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Best casio calculator watch 2020

Best casio calculator watch 2020.

1 – Casio Men’s MQ24-1E Black Resin Watch

Top Reviews Sure, I used to own fancy watches. Had one from Citizen that automatically detected and reset the time for six time zones, knew the phases of the moon, was solar powered and had a perpetual calendar and was advertised as being titanium then I lost it. Maybe on purpose because it was so heavy that I had to keep taking it off.rnThis watch isn’t that watch. I’ve had it for better part of a year. It does noting but tell time, accurately. I’ve take it swimming regularly. No problems. It’s light and the band is comfortable enough; I often forget I’m wearing it. The one very big negative is that it’s impossible to read in dim light or at night. Were I to replace this, I’d definitely look for a model that’s easier to see. . THE BEST WATCH I’ve ever owned.rnI had this watch for over a year. Completely waterproof, and never gets ahead or behind.rnrnI’ve had it in the Pacific, Caribbean, all of the Great Lakes, as well as the multiple times in the lake our house is on.rnrnI put this watch through its paces and it never faultered.rnrnI finally broke it after falling out of a hammock onto concrete.rnStill working perfectly fine and still water resistant.rnrnThis watch is worth MUCH more than its pricetag. . This is my second time buying this watch. It’s simply perfect. So lightweight, it feels like you’re not even wearing it. It’s so comfortable that, after wearing my leather watch for a couple hours, I switched back to this one because I could really, really feel the difference.rnIt’s waterproof, so you can bathe, shower, and swim in it. It’s minimalistic and sleek, and looks 10x more expensive than it is. Oh, and the best part is its size: I’m a woman with a small wrist, and I have a really hard time finding something that would fit me without looking too big. This does wonderfully. I would recommend it to anyone: a 10 year-old child, a man, or a woman.rnThe glass does get scratched a little easily but it’s so affordable I buy a new one every year and a half and just replace the whole thing. . I bought this as a cheap watch I can wear every day. It feels super cheap and “plastic-y” but that is probably why you bought it lol. I didn’t have any expectations about this watch, all I wanted was the cheapest water resistant black watch with gold hands and gold markers (dashes/lines). At this price I expected the dial design to be printed on but I really thought they would put more effort into making it look decent. This is the least reflective gold ink they could have used for the markers. I understand it is a black watch but all my other watches I can easily read in a dark room. I gladly would have paid the extra 50 cents or so it would have cost them to make the markers more shiny.rnrnHowever, since this is pretty much the cheapest watch they offer I can’t complain much. When I accidentally splash it while washing my hands it still works, the time is accurate, it’s comfortable enough, and it still works after almost one year owning it.They make plenty of leather and nylon bands in this size too so you can replace the nasty plastic band if you want. I just wanted a small watch I can wear every day and not worry about damaging it and this fits the bill perfectly. Read more

2 – Casio Men’s FT600WB-5BV Ana-Digi Forester Illuminator Sport Watch

Top Reviews I was so excited about this watch, and I still like it. Here are my pros and consrnrnPros:rn1. Love the watch band, it won’t get brittle, crack and breakrn2. LOVE the watch face itself.rn3. I love how the minute hand moves in 20 second increments, I don’t know why. Also I find that feature VERY useful when setting the clock – you have a full 20 second time frame to land it on the exact minute you want, none of this setting the minute at just the right second or so.rn4. The buttons are easy to push to set or use anything – with the exception of the analog clock – that button is a little tougher to use but I don’t mind it. It has to be pressed very very firmly.rn5. I love the full face illumination of the light at night.rnrnCONS:rnrn1. I read in one of the reviews that that included batteries are not full batteries, don’t know if that’s myth or fact, but mine will almost come to a complete stop, with digital fading to blank, if I use the chronograph for any extended period of time (like 15 minutes). So I will be replacing them soon.rn2. Occasionally, mysteriously, the digital time and calendar will reset to January 1st, midnight. This has happened at least 3 times. The analog holds steady. May be related to the weird battery.rn3. The chronograph is truly a minimal effort on this watch – if you bought this for a great chronograph as well as the other features, you will be disappointed. There is not basic one lap top check, and to reset it, you must press and hold the stop button, you can’t stop with one button and reset with another. Weird. Also the chronograph drains the battery big time (see previous note).rn4. The watch crystal is a scratch magnet, which, for the price I had expected, and most of them rub out just fine, but if you scratch on a wall with paint, the paint stays on the face forever.rn5. The watch illumination at night is AWESOME (as long as you don’t want to see the digital display – it stays completely dark and unviewable when the rest of the watch is lit up – very weird) . I am an active woman who travels frequently and is outdoors a lot. I dislike the rubber watch bands – they don’t last yet those watches cost more (?)than this Forester. I haven’t found a durable woman’s ana-digi watch that is reasonable in price, doesn’t look like you’re on a SWAT team or need to signal the space shuttle. This watch is fine for my needs. I like the “skill” of telling time with the analog face yet, the convenience of having day, date and dual time. Ah and a fabric/leather band that doesn’t crack at the bend in a few months! Now, if only Casio made them in other colors . I’ve had 4 of these watches over the past 30 years. It is the only one that suits my needs. I can quickly look at the analog face to see the time without having to read the digital numbers. I like the way the date function looks. Love the back up alarm, stopwatch, and dual time functions. It is waterproof so, I never have to take it off in the shower, in the swimming pool, or rafting. This watch does it all and it goes well with all my Earth tone colored clothes. . Very happy with the style / look of this watch. I also like the bright backlight on this watch. I also like that there’s a dedicated recessed button for changing the analog dial.rnrnHowever, a few complaints: First is that the battery seems wonky on mine. Twice in a week the analog dial stopped working but then restarted. This was after only about a month of use without any damage or drops of water use. I had to reset the time but then it worked again. The digital part continued working without a problem during the entire time. I contatced Casio warranty support but they just want me to mail it in to them – not worth all of the money and effort of mailing it. And, they recommend mailing it insured / registered receipt!rnrnSecond, the function buttons are different different than the standard ones that I’ve had on every other Casio watch that I’ve owned
. Not the worst thing but silly to change it – keep things constant. Second issue is related – usually in my Casio watches the top left button toggles between the date screen and the time screen. On this model you need to cycle through with the Mode button to go to the date screen and then press 4 more times to get back to the time screen.rnrnThird issue is that on the stop watch screen the function buttons are kind of stupid. You turn the stopwatch on and off with the top left button. However, to clear the stopwatch you need to press and hold that same top left button. Usually there’s a different button to press to clear it. Oh well, could be better but seems kind of ridiculous that Casio would have made all of these changes in a watch even though they’ve made a billion watches over the years.rnrnFinally, I’ve always wanted the watch companies to make a button that allows the analog watch move backward instead of just forward. Every time I need to change the clock an hour back I need to sit there for a few mins pressing the forward button hard. And, if you overshoot it there goes another few mins! Read more

3 – Casio CA56-1 Men’s DataBank Digital Watch

Top Reviews I bought this because I thought it was water resistant and had a light.rnOther than that It’s a nice watch. . This watch has literally changed my life. I used to be some regular normal guy until i bought this nifty doo-jigger here, i didnt even expect nor even dreamt of what this watch was going to do to ky life. INSTANTLY as soon as i put this thing on i could feel its power begin to flow through my veins, like a cold fluid steel it ran up my arm and into my chest as it stopped my heart for a quick moment i briefly experienced death and knew all of the answers to the universe then was brought back to life with a new purpose. A new Meaning. As if i could perform simple and somewhat complex calculations on the fly using only my wrist and my finger. I have become OMNIPOTENT, a god. For i have even surpassed the powers of batman with my ability to counter calculate even his best contingency plans, if i need to. But luckily for humanity i am but a simple man and will only use my newfound powers for the good of human kind. Hopefully these types of weapons dont fall into the wrong hands . Haven’t even given it to my husband yet but I’m hoping this relic wins big at his birthday. He asked for a work watch and I’m hoping this snazzy time capsule will satisfy. I’m chasing it with a citizen Eco drive field watch, and while the “nerd” factor here is low, I think it’ll do just what it needs to do. I don’t mean to insult the watch or those who wear it. It looks good. It’s functional. It’ll start conversations. He’d better like it. If not, I blame his sister who seconded my idea to buy it. 🙂 . i’m arithmetic-disabled, & got this because of how DAMN many times i’vernwrecked my budget due to getting numbers wrong in my head.rnrnI also generally leave my phone on a table somewhere,rninstead of carrying it on me all the time rnrnThis works, but some of the methods are a little convolutedrn( right now tried remembering how to do exponents rn& couldn’t )rnrnbut when waking in the night, & just want to know when it is, i can’t,rnwithout finding a flashlight??rnrnidiotic compromise, that rnrnFind 1 with a backlight,rnmake a little cheat-sheet for it,rn& enjoy that one!rnrn( : Read more

4 – Casio Men’s MDV106-1AV 200M Duro Analog Watch, Black

Top Reviews I received this watch on 1-20-2018. I received my first Casio watch on Christmas morning somewhere around 1979. That watch, a simple, black plastic digital one, kept working for about 15 years, on the same battery. This wasn’t any great feat in my mind at the time. It was just all I really knew, except for the time when I got an Armitron calculator watch at some point. Not only did the Armitron not last, it also felt like it wouldn’t last. The buttons were flimsy, the edges rough, and it had an overall plasticky feel, even though it was gold. My old Casio shined by comparison. My dad got himself the same one as me that Christmas, except in stainless, and anytime it came up in later years, he’d laugh and say something like “David, I think I wore that watch for thirty years and I only replaced the battery once.” So that is what Casio is in my mind.rnrnOne time at the office I said to a coworker that Casio was the best watch in the world. Of course he laughed and quickly pointed out that there are FAR better watches. And he was certainly correct, but not for the money.rnrnI’ve had a few other Casios in my life. A Forester model which was really cool because of the forest green color and the fact that it was a fishing watch. What “fishing watch” actually meant was that it would tell you the about the ocean tides. Living in New Mexico, this was totally useless, but I still liked the little fish that would appear when the tide was high or something. Another Casio I got was the one with the world time with the atomic clock sensor. This one was a little off. The light stopped working after a while and setting it was a pain. But it’s still ticking in my drawer right now after eight or so years and I still wear it here and there.rnrnBut probably not anymore.rnrnThis watch this watch has me all smiles. I don’t really have words to say. I’m not necessarily a “watch guy” in that sense, but I have always had one on my left arm since the age of ten or so. And honestly if it wasn’t for Casio, I probably would have skipped wearing one mostly.rnrnCasio doesn’t always hit it out of the park. After all they live and breathe like the rest of us. Maybe that’s what makes this one such a beauty.rnrnI bought a very nice Bulova a couple years back for around $400. I like that watch. I get compliments on it and for good reason. It’s solid. It’s heavy. They paid very close attention to the design and the finish is beautiful. It feels like a $400 dollar watch or more. It is perfect for wearing to the office. Well, not really. Not since 1-20-2018.rnrnI don’t dive. I have never diven (?) OK I have never dived. But something about a watch that is designed to be SIX HUNDRED FEET UNDER WATER AND STILL WORK gets me interested. There are many watches that can do this and much more, but they are not this watch.rnrnIf I was a Viking, this would be the watch I wore.rnrnSo what can I say? Yes, the date is comically small. I need reading glasses for small print and still can’t read the date with them on. I guess most people who have not just come out of a coma should know the date. Touche, Casio.rnrnOh and the Lumiglo or whatever is weak and nearly pointless, but at least it’s there. I do like to light it up with my phone flashlight and look at it in the closet, however.rnrnBut if I tap the crystal with my fingernail you know, it feels like I am tapping bulletproof glass.rnrnThe bezel has a great click and I actually find myself using it! I use it to time my commute, or to time how long the waiter takes to bring the food out after I order.rnrnThis is the kind of watch that is not going to win you any likes or impress anyone, unless they are a very smart, unselfish engineer type. Maybe. With my
Bulova, people have actually wanted to hold it, they have examined it closely and then complimented me on it, gave it back, and then looked at it on my arm as if they may mug me later. This one won’t really do that. You are the only one who will ever truly appreciate what this watch is. It’s a secret love affair. I like that about it.rnrnA few things that I will say that I haven’t read about it in those other reviews. The band for one thing. It’s pretty good. It looks all plasticky and horrible in the pictures, I thought anyway. But in fact it is pliable, if not supple, and rather well proportioned, if not svelte. The clasp is also sort of excellent. It’s not cheap. It’s like they actually realized that the clasp is just as important as the other parts. It’s like some executive with Casio said “The clasp is the most important part of any watch. It’s what keeps it on. Make it beefy.” Yep. That’s exactly what happened. It is well made, with a soft, rounded finish, and it makes a nice clink sound when you are putting it on.rnrnThere’s really nothing more to say.rnrnExcept when I look at this watch to see what time it is, I know the time within .003 seconds of my eyes seeing the face. It’s just so clear. And functional. And simple. I never really thought about that with any other watch, and I love it.rnrnSo I’ll stop now, but expect an update when this watch becomes less of what it is now, or in the year 2040, whichever comes first. . I just got this watch this morning, 2 days sooner than the estimated delivery date! I love dive watches, and wasn’t sure that a $38 watch would be worth wearing. let me tell you, Buy this watch! its Big, Beautiful, and worth every penny. ill update this over time to let you know how it holds up in the long run, but for now, I am very happy with it! it is Big, I like that, the listing has it at 40, but it is 45. I have a 7″ wrist, and I love how it sits. you get a lot for the $$, 200M WR, screw down crown, and case back, uni-directional bezel. and a nice date window. the only thing I would say could be better is the strap. it feels kind of like cheap plastic, but no big deal, Im going to get a Zulu for it. here is a pic of it next to my $400 Deep Blue, I think it holds up well against much more expensive watches.rnEDIT: its been over a year, and its still working and looking as good as new! I end up beating the heck out of it and it has never let me down!rnI have added some more pics of it on different straps, I like to change up the look. its a very versatile watch! . I wanted a weekend beater for surfing and off-road motorcycling. It had to be big-faced and easy to read at a glance. No digital crap, please. I needed another watch like a hole in the head. I have some really nice watches and I’m not a collector. But since I am single and nobody around to tell me no, I got it. Great value for the price, just an impeccable knockout of the Rolex Submariner of old that I always envied. As soon as I got it as set the time and took it surfing. I banged it around, held it under water, sprayed with a fire hose, took a shower with it, and just hammered it with abuse as much as I could so I could return it promptly. No success; I could not destroy it. It still holds time to the millisecond with no fogging and no problems. Just a big hunk of phat shiny blissful steel with black highlights, a discrete second-hand, a tight rotating bezel and a light rubber wristband. For $37 this is a steal. I might just hang up my Tag Heuer and Victorinox watches until this thing lets me down, which may be a while. Very easy to read at a glance which is why I got it. Not too heavy, really shiny, Big and fat. Classic good looks.rnrnUPDATE: \December 5, 2014.\ ‘still looks brand new, has not lost even 1-second of time. How can this be more accurate than my $1,500 dollar Tag Heuer???? I’ve worn it every day since I got it. 🙂 The rotating bezel is still tight, firm and crisp and you can update the calendar without stopping the second hand. This should cost a lot more.rnrnUPDATE: \October 17, 2015.\ Replaced the battery finally, Still holds the time to the millisecond and not a scratch on the bezel or the steel. Every short month I calibrate it to the atomic clock NHIST in Colorado and it has never failed to be dead nuts on. The rubber wristband and the chrome look like brand new. I have really abused this thing and it just laughs at me.rnrnUPDATE \April 6, 2016 \ The band finally gave out, I replaced it at a watch store for $10 with the exact same type. I went to set it to the atomic clock, and did not need to adjust the time at all. Right on the money; still keeping perfect time. Still looks like day 1.rnrnUPDATE \Sept 27, 2016\ I hate this watch, I’m looking for a reason not to wear it anymore, It just keeps going on and on and looking brand new. Now all my other watches have had battery death from neglect, Why did I ever buy anything else? I wear a Casio over a Rolex and can’t find any reason to switch back. My VW gets the job done and my Rolls Royce sits in the garage. fooey. . El reloj Casio MDV106-1AV también conocido como Casio Duro es uno de esos relojes que no deben faltar en la colección de un horologo. Es realmente un reloj que vale mucho más de lo que cuesta. Es evidente que esta basado en en el Rolex submariner: Carátula y bisel negros con marcas en horas bien definidas, bisel de movimiento retrógrado con 120 clicks y corona enroscable como todo buen reloj de buceo. La caja de 40mm con correa de 20mm en caucho le va muy bien. Incorpora una maquinaria de cuarzo muy precisa incluso más que muchos relojes mecánicos. Nota aparte merece el pequeño pez espada o Marlin ubicado arriba de las 6 y en la tapa trasera. Muy pocos relojes a este nivel de precio tienen una resistencia al agua de 200m lo cual se traduce en que es apto para un uso acuático recreativo. Recomiendo ampliamente este reloj el cual es de los favoritos de Bill Gates. Read more

5 – Casio Men’s AE1200WH-1A World Time Multifunction Watch

Top Reviews Last updated: 7 Aug. 2019, 3 yrs. 9 months after original purchase.rnrnI purchased this watch Nov 2015, and the band broke June 2017. The band lasted just over 1.5 years. Note that I wore it 24/7 the *entire* 1.5 years! I literally only took it off to switch wrists probably 4 times over that period. It was on all day, all night, in the shower, in the pool, at the beach, in sports, etc etc you get the point. I love this watch because it is super cheap (~$15) yet it has multiple alarms and a countdown timer instead of just a stopwatch timer. It’s basically a G-shock quality watch for $15 instead of $45.rnrnWhen the band did break, it broke very suddenly! I didn’t see any cracks on it or anything, but I literally rubbed my wrist across an object while turning and the band tore in two and the whole watch fell right off my wrist. Upon closer inspection, I saw cracks all along the inside of the band against my wrist, and if I bent the band hard it would break in other locations too.rnrnSo, replaced the band with a nice durable nylon nato strap! I used this one ( Replacement 18mm nato strap nylon watch band – Black, 5 ring Black PVD Buckle ). It cost me < $10 and is an excellent watch strap! It (luckily) came with 2 pcs 18mm x 1.4mm spring bars instead of 18mm x 1.8mm diameter spring bars, which would have been too thick for this watch since there is so little space between the bars and the watch. This Casio watch comes originally with 2 pcs 18mm x 1.8mm diam spring bars, which are too thick when used with this nato strap.rnrnFor the 18mm x 1.4mm bars, with a li ttle work and a flathead screwdriver used to press the bar down hard against the strap (first to make an indentation in the band, with the bar not placed yet, and 2nd to press the bar into place), I was able to make this strap with the 1.4mm diam bars fit this watch!rnrnIf you want to use a nato strap, expect it to be a very tight fit, and MAKE SURE TO GET A STRAP THAT IS 1.4~1.5mm thick max, and spring bars that are 18mm x 1.3~1.5mm MAX DIAMETER, *NOT* 1.8mm diameter. Otherwise it will be impossible to make it fit I think. I also used a spring bar tool ( Ritche Professional 360pc Watch Band Stainless Steel Link Pins,spring Bars+remover Repair Tool (8-25mm) ), which helped remove the old bars and situate the new bars, and I used a large flathead screwdriver with quite a bit of pressure to press the spring bar into place, indenting it against the watch, once the band was in place.rnrnAwesome watch! Awesome 18mm nato strap I've linked to above! Great combo together! I expect this combo to last me many more years than the original resin strap did.rnrnUpdate 7 Aug. 2019:rnI've had the watch now for 3.75 years. I've worn it 24/7 during this entire time: all day, all night, in the shower every day for nearly 4 years, while exercising, etc. I've only taken it off about a dozen times to switch wrists is all. I've had the 18mm nato strap on it for > 2 years (from June 2017 to today, Aug 2019). Somewhere around 10 months to a year ago, one of the the spring bars broke out of the plastic hole on the watch due to excessive pressure since the nato strap was such a tight fit. So, I simply drilled 2 tiny holes in the watch and ran some 50 lb fishing line through and tied it off. Problem solved! That lasted about another year until the watch got water inside it just last week while swimming. I wonder if it was due to those holes I drilled somehow letting water in. I should have drilled sideways through the plastic tabs in the same holes where the spring bar used to connect instead of drilling down through the side of the plastic case like I did. Lesson learned: I’ll do that next time.rnrnAnyway, time for another watch. Buying this same one would be a good buy.rnrnMy only complaints about this watch are:rn1. It’s bigger than preferred (I’d prefer a women’s size watch honestly due to carpal tunnel wrist pain caused by doing pushups for decades and typing all day–the larger mens watches like this jam up into my wrist while doing pushups and exacerbate the situation)rn2. The time zone gets changed randomly sometimes while exercising or doing pushups, since a button accidentally gets pressed.rn3. The countdown timer has second-resolution (yaaay!, that’s good!) but does *not* have the auto-repeat feature the G-Shock I had years ago had, which means I have to manually restart the watch after each countdown. I liked having the option to make it auto-restart the countdown when doing things like running laps or doing repetitive drills where I want to switch the activity every X seconds or minutes.rnrnThat’s all, folks. It’s a good watch at a good price. 4 years 24/7 is highly respectable. And the nato strap? It’s still in great shape. Good for another 6 years or so I bet (10 years total). . Worked great on my electric skateboard till I was going 25mph on it wearing shorts and a T-shirt and flew off, went into a nasty 5-second slide, came out with nothing but some nasty scratches and my left arm took the brunt of it AND HEY THIS WATCH SAVED THE WHOLE LOWER HALF OF MY ARM my elbow area is torn up BUT UNDER THAT IS GOOD SINCE THIS WATCH ELEVATED IT AND TOOK THE FORCE it still works just messed up to bad to wear still saved me some pain so I give it a 5 loved it while it lasted . Fits great, easy to set and lightweight. Feels weird, almost feels like its not there.rnWill be updating every two weeks for one month on how it holds up. I also work in a warehouse conditions.rnrnPurchased: 03/16/18rnUpdate: Seems to be fine still. Accidently took a shower with it on and still is working like normal. So far great watch for the money. It does tend to keep switching to londen time, so I have to keep pressing mode to get back to my time zone. Not a big deal for me just weird. . Nostalgia & it’s a Casio it will out live me with a few battery changes, one thing I can say is that I’d rather have them charge more and use a stronger more scratch resistant plastic, you would not believe the scratches I got off this watch with white toothpaste I wish I can show you the before and after but anyone who says it doesn’t work must have tried it on glass phones or watches, It definitely works on these classic Casio watches also got a deep gash out of the $100 Casio calculator watch with the address book. I wear it every day I’m 27 and I remember in elementary school I was the coolest kid with that watch. My dad bought it for me when I was In 4th grade for 60 bucks & here I am nearly 2 decades later & I’d take this over any smartwatch. I Got the $25 version of the calculator one to but i like how the more expensive ones buttons feel & the deeper curve around your wrist., looks exactly same but does not have the data bank feature which was amazing when it came out. Read more

6 – Casio Men’s MRW200H-3BV Dive Style Neo-Display Sport Watch

Top Reviews I like this watch. It’s easy to read and keeps good time. I don’t have to touch any button to see time, day and date, and I don’t have to squint. I just bought my second one. The first one still runs fine, but the band finally got tired and broke. A new band cost about $10, and no band I could find had the right flare at the point where it joins the watch. For a few bucks more than the band, I got a whole new watch. I hate the disposable economy we have created, but I won’t fight it over a small watch. So the old one will now go in the drawer where I can pretend it awaits some clever future use (along with seven other such watches). . Initially disappointed. The days of the week would not rollover as expected. Time would be accurate and the date would change, but it would stick on the same day of the week. UPDATE: Amazon replaced without a hassle. The new watch works as expected. . This is a great basic watch that tells time in any weather. You can wear it in the shower, swimming/diving and not have to worry about it. It has a rotating bezel marked from 0 to 59 which can be used as a timer by anyone but particularly by divers. It’s white numerals and hands are in great contrast to it’s black face, making it easy to read in most lighting conditions other than full dark. It has a nice black rubber strap with a locking loop to hold the excess in place. I am not a fan of the belt type of strap so I replaced it with a twist-o-flex type band, but it was a quite serviceable band. This watch does not have a light but others of this style don’t either. Many diver watches have glow in the dark numerals / hands but this model doesn’t have those or if it’s sup[supposed to then mine is defective. It is rated to be accurate to plus / minus 4 seconds per month and while I haven’t had mine that long yet, it is still keeping time to the second.] . In my book, Casio watches are my favorite, with Timex alongside. Casio, continues to make a concentrated effort to upgrade their features and appearances.rnrnFor me, they have always proven to be more than reliable under all conditions. They were smart in producing a Luminox twin, though it doesn’t have the crystal lighting for night vision. For this reason, I have opted to purchase tw
o more, similar Casio models, in hope they provide greater night vision capability.rnrnCasio efficiency allows the purchase of all three of their models to be less than $50.00, far less than half the price of more prestigious brands. I have purchased more expensive watches, such as the Luminox, but mine pooped out in less than four years. Going Casio has proven the better choice for me. My favorite WaveCeptor Casio is still ticking at about 15 years, now dying out. Sigh Read more

7 – Casio Men’s ‘G-Shock’ Quartz Resin Sport Watch

Top Reviews Overall, this is a very solid time piece. It is very easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. The only complaint I had was that the standard band is a bit too short for a larger wrist. To correct this, I removed the band and put my old nylon strap holders in its place from an older G-Shock. They were a perfect fit. So far, so good as I have no other complaints and these watches withstand a lot of punishment from my job. A highly recommended budget G-Shock. . This is the second watch of this very model that I own. The plastic casing and band on the first finally dried out and disintegrated after 20 years of daily use/abuse in all kinds of weather and conditions. The “works” on the other hand continued to work in all that time with only a battery replacement about every 5 years. The alarm tone stopped working after 12 years. So, you can see why I wanted another one for my daily watch. I looked at the various styles to see what was new, but kept coming back to the ol’ reliable. Hopeful that I’ll get another 20 years of use! . You won’t find a better sports watch for the money – hands down. G-Shocks can take a serious beating and keep on ticking; with that in mind, if you need something that’s both reliable and affordable, this is the watch for you!rnrnAll in all, I really enjoy this watch. The band is comfortable and the watch rests nicely. The waterproofing is great, you can swim with it without a problem. The back light is bright enough so that the face can be easily read at night. My only complaint is that it is a bit difficult to work with the buttons on the side – they’re a little ways into the case, so if you have big fingers it can be a bit uncomfortable changing the time and whatnot.rnrnComparing this G-Shock to the Rangeman, this is still a fairly beefy watch. I bought the GW9052 to take with me to BCT so I could leave the Rangeman at home, and I was expecting it to be a bit slimmer but in reality they don’t feel that much different. Not a bad thing, just thought I’d make note of it.rnrnThis is a great watch! . THIS IS NOT A REAL G-SHOCK WATCH. IT COMES IN A BALCK AND RED CARDBOARD BOX THAT HAS CHINESE WRITING UNDERNEATH IT AND HAS A VERY FLEMSY FEELING TO THE RUBBER AROUND IT. IF UR LOOKING FOR A SIMPLE CHEAP WATCH TO BLEND IT IS OK I GUESS BUT I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND IT AS A WORK WATCH. MINE BROKE IN 2MONTHS AND I DO GENERAL CONSTRUCTION. HORRIBLE QUALITY DO NOT PURCHASE Read more

8 – Casio 10 Year Battery Quartz Watch with Resin Strap, Black, 27.2 (Model: DW-291H-1AVCF)

Top Reviews Nice watch, the size is just right, backlight is weak but usable, I have no need of 4 time zones however that is the way it came. The strat as with many Casio watches, is very light duty, I expect it will last less than a year. I would prefer to replace it with a permanent strap, if none is found I recommend ordering one spare at least. A decent purchase for an inexpensive work watch. . Love how Casio add , improved, & up grade on their time Pieces For the Liability & Cost for everyday companion and variety of choices You can’t go wrong with Casio . Surprised how nice it looks, easy to set up and read. My wrist is 8.5 and this watch is not too small. Some watches look like a kids watch. This watch has a nice modern look and it’s a 200m. . This Watch Looks Way Better In Person Pictures Don’t Do It Justice. Just buy it already you won’t regret it. Read more

9 – Casio Men’s ‘Vintage’ Quartz Plastic and Resin Casual Watch, Color:Black (Model: F-91WM-1BCF)

Top Reviews I’m bananas for this watch. The photos do not really show the case color well. The color is between silver and gun metal and it reminds me of the scifi toys that we had in the 80’s. I think it would look fantastic on an orange or black and grey nato band.rnrnIf you are an f-91w enthusiast you will also notice that the face on this model is altered to remove all of the blue markings. For this release they opted for a grey color scheme.rnrnAs a final note you should know that this is a legitimate casio ‘collections’ release. This is not one of the colorful f-91w knockoffs drop shipped from pacific rim. This is a real f91w and it looks great. . Just received this version of famous Casio F-91W. I also own the original version, but I really am thrilled with the aesthetics of this version which just became available on Amazon a couple of months ago. I’ve read some comments that these versions are not authentic Casios, but I did the recommended tests and it is an authentic Casio. I only recently joined the Casio F-91W fan club, but I truly am enjoying the easy-to-read face and the fact that it’s so lightweight. I’m done with smart watches and expensive watches. This watch tells me everything I need to know in one glance. I was so excited to see update of the Gray dial as all of my clothing is some shade of gray and this blends perfectly. I have a small wrist which sometimes swells in the summer heat, so the fact that there are many adjustment holes available on the strap works really well. I plan to wear this for a long time! . Ideal watch. Great finish . It’s a good cheap watch, I got it because the writing is a more dull color then the original F91. You get the same terible backlite, same amazing water resistance. The timer doesnt display the time when it is active but it keeps track of it when you switch screens. I like it because it is thin so it doesnt stretch out hoodie sleeves. Very comfortable watch but gets very irritating after prolonged use. Mine also shipped broken and the straps don’t release to replace with a nato strap. That’s why I gave 3 stars. Read more

10 – Casio Men’s DW290-1V “Classic” Sport Watch

< br> Top Reviews Best Watch, for the price. I had this watch 24 years ago, and had it for about 5 years, before I lost it.That watch went thru all kinds of abuse.I used it for construction work.Road dirt bikes with it.I used it for swimming Diving ,Snorkeling, Snowboarding, Horseback riding you name it the watch went thru it. I think I paid $40.00 back then. I have 17 gshocks, 3 Protreks. I had the first gshock to hit the market in 1983.Take it from a gshock collector. This watch is very very Durable. I can’t believe it’s not a gshock. But that would rase the price. You won’t find a more durable watch, For $25.00 Buy it, you’ll love it .Tom Cruise wore it in Mission Impossible. The head Director of the FBI.wears it. I have a picture next to the gshock Dw5600. Wear in good health. UPDATE SEPTEMBER 8TH. I also bought w740 1v it’s 100meter nice watch same size. I have a picture next to it . . Hands down one of my favorite Casio watches out there. $32 Gets you a watch that can go through the ringer and still function. It’s everything a G-Shock is without the price. This is my 2nd version of this watch. My first one lasted me 3 years on one battery before a swap. With a 200M Water Resistance rating I took it free-diving & scuba diving over the course of those 3 years as well. Even used it to time breath holds in a pool pushing the buttons while underwater (which is not recommended by Casio) but the watch still worked fine. Some think this watch is a little on the ugly side, I disagree. The odd shape case, the pop of red under the crystal and turquoise lettering add something visually appealing to me. The Electro Luminescence from Casio is always a great feature, this watch is a winner all the way. I put it on a Raine Military Cover watch Strap to keep it protected when out an about. Would look great on an 18MM NATO as well. Can’t go wrong with this purchase. . Absolutely love this watch. I have several G-Shocks, including a few that have the atomic sync, solar charging, and all that, but I keep coming back to this one. There are two main reasons. One: It looks just ridiculous, in the best possible way. Super bulky, hexagonal display window (contrasted with the slimmer G-Shock squares), weird color and design choices (I keep thinking it looks like Samus’ helmet in the original Metroid games). The second and main reason I reach for this one above all others is that the buttons are so wonderfully exposed – unlike most of the G-Shocks I’ve had, you don’t have to work to press any of the buttons, including the upper-left reset button – it’s amazing. So easy.rnIn terms of functionality, this watch is identical to the Casio DW5600, which I also prefer over the fancier multiband versions: one alarm, one timer, and a stopwatch. Also like the 5600, this watch will still display the time when you’re in Timer or Stopwatch mode (for whatever reason, the atomic solar ones don’t); also, it’s worth noting that on both this watch and the DW5600, once you use any of the modes, clicking forward takes you immediately back to the main view – compared to the fancier ones, where you have to cycle through every screen, every time, no matter what.rnIf you need the five alarms, world time, the atomic sync, and all the rest look elsewhere. But this is the one if you want a super-sturdy and functional watch that won’t cost you too much. . If its good enough for bob mueller its good enough for me. swapped the band out for an 80s stainless 18mm one i has lying around, much better than rubber. Great watch, my other is a gold rolex, lol seriously! Read more

11 – Casio Men’s DB380G-1 Gold Gold Tone Stainles-Steel Quartz Watch with Digital Dial

Top Reviews Just received the watch. I have worn Casio watches for years. The decision to purchase a watch wasn’t an issue, I wanted a Casio – it was just a matter of selecting the watch that had the items I wanted. I have no doubt that it will give me many years of service. . Excellent sized buttons for setting various functions. . returned . Keep loving the watch. This was my third.rnNo count down timer on this one, however. Read more

12 – Casio Men’s Classic Quartz Watch with Resin Strap, Black, 18 (Model: F-91WM-7ACF

Top Reviews I spent a very long time in the watch business. I know high end watches extremely well. This is not high end, but it is quality. As I’ve aged, I wanted a watch I could see. No micro date in a window, no winding, just something ultra simple. This fit the bill. It just fits my 8″ wrist, I can see it with ease, and the 10 year battery is a bonus. Plus, if I damage it, so what? At this price I can replace it as needed. I have over 700 watches in my collection, and there are four I use regularly. This one, most often. . Update: The silver/black version of this watch is not as rugged as the black version. The buttons are now getting stuck, and I can only use this as a shower clock. So, I took a star off for that. The review below applies to the all-black version I also have.rnrnPrevious review:rnI need a bulletproof stopwatch for all of my workouts, sauna sessions, ice baths, and surfing in the Pacific Ocean. This watch does all of that, PLUS it looks like it was born out of 1988. I absolutely LOVE this retro design, especially the silver and black model. I own two of these. The only problem is that the stopwatch only goes up to one hour (59:59). A lot of my sessions are longer than that. I can tell you that it is 100% waterproof because I’ve put it to the test in 190ºF sauna, 39ºF ice bath, and 3-hour long surfing sessions in 55ºF water. Nothing can break this bad boy. . I love this watch. It’s virtually weightless and it got a certain retro-ish characteristic. The silver paint is a nice touch. The design hasn’t really changed since ’91 and it’s really a modest masterpiece. Seems to do alright in the shower too. . The watch is completely plastic except the back cover . I was very disappointed and to lazy to request a refund so I threw it away into the garbage . Im going to pay a few dollars more and buy from the store real steel . Read more

13 – Casio Men’s AE-1300WH-8AVCF Illuminator Digital Display Quartz Black Watch

Top Reviews Awesome watch for soccer reffing/coaching! This watch has all the features you’ll need, isn’t hideous, and doesn’t break the bank. Highly recommendrnrnUseful features include:rnStopwatch- (shows total elapsed time + total activity time) (alarm can be set for when specific time is reached)rnCountdown timer- (has preset times up to 45min or you can set a time) (can create interval countdowns ie. 10min, 2min re
st, 10 min) (alarm when 0:00 is reached)rn+Lots more.rnI suggest reading the little manual that comes with the watch so you can take full advantage of it. Initially, some features can seem hidden/confusing. . This is a very unique watch with some useful features that are hard to find. I bought it specifically for the auto-repeating multi-step interval timer. Most digital watches don’t have an interval timer at all, let alone multiple intervals with the option to repeat. The AE 1300 can hold up to 9 intervals but I only used 2. This watch is an ideal timer for the pomodoro technique: 25 minutes of work followed by 5 minutes of rest, then repeat. You can set both timers to auto repeat so it will keep cycling through pomodoros until you turn it off – VERY helpful in keeping on task if you struggle with ADHD like I do. The alarm is decently loud without being pushy.rnrnThe stopwatch function is… quirky. When you stop the timer, the large main clock keeps running while the time you stopped it at is displayed in the smaller digits above. I don’t use the stopwatch a lot so it wasn’t a big deal, but it isn’t an intuitive function for most people. It’s actually quite a robust chronometer and has a number of extra functions you can read about in the manual, but I never bothered to figure them out because I had no use for them.rnrnThe other feature this watch has that you’ll have a hard time finding elsewhere is the preset timers. Sometimes I used the 10, 12, and 15 minute timers for baking things in the oven. It was easier and quicker than having to set a timer manually.rnrnI rarely used the alarms or world time, but they functioned well and I could see them being useful. I actually found the watch had too many functions for me, and cycling through them all to get back to regular time could be annoying. Fortunately, when you have the button beep turned on, the watch emits a higher-pitched tone when it returns to regular timekeeping mode, so you don’t have to be looking at it to know you’re back “home.”rnrnI think it looks great, and even my wife who doesn’t care about watches noticed it and said it looked nice. The three circles with their steadily animated segments don’t serve any useful purpose, but they add an indescribable element of cool to the design. It took me a couple months to figure out why they looked so familiar, then it hit me: they look like the TIE fighter cockpit glass from Star Wars! Not exactly the same since they have 5- and 10-segment dials and the TIEs use 8, but it’s pretty darn close and it looks awesome. The backlight is a very pleasant orange glow that lights up the whole face of the watch. It’s brief, but the battery life is claimed to be 10 years so it’s an understandable sacrifice for efficiency’s sake. The acrylic lens does scratch fairly easily, but I was able to buff mine to like-new condition with some toothpaste and a cloth.rnrnFor the three months I had it, it kept very reliable time and I enjoyed looking at the watch daily. It really did bring me a little bit of joy every time I looked at it, which is more than I can say for most $15 purchases I’ve made. The interval timer got near-daily use and it became my go-to digital watch over my G-shock DW9052 and F91W pretty quickly. Maybe if I wasn’t working from home in a pandemic I would have changed it up a bit more, but the AE 1300 was my watch of choice for much of the quarantine.rnrnBut one night recently I was taking it off in the dark as I was going to bed and I just missed setting it on my dresser. It fell about 4 feet onto the hardwood floor straight onto the face with a loud clack. The next morning when I went to put it on, I noticed the screen was blank and it was unresponsive, although there wasn’t a scratch or crack anywhere. I opened it up and poked around for a while, removed and replaced the battery, but the LCD just displayed some random marks and never returned to life.rnrnI don’t fault Casio for this necessarily, since it’s not advertised as a shock-resistant watch. There’s a reason I have a G-shock, because not every watch can handle a drop on the floor. I just hoped this one would be a little tougher. I’ll miss this watch and I might even buy it again someday, but I decided to give another watch a try first to see if it’s tougher. I bought a Timex Command 47 mm in white for its two-step auto-repeat interval timer and its good looks. So far it’s been a good experience, but the Timex cost 4 times what I paid for the AE 1300, so time will tell if it’s worth it. A 10-year battery isn’t worth much if a single drop from waist level is enough to kill the watch. Overall, I’d recommend this watch even given my experience, because it looks great, has awesome features, and the ultra cheap price makes up for it being so potentially fragile. . I owned a Casio with world cities times before, but working on the car I left it under the hood. So, bye bye great watch.rnNo Prob ! go on Amazon and get another. list of orders, there it is . No longer available. So, very tricky, I must search for the functions that Super Watch had Available. I found the great quart watch hiding in a new design with the same great chip. It was a dollar difference, with a better design. Well worth it. Multi-count-down timers, stop-watches, great big numbers and date + day. Oh you can read, so this is the watch for you !!! It put me on the HUNT. . After countless heart rate monitor watches I just wanted a programmable interval watch I could use effectively. This watch is easy to program and allows for multiple timers to run at the same time. I use it effectively by running two 45 minutes while doing a custom interval timer for the HIIT I do. I only wish I had three sets of the 9 interval timings so I could do hypertrophy and endurance protocols. But it’s a reliable watch and hasn’t had issues with swimming or otherwise. I would recommend it. The first red one I got died earlier than expected but that was likely due to using the 10 min timer all night four nights a week for months to stay awake during graves. I’d rather just keep buying replacements than try a new watch. Read more

14 – Casio Men’s W96H-1BV Classic Sport Digital Black Watch

Top Reviews This is by far my favorite quick easy digital watch on the market. I’m on my third one (other two were both lost in freak accidents) and love everything about the watch. As someone in the military it has everything I need. It has absolutely everything I want to know at a glance. I’ve become so accustomed to it I can navigate through the watch and set alarms and do other things all without looking at it, partially in thanks to the ease of the “layout”. I really like how it shows the current time in the corner as you are in other menus, so I can keep a timer up and also see the time without having to go back to the main screen. Some will probably dislike how brief the illumination is but I prefer it for minimal visibility at night. The screen won’t hold up to heavy abuse as far as hiding scratches but it’s always kept working and been tough enough to still be able to read the screen, though to me looks are always secondary to performance. The only feature it lacks is a count down timer but that isn’t important to me. Overall this watch carries the strongest recommendation I can give for something. . this is the same watch I purchased 5 years ago. The watch is great. The wristband only lasts 5 years. (the watch has a ten year battery. A new wrist band is only $4. less than a new watch. So I purchased a new watch. It is not a standard wrist ba
nd, so there are no cheap alternatives. The three stars are for the wristband. . Description of this watch states that it has Electro-luminiscent backlight and LED Light with Afterglow, but these are just fancy terms they put in for the show.rnIt only has little light on the lower left corner for a backlight, no Electro-luminiscent backlight, no LED Light with Afterglow.rnVery disappointed.rnOtherwise I like the watch even it’s on the smaller side. . this was perfect. Went rafting and didn’t want to take anything fancy that could get damaged or lost. But this was the best. large numbers, smaller bezel (not a tea saucer for your wrist) and flat so doesn’t get in the way of gear, ropes, and vests. It glows in the dark but not indiglo – not that it matters. Price was perfect and it isn’t outrageously colorful or garish so can be worn when you don’t want to scream ‘I’m outdoorsy’ – glad I purchased. Read more

15 – Casio Unisex F108WHC-7BCF Watch

Top Reviews Great price for this watch at only $20 with tax. Its really cool and beautiful watch. I would buy more if they had more colors besides black. My wrist is 6.5 inch (adult woman) and I wear this watch on the last pin, so it is definitely an adult only watch. The strap is a bit too long for me, but it is manageable. I think this watch looks pretty impressive. It has a light-up screen and it is very easy to set up without instruction. It has only three buttons. It comes with instruction, warranty, nice box and plastic display stand. I think this item would make a nice gift as well. I am completely satisfied with my purchase. It is rather on a bigger side, but I ordered the white one so it looks cute. Its pretty flat and I can easily wear clothes over it. Really, really nice watch. I am even considering ordering the black version now, but I am a little afraid that it will look too manly and I am a girl. I like it that much.rnrn_____rnUpdate after 2 months of use:rnUnfortunately, but this watch looks like trash after only 2 months of sporadical use. It yellowed and the black wording erased. It says it is waterproof, but it did not say it will look like trash after contact with water. I took it to the pool once (did not even swim, just had it above the water) and like 2 times near shower. It still functions though. . I use this in watch as a temple worker in the LDS Gilbert AZ temple. Everything we wear is suppose to be white, and this is a great compliment to my work. Temple work is EXTREMELY organized and runs on an exact and detailed schedule. It’s important that my watch is easy to read (in light and dark places), reliable, and white. This watch, which looks like its from the 80’s is not the most glamorous watch with all the high tech watches available today, but I don’t need the latest Apple Watch I just need a work horse that does the job. My one complaint is there is a little time drift maybe 10 seconds a week, which requires me to resync my watch with the Salt Lake City time servers each week so my watch runs in tandem with the Church’s clock servers I just wish it didn’t drift but from my understanding most washes drift unless they are synced with some central time server over air. Besides that its a great watch that does the job. . I have been buying these watches for a while now. The thing I HATE the most is that the watch band always fades and takes on wonky not-white colors. I have not found a good way to clean it. For some reason the softer plastic just does not hold up like the hard plastic on the face. I have tried to find ANY white digital watch that doesn’t have that soft plastic band, but have still been unsuccessful. There is a “ceramic” band type, by I have only found it on analogue watches . I will settle with this until I can find what I really want. . Lightweight, easy to read, good backlight for night viewing, simple controls, and retro cool! I’ve been wanting a white watch for a while but didn’t want to spend a lot on something I won’t wear every day. This watch was priced just right and is made by a brand that I’ve had very good luck with. I may have to buy some other colors just for fun! Read more

16 – Casio Men’s F105W-1A Illuminator Sport Watch

Top Reviews I started wearing the grandfather of this same watch some 45 years ago and have never changed. They last me on the average 8 years, some longer, some less. Usually it is the band, not the watch. I believe at present we have the past 3 set as alarm clocks around the house and for trips. I leave my on all the time, even at night when the occasion warrants it. At 78 years I have yet to break a crystal. It will scratch, if one tries really hard. I hope this is not my last one. . I have been wearing these Casio digital watches for many years. The strap has always been the weak point. A replacement strap costs about as much as a new watch. After many years of use, the small band that holds the end of the strap in place broke on the Casio F105 I had been using. In fairness, it probably broke because I caught it on something. It is not acceptable to have the end of the strap sticking up so a new watch was in order. For what it is worth, the old 105 was made in China and the new is from Thailand. I am unhappy that the blue illumination on the new watch is only about half as bright as the illumination on the old. Why? Is Casio trying to extend the battery life? I prefer the brighter illumination and replacing the watch or battery more often. Actually, I have never had a strap outlast a battery. I buy this model because the blue illumination works. I have found that models with the small LED on the side which emits white illumination are difficult to read in the dark. I liked one of my very early Casio’s that also included a count down timer. Why did Casio get rid of that? . Along with the F91W, This is probably the best most simple, light, small, comfortable retro affordable Casio designed in the market today, the advantage of this one over the F91w is the illuminator which the F91w lacks, and reason I chose the F105w over the F91W, the F91w illumination is nowhere near as good as the 105, but you do pay a little more for this one though, and that’s fine with me.rnIt’s kind of funny to read reviews that give this watch one star because the watch is cheap plastic, small, not having that many functions, not suitable for diving, or the band braking after a year of 24/7 use 🙄; I believe those people are missing the point of this watch; This watch is exactly what it shows it is, an affordable simple watch for those who want something very basic, small, comfortable and unpretentious; Besides, what do you expect from a $17 dollar watch 🤔? it’s made out of plastic, Of course it is, Casio tells you that and so does Amazon on the description; it’s small, The dimensions are also published on the description, so yes, you may find it small, why didn’t you read the description or try it out at your local WM before you bought it ? besides, not everyone wants a 50mm watch on their wrist (Trying to compensate for something else perhaps ?); It doesn’t have man
y functions, again, the description tells you what functions it has before you hit that buy now button, just take a few seconds and read it, is it that difficult? ; It’s not sutable for diving No, it’s not, and it says that on the description as well, and for your information when a watch reads Water resist and there is no number to follow, that normally means 30 mts max, and 30 mts doesn’t mean you can go down diving in 30 mts of water, it actually means that it’s splash resistant, light rain resistant, and sweat resistant, look it up; The band breaks after a year or so Of course the band will eventually break, it’s made out of resin people, and if you use this watch 24/7 it will break, particularly if you expose it to the elements all day, that’s expected, just replace it for a generic inexpensive band if you’re that attached to the watch itself, and if you spend as much money or more on a replacement band as you can spend just by buying another brand new F105 then you need some desperate financial advise, and you probably eat a lot of led paint as a kid (or maybe you still do, IDK)rnTo finalize, this is a $17 dollar classic retro Casio watch for those who want something old school, simple and worry free, this is not intended to be a family heirloom, and if that’s what you’re looking for then you may have to spend a little more than $17 dollars (sorry to burst your bubble) . Like its variant the F91 W, this Casio F105 W is classic 90’s digital watch. Some have complained that the illumination button is on the left side buttons instead of the right, but I’m left handed so it works out fine.rnrnIt’s an extremely light weight Made in Thailand watch. For less than $14, the value is there. It has all the functions of a basic digital watch: 24 hour mode, day/date, stopwatch, alarm, hourly beeps, Night Illuminator. The Night Illuminator is a spectacular coral color. The only thing missing is a countdown timer. It’s not as Feature-rich as many G-Shocks and Tough Solars in Casio’s line, but this watch debuted far earlier than those watches, so its understandable. Its a piece of Horology history that you can own for under $15!rnrnBy today’s standards, the watch face is a bit small .that’s the only drawback. Read more

17 – Casio 10 Year Battery Quartz Watch with Resin Strap, Black, 27.2 (Model: DW-291H-1BVCF)

Top Reviews This seems to be a fairly new Casio model, without much info in the reviews. I ultimately wound up returning it – just couldn’t get a comfortable fit – but there’s a few things worth mentioning.rn* The watch was bigger and shinier than I expected. That is thanks to the big, shiny, protruding buttons and their housings. The case-diameter specs didn’t take the diagonal size into account. Overall the case size is about that of a modest G-Shock, but a little thinner. I wound up liking the look – kind of steampunk – and was fine with the size on an average wrist.rn* As another reviewer has noted, the big buttons are easy to push in operating the watch.rn* This watch has the best implementation of Casio’s World Time mode I’ve seen. It allows quick access to five different world cities/time zones. The main timekeeping mode includes four different “local times” (T1-T2-T3-T4) that can be cycled through with the lower right (Search) button. It was easy to set those times to West Coast U.S. time (where I live), London, Moscow and Beijing, as examples. In addition to that, the first push of the Mode button goes to another World Time setting (default UTC but easily changed).rn * After that the modes cycle through Casio’s usual alarm, stopwatch and countdown timer functions. The display is big, well contrasted and easy to read even from an angle.rn* Finally, there’s the thing that makes this a 4-star review rather than 5 stars. It’s that little circle in the top right of the watchface. That is tiny analog graphic view of your local time (T 1). Being able to see the time when you are in another mode (stopwatch, timer) is useful. However, this implementation is completely useless. You can’t see the teensy hour-minute-second indicators without a magnifying glass (I’m serious) and if you can’t tell its time at a glance, what’s the point? Total waste of watchface real estate. Total design irritation.rn* Overall, however, an easy-to-use, attractive (tastes differ) and easy-to-live-with watch. Just didn’t fit for me. . Yup, perfect watch for me; love the big numbers and clear display, nice backlight, plenty of alarms, fantastic water resistance, and it fits my big wrists very well. . Simple function and good visibilityrnEspecially since it has a world clock function for travelersrn200 meters waterproof at this price!!!!rnYou have a great sense of fashion (I’m in red) and if you don’t want to pay more than $200, just buy this. . Excelente reloj. Se ve muy bien en la muñeca, es deportivo pero a la vez elegante y no pasa desapercibido. Muy bonito y de calidad casio por supuesto. Read more

18 – Casio Men’s G-Shock Classic Analog-Digital Watch

Top Reviews First, the Good:rnrnLike call Casio G-Shock watches, this is cool looking, comfortable, and above all else–tough. I don’t take mine off–ever. I shower with it, sleep with it on, everything. It gets wet, banged around, thumped, shaken, and never had a problem. Controls are easy to use. Excellent everyday watch in most respects.rnrnThe Bad:rnrnDespite the picture, it is very difficult to see the hands even in low light, let alone no light. There just isn’t enough contrast. Yes, you can hit the light to read the time in the digital display, but I want something I can glance at and tell the time. This brings us to the first problem. The “afterglow” feature is next to useless. Yes, it lights up in low or no light conditions. The problem is it needs light to charge up the particles in the gas to make it glow. That means that it will glow for a pretty short period of time. Plan on seeing it glow even ten minutes after the lights are out, and you’re out of luck. Even with my lamp on in the other corner of the room, it isn’t enough light to keep them lit up. I’ll have to do some research into another model that has better features in that respect. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.rnrnI really wanted to give this more stars, but given that it performs so poorly in low or zero light, I just can’t do it. It’s a great watch and I’ll definitely use it when I’m out and about, but even in a poorly lit room, you can barely see the hands on this thing, which is disappointing. . Like the headline states, this is probably the simplest G-Shock because the features are a bit thin. People that are used to the typical G features should be aware of this. There is no countdown timer or auto EL (when tilted towards you) and you can only have one dual time zone too. This is an aside but the LCD is a negative display which has its cons. It’s great in the day, but you have to use the light button at night when analog reading isn’t an option. I’m not going to subtract stars because there was a picture and I didn’t notice the display was hard to see at night. Perfect indestructible ana
log other than those small issues. It is insanely accurate and SOLID feeling because it has a smaller size in diameter but it’s thick like usual G’s. At $50ish bucks, I can’t find a downside-highly recommended! . I travel in lots of places around the world (including those populated by thieves in Europe). I wanted a watch to replace my Rolex so some thug didn’t chop my arm off to get it.rnrnThis watch looked great, but resetting the time requires standing on one foot while rubbing your belly, holding down three obscure buttons and you get the point: too much overhead.rnrnHave decided since it’s insured, I’ll quickly take the Rolex off and hand it to the crook. . First of all I really like the style, color combination. It is also a great size, not small, not too large. So many watches these days seem way to big, especially for those of use that don’t have gorilla wrists.rnrnThe band loop/retainer is poorly designed. The opening is way to high for the band thickness so it tends to keeps sliding away leaving the end of the band to flap around and catch on things. The opening height should be around 5mm and it is probably 8mm-10mm (I don’t have it with me to measure). I’ve been an engineer for 20+ years, this is poor attention to detail. Luckily I found replacement loops from another Amazon vendor that have an opening 20mm x 5mm – problem solved for less than $10.rnrnThe digital display is hard to see especially for those of us with older eyes. It is also blocked by the hands between the 4 and 8 positions, but I guess that should be obvious by the design.rnrnIt has been a while, but I remember setting the correct time seemed tedious. Certainly not as easy as it is on some other watches I have.rnrnOverall I really like the watch and would recommend it (especially for the price) just make sure you get the smaller replacement band loops. Read more

19 – Casio Women’s Vintage LA670WGA-1DF Daily Alarm Digital Gold-tone Watch

Top Reviews I have two of the larger Casios and I am obsessed with them. I don’t have THAT small of a wrist, but this watch doesn’t look too small on me. its like a little bracelet. it is more dainty and lightweight. its the same gold finish as the larger style. I can tell you from experience that the gold does ware off overtime, but it takes a LONG tome to do so. I have had the two larger ones for 5+ years and have NEVER changed the batteries and both still work! Casio rocks. I did notice that this one was VERY tight to adjust the size. I bent my tweezers trying to do so. home that loosens up over time I get compliments on the other two every day, so I imagine this one will be a big hit too.rnI can’t find my larger gold one so I used the silver for the photo for size comparison. I hope they never stop making these! . I’m part of the generation that’s had a phone since some time in high school so felt like I never really needed a watch for the time. But a number of months ago I bough an activity tracker that displays the time and now I get anxious when I’m not wearing a watch of some sort because I got so used to it! So I bought a few cheaper watches including this one.rnrnSince I’ve been a teenager my dad has described my style as “middle-aged on a budget,” which is true about me to this day. This watch certainly fits that bill, though it’s a bit more dainty than I was expecting, which is a nice surprise.rnrnI really like all the modes like the calendar, alarm, and stopwatch, but what I especially love is the preset countdown timer. I like it as a productivity tool. I’ll set it to 20 minutes and give myself that time to clear out my email inbox, or something like that.rnrnI have a pretty small wrist so appreciate that it’s easy to move the clasp. I ended up bending/twisting off a number of links to shorten the band. I’m sure there’s a more elegant way of doing that, but it worked for me!rnrnAs some other reviewers have commented, the only thing isn’t missing is a backlight. . I purchased this product for around $20 for my girlfriend which is 5′ 5″ and weights around 105 pound so you would guess that the watch was huge for her and had to take off a few of the pieces to make it fit but it did fit perfectly after that, good size and everything. But there are a few issues let me explain pros and cons;rnrnProsrn- Casio has been a top name brand for a lot of years and it shows with this watch, really high qualityrn- Stylishrn- Looks more expensive than what it really isrn- Love the digital timernrnHere are the cons:rn- I purchased this watch in February for my girlfriend and now is December and the watch has already peeled off most of the gold paint, I thought this would last a little bit longer due to the fact that is a casiornrnNote: The only con is that is already fading but everything else is good, just expected at least 1 year for this watch to brake or the paint to fade, btw she is using it daily but not abusing of it, like come on she is a school teacher. . I love my little Casio. I’m not a watch person per se (except for those few G-Shock obsessed years in high school), but I could get used to this thing and its flashy, gold blingedness. It makes me smile when I look at it. This purchase is, in part, my attempt at turning back the unforgiving hands of time. The only con I have is that the band is really loose, but that’s an easy fix 🙂 Read more

20 – Casio Men’s A178WA-1A Illuminator Stainless Steel Watch

Top Reviews > “10 Year Battery Life” — it says so on the face of the watch. I believe it. In 2018, when I purchased the watch, when I set the time and date the first time, the default year was 2008, meaning that it was manufactured 10 years earlier. No doubt, that’s the reason for the bargain pricing — they gotta sell them before the batteries die. (Note that I paid $25 for one of these 30 years ago — that’s the equivalent of $150 or more today). But, the battery may still have 5 or so years left since the alarm and other high-battery-drain functions have never been used.rn> Fortunately, the battery is easy to change if necessary — I changed the battery 3 times over the 30 life of my previous Casio. (I retired my old Casio because the LCD display began to get fluky).rn> Looks great — I expect it to last at least 30 years, like my last Casio. Well, maybe 20 years since the LCD of my “new” Casio has already been operating for 10 years.rn> The stainless steel watch band is simple, but executed with elegant precision. The lightly brushed finish is beautifully done. The band is very comfortable. I’ve had more expensive stainless steel bands with expandable links (internal springs) to make them elastic, which sometimes was a problem when I was working (the watch would slip up or down my arms. Properly adjusted, the Casio watchband is comfortable and stays in place. The Casio band does LACK a folding link or folding buckle (or whatever you’d call it) which simplifies installing the watch on your wrist, and slightly lessens the possibility of the watch falling off your wrist if it becomes unhooked — but the Casio snaps closed so tightly that it should never come loose accidentally.
The only down side to the Casio stainless steel band is that you need fingernails (or a substitute of some sort, such as the corner of a credit card) to unhook the buckle to take the watch off your wrist.rn> Beware that the instructions don’t tell you how to adjust the watchband. You need a small tool (perhaps a penknife or a small flat screwdriver to lift a lever plate on the movable “buckle” part, then slide the “buckle” to the position you need and snap the lever plate down. There is apparently no provision for shortening the watchband (i.e., removing links) — so someone with a small wrist would be advised to purchase a women’s or child’s version.rnrnOTHER REVIEWER’S COMPLAINTS:rn> Many of the other reviewer’s complaints are about other Casio models. There are other models with black plastic cases. There are other models with uncomfortable plastic watchbands. Some reviewers may be reviewing other models, and/or Amzn frequently jumbles together reviews of different models, and sometimes even of unrelated products.rn> Plastic case? Nope — it’s solid steel. My old 30-year old Casio (worn daily for most of those 30 years) still looks like new (no scratches or corrosion to the case or bezel).rn> Plastic lens? Yes, all watch lenses are plastic — even though there are a half dozen silly tradenames implying that various brands and models of lens are something else. Bottom line — my previous 30-year-old worn-every-day, (same model) Casio, even worn all day while working with power tools many of those days, does not have a single blemish. I suppose it would scratch if you gouge hard it with a screwdriver, or scrape it hard against concrete, but under normal usage it is invincible.rn> Too light weight? Is that REALLY a problem? Maybe for insecure guys who want to pretend they’re wearing solid gold ghetto Rolexes. The Casio is solidly built, but light weight. That’s GOOD design.rn> Some reviewers claim to have problems with the adjust button. While you can click the OTHER buttons, you have to press and HOLD the adjust button of this model Casio about 1 second to get into the adjust mode (to change the time, setup alarms, etc). Note that in some similar models of Casios, the display-adjust-button can activated by a simple click — but the button is protected by a raised flange to prevent accidental clicks. For this Casio, you have to press and briefly hold the display-adjust-button .rn> Comes loose and falls off your wrist? There is a two step process installing the watch on your wrist. First you hook it, THEN you snap it closed. Yeh, if you skip the first step, it can come loose and fall off. But this ain’t rocket science guys — HOOK and SNAP, that’s all. Easier than a brassiere.rn> Cheap? Well, it is an incredible bargain. But “cheap” it is not. It ain’t a Patek Phillippe. It isn’t elegant — but isn’t intended to be. It is what it is. And what it is, is pretty handsome.rnrnUPDATE–Okay, it’s now 12 years (since manufacture) and the battery is still going, and Amzn has doubled the price, probably meaning that the inventory has declined significantly (or maybe the distributor bit the bullet and installed new batteries). But, it’s still a good buy. . It’s so extremely hard to find a wristwatch that:rnrn(1) is digital and easy to readrn(2) has a stainless steel band, rather than a resin that will break in six monthsrn(3) is thin and lightrn(4) doesn’t try to look like a jet fighter cockpit or some other ridiculous thing.rnrnThis humble Casio is about is close as you’ll find. Truth be told, I’d gladly pay three times as much for a “nicer” version (i.e. steel case rather than chrome-colored plastic, no words printed on the front, etc). Sadly, the only steel digital watches in that range are either huge and clunky, or cluttered with GPS or ocean tidal gibberish. Not much of a market for quality-yet-minimalist digital.rnrnEven though I wouldn’t wear this to a job interview or special occasion, it’s my favorite “everyday” watch. The clock numbers are large and easy to read, with the information I want to see and nothing else. However, the watch itself is so thin and light that you’ll often forget you’re wearing it.rnrnOne thing I really like about the band is that unlike most stainless steel bands, you can easily adjust it without special tools or adding/removing links. If you gain or lose weight just pop a clasp open with a butter knife, slide it up or down along the band, and then push it closed again.rnrnI never tried swimming with it, but it’s definitely water resistant enough to survive in the rain with no issues. I’ve had a couple of these over the years, and the “10-year battery life” claim is pretty close to accurate. At this price range, it’s basically disposable. By the time the battery dies, the watch will be all scratched up so it makes more sense to simply get another one rather than deal with the hassle of battery replacement.rnrnIf you’re looking for a piece of men’s jewelry, or a status symbol, then this watch obviously isn’t for you. But in terms of cost, functionality and form, I haven’t found anything yet that beats it. . Larger than the standard retro Casios, quality of the chrome seem good, light weight, very smart. While others wear and compete with the expensive fashionable brands, the Casio says something else. . Very pleased with this purchase. No complaints so far. Value for money. I would recommend this product. Read more

21 – Casio Men’s Pro Trek PRG-270-1 Tough Solar Triple Sensor Multifunction Digital Sport Watch

Top Reviews I decided to put this review up as a few reviewers have issues with the accuracy of the altimeter readings, and may not understand the limitations of these watches:rnrnDesignrn======rnThe PRG270 is smaller than some of the older Protrek models, due to the smaller sensor, and they have moved the sensor location from the 10 o’clock to the 9 o’clock position. The triple sensor makes these watches sometimes called ABC watches as they have Altitude, Barometer & Compass readouts. The smaller design makes it easier to wear everyday, however the face is still relatively busy, with the case having front raised sections (at the 12, 3, 6 & 9) with indents. The sensor at the 9 o’clock position sits higher than the raised section at the 3 o’clock position. The crystal is recessed nicely as usual on Casio G-Shocks and Protreks.rnrnI wish the design could look more like the PRW3000, which is cleaner and more stylish IMHO  Casio Men’s PRW-3000-1ACR Protrek Digital Display Japanese Quartz Black Watch , but is also 3 times more expensive. The display is similar to the other Protreks, divided into three sections. The top section has a dotmatrix display and can show the date, or altitude/barometric graphs, the middle section is the time, and the lower section is the seconds.rnrnThe watch is light, mine weighs about 67 grams (2.36 ounces), and has 10Bar water resistance, which means it is ok in a rain shower, or shallow swim, but it wouldn’t be ok with a scuba dive. I have only had this watch in the rain, and it functions fine.rnrnOne issue with the PRG270 is the strap uses a 18mm spring lug, so if you wanted to put a wider Nato/Zulu strap, you’d need an adapter.rnrnFeaturesrn=======rn- EL backlight, this is nice and bright, and the EL button is still on the front, they have moved the adjust button on older Protreks from the front to the 10 o’clock position. You can still set this for Automatic, and set it for 1 or 3 second display.rn- Date display – on the Time display, you can change date to Day&Date, or Month&Date, or Barom
etric Graph only (no date).rn- Setting time – this is a breeze. when you get the watch is preset to Tokyo time. Changing the Time zone to your location, and checking if Daylight Saving Time (DST) applies, and voila – the time is set and easy to change if you travel. The secondary timezone is set by picking various preset cities. I have not had any issue with the time accuracy so far.rn- Stopwatch/Countdown TImer (24 hours max)/Alarm – All standard, but the alarm lets you have 5 individual alarms, and the alarm is louder and longer than my Suunto Core watches.rn- Sunrise/Sunset – this is also a breeze to set. The PRG270 lets you input the longitude and latitude of your location for accurate sunrise/sunset times. Compared with my Suunto Core watches which only lets me choose nearest cities.rn- Power save – I have set this to on, and the watch will display will go off overnight, or after a period of unuse to conserve battery. You can wake it up by pressing any button.rnrnAltimeter/Barometer (This is from my previous reply comment to a review on the altimeter readings)rn=======rnrnAll altimeter watches without GPS embedded will calculate the estimate of altitude by changes in air (barometric) pressure.rnrnAir pressure can change due to many things, like change in elevation, change in weather, your physical location and wind. So for example, if you get a low pressure system coming through over night, while you leave your watch on the table, it could appear that you have ascended a few hundred feet in your sleep. Similarly, if you take the watch on a commercial airplane, it will not give you a reading on the actual altitude, but a lower altitude, based on the pressure within the cabin. If you fly in an unpressurized aircraft, it will give you a more accurate altitude reading. I have taken a Suunto Core with me when I’ve been in a few prop aircraft, and used it as a secondary altimeter in skydiving, and it has been fairly accurate after calibration. I’ll take the Casio up next time and see how it goes.rnrnAlso, I have found that the altimeter and barometer readings tend to vary with temperature, and gives marginally more accurate readings off the wrist especially if I have been hiking and my wrist is warm.rnrnI also have a few Suunto Core watches, and the Suunto Core is quite clever in the way it calculates the altitude. If you leave it in altitude logging, it will gain elevation as you physically climb up, as the barometric pressure changes faster than it does when the weather changes, so it realises you are climbing. But once you stop climbing for a while, it realises this and any slight air pressure changes it takes as weather change, and not altitude gain or loss. The Casio doesn’t have this feature.rnrnFor accurate altimeter readings you still need to calibrate your altimeter watch to your reference altitude on a fairly regular basis. I do this when I want to log altitudes before a hike/climb. An easy way to do this is to check Google Earth which gives accurate altitude readings when you put your location. You can then calibrate the barometric pressure from your local meteorology service (I take mine from their website on the day I calibrate).rnrnIf kept properly calibrated during a day that has fairly stable weather, they should prove to be very accurate overall. In varying weather conditions, you will see some variation. Again, it’s essential to know the reference altitude to get back on track.rnrnStill, this can vary, and the altimeter watch is not a scientific instrument, but only designed to give you an estimate on current altitude. For example, on a recent trek to Mt Everest Base Camp, I ran a few loggers, including a barometric altimeter, and on the return trek later in the day because I was exhausted, I didn’t recalibrate the altimeter at the known peak height, the altimeter log showed an altitude difference of about 10 metres (see here imgur.com/8XrW0iD)rnrnSo if you are after an altimeter watch for accurate altitude readings at specific location, without daily calibration, the Casio PRG 270 it is not the right tool for you.rnrnThe accuracy of the altimeter when properly calibrated is pretty close when I’ve compared it with my Suunto Core watches, Garmin handheld GPSs and altitude markers on trails. I usually the watch strapped to my backpack strap when hiking, so it doesn’t get thrown out by my body temperature.rnrnAlso, I haven’t checked how fast the altimeter updates. It seems ok for hiking, but I haven’t taken readings and monitored it while bike riding for example. The newer V3 Sensor has reduced the time required to measure altitude from 5 seconds previously to 1 second now, and the altitude measurement unit has been improved from five metres to one metre.rnrnThe temperature reading in the barometer was pretty accurate, but I’ve noticed it can get wierd with rapid changes in temperature. For example, if you have left the watch by the window to solar charge, the temperature will be wrong for about half an hour until the watch and sensor cools down, and you get a more accurate measurement. You should only calibrate the temperature when the watch has cooled to normal temperature, and I have done this with a high accuracy thermometer. The temperature reading it gives includes 1 decimal place. In my Suunto Core, it only displayed the nearest degree, but after calibration, both Suunto watches and the PRG270 are pretty accurate on temperature off wrist.rnrnAltimeter logs – the watch has enough memory to store 30 logs, and 14 trek logs, but I think the Suunto is better here as it can record more.rnrnCompassrn========rnAs with all electronic compasses, it will get interferences from other magnetic sources, and may not be accurate on boats, planes, trains, or even in some buildings where the ferroconcrete magnetism causes inaccurate readings. That said, I have had good experiences with the compass, in those conditions. The magnetic compass can be set for magnetic declination, and you can still display the time in Compass mode. The top section can be set to display the bearing (0°-360°) or the direction (N,S,E,W, etc).rnrnYou have to have the watch level with the ground to get an accurate compass reading, and it is easy to calibrate by holding the adjust button down. You should only calibrate when way from other magnetic sources. I do this when I’m starting a hike, away from the car, but always carry a real compass and maps if going out bush.rnrnIf you leave it in compass mode it will stop the compass to save battery.rnrnSummaryrn=======rnOverall, for the price, this is a very good triple sensor watch that because of the smaller size from previous Protreks you can use for everyday wear. If you understand the limitations of ABC watches (they are not intended as precision instruments), this is a great first ABC watch. . Firstly, excuse my poor english, it’s not my native language.rnI originally wanted a G-shock. Till last I realized that my soul coveted not a G-Shock, but a Protrek watch. I ordered one from amazon (was delivered very rapidely, less than 3 days) and waited more than 1 month a friend of mine to bring it to me in my country (Romania) from USA. It’s a good looking, awesome watch, simply I love it! The build is OK, seems solid and tough, the plastic don’t give the feeling of cheap. It feels very good on wrist, comfortable and light, despite its size. It’s a big watch, but even at my thin wrist (despite my 188 cm height) looks very, very good. Very intuitive, I didn’t need to read the manual for settings. The only part I will read in manual is the calibration of sensors.rnI don’t regret at all my choice, because (in my opinion) G-Shocks under 150-200$ are ugly and poor in features. . This is my third ABC watch; I also have the original ‘Pathfinder’ and a Suunto Vector. Here’s a few reasons why which might help you make your decision to buy this:rnrn- This watch is just the right size; big enough to operate with heavy winter gloves but not comically large.rn- The response time from button push to readout is very quick with this third generatio
n sensor, about a second.rn- Unlike my other ABCs, I’m not concerned with draining the battery by taking frequent readings because this one is solar powered. – The battery life is estimated by Casio at 6 years, based on # of charging cycles and battery ‘memory’.rn- The auto-light which activates when I flick my wrist is nice for one handed viewing at night. I don’t find it too bright. User can select 1/5 or 3 seconds.rn- I like having the Sunrise/Sunset data one button push away (bottom right button while in time mode). I find myself checking it every few days to observe how that cycle is changing.rn- Like other ABCs, it shows pressure trends so basic forecasting can be done (assuming true altitude has been relatively constant)rn- The altimeter is more sensitive and precise than my other ABCs. Like some other reviewers have mentioned I can raise the watch and watch the altitude readout change by ONE meter, then back down again.rnrnThe altimeter is ‘precise’, but to be ‘accurate’ you must tell it the current altitude before you start your climb. These watches interpolate altitude from a pressure/altitude lapse rate formula. The readout will track that ratio perfectly accurately, but that lapse rate (m/milibar) is only accurate in a NOAA ‘standard atmosphere’, which is a nominal average. Real world lapse rates vary and so will your indicated altitude for various reasons (which are all interesting to learn about). For example on a colder than standard day it will read high, and on a hotter than standard day it will read low.rnrnThis watch IMO would be a great tool for a child or anyone who wants to studying many interesting subjects, lapse rates, adiabatic cooling, pressure effects on weather, and so on. Calibrating the altitude is simple, press the set button and increment the readout to your current known altitude. Having to tell an ABC watch the altitude is not absurd, and works as follows: on a recent climb of Fuji my group started from the station 5 bus terminal which we knew to be 2,300m. The summit is at 3776m and there are huts every few hundred meters of elevation. It was nice to know how ‘far’ until the next hut, especially the one we slept at, and then how far to the summit. A simple calculation using the altitude and time from the watch such as ‘the previous 100m took one hour’ gave a rough estimate of ETA; which helped to keep the group motivated.rnrnAfter years of using these watches, I wish Casio would incorporate one feature which I call ‘altitude lock’ or ‘base-camp lock’. If the user knows his/her true altitude will not change for several hours, he should be able to lock the altitude readout at its current value. Any attempt to use the altimeter would show “LOCK”. Then, when the climb resumed the next morning, the indicated altitude would NOT have drifted up or down due to weather changes over the past several hours; it would not be any less accurate than it was the moment the watch was locked. The new Suunto Core might have this. But one can’t have it all for about $100.rnrnFor what I paid, $104.99, this watch is an incredible deal; especially since I won’t be spending valuable time and real money on batteries for several years. . I suppose I have to give this a 1-star, because I returned it. This is the first Casio watch I’ve had that is not RC Atomic Time, with regular resets to the NIST standard in Boulder (I’ve had G-shocks and Waveceptors) and perhaps Casio watches really need that reset, or perhaps this was just a defective one: it gained over 2 minutes in 3 days. It’s a great looking watch, but it’s big and bulky; the markings on it, however, look more permanent than past Casios I’ve had, which looked painted on, and which did indeed wear off over time. I’ll never know, with this one! But I’m sticking with Casios, after getting fed up with an Apple Watch and Android Watch that did lots of things I didn’t need to do, and didn’t do a very good job of displaying the TIME. This would have been very good if accurate. Read more

22 – Casio Ladies Mid-Size Gold Tone Digital Retro Watch LA-680WGA-9DF

Top Reviews I love this watch, its so original. I was worried it would smell like metal after a while but no smell at all.I did already scratch the face but I got this watch knowing it would get some bangs here n there and its held up well. my life is so busy !!! I love that I can get the day time and date all in one glace!!! the extra links all i did was bend them back and forth and they came off clean . Nothing sticking out !!!! Two years later still working great 👍 and very little scratches . Great watch, and yes it’s small, about an inch squared, but I liked that.rnBut only issue was that the watch started short circuiting a month after purchase, but I suspect it may have been steam that got into it.rnEither way, I ordered another because it was exactly what I wanted: an reliable everyday watch. It’s super exact! . I’m much happier with this watch than the two I tried recently. Even though the watch face is smaller than the previous watch I purchased it is much easier. It is also easy to set or to change the settings. And it looks good! I don’t know about the water resistance. . Seems like a reasonable compromise between a small lady’s watch and a clear, legible display. Toggles easily between 12 and 24 hr. display, which might be an advantage for some, but otherwise requires remembering which button does the toggling, as accidentally bumping the button is easy. User’s Guide is unnecessarily small; requires two hands to hold it open and a third hand to hold a magnifying glass (even with 20-20 vision). You might find it easier to Google the operator’s manual (Casio Module No. 3284) which also has very small print, but for which you can employ your zoom setting. Biggest problem is with the band. There are no instructions for adjusting it to fit. However you can find many YouTube videos demonstrating how to do this. What is involved is to note that part of the clasp can be pried up to release a cam-lock, after which the clasp can be easily slid to the desired position. None that I saw mentioned that one needs to remove an almost invisible tape which protects the gold finish of the band; otherwise the cam can’t be pushed down and locked. A more difficult problem is for when the watch needs to be fitted to a small wrist, as the excess band will not say out of sight under the band. I couldn’t find anything on the Casio home website, or anywhere else for that matter, which addressed this matter, but finally realized that excess links can be removed with some difficulty. Basically what is involved is to use a sharp awl or a small, possibly expendable, jeweler’s screwdriver and pry up two tabs from the bottom side of one of the bars comprising the watch band. The tabs to be bent up will be toward the finished end of the excess band. You will note that each bar of the band appears to have two link pins on the bottom, so the tabs extend from one bar and wrap part way around the adjacent link pin. It takes considerable pressure to bend up the steel tabs, so work on a protected surface and protect your fingers. Removing the excess bars and then clamping the tabs back in place with a small pair of pliers should complete the job. Protect the gold finish when performing this last step with a bit of tape. Jewelers probably have a special pair of pliers which could do a better job of bending the taps back into shape, but the method described here seems to work. Read more

23 – Casio Kids F-108WHC-1ACF Classic Digital Display Quartz Black Watch

Top Reviews It’s a basic old school Casio watch with 12/24 hr digital time and an alarm. It functions as sold. The only challenge is the length of the band. To me it was an adult size so I could wear it. The 9 year old could wear it when it was on the smallest notch. It’s not the best look, but served its purpose for under $15. Here are the measurements: longer band: 5″; face 1.5″‘ shorter band 3 1/4″. Keep in mind these measurements are with the bands flat. The attached picture do not have the bands flat, but will give you a sense. . I like this watch as it is easy to see the time as my eyesight at age 74 is not what it used to be. I also have it in white, blue and red and have a lot of fun wearing the different colors. I would not call it a child’s watch as it is a big watch and might be wider then a child’s arm and the length of the band is big enough for a big wrist and might overwhelm a small childis wrist. I wear it on the second to last hole and I would say I am a lady with just an average wrist. it is also a shiny black as are the other colors. Anyway, I like the watch. . I would not classify this as a kids watch or the strap at least. Even fully at the last hole, this watch is big enough to fit part of my son’s other hand. Now mind you, he is 11, therefore, classified as a kid. However, this watch is perfect for me. . My 8-yr old son has always wanted a watch as I wear one every day. We tried a handful of Batman (his idol) watches and the quality was always poor – resulting in a broken watch before long. I finally decided to get a real watch and this Casio fit the bill. He wears it every day and puts it on by himself. It is attractive and very sturdy. Read more

24 – Casio Unisex F-108WHC-7ACF Classic White Resin Band Watch

Top Reviews I wanted a white summer watch and thought I’d try a Digital one that reassures me of the date and the day of the week. I am so glad I did. It is a much larger watch than I am accustomed to wearing but it is comfortable, the band is easy to adjust and easy to get on and take off. Very important. I am used to the stretchy band on my small oval Timex, that I would be happy to still be wearing, except that the battery has to be changed and in this Pandemic World there is no one open to help me.rnWhatever the circumstance, I do love this Casio Digital Watch and am very glad I bought it. . It is very functional and I love it’s simple, cool white design. However, I have been wearing it casually for the past month or so and the of the plastic straps have became a light orange, rusty color. I have no idea what this means and cannot wash it off for nothing. I’m probably going to return it but would hate to have to wait a couple of days for the return.rnrnOverall, good but faded color is odd. . Me and a couple buddies bought this watch to wear at practice during our track season. We were just looking for something inexpensive that we could use everyday without worrying about damaging it. It’s light and comfortable to wear and I find myself wearing it all the time, in fact I just got back from Mexico where I was in and out of pools and beaches snorkeling with this watch on my wrist. Water resistance is not an issue, and neither is getting it sweaty during a run or perhaps the occasional drop. . I love everything about this watch, other than as you can see the white band goes kind of yellow. I have owned many white watches, and different brands, and each white band has gone kind of a yellow color, so I guess I wasn’t too surprised. But it’s a great watch and has all the features I like! Because this is a unisex watch, the size runs a little bit bigger. But I am able to wear it, on the very last spot, and it is comfortable. Read more

25 – Casio F91WG-9 Men’s Retro Black Band Gold Face Alarm Chronograph Digital Watch

Top Reviews This is my second Casio F-91W. These are by far my favorite watches I own. Very slim, lightweight, & easy to read. I needed a slim watch like this for work since I use many different kinds of tools, & it never gets in the way. On the off chance I do ruin it at work, these watches are very affordable and I could easily grab another. Only downside is the backlight isn’t very well lit and is more on the left side not so much on the right. . Love the beautiful design and colors. Took some about 2 weeks to get here which is fine, I guess since it’s from a foreign shipper, no big deal. The watch is perfect, although, on the light It’s not too bright but you can still see the time. Thank you! . Perfecto, estos relojes son maravillosos . in this fitbit world, I am using the once advant-guard watch of the time. the funnest moment was when some of my friends noticed and thought it was a newer version of fitbit because it beeps at each full hour with a reminiscing sound! Read more ~~ best calculators ,

Best casio calculator watch 2020.

Best casio calculator watch 2020.

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