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Best calculator paper rolls 2 1/4 2020

Best calculator paper rolls 2 1/4 2020.

1 – Freccia Rossa Market, 2 1/4″ X 165′ Thermal Cash Register POS Receipt Paper (6 Pack)

Top Reviews bought his for a craft project I wanted to make. they will work great for what I wanted them for. I like that they are each a bit longer than other ones so I don’t have to change them very often. . This product is being used on an old Texas Instrument desk top calculator. When the seller asked me how it worked out, I pulled my last roll of Staples thermal paper out and installed this product. It fed well and totally surprised me how dark black the printing is. I wish I had found this thermal paper years ago rather than having to squint or change glasses to see the numbers that were printed in faded blue. . Used in a cash register right size seems to be not as dark as the last rolls we purchased from same vendor. . The best, does the job. Enables a very clear print on the paper for a thermal printer. Logos and print are clear. Love the 165 ft lengthrnwhich means less changing of paper. Read more

2 – 2 1/4 Thermal Paper 50 Rolls for Credit Card Machine POS Register Receipt Paper Roll (2 1/4 inch x 50 feet)

Top Reviews i have used a lot of other products in the past, but this is one of the best options, very affordable, but still super reliable. so far I have had no issue with it at all. i am very happy with my purchase. . Paper works fine, but it is a whole lot smaller than it looked and was described to be. Only about a 3rd of the size of roles i was using before. But it works. . The paper works fine and has a nice finish. Rolls seem a bit short so don’t last as long. Hard to beat at this price though. I would buy again. . Information Read more

3 – Thermal King, 2 1/4″ x 50′ Thermal Paper, 50 Rolls

Top Reviews Positive- Price is good at 40 cents a roll; paper prints clearly; can write easily with penrnNegative- The rolls are 46′ not 50′ as advertised. I compared the roll to my Paymentech brand roll using two 25′ tape measures. The second picture shows 21′ (plus 25′ first tape) for a total of 46′. So we are loosing 4 sales on each roll using our Verifone Credit Card Machine. (Full disclosure: The Paymentech brand was 1′ short. Third picture shows where both rolls should have ended)rnConclusion- The paper roll industry is not being accurate with what they sell. . These are 50′ rolls not 85′ rolls .They fit vx520 terminals as well as others .The 85′ rolls will not fit in a vx520 credit card terminal. I have been buying them for about 2 years .They are Great rolls, they last as long as 50′ of terminal paper will last. They have never given me any problems. Great item, Great price, Great shipping. They are Not 85 foot rolls, they are what they say they are 50 foot rolls that will work in machines that 85 foot rolls will not work in . . Work great! Never have any problem! What I like most is it’s very easy to peel off the start of the roll to get it ready for print.rnSome other companies that would glue it in so much that you practically have to rip off a bunch of paper to open up the rollsrnIt run until the end of till and I don’t have problem like other reviewers mention for the cardboard inner being not holding paper tight . These print and tear cleanly but they seem much shorter than the 50′ they claim; we are finding these last a day and a half at most in our Veriphone cc printers. We had been using a different brand claiming to be 80′ and they lasted at least 4-5 days. The low cost of these is offset by a short lifespan and the irritating need to replace with a new roll so frequently.rnrnWe won’t be using these seemingly very short rolls again and will go back to a higher quality 80′ brand. Read more

4 – RBHK 2 1/4 x 85′ Thermal Paper Rolls Credit Card Paper, 10 Rolls Cash Register Paper

Top Reviews Perfect for the tea cash register we got for our kids to play store with! . Not much to say. It was cheap and it works. . Had no problems installing and it worked very well. I will purchase more when needed. . Yes its paper rolls as described. Read more

5 – FungLam Thermal Paper Rolls 2 1/4″ x 165′ Cash Register POS Receipt Paper (50 Rolls)

Top Reviews Great Product & Price, plus the center plastic tube of the rolled paper is a smaller diameter which gives you extra thermal paper not like most of the competition which has a larger diameter center tube. . Perfect fit and great price . Good Price . Like it. Read more

6 – FHS Retail Thermal Cash Register Paper Rolls 2 1/4″ x 165′ Made in USA – BPA Free (32 Pack)

Top Reviews Most of the time, paper rolls must fit into a certain space to be used.rnFor this reason, it is essential that the size of the paper roll be clearly listed in the product descriptions.rnI am stuck with a bunch of paper rolls that do not fit into my devices — I let the return window expire by 10 days, so I cannot return it for an exchange anymore.rnrnIn as much as the paper roll is a cylinder, 2 dimensions must be specified:rnThe length of the cylinder = width of the paper strip (this is given OK).rnThe diameter of the cylinder = most of the unknown, because it is not given; the totoal length of the paper strip can be used for an estimate, but is generally not sufficient to arrive at a useful dimension.rnrnI invite Amazon to insist on this dimension also, namely, the diame
ter of the paper roll — it would save a lot of grief for everyone. . Purchased to have on hand with a new register we purchased. This was the best price product for this register printer with the best written reviews. Good reviews and modest price means good value. I would purchase again. . just as i expected. not too thin and seems like good quality. fits the calculator like it’s supposed to. still can’t figure out what warmth is. . got for job, there is a staples by me and they always seem to be out of this. when they do have it its always a mega roll,which is expensive. this size fits my needs, don’t have to run around to stores to find, and fast easy delivery. as far a performance , it works as well as any thermal paper I bought Read more

7 – 2 1/4″ x 50′ (50 Credit Card Rolls) Bpa Free thermal paper rolls Verifone VX520 VX670 VX680 VX690, Clover Flex, Ingenico iCT220 iCT250 FD400 Square Terminal Register Premium Quality BuyRegisterRolls

Top Reviews These work great, nice clean bold printing! Have had no problems. Good Quality. Remember thermal paper is only designed to be printed on one side. So if you are not seeing your receipts turn the paper to the other side! . I use these daily in my Epson TM-v88 receipt printers in my retail store. the thickness is good the surface is not too slick. You can actually write on them with an ordinary pen. Price was good. I would recommend. . Receipts print clearly and I have never had any paper that pens would not write on.rnAs a CUSTOMER, I have been to some stores where you try and sign the credit card receipt and the paper seems to repel all ink and it’s almost impossible to sign. I hate that! I don’t know what kind of paper they use or where they get it from but I have never had such a problem with this paper.rnThe price is good.rnPrint quality is normal.rnPens write on it with no issue. . Like many others stated, rolls received were in bad condition. The box had too much space so rolls were bouncing around in shipment which made the visible thermal scratches on the rolls. Also received 49 rolls instead of 50. Read more

8 – (6 Rolls) Adding Machine/Calculator Roll, 2-1/4″x150 ft White 6/Pack, Universal 35715GN – Paper Rolls for Sharp El-1750 1801 Canon P23 – sharp el2630piii paper Printing Calculator 10 key

Top Reviews Read more

9 – MFLABEL 50 Rolls 2 1/4″ x 165′ Thermal Paper Cash Register POS Receipt Paper

Top Reviews Good pricing and quick delivery. Really like the 165′ length. We did have 85′ and were having to change too often. Have a small credit cardrnmachine and this 165′ is the max for it’s size. . This is great paper! It’s thicker than the office store brand we used before. It works well with our cash register and doesn’t jam up. There is a red warning section so we know when to change it out. . Make sure the size fit your machine before you purchase. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit mine. . Works in printer. Good price Read more

10 – Thermal Paper 2 1/4 inch x 50 feet, Coreless Cash Register POS Receipt Paper for Credit Card Machine (50 Rolls Coreless)

Top Reviews Ok, this is the best price I can find on amazon, and I bought several cases. But the more I use it, the more I hate it first of all, this paper is quite thick which is great, but the print out receipt is really curly; even when using the new roll, the receipt will still roll up together. Secondly, some of the new rolls didn’t print at at all on the first use of few paper roll, you have to cut almost 3 receipt length long in order to get the print. . Ordered and needed 50’ rolls but received 80’ rolls that were too large for my printer . Works great in my Brother QL-700. . Perfect Read more

11 – Victor 7030 Compact White Paper Rolls for Handheld and Portable Printing Calculators/Adding Machines 2.25�W x 12FT (3-Pack)

Top Reviews Read more

12 – ACYPAPER, 2 1/4″ x 50′ Thermal Paper, Verifone Vx520 Ingenico ICT220 ICT250 FD400 (10 Rolls)

Top Reviews We have a Square terminal and at this time do not have a lot of credit card activity. The price of $9.99 for ten rolls was just the amount we needed at this time at a very competitive price. . Quality paper great deal . Purchased to go in a MIDTRONICS MDX-P300 battery tester and it works great, print quality good and no binding while printing, must be correct size and good pricing as well . Our local office supply closed and ordered this, exact fit and much better price. Read more

13 – Freccia Rossa Market 2 1/4″ X 50′ Credit Card Thermal Paper, 50 Rolls

Top Reviews Just finishing up the last rolls I bought in 2015. They still print fine. They are about $1.50 cheaper than when I bought four years ago. Buying another box soon. . Great value for the price pa
id. . These fit perfectly Into my credit card terminal. The price was perfect with Amazon’s super quick delivery included. . I usually buy my credit card rolls from Sams Club but I switched the machine with the chip reader and needed the right size of paper rolls. Since Sams didn’t had the size I needed I decided to order this product from Amazon rather than going to Office Depot or Staples and pay whole lot of money. I’m very happy with the price and quality of the paper and the delivery was quick too. I will definitely reorder. Read more

14 – Thermal King, 2 1/4″ x 85 ft Thermal Paper, 50 Rolls [Thermal King Brand]

Top Reviews These are cheap but they provide my customers a receipt when we use their credit cards and that’s all that I need for them to do! . Good quality product and big enough so I do not need to switch out the paper like every single day. A bit pricy but is worth buying. . They perform well. I am using them in an old Dranetz 606 and have had no issues. Just keep your print-head clean . Was needed so much. Arrived quickly, nice product, thank you Read more

15 – 12/Pack Adding Machine Calculator Register Rolls 2 1/4″ x 130ft, 1-ply Paper Rolls for Sharp El-1750 1801 Canon P23

Top Reviews I use the hand-held adding machine every few days when I work on my budget. I really like this printing paper. Works well. Read more

16 – 2 1/4 in.” (56 mm) x 230 ft., Thermal Printer Rolls

Top Reviews Rolls work fine for our cash register and the longer length means we don’t have to change them as often. They did arrive as a bulk order in a large box, not in a sleeve. That is fine with me, it was the product I wanted not the packaging. Work great, which is what is important to me. I would buy them again. . Used this for our store cash register and printer calculator and really like how this is a big roll so we do not have to be changing paper rolls as often when using smaller rolls. Also its a better pricing when using bigger rolls and the printed items came out clear. Very satisfied with this product and would very likely purchase again. . Great long lengths , print was good too. . only register rolls we use. great product good price. Read more

17 – 2 1/4 x 150 Thermal Paper Rolls 50 Rolls | Value Pack | Premium Quality BPA Free – Thermal Paper Rolls – from BuyRegisterRolls

Top Reviews Excellent quality I recommend it highly . Fits our machine. Item matches description. No issues. . Good quality . 1 Read more

18 – BESTEASY Thermal Paper Rolls, 2 1/4″ x 165′ Thermal Paper POS Receipt Paper for Credit Card Machine POS Cash Register (50 Rolls)

Top Reviews Read more

19 – Office Depot Brand Thermal Paper Rolls, 2 1/4″ x 50′, White, Pack of 6

Top Reviews These credit card paper rolls took too long to receive. Then once we finally got them, they majority of them are unusable as the roll is not square, meaning some of the roll is sticking out on one side or the other and will not even fit in the credit card machine, and certainly will not spool out as needed. Very shoddy manufacturing of this product. And yes, they were the correct standard size for the machine. . Good product. These are the smaller rolls, but that is what our dumb machine requires. . they are really tiny. When I ordered them I did not see their length per roll. They are about 1/3 size of current rolls for my printer. Will be awhile before I start to use them, so cannot comment on quality. Am sure will be fine. . Great product, just what I needed. Quick delivery Read more

20 – SJPACK Thermal Paper 2 1/4″ x 50′ Pos Receipt Paper, 50 rolls Cash Register Roll

Top Reviews I ordered this paper for our Clover Mini register. This paper is much thinner than rolls we’ve used before, so it was constantly curling and hard to manage. Because it’s so thin it would often not tear correctly from the machine leaving an uneven receipt with cut-off information. My staff was glad to finally be coming to the end of the box. We won’t order this one again. . Works perfectly for my classic credit card machine at work. I was worried I would need to find some type of special receipt paper but nope, this fits perfectly and with the huge quantity, I should be set for a long time! . This thermal paper works well for our restaurant. It works with our credit card terminal, VeriFone and First Data, as well as our cash register. The price and the quality is good. . The best credit card paper i have found yet. Very white and great quality paper. As long as i can order this paper it is all i will get. I even use these shorter rolls in the cash register because its so much nicer quality than others i have tried. It also has an indicato
r when it is almost out. Read more

21 – 2 1/4 Thermal Paper 50 Rolls for Credit Card Machine POS Register Receipt Paper Roll (2 1/4 inchx 85 feet)

Top Reviews i have used a lot of other products in the past, but this is one of the best options, very affordable, but still super reliable. so far I have had no issue with it at all. i am very happy with my purchase. . Paper works fine, but it is a whole lot smaller than it looked and was described to be. Only about a 3rd of the size of roles i was using before. But it works. . The paper works fine and has a nice finish. Rolls seem a bit short so don’t last as long. Hard to beat at this price though. I would buy again. . Information Read more

22 – Poynt 2 1/4″ X 16′ Coreless Thermal Paper Rolls (100 Rolls)

Top Reviews Not sure why there is a 1 star review saying this is not thermal paper? Anyways the thermal rolls work perfectly with our poynt machines in our three locations. Ideally I would like to wean our guest off of thermal paper in general as there is no need for printed receipts with email and text options. Just trying to do our part reducing waste.rnrnBut I have had no problems with this product so far. . The paper I received is not thermal paper. It will not work with thermal printers, it is just normal paper. It’s useless. . This paper works great but I have to peel off quite a bit of paper to get it started and it’s time consuming. I’ve found it’s best to prep 2 rolls at the beginning of the day so customers don’t have to wait. . Read more

23 – PAPRMA 2 1/4” x 85′ Receipt Paper Rolls POS Thermal Paper Cash Register Paper Rolls (50 Rolls)

Top Reviews I ordered it many times, it does the job, no problems, and reasonable price. . The paper is top quality and does not get jammed . Great price, great product. . Read more

24 – 2 1/4″ x 85′ White Thermal Paper Credit Card & Cash Register Tape – Pack of 10 Rolls

Top Reviews Sure beats the price you’d pay at Staples. I’d recommend buying the 85′ rolls. Though it involves changing the paper more often, the shorter rolls afford more versatility because they fit in some of the smaller printers. Also, Body-N-Home sends stock that hasn’t aged too long – sometimes thermal paper becomes less effective because it sat too long on the shelves in a store with bright lighting. . Paper was good I’m sure but the roll was to thick for my machine. Had to send back. . Great price for laser cash register paper. We operated a fireworks stand during the 4th of July and used this in our cash register. Nice paper thickness and it arrived quickly, plus it was about half the price of the office supply store in town! . No issues with product or delivery Read more

25 – Freccia Rossa Market 2 1/4″ x 50′ Thermal Paper 72 Rolls

Top Reviews I’ve purchased these before, and did not have any issues with the rolls of paper whihc are used in a VX520 credit card machine. Although, this time around, it is different. We are about half way through the box and at least 30% of the rolls are not good. The paper seems to be glued together,and I do not mean at the start of the roll. We start the paper, and about 5-6 transaction later the machine jams. Upon inspection we can see that the paper is stuck together along the edge which we then tear off, and re-insert into the machine only to have happen again, and again. Don’t know if this is a batch issue or another. I don’t want to write off the seller since this is the first time this occurred but take note if this happens. . We have gone through a few boxes over the past year or two and have had no problems with quality. . They did well for Aug 21, 2017 solar eclipse. . Good price and good product. Read more

26 – L LIKED 2 1/4″ x 50′ Thermal Paper Cash Register POS Receipt Paper (96 Rolls)

Top Reviews I ordered the 96 rolls and only received 24 even though I paid the full amount for 96. Read more

27 – MFLABEL 50 Rolls 2 1/4″ x 85′ Non-core Thermal Paper Cash Register POS Receipt Paper

Top Reviews paper rolls do not have center spool, you have to change way before end of roll, or you could have a iron at the counter and flatten them out. . Since the paper has no core, it becomes flimsy and unusable half way through. Terrible waste. . rolls curl up half way thru . Read more

28 – BESTEASY Thermal Receipt Paper, 2 1/4″ x 85′, Eco-Friendly White Thermal Paper Non-core, Cash Register POS Receipt Paper for Credit Card Machine (50 Rolls Coreless)

Top Reviews They are fine for the money and you the no-core is less plastic waste. . Love these thermal rolls great quality and very good price . Long life paper for my pos. Good print and thickness. . Read more

29 – PM Company PMC05214 POS/Cash Register 3 1/8 Inch x 230 Feet 50 Rolls Per Unit

Top Reviews This is not as advertised!! It’s not 230’. The roll is much smaller than I have and the core is bigger than others so it’s even less paper on the roll. Also the thermal paper is very thin . Compared to what I used to get at Cash and Carry (Smart Foodservice) and Costco, these are definitely a much better bargain and they work just the same. About $10 a case less than a similar case at Costco, and about $1.25 per roll less than a typical 12 pack at Smart Foodservice, these will be ordered again.rnThe case they came in was thrashed with smashed corners but the rolls seemed to be intact.rnWe’ll see on the next order how they arrive, but we’ll have to wait until Corona Virus shutdown is lifted. . The box arrived on a rainy day and it got wet through into the box. Upset it wasn’t packed with outer box or wrapped to prevent the rain or snow for it supposedly know they are paper rolls. Obviously, quite a few rolls were damp and turn yellowish. The paper rolls itself, it is not easy to find the beginning, it is not easy to pull the head out to put it into the POS machine in a few minutes. Disappointed. . It seems very small for 230′ plus it I was suppose to get 2×50 but only got one. Read more

30 – BAM POS, 2 1/4″ X 165′ Thermal Cash Register POS Receipt Paper 50 Rolls/Case – BAM POS

Top Reviews they work and it fits the machine. I have been having trouble getting the right cash register thermal paper that would work in our machines. I finely found one that won’t keep bunching in our machine. I am going to keep using these cash register paper from this company. They are fast getting them to you and are always what you ordered. . Excellent product. Fast shipping. Quality is great. Not cheaply made like other brands I’ve had. Love that it’s made in usa. . Got it fast and just what I needed . Not the first time buying from them .Every time fast shipping and same quality Read more

31 – PM Company Carbonless Duplicate Calculator Rolls, White (50 per Carton) (08801)

Top Reviews Didn’t work for my calculator, i was hoping, it is carbonless paper, have to save for something else. Read more

32 – PAPRMA 2 1/4” x 50′ Receipt Paper Rolls POS Thermal Paper Cash Register Paper Rolls CORELESS (50 Rolls)

Top Reviews Read more

33 – 2 1/4 x 55 thermal paper roll pmc05262 – VX520 DC Contactless Credit Card Terminal (Pack of 50) VX520 VX670 VX680 VX690, Clover Flex, Ingenico iCT220 iCT250 FD400 Premium Quality ‘A’ Grade Thermal

Top Reviews Read more

34 – BESTEASY 2-1/4” x 50′ Thermal Paper Rolls, White Thermal Paper, Cash Register POS Receipt Paper(50 Rolls)

Top Reviews 👍 Great Read more

35 – Business Source Bond Paper, 2 1/4″ x 150′ (31820)

Top Reviews i scanned my old label and expected the same. I guess bar codes are not unique in amAZON. . It’s paper! . Read more

36 – PAPRMA 2 1/4” x 50′ Thermal Paper Rolls Receipt Paper (100 Rolls)

Top Reviews I use these in my SQUARE Terminal in place of the rolls supplied by Square. These work fine. Happy. . These are better than the ones we originally bought with the credit card machine. Goodbye to the sticky tape that lets us waste about 6” of paper! . Was in wrong section. Under toilet paper. So bought it. Came in and was like too small lol😂😂 got a great laugh. Exchanged though . There isn’t much to rate with paper, this product is very cost efficient and as I said gets the job done, print is clear and easy to read Read more

37 – Thermal paper for Ingenico iCT200, iCT 220, iCT250, iWL255, iWL252, BIO930, EFT930 Series, EFT930S-L, EFT930S, EFT930S (12 Rolls)

Top Reviews We have an Ingenico machine at the church where I work. Previous secretary had purchased thermal paper at 80 foot in length – 30 feet too long for our machine. I found the best price and quickest service and delivery right here with this product at the correct length. AND, I received it in time for church this Sunday. . Had to get a new credit card terminal for my business and the rolls for the old terminal are to big in diameter for my new one. Got tired of unwinding the old ones to fit and tried these. They fit perfect in my Ingenico and print well. Good price. Arrived timely and in good shape. Will buy them again as needed. . I bought this thermal paper for my Memobird. It’s thinner than the thermal paper that comes with the Memobird, but it works fine and it’s inexpensive. . The challenge is that these rolls don’t last that long, but that’s a fact with this machine as it only has a small area to hold the paper roll. Read more

38 – Thermal Paper Rolls 50 Rolls Cash Register Paper Roll By Hapaper Brand (2 1/4″ x 164′ 50 Rolls)

Top Reviews What is this I thought I, had ordered toilet paper and now I’m stuck with this when I, Need toilet paper!!!! . I thought ordered toilet paper rolls. These are paper rolls for a cash register. Which is completely useless to me. Why they pop up in a toilet paper search idk- sneaky. . Good . I returned this order due to I was expecting toilet paper. Thanks Tricia 🙂 Read more ~~ best calculators ,

Best calculator paper rolls 2 1/4 2020.

Best calculator paper rolls 2 1/4 2020.

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