the leg work yourself.I hate throwing away a perfectly good device because the wear item replacement cost is as much as the device new! That is the case with the Brother DR350, I can get a comparable Brother B&W Laser for the same price as the Brother DR-350 Drum replacement. .
This drum was so much cheaper than the OEM I had worries. But the packaging, fit and overall quality seemed good. The first few prints look great. When printing photos, there is some slight banding at 600 dpi that becomes more obvious at 1200 dpi, but the printer can’t print a full page at 1200. Images still look good at 600 and text looks great, like it did when this printer was new.First impression is good, and the value is excellent. Only time will tell how long it lasts. .
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17 – V4INK Compatible Toner Cartridge and Drum Replacement Set for Brother TN360 Toner + DR360 Drum for Brother DCP-7030 DCP-7040 HL-2140 2150N HL-2170W Brother MFC-7340 MFC-7840W 7440N MFC-7345N Printer

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I purchased the V4INK New Brother DR360 Drum Unit And TN360 Toner to use in a Brother HL-2170W printer. For some reason my office manager is stock piling TN360 toner cartridges so I really only wanted the drum unit, so I thought, but am glad that I bought both the drum unit and a toner cartridge combo pack. Allow me to explain.My original drum unit was not printing evenly across the page and leaving some areas lightly printed and hard to read. Replacing just the drum unit and reusing my old toner cartridge (to save a buck), the printing was now even across the page but the print out was noticeably lighter than if the same document was printed out on one of my newer printers. I was a little disappointed with the results but thankfully decided to try and use the toner cartridge that came with the drum unit instead of returning the purchase.What a difference using both items together made. The print out is now of similar quality to when I first purchased the printer. I’m talking a night and day difference when compared to just replacing the drum unit.So in summary, don’t short change yourself and this company by replacing only the drum unit nor using someone else’s toner. Replace both the drum and toner at the same time. .
While I was initially impressed with the quality and price of these items, I soon found that the printing with this ink/drum was not consistent. After a short time the pages started to have areas that did not print as dark as the rest of the page and there were flecks of ink that peppered the pages and occasionally streaks of ink down the pages. I have also noticed that the inside of the printer is covered with toner causing quite a mess whenever I open the machine. Having used the ink and toner for just over 1 month, the pages are extremely light. The printer has not alerted me to low ink, but I will be replacing the cartridge due to the light quality of the prints. .
I have purchased products from V4INK before and been very satisfied. This drum/toner cartridge unit was installed in July 2017 and worked perfectly for about five months of light but daily use, but then the drum unit malfunctioned causing stray toner on some printed pages. I contacted the vendor directly through the Amazon utility and received a reply very promptly. Once I explained the problem, the vendor shipped a new drum unit right away, and it has been installed and works just fine. I know from the Brother owner’s manual that there are a lot of print quality problems resulting from drum unit issues, so clearly this is a part that can and does malfunction from time to time (even if you buy the much more expensive Brother brand units). I am very pleased with V4INK’s quick and efficient response and a no-questions-asked replacement item. .
Okay, first round this thing didn’t work at all. It printed but so pale and light that it was hard to read. I never thought to return it until after the window had passed so I just reviewed it, saying it is garbage and explaining this. The seller saw the review the next day and instantly responded with an immediate offer to replace it. They did so, in two days. The new set works just fine, just as hoped. So product having to be replaced loses a star but seller’s response and actions even after I waited too long to return it bump it up from an average three star, ‘works fine’ review to a four. Overall, very content with the thing and especially pleased with the seller. .
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18 – HP 61XL | Ink Cartridge | Tri-color | CH564WN

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I usually order ink for my HP printer through amazon. Out of 4 tri-color cartridges and 6 blank ink, I’ve had a problem with the magenta ink not working. Contacted Amazon regarding issue and they had me on a conference call with HP tech support. They helped me troubleshoot and after no success, the last thing they asked me to check as the expiration date. Lo and behold, expiration date was Jan 2016. Looking at the most recent black ink, it was even worse at 2015. So basically the ink was dry and no good. Amazon offered me a full refund but definitely not pleased that they are selling expired ink. So, consumer warning, please check the dates on the box when you get your ink. .
First, I will say that the genuine HP cartridges work reliably. I have never had one work improperly, so they seem to have good quality control as far as I can tell.My biggest beef with these things is their lack of value (in my opinion), considering the following:A sizable portion of the ink in the cartridge is used up during the process of pre-printing warmup, alignment pages, test pages, etc. I have noticed that more recent printer models will perform more of these routines automatically- such as printing out an alignment or test page every single time you replace a cartridge. While one could argue that this is for quality control purposes, I liken it to car maintenance people charging you for a front-end alignment every time your tires are rotated whether you actually need it or not. It’s a happy coincidence for HP that all of this pre-print maintenance work uses up even more ink. I’m not the only one that notices this trend either; consumer reporting magazines have singled out HP as a particularly bad offender in that regard: http://www.consumeraffairs.com/news/todays-inkjet-printers-give-new-meaning-to-disappearing-ink-070513.htmlYou will have to decide on your own if they are a good value for the money. They do work reliably compared to generic cartridges, but it’s hard to shake the bitter taste in your mouth when you find yourself spending this much on ink, knowing that a good chunk of it will never get on the pages thanks to all of this “helpful” pre-printing maintenance that burns up ink. .
I have bought my 61xl HP printer cartridges at Office Depot and Cost Co for the last two years. Never had an issue, I tried Amazon and noticed when the box arrived “Malaysia” was stamped on the outside of the HP packaging. It looked just like my other cartridge so I put it in My printer rejected it, with an error saying “incompatible”. I went to Cost Co, bought another HP 61xl, put it in with no issues.Not sure if HP products in other countries are not the same as ones purchased in the USA, but I will not be taking a chance again. .
You know the adage that if something is too good to be true, it probably is? That absolutely applies here. I’ve had nothing but headaches with this cartridge–the same make and model that I’ve bought regularly for years. I’ve always loved the XL, as it really does yield more printing–for which you, naturally, pay a higher price. This product–complete with the Prime-esque free S+H–is used. My printer prints on and off with it–and not with good quality. I used to be able to print photos at home with this make & model, using special paper. Nope. The colors are off, and sometimes my printer refuses to print with it at all, saying, This is a USED product. I’ve also been prompted to realign the cartridge on multiple occasions–which you only need to do when you change the cartridge. Buyer beware! This vendor is playing games, and I should’ve read the other reviews more closely. Was the USED product shipped quickly? Yup. Is the product I paid for what I received? Not a chance. .
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19 – LINKYO Compatible Drum Unit Replacement for Brother DR720 (Black)

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I’ve been using Linkyo Toner and Drums in my Brother printers for years and have been very happy with the value for the money. See chart. Sorry I had to compare on time as I didn’t have data on page counts. However, I can say that I’ve been printing more over the last year and a half as I’ve been doing a lot of PowerShell programming and I print out my programs frequently for history and error checking.The real reason I’m writing this review is as you can see from the chart I recently had to replace my Linkyo printer drum in my Brother HL-5450DN printer. I ordered from Amazon and as a Prime member I had it in two days. Unfortunately, after installing the drum the print smeared down the left side of the page about an inch wide. I pulled it out, reinstalled the toner and cleaned the printer (twice) with out any change. I even printed a long document to see if it would clear up, no luck with that.So, I sent Linkyo a message through Amazon and received a very quick response with a list of things to try, none of which worked, and a phone number. So I called and reached a very pleasant tech support person to whom I explained the problem. She apologized for my inconvenience and quickly agreed that it was a defective unit. She stated that she would ship out a replacement immediately and that I didn’t need to return the defective unit. Three days later I received the new unit installed it and all was right with the printer.Moral of this story is you can get good after market supplies for your tech and excellent customer service! You just have to deal with the right company. Good on you Linkyo! .
Based upon the other reviews, I had high hopes for this drum unit. However, when I installed it I found that the print quality was awful, and there is a 1/2 inch black stripe on the left margin of every page printed or copied. Shame on Amazon for selling such garbage. Save your money and purchase the official Brother supplies. They may be more expensive, but at least they work, which is more than can be said about this Linkyo drum. .
Your instructions on installation of the drum kit was so helpful. This is the first time I received instructions to install. That was so necessary. Never knew exactly how to properly install and reset drum life. NOW I DO!However, there is a line on the left side of my pages. I used a new toner (from another company) with your drum kit so I don’t knowif it’s the toner or the drum. Never had a problem with that company’s toner before. Do you have any suggestions? Is it just thetoners that leave marks on the printed pages?Thank you! .
At first it didn’t work they sent me a replacment and it worked fine just now got to put it in thanks for sending a replacment it works great .
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20 – DW Drum Workshop 3000 SERIES DWCP3100 THRONE W/ VISE MEMORY

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I want to preface this by saying: I’m not a drummer. I play guitar and I have a drum set for recording scratch tracks and jamming. That said, this baby seems to represent tremendous bang for the buck and I’m really happy with my purchase. I wasn’t sure about buying a throne on Amazon but I’m glad I did. For a budget-oriented throne, you will not be disappointed. .
I’m a bassist, not a drummer. And purchased this primarily for practice to achieve the right height, posture, leg angle, yada, etc.Arrived today in great shape, and it was easy to set up. It turns out I’m good with the seat in its lowest position so I didn’t need to use much force with the included drum head wrench to tighten the seat position clamp. On stage I didn’t detect any unwanted creaking or noise. I left the seat swivel clamp a little loose to spin freely and when sitting on it with my bass I found no whine or squeal when rotating slowly or a little quicker. I also appreciate the engineering detail in the leg brace clamp where the thumb screw does not make direct contact with the center tube. This will keep it looking nice with prolonged use, folding and unfolding. .
For a basic throne this is pretty comfortable and goes up plenty high for me (I’m 6’3″). I’m 230 lbs, and the seat doesn’t hold it’s location very well. I’ve been cranking the memory lock as tight as I can, but even then after five or six sessions, I’ll notice I’ve gotta raise everything back up.That’s my only complaint, and I assume it would be great for someone that maybe weights a buck eighty or less.Definitely better than the $50 PDP (by Drum Workshop) version, which has some serious design flaws and is not very comfortable. .
I am 6′ 300lbs, built like an aging nose tackle . with that said. This throne is very sturdy. I still got it even after seeing some reviews stating it keeps slipping and they had to readjust it. I am still trying to figure out what they had to keep adjusting. Once I set the height and tightened things down, the height has NOT changed at all.I have a practice drum pad and nothing more that I use most for keeping my arthritic hands/elbows moving and try to keep what little grip str I have left. What I really use the throne for though is for VR games. Some I can/need to stand the whole time, others I can just use my computer chair. But for those times when neither is really appropriate or I need something in the middle, This works out great. I have leaned, ducked, stood up, spun around countless times and this throne does not care that it (me) is 300lbs and doing this.My only gripe, my backside and the seat itself are still getting used to each other. It is very firm padding, just wish it had a little more give to it. and that is my only real reason for only 4 stars. would be 4.5 but they dont allow for 1/2 stars here. .
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21 – Brother intelliFAX 4100E Drum Unit (OEM) made by Brother – 20000 Pages

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I have used this for about 6 month and the results are low quality prints. If it prints everything , the print is very light and most of the time, print are too light or missing over half the page. .
Bad quality prints still. It never really worked for us. It might have been defective or just not a good product. After a year now, I was looking at getting another one but it seems cheaper to just buy a brand new fax machine. .
They make their money on ink and toner. .
Good .
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22 – Teenage Engineering PO-14 Pocket Operator Sub Bass Synthesizer

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This is the most limited of all Pocket Operators, but that doesn’t make it bad. Lots of fun to play with, plenty of fun to jam on, but not great for your only unit. You need to combine this with another PO, such as the PO-28 Robot which would be the lead guitar to this bass. This review will be for people already familiar with POs since it is meant to work in combination with the rest. If you’re totally new to the Pocket Operator line I’d say start with either the PO-22 Arcade for 8-bit chiptunes, or the PO-12 or P0-32 which are more complete drum sequencers that work well on their own. On to the Bass Pros:Thumping basslines. Other Pocket Operators have bass, but this one is specifically tuned to make really awesome bass grooves. I put on some good-quality headphones and in a few minutes with this and a PO-28 Robot hooked up I was making such rocking tunes that I was dancing in my seat. Fun fun fun. This thing will get a room full of people on the dance floor.MSRP is $10 less than POs, so the price is in line with the reduced function as a bass-only-unit.Like all other POs, can chain sequences and sync to other POs allowing for all sorts of play options. Also has a mini drum sequencer in place of sound 16, so you can make full-fledged tunes (or at least drums and bass) on this one unit.Cons:Monophonic. Other POs tend to have up to 4 voices, split between their drum machine and other functions. The sub only has one voice for its throbbing bassline, meaning that trying to do things like punch in extra bass on the fly will just cut out the current voice. This limits the live play options a little, you can’t really harmonize this unit at all in live play. However, like all POs it contains plenty of options for effects and bending your notes so you can play with it- just in a specific and limited way compared to other units.Overall:This may be the second unit you need to have alongside any other PO. As I said, I hooked this up with the PO-28 Robot and used the Robot as a lead synth. The combination had my head bobbing and my feet tapping. I’d set the Bass to a good bassline pattern (maybe 3x rhythm patterns and 1x break) than jam out lead on the Robot. When I finish a phrase with the robot I could switch to punch in some live effects on the Bass. Back and forth a few times, and I had a killer live set going. For this price and easy of play, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything on the market that can compete. The closest is the Korg Volca line, where one Volca can cost as much as two Pocket Operators.The Bass is the perfect unit to explain the PO line. Sure, it’s limited. There are lots of things you can’t do with it. Then again, the unit allows so much expression for so little investment. Pair the Bass with another cheap PO, (and look up some YouTube videos because the included manual is worthless), and you’ll be making some record-worthy tunes in minutes. Professional musicians may quickly be annoyed with the limitations of a unit like the Bass, but for me, this is just SO. MUCH. FUN. Would you rather invest a lot more money and time into a unit like the Volca or beyond, or do you just want a portable Pocket Calculator you can take on the train and jam out on your tray table? That’s why I love a Pocket Operator like the Bass. I can whip it out on the bus on my way to a destination, spend 5 minutes messing around with patterns, and by the time I get home I’m running to grab an audio recorder to capture my creations. Love the POs. Get one today. .
I was frantically looking for a decent yet inexpensive gift for my aspiring DJs 16th birthday. After google searching I found this! He loves it! Im just a mom and thought this was a new sort of gadget but he immediately knew what it was because of Andrew Huang and was very excited so that was a pleasant surpeise to me. He is already using it for bass lines and when we go on road trips he is happy to use it. He wishes it had more drum selection like snare and high hat and beyter drum selection but for the price I paid there really are no complaints. He now wants all of them of course 🙂 I’m very happy I found this.apparently you cant go wrong with with a Pocket Operator .
I picked this up thinking it would be a fun toy to fiddle around with on the couch. These things are shockingly serious music gear & sound incredible. They are obviously feature limited but for the price, they can’t be beat in terms of quality & ease of use. Once you learn the basics of one unit, the features mostly carry to the other units. The bass tones are nice & punchy with just enough grit to feel powerful. Punching in FX turns a blippy bass into early 90s style acid goodness. The micro drum machine built into sound 16 is just enough to give you a backbeat to sequence your bassline along to if you don’t have any other rhythm & the stupid easy pattern chaining makes it quite fast to program longer phrases. I’m enjoying the Pocket Operators so much that picking the full size OP-1 is definitely looking like a possibility .
This is a nice and fun bass synthesizer with a 16-step sequencer with multiple patterns.However, poor design choices get in the way of creativity.The biggest limitation is you can only play white notes (no flats, no sharps).The embedded drum-kit leaves a lot to be desired. Actually, the drum-kit is almost useless: very low-quality samples, no sound similar to a snare drum, and you can only play one sound at the same time.Editing a drum sequence is frustrating. The last sound you played and carefully adjusted is ignored when you try to insert it in the pattern. Instead, drum sound number 8 with preset parameters will always be inserted, and you’ll have to change it to the sound you want. You would expect now that the next drum sound inserted will finally be like the one you have just modified, but no, you still get drum sound 8.Now you might want to use a hi-hat sound and lower its pitch to make it sound almost like a snare, but you quickly realize that you can’t. In fact, you can only record pitch change while the sequence is playing, so it is impossible to set a different pitch for each different drum sound unless you can accurately move a knob at single-note precision (hint: set the tempo to a very low bpm if you want to try this).In conclusion, the device is fun but you’ll be continuously asking yourself why the user interface is so poorly designed.Ignore the drum-kit: Teenage Engineering wants you to buy another PO for that, which you should do if you need drums.To be fair, more recent PO’s have a much better user interface. .
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23 – Around The Office Compatible Package of 3 Individually Sealed Ribbons Replacement for Casio DR-210TM Calculator

Top Reviews
Could read the numbers etc well and last a long time .
great .
The product is functioning as expected. .
Easy to use and install .
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24 – Ricoh 407324 SP4500 Drum Unit

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apparently the cartridge was faulty as it leaked into our printer! .
Purchased these to have on hand. And they don’t fit my printer—which is an sp 3600—and listed as compatible. Now I need it it’s past the time to return it and it doesn’t fit. Beware. .
Worked great for our printer and easy installation .
Just what the description said it was! .
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25 – [Upgraded Version] SoulBay 30W Universal AC/DC Adapter Switching Power Supply with 8 Selectable Adapter Tips, Including Micro USB Plug, for 3V to 12V Household Electronics and LED Strip – 2000mA Max

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I bought this to replace the power brick for a Belkin iPhone/Watch Valet Charger that got shorted out from a power surge. I had to cut the wires from the original power brick because the connector was proprietary and use the wire terminal that came with the kit. It worked perfectly. I’d definitely recommend this for anyone needing a universal charger solution. .
My family & I LOVE this gadget! I purchased an exercise bike at a thrift store, it didn’t have the power cord. Buying this with several sizes ensured me that one would hopefully fit, and one did!! My piano keyboard was also missing the cord and I found one that fit. I had to hide this so the kids didn’t start using it haha. Thanks for such a great gadget, it works perfectly and seems very durable! .
I am using this to charge several of my Home Theater Master MX-880 remotes that have rechargeable batteries. Since I bought the remotes used I only received 1 official working charger. I have tried other chargers I come across at the thrift store and I figured to try this universal one with multiple tips. One thing that you should know is that the polarity is not reversible. Since the connectors of the 8 tips are round, the outside shell that plugs into the device is always a negative – polarity. This worked out since the official MX-880 is a – negative shell. I have attached an example of a Radio Shack DC universal tip which does have reversible polarity. .
I’ve used this adapter to supply the power for a medical cold therapy machine (think of a water impeller) and a clock radio for the hard of hearing whose alarm vibrates the bed. Both of these applications are high current draw with one at 7.5V and the other at 9V. I did not monitor the supply to check the voltages; however, the supply was ample enough for both applications. The adapter was cool to the touch when loaded, the various adapters are a nice touch and provide a solid connection, the voltage setting dial has a really solid mechanical feedback, given the voltage.settings are discrete in nature. The quality is excellent for the price. .
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26 – AmazonBasics USB 2.0 Printer Cable – A-Male to B-Male Cord – 10 Feet (3 Meters)

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As any AmazonBasics cable, this is just as described. Good quality, gold plated tips, and sturdy connectors. I like how you are able to choose your exact length. The only thing that could make this better is if you could choose between colors to help hide the cable.Why I purchased it? I needed to connect my HP Printer. I had been using my printer wirelessly (HP Officejet 4500) but for some reason Windows 10 update has been giving me problems connecting to it from my desktop. I decided to purchase the cable which was very affordable and solved the problem. Somethings are better left alone, connect with a cable vs wifi for your printer. .
Printer cables and MIDI keyboard cables both have a USB-A male connector on one end and a USB-B male connector on the other. But the cabling isn’t always identical, as I found out when I needed a longer cable and ordered a very high quality printer cable that didn’t work with my keyboard. It brought power to the keyboard but wouldn’t transmit the keyboard’s MIDI messages — no sound, no joy — although some reviewers indicated it did work for their particular keyboards. Long story short, I had to return that one and was delighted that the cabling on this printer cord was what I needed.Arturia keyboards come with 6-foot cables and I need a longer one isn’t an uncommon issue. This one will do the job no questions asked, and you sure won’t be able to beat the price. This is the 10′ version. You can get longer ones but I believe 5 meters is the USB length-limit specification so I wouldn’t try going beyond 15′ or you may have handshaking or latency issues. .
I have been using this cable for 18 months. I’ve tried a few Amazon Basics products in the past and have always been impressed. I needed a longer USB cable for my vinyl cutter, so decided to try the 10′ Amazon Basics brand. It arrived in 2 days coiled in a plastic bag, inside a smiley face box. When I went to plug it in the vinyl cutter, I noticed how much tighter the connection seemed compared to the shorter cable I was replacing. The same was true with my laptop. The connection seemed much more secure. The cable itself seems to be thicker than others in the same price range. The vinyl cutter I am using this cable with is very picky. Lower quality cables cause errors, and can cost a lot of money due to wasted material. With the Amazon Basics cable I’ve experienced zero errors. All in all, this cable has exceeded my expectations. I have since replaced multiple USB phone cables with Amazon Basics cables and have been impressed with all of them. Highly recommended. .
If it says AmazonBasics, you can bet that they were thinking that Jeff Bezos would probably be a bit upset if they sold something with his company’s name on it that was crap, and this pretty much does just that the part that doesn’t make him upset, because this is a very solid cable, that I am using for a dac on my new computer that had sub-par on-board sound, and I had this rather awesome Aune X1S that I was not utilizing to it’s fullest potential, and all it took was this cable, that had to go a distance, to make my computer rock, out loud (literally), and in my headphones as well. It was cheaper than some of the weirdly overpriced cables that do the exact same thing it is 1’s and 0’s people, doesn’t matter if they have silver in the oxygen free copper, it is still only passing 1’s and 0’s save your money, know it is going to work, buy this cable, relax, enjoy whatever it is that you are going to use it for (I tend to ramble) .
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27 – Belker 12W Universal 3V 4.5V 5V 6V 7.5V 9V 12V AC DC Adapter Power Supply for Household Electronics Router Speaker Smart Phone Tablet CCTV IP Camera – 1A 1000mA Amp Max.

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I don’t understand why the sensitivity filter has selected my review to place it in the hidden category. It even got 34 helpful ratings. Why would you hide this excellent review?Excellent product. Good price. Recommended.CAUTION: Be extremely careful that you select the correct voltage BEFORE plugging your device onto this power supply. The voltage indicator has a VERY small arrowhead that can easily be overlooked. If you will take the time to rotate the indicator fully counterclockwise until it stops, that will be 3 volts. Fully clockwise is 12 volts. Now you are fully oriented to the scale and ready to choose and set your desired voltage. Enjoy.NOTE: The polarity is center positive and is NOT reversible, so check your device before ordering.BONUS: This model is limited to 12 watts output. Belker also makes a similar supply which allows up to 30 watts output and only costs $1 more. Choose wisely. .
I needed to replace an a/c adapter that broke but a replacement was not available from the company. While searching the internet, I came across this universal adapter. I wasn’t sure if this would do the job because the adapter I had did not clearly state it’s size and it’s manufacturer did not include any documentation. So I just took a leap of faith and purchased this universal adapter with positive results.Pros:- Easy to use, just read the voltage from your old a/c adapter and use the key to set it on the universal adapter- Seems to work with most small electronics (for laptops you probably need another adapter with bigger adapters and more wattage)- Has many adapters so hopefully one of them applies to your deviceCons:- So far I don’t see any major cons, maybe the adapter heads could be a little more compact. I will post any updates if I come across anything.Overall, it worked for me, but it would be nice if everyone got on board and used a usb type connection so that we can share a/c adapters between devices. .
Serves exactly the purpose intended and comes with everything needed , seven tips and tool to adjust voltage ! I was very pleased . I was replacing a cord on my antenna and this worked out great ! .
My shipping scale’s wireless readout has always needed a weird three AA batteries to power it. After trying out the nice high-capacity rechargeables here it did NOT like them and just started eating batteries way too fast. Got this since it could be set the the same 4.5V as the three AA batteries. Snipped and stripped the wire, checked polarities (the wire with white striping is positive, for reference), drilled out a small entry hole in the casing of the readout and notched the wall mount to match, and wedged the wire ends in behind the appropriate battery terminals. Superglued everything in place so it stays put. So far? Works perfectly, and no more battery costs! .
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28 – YMC DK10 Steel Construction Standard Drum Keys with a Continuous Motion Speed Drum Key- Pack of 3

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I was digging through drawers a week or two ago looking for a drum key and figured I’d better get some before the wood elves or whatever seems to be attracted to these runs off with my last one. I think I hid these pretty good. I’ll find out the next time I need one I guess these are fine. It’s a drum key. It didn’t break when I used it, and that’s pretty much the only expectation that I had. .
These are basic universal drum keys. They are constructed well and work as they should. I purchased the three pack: two basic keys and one continuous motion key and I’m very happy with them. For the price, you can’t go wrong. .
These work great. Three keys are all work good. Exactly as described. Nothing special, just good usable drum keys which I needed! Would buy again .
I was a little disappointed. I had lost my Pearl drum key and was actually looking for a little better quality. There is nothing wrong with these keys. Just not what I was looking for. .
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29 – Panasonic KX-FAD462 Drum Cartridge Replacement for KX-MB2000 Series Printers

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The one I received seems to be an original OEM Panasonic Replacement Cartridge however – and this being fairly ridiculous – does not include a toner cartridge. The installation guide included with the Drum specifically says to shake your New Toner Cartridge vertically 5 times and then install it into the drum but of course you do not get one with your $85.53 purchase. Would have been quite helpful to mention ANYWHERE in the description that you will need a Toner Cartridge also.Cannot attest to the quality of this as I had to put my old toner cartridge in it – in order to keep printing until I can get a new toner cartridge in. It does however fit and looks identical to the one that came with my printer years ago. By the way I did get toner with the cartridge when it was purchased new. I guess that is why I assumed this would be the same. See what you get for Assuming? .
It is good at least I got it to work. The problem has to do with troubling putting the toner in. When putting the toner in, the toner had 2 teeth to match into the drum cartridge slot. The problem were the drum cartridge lacked an inverted teeth slot so you must jammed and really pushed the toner in which would pushed the plastic back wall curved out. Once you rotate the toner nub harder than it should (because the wall’s against it) to open the holes for powder to print, the wall would snap back making it fit. A really weird design issue from Panasonic, such issue did not exist from the original drum cartridge that came with the printer.Edit 08/02/2016: photo added .
These cartridges are an expensive requirement for the Panasonic KX-MB2061, which I bought a couple of years ago and is one of the worst pieces of office equipment I have ever come across. Moreover, the last drum cartridge order I placed came via Infutech of Pennsylvania, and was a complete crock. The product appeared to be recycled, not new. A loose piece of plastic fell out of the bag when I opened it, and loose toner stuff fell on me also. The product is not recognized by my printer which is still telling me the cartridge needs to be replaced. To add insult to injury, because I had let 30 days elapse before opening the product (I believe in keeping office supplies on hand rather than running out) Infutech has refused me a refund. I wouldn’t buy another Panasonic machine in the future, and I certainly won’t deal with Infutech, .
Bought a new cartridge replacement in Oct 2015 and I have barely passed 500 sheets of paper and it is already performing poorly, requiring a new drum/cartridge. I’m extremely disappointed in the quality of these drum/cartridges. I’ve owned the printer since 2010 and it is working just fine except that for the past couple of years, it is getting extremely costly to keep replacing drums after barely 500 sheets. Not impressed! .
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30 – Outtag 15W Universal AC DC Adapter 3V 4.5V 5V 6V 7.5V 9V 12V Multi Voltage Switching Power Supply Replacement w/Multi-Tips for 3-12V Household Electronics Routers CCTV IP Cameras Smartphone Speakers

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It shorted out the device I needed to charge and ruined a $400 product. .
I bought this for my lava lamp that ran on batteries. Each time I put in new batteries, it would only last 3 days at a time. I saw that my lava lamp had a prong hole on the bottom side. I wasn’t sure what size prong I needed so I bought this, because I knew one should fit perfectly. I’m so happy with my purchase. I keep my lava lamp on 24/7 now and don’t need to worry about screwing in new batteries anymore! .
For the price, I was worried that I’d get something cheaply made with loose and fiddly connectors, but that’s not what I got. The connectors fit very tightly – they’re actually kind of difficult to put on or take off – so you don’t have to worry about them coming undone. The same is true of the voltage dial – it’s very clicky and takes a bit of force to turn, and has to be turned with a screwdriver or the included key, plus it’s on the pronged side of the plug, just to ensure there’s no way you could accidentally slip the key in and turn the dial while the plug is in use. The polarity is not reversible, but that’s clearly noted in the product’s description, and I don’t need it to be for my purposes anyway. If I have one small gripe with this product, it’s that the connectors are not labeled, and some of them look quite similar to one another, so it takes a bit of trial and error to figure out which plug you need. .
Power Supply works great. Schwinn SPM 250 required reversing connection where adapter connected to supply because the device showed center pin as negative and outside ring as positive, I have never seen plug in connection wired this way. Standard is for center sleeve to be positive and outside connection to be negative which is how supply came. Reversing the adapter connection required forcing the adapter and power supply connection reversed from the designed connection as shipped after cutting small portion of flat surface in adapter sleeve. .
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31 – ORASANT Electronic Drum Set, Roll-able Electric Drum Set, Drum Practice Pad with Foot Pedals Drum Sticks Headphone Jack Built-in Speaker 10Hour Playtime Rechargeable Battery

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It might look like a small drum set but the quality is high. The sounds are clear and on point. They are in the right frequency ranges. I’ve purposely leave it on kitchen tiles so people can tell how big it is. My kid loves to play with it and he’s only 3 years old. When he gets bored, I turn the demo on and let him play. He got excited and wanted to play even more. There are good set numbers of songs that keep him companied. What I really like is the sounds quality and ability to plugin jack for cellphone and midi out jack for computer. We can get very creative and learn more patterns. This is super cool for starter because it saves money and if it breaks it doesn’t hurt the bank. The real drum set could be extremely expensive. This will work perfect for us and it doesn’t take much space either. Also it is portable as well. This is super cool to have! .
 So if you watch my video you will see that we love these electronic drums. They are such a good time wether your young or old. This was my second set I purchased, I got a different brand last Christmas for my son and they were wonderful so I got this set for my grandson because he wants to play them all the time. The quality of sound Will astonish you. Very durable and well made. Comes with cords to charge up and the charge lasts a long time, we haven’t had to stop and charge ever while playing, and they use it for a very long time. Everyone should own a set of these. Oh and if the noise is an issue for you well guess what you can plug in a set of headphones. It’s a win win for everyone .
This digital drum set it awesome – my 14 year old son specifically asked for it , and he loves it!! It was a Birthday gift for him, and he has gotten hours of playtime out of it since he’s gotten it 2 weeks ago, He can’t leave it alone.It has surpassed my expectations and more !My husband has had lots of fun with it as well. the sound quality is amazing!! It’s lightweight yet durable with a high quality professional look and feel to it.compact and easy to store when not in use- came beautifully packaged, great for gifting! couldn’t be happier with it. Definitely worth every penny.Highly recommended! .
 This is awesome for space saving. I had the small set, and it took lots of space. So, I gave it away to my friend’s son. When I saw this one, I could not pass because I feel guilty that I took the old set away from my kids. This drum set is so fun to play, and has lots of great features. The volume goes really loud for when no one else at home, but also really soft for when I need to be quiet and the kids still okay to play. They seem to have thought of everything you might need. I do not know much about music, but I want my kids to explode everything I can so they can know which one they like best. One thing I found interesting is that there is a special button that allows me to switch two pads around, so that I can either have my Hi-Hat on the outside, with my snare next to it, or I can have my snare on the outside with the Hi-Hat next to it, depending on my preferences on the song I am playing. The foot pedals offer independent sounds, as I found them to be cool in operation in addition to the sounds they are supposed to be making. I also liked them that lightweight, and stay put. In operation, they were light enough that my kids or me occasionally found them wandering around in use, and I’d have to put them back where I wanted them again. The speakers were decent quality and were surprisingly loud, all things considered. For anything more than that, I can hook up to speakers. To my untrained ears, the sounds were quite good, not overly tinny or fake. And certainly more than adequate for a beginning percussionist or for those, like me, who just want to have fun. It is definitely a fun toy for a kid or a good instrument for someone older who wants to make their own music. .
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