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Best calculator with tape 2020

Best calculator with tape 2020.

1 – Canon P1DHV 12-Digit Portable Printer,Display Calculator

Top Reviews This does what I need a calculator to do. Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide. It is low cost and reasonably reliable. I need a tape when doing a lot of calculations so I can double check that my entries are accurate. I wish it didn’t have all these extra featres like rate set, margin, M plus minus, Margin, B-T 5/4, etc., every once in a while I get erroneous results usually after the decimal point, because it is either deviating from straight addition, subtraction, multiplication or division, probably because I have inadvertently hit one of those buttons the introduces unwanted features. So I do have to keep an eye on it every once in a while to make sure it is sticking to straight math. If cannon made a more basic calculator that still added, subtracted, multiplied and divided without the extra features and still had a tape, that is the calculator I would buy in an instant. Until that happens, this one is pretty good. Joe Canino . I have a small area to put a calculator and had a similar Canon for about 15 years. It finally broke and this one replaced it. I love that the rubber keys to press are all elevated a bit to easily feel them. I generally just use for adding and subtracting but it does so much more if you want it too in a compact calculator. Highly recommend. . I purchased this item in August 2015. I had the exact same calculator for many years and it worked like a charm. I use it about two times a month to tally up deposits in my business account. This means I’ve used it a total of for times max. I went to use it last week to tally my deposit. I got an error message and the calculator refused to work at all. I checked the batteries and they had a sufficient charge. I attempted to exchange the calculator but was told by by the rep at My Office Innovations that they have a strict 30 day return policy. I will never buy another item from them. Be warned! . The numbers are a little difficult to read on the tape AS it’s printing, but otherwise it prints and functions perfectly. The portability is great for such a little calculator. Great workhorse. Read more

2 – Adding Machine/Calculator Roll, 2-1/4″x150 ft White 12/Pack, UNV35715 – Printing Calculator 10 Key Adding Machine Tape Cash Registers

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3 – OFFIDIX Office Desk Calculator, Solar and Battery Dual Power Electronic Calculator Portable 12 Digit Large LCD Display Desktop Calculator,Handheld for Daily and Basic Office(Orange)

Top Reviews I chose this little calculator for its clean look, large display and large keys. The number keys are a contrasting color so that, at a glance, I can differentiate them from the function keys. (After all, not all these little devices are created equally with standardized displays.) I like the dual power function (both solar and battery) and the tilted screen makes it easy to read the bold 12 digit display, or show figures to others. It’s small enough to fit in my hand but also stays put on a flat surface so I don’t have to constantly chase it around. Also fits nicely into a bag or briefcase. . purchased on june 5th . it worked great! after a month i noticed if i didn’t keep the calculator 100% in a light source the screen would dim immediately. annoying but not a big deal. after the second month pressing the buttons became a -hitor miss – situationif it actually registered or not.rn3rd month could NOT get the decimal point to work! after oressing numerous times a zero would appear instead of decimal pointand the two other issues increased. i tossed the calculator out withouta secondthought but the took it out of the garbage. im really getting tired of the poor quality in thingspurchased today. i knowevery generation says it .but reallly 3 months?! its a calculator ive owned ones that lasted over ten years rnon a side note co cernong amazon why is it sometimes easy to contactseller and other times hard to find where to do that ?rni was planning on contacting seller first to see if theyd honor a 1 year implied warranty but after searching for 20 minutes i gave up and came here. actually even the help bar ,,,,,,, im sure i coukd of searched “contact seller” somewhere but after a brief lookfor that one i gave up as well, ,,, maybe i was supposed to type “ contact seller “ in the search for items bar .idk . maybe thecontact seller button disappears when the return policy expires . . VERY NICE STABLE TABLE CALCULATOR. The number key pads are a good size and avoid the accidental pressing of adjacent numbers especially when one is in a hurry. The bright contrast color of the keys make the calculator attractive and easy to spot in a crowded desk. Nice size and not cumbersome. . I guess it’s my own fault for not looking closely but this thing is made of a cheap feeling brittle plastic, it looks cheap & feels cheap to the touch. Even the dime store calculators have the soft touch silicone buttons. This has hard plastic buttons like a child’s toy. The only reason I’m giving it three stars is it works fine & I do like that it uses a aa battery vs a low capacity button cell. Even the colors are washed out & faded.rnI should measure it but it seems small compared to the description.rnIf it wasn’t so inexpensive I’d return it but it’s not worth the hassle.rnThis is a rare occasion for me but I cannot recommend this product.rnThis was purchased for my elderly mother. Read more ~~ best calculators ,

Best calculator with tape 2020.

Best calculator with tape 2020.

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