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Best casio scientific calculator 2020

Best casio scientific calculator 2020.

1 – Casio School and Home Calculator Combo Pack Includes FX-300ESPLUS Scientific Calculator and SL-300SV Solar Powered Standard Function Calculator

Top Reviews Works perfectly for my daughters math class, she’s had it for a few months now and she’s had no problems with it. . It works. Nuff said. Solar power seems to work too. Want a calculator? Bam . Great calculator. I got this for my collage classes I’m taking. But they should offer a class on the calculator first. It can do so much! I think I’m only using 10% of it’s capabilities. . Easy to use Read more

2 – Casio fx-991MS Scientific Calculator with 2-Line Display

Top Reviews The display is quite pixelated, so I have to really try to see the screen birds eye view directly over it, not at a slant height, in order to avoid reading it wrong. This is the only other casio model I could find on Amazon that still bears the wonderfully great layout and input method nearly the same as the casio fx 280 fraction, where I don’t need to reenter numbers for later operations such as arc sine, cosine, and tangents, square roots. I don’t need to reenter intermediate answers for almost all calculations I do. In casio fx 300 and related models, I need to however retype in intermediate answers for square roots, and the arc sin cos tan, etc. Outer case is plain navy blue and there is a comfortable weight that’s not too light. . I had this before coming to USA, and purchase it here as well. I am a PhD electrical student and this is an essential for electrical students. MUST HAVE!rnThe only mid-range calculator that can work with complex numbers and solve 2-3 degree equations and matrix equations. Learnign how to use it might take few hours, but once you learn how to work with it, you will love it for eternity! not mentioning that the battery never dies! and it during daylight, you don’t need battery! The sun is enough to power and keep it on! . I am a bit of a calculator hoarder and this is one of the best values I have found. While I usually focus on HP RPN calculators, sometimes it is nice to have something more simple around. This calculator meets all of my calculation needs, is fairly rugged, has an extensive built in constant library and even features approximations to integrals and derivatives. All in all an excellent buy. . You can never go wrong with Casio, great brand and outstanding quality.rnArrived earlier than expected, and in good condition.rnPerfect for any middle school and older students.rnHas all basic funtions plus big variety of others. Read more

3 – Casio Fx-82es Fx82es Plus Bk Display Scientific Calculations Calculator with 252 Functions

Top Reviews It’s a calculator and it works. I bought it for my son he likes, it is inexpensive, and it helps him with his math homework. . Great product. I love it. Thank you. . Just as expected. I had one before, but gave it to my sister. No other calculator could compare so I had to buy it again. . Efficient and easy to use calculator that got me through my first year of college and will for the rest of my undergraduate years to come. Read more

4 – Casio fx-300ESPLS2 2nd Edition Scientific Calculator with Natural Textbook Display.

Top Reviews The description is a bit misleading, the calculator does not support numerical integration or differentiation. Otherwise it does what it is supposed to do, trigonometric and log functions (any base) and their inverses, fractions, combinatorics, and basic statistics. Formula entry is in textbook format, or in a linear format if that is what you prefer. All at less than ten dollars.rnrnIf you need more functionality take a look at the Casio FX-991EX, it will do sums, numerical integration and differentiation, etc. Beyond that you will probably have to look at a graphing calculator. Or a good app on your phone if it’s not for school. . Buen producto por el precio . Read more

5 – Casio FX 260 Solar II Scientific Calculator, Black

Top Reviews This product clearly states it is a Casio fx-260 solar calculator, which is the only calculator allowed on my daughter’s upcoming exam. The picture clearly shows a Casio fx-260 calculator. What I received is version 2 of the same calculator (Casio fx-260 solar II calculator), which we cannot use. I just received this and went straight to amazon to return it and get what we need, only to find out this item is not eligible for a return. So now we’re just out the money, even though the description and the product show something different than what we actually got? Not cool. . I honestly bought this on accident thinking it had Hexadecimal, Octadecimal, Binary, and a few other modes but was mistaken once I arrived home. But the thing was that when I searched for “Hexadecimal calculator” this was a top option that came up so I thought it was the best one. I read some reviews but did not read anyone mention anything about Hex or Binary but I thought ‘well possibly the buyers did not exactly get it for those modes”. But once I saw it did not have them I was kind of disappointed. Luckily after talking with a representative through Amazon customer service, they understood my situation and let me keep it while also giving me a refund so I could purchase the correct calculator I found afterwards. So far my sibling has told me it is a terrific calculator and is a great size in compare to other ones with the same functions. . This is not same product as described above. And they don’t let me return it . I needed a scientific calculator for math and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS CALCULATOR! The price for this is also decent and affordable.rnrnWhat I love about his Scientific Calculator:rn- It has all the basic operators I needed such as addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. It also has other operators such as inverse and sin, cos,
and tangent.rn- It is solar powered. This is great and probably what I love the most about the calculator because it is money saving since I do not have to go buy batteries. Even though batteries do not cost that much, every little bit of saving is always a plus for me.rn- It also came with a cover t hat slides over the calculator to protect all the keys, and the screen.rn- The clearing buttons are marked in red so you can not miss them, and will be able to find them easily.rnrnWhat I dislike about this calculator:rn- Nothing. Read more

6 – Casio FX-991ES Plus Scientific Calculator Fx 991 Es – New & Sealed ship to world wide

Top Reviews If you have problems on using, there are a ton of YouTube videos on its use. Great calculator. . well! . Just as described . Reasonable price and shipped fast. Read more

7 – Casio, FX-300ESPLUS-BE, Scientific Calculator, Blue

Top Reviews Best calculator ever! Read more

8 – Casio Advanced Scientific Calculator with 2-Line Natural Textbook Display (FX-115ES)

Top Reviews This calculator is good. You can write your math just as you have written it down and it will take care of the orders of equtions.rnthere is not “carrot” or anything if you want to put an exponent you hit the exponent button and type the exponent. that simple. The equations you type are typed as you see it, not as you program it. I hate calculators that you have to type something likern8^(1/3) to have a third root of 8. You can use two ways press the root button and type three (in the crack) and it will show up as the third root of 8 just as if you have written it down. Or if you are old fashioned like me and like to place an exponent instead you hit the exponent button and hit 1/3 and you will have an elevated 1/3 infront of the 8. you can type fractions as high as you want and equations pretty far. Like if you hit 8/8/8/8/8/8/8 you will have a very tall fraction in the calculator. Only downside is when you have two fractions next to each it doesnt take it as multiplication, all you have to do is hit multiply and youre good.rnrnIt has all your basic 3 trig functions and their inverse functions. It even has your basic 3 hyperbolic functions and their inverse functions. you can have log with any base. When you hit = and the answer can be written in fractions, it will do it for you! If you want it in decimals. just press a button. If you hit sin(pi/4) it will give you root(2)/2. I love that because i forget my trig sometimes on a test.rnrnIf you are an engineering major like me, you can get through all your mathematical courses with this calculator as your greatest tool. There are bunches of functions it can perform, I am not aquanted to all of them yet. Heck these calculators even compute matricies. I dont know how to do it very well though . These “engineering” calculators are an excellent alternative to graphing calculators, because many math, science, and engineering courses in college no longer allow the use of the ubiquitous TI graphing models. The button layout isn’t quite as good as other similar models for complex calculations, but good for simple ones. It also tends to decide to output answers in the least appropriate format; fortunately, the conversion button is a quick option. And don’t lose the reference card, because constants and conversions are not marked on the display or the keyboard; you have to reference the card for a number. But for a quick regression, etc., this item is perfect. . This is the third Casio calculator I’ve owned.rnThe first one was an FX80 from 1984 or so, the second one was an FX115V from 1992, and I recently (2012) got this one.rnI am very happy with it, but for a veteran like me, it took me some time to get used to the VPAM or Textbook display. In older calculators, for instance to calculate a logarithm, you would first type the number, and then push the log key. On these newer ones, instead, you push log and then the number. The new method is the way you would write the equation (or find it in a textbook), and therefore a more natural way of doing it, but used to older calculators, it didn’t come natural to me, and I still have to pay some attention to it to get the keys in the right sequence.rnOlder calculators would also use the AC key to power it on. This one has a separate ON key which is recessed to help prevent accidentally pushing it, but I find myself still pressing the AC key to try to turn it on.rnAnother feature that I don’t quite like is that it will try to show all results as fractions. There is a key labeled S<->D that you can use to change the display format, but I find myself pressing it too often. It would be nice to have a mode that would show the results in decimal format by default.rnNow for the parts I like, it has some nice functions, like the possibility of solving simultaneous equations of up to 3 unknowns, quadratic and cubic polynomial roots, some up to 3×3 matrix operations, the possibility of reviewing the whole list of values entered when using statistical functions, calculation of linear regression, etc.rnSomething else I really like (like in my old FX115V) is the dual power: solar cell for when it’s bright, and seamless switching to battery power when it is darker.rnMost of my complaints come from being used to older calculators, but I like this one, and I would have loved to have one of these while I was in College (many, many years ago). . I had a Casio fx85ms for GCSE(which still works 10+years on!) and wanted an upgrade since I’m now doing degree level mathematics. The display on this is great. Being able to see numbers as fractions with numbers on top rather than doing brackets and dividing signs all in one line, is such a great help for when doing complex math problems. There are many features inside this which I have not got to yet. The instructions I’m sure don’t explain it all in that much detail, but if you’re studying maths then you will know what the functions are.rnrnAlso this is I think the exact same as the 995 just from different region.rnrnI think this is the most advanced calculator which is widely accepted in exams that prohibit the larger programmable/graphing calculators. Read more

9 – Victor 99901 TuffCalc Calculator, White, 1.8″ x 4.6″ x 6.5″

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Best casio scientific calculator 2020.

Best casio scientific calculator 2020.

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