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Best casio fx-300es plus scientific calculator 2020

Best casio fx-300es plus scientific calculator 2020.

1 – Casio fx-115ESPLS2 White Advanced Scientific Calculator with Natural Display

Top Reviews The 2nd edition of the fx-115ES Plus does away with the purple-highlighted curvy body and replaces it with a clean sleek white look. Otherwise it’s essentially the same calculator, with the same screen resolution, features and speed. I was hoping for something new, but all they gave us was a new Mode 0 which gives a QR code for an authenticity check (but not for any other purpose like with the fx-991EX) and a slightly more legible Mode screen.Both 1st and 2nd editions are basically the same great calculator, so shop on price and which appearance you prefer. . Works very well . This is a great calculator and works great. The price is very good for what you get. . Muy bonita a la vista, buena calidad, justo como se describe, estuve investigando y este modelo es de las de mejores capacidades de la linea de Casio y tiene buen precio Read more

2 – New Casio FX-83GTX Scientific Calculator Blue

Top Reviews No idea how it works, beyond me! But yr 8 child is using it ok at school with no complaints! . Great calculator- this is the one our secondary school recommended to get but they only offered it in black & at a slightly more expensive price than Amazon.My daughter loves the colour!This is the second one I have bought as my other daughter has the pink version. . i have 3 children and they each have these for school. In fact one of these is a replacement for one my son broke – he left the cover off in his bag. He had the original for 4 years and it still worked perfectly until crushed under a ton of books!! Nice colour – we have the blue and pink colours. . Quite different from the ones that one mostly sees at schools due to the colour. When my daughter took it to school she drew quite a crowd and one day later, more began making their appearance in classroom as her school mates suddenly lost their calculators and told their parents this is the one to buy! LOL Read more

3 – Casio FX300ESPLUS FX-300ESPLUS Scientific Calculator, 10-Digit, Natural Textbook Display, LCD

Top Reviews Works perfectly for my daughters math class, she’s had it for a few months now and she’s had no problems with it. . It works. Nuff said. Solar power seems to work too. Want a calculator? Bam . Great calculator. I got this for my collage classes I’m taking. But they should offer a class on the calculator first. It can do so much! I think I’m only using 10% of it’s capabilities. . Easy to use Read more

4 – Casio fx-300ES PLUS Scientific Calculator; SAT Compatible; Natural Textbook Display; Math, Trigonometry, Statistics, Algebra, Geometry and Physics Functions; Comes with Slide-on Hard Case; Black

Top Reviews Works great! . The screen could be improved to display sharp, well lit, and high contrast digits. You need to set up the way it displays the number of output. There is a gap at the top between the cover and the calculator when completely slided in. It feels average quality. But it does what it says. . thanks . Read more

5 – Casio FX-300ES Solar Scientific Calculator

Top Reviews The fx-300ES comes very close to ‘ideal’ for a high schooler, with support with many features such as regression analysis that are normally found on graphing calculators.The feature that stands out for a calculator in this price range is what Casio calls ‘natural textbook display’: you actually see the fraction lines, the radical signs and the exponents just the way they appear in textbooks. In addition, there’s an easy menu facility, multiple replay.Of course this is a solar calculator so there’s no need to worry about replacing batteries and, to top it off, it comes with an excellent, protective removal plastic cover.Now, for features, this is what you get, besides the basic operations – might have missed one or 2:- fractional calculations (can switch between fractional and decimal)- sexagesimal functions- trig and inverse trig functions- permutations / combinations- coordinate conversion- logarithms and exponents- power functions- factorials- calculations with radical and Pi symbols displays and simplifying radicals- tables- standard deviation- regressionThis is our second fx-300ES because the one we bought a couple of years ago stopped working unless exposed to very bright light (solar deficiency). We ordered a second because our 10th grader son told us that he had to had a replacement and he wanted this specific model.For a scientific (not financial or graphing) calculator this is tops so the the premature death of our initial fx-300ES forgiven, it’s a 5-star. . I have gone through many scientific calculators since grade school, and now through high school. So far, none have matched the quality and ease of use the FX-300ES provides. The Natural Display is hands down the best feature of this calculator. At first I didn’t understand why I was getting answers in fractional form, but once I figured out you hit the S->D button, I learned to appreciate having the option, especially when I had to answer in fractional for for tests and homework. Also, what this calculator has that no TI scientific I’ve ever used has, is the ability to keep up with fast number punching; although you can’t go very fast, if you punch the number at a decent pace it will keep up easily. With TI scientifics I have used before this, they could never keep up with me, and numbers would be dropped causing my answers to come out wrong frequently. Overall, I’d recommend this for anyone in a 6th plus grade math class, because there is a slight learning curve figuring out the layout. But, once you have it down, this calculator can cut your calculating times in half. Plus, it’s SAT and ACT legal, so that time is precious! . I needed to buy a scientific calculator for my college chemistry class (I only had a graphing calculator), so this one was perfect for doing basic mathematics. I really like how you’re able to type in the actual fractions instead of having to use the division symbol and worry about parenthesis. Also, the price is great, since similar calculators are usually double the price.Edit: I’ve had this calculator since the beginning of September. At the end of April, the calculator died two days before my exam. I’m rush-ordering to buy a new one of the same type in time for my exam, since I like it so much. Hopefully this one won’t die within 7 months. I came back to take away one star because it died so quickly. Otherwise, it would be 5 stars.Edit #2: I just received my new calculator and within two days, it’s already having problems. It stopped working in the middle of my exam for a good 5 minutes. I think I need a battery-powered calculator. . I love this calculator. I’ve had one of these ever since seventh grade, but I lost it and ordered a new one. It feels so nice and new, much better than the old one, and it’s very comfortable to hold. One of my favorite things is how easy inputs are with this calculator (typically allowing you to keep exact answers). Also it allows you to view simplified radicals rather than converting to decimals which is one of my favorite things about this, something I missed a lot w/ other scientific calcs. Sure, I could do it in my head but this just makes everything go quickly. I use it with my graphing calc. 🙂 Read more
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Best casio fx-300es plus scientific calculator 2020.

Best casio fx-300es plus scientific calculator 2020.

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