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Best business calculator 2020

Best business calculator 2020.

1 – Casio Desktop DM-1200BM Calculator with 12-Digit Extra Large Display for Clear View and Easy Readability, Silver, 209D�155W�36.3H mm

Top Reviews I needed a calculator that allowed more than 8 digits for tax work and I really liked my current Casio calculator so I went with this one. When it arrived I actually laughed out loud because it was so comically large. In an office setting I may be a little embarrassed to use this around other people (due to it’s size) but I work from home and it’s a great calculator. It’s about 8.25 x 6 . The calculator measures 8 1/4″ x 6 1/8″ which is very large. It does a great job and has several options others don’t like Cut, 5/4 rounding, Floating point, and a decimal point switch with several options. I deducted one star because its size is not stated in the description and because some functions do not work as expected. For those reasons, be sure to keep the instructions. An example shows what I mean:If you want to add 5% of 100 to 100, you CANNOT key in 100 + 5 % because it gives 105.263.You have to key in 100 x. 5 % + which gives the correct answer of 105 calculated as 100 + .05*100 . Two things you should know about this calculator:1. It does some pretty spectacular business calculations. If you are figuring margin, need a running total, need to add or remove tax, or need to figure against the same number several times in a row, it can do it, plus a bunch of other great stuff.2. It’s comically large. Seriously, this thing is the size of my head (and I have a pretty big head). Some of the other reviews said “larger than expected”. They probably would have been more accurate to say, “oh, my God, how did they even deliver this thing?” Seriously, it’s the size of a Buick.I love what it can do. I will definitely be keeping it, as soon as I can clear out the extra bedroom to make some space for it. . Purchased this calculator because I needed a decent size calculator to run calculations. I manage a business’ finances and I’m dyslexic. So the big numbers and the buttons make my life a whole lot easier. It’s very easy to use and easy to read. You’d get your money’s worth if you like to use a big calculator in an office setting. Read more

2 – COSSINI Premium Business Portfolio with Zipper � Padfolio – Superior Business Impressions Begin with PU Vegan Leather, 10.1 Inch Tablet Sleeve, Smart Storage, Solar Calculator, Writing Pad – Brown

Top Reviews Very glad I took my time looking at all the other offerings on Amazon and stumbled upon this one. It doesn’t feel cheap at all. I dont see any defects anywhere and the pockets/zipper all feel very sturdy. I would bring this into any meeting or interview without hesitation. . So, I got mine in the mail and it looked great and I was initially really happy with the purchase. Unfortunately, after closer examination there were some issues with the one I received. I contacted the company via support email and informed them of the issues with the padfolio I received. They were incredibly receptive, prompt, and responsive. They immediately offered to replace it. I have not received the replacement yet but I trust it will be great. Excluding the blemishes on the one I received, I felt the product was superior, especially for the price.***Update***I received the replacement padfolio and it is a very good product. No blemishes at all on the new one I received. Pen fits in the pen holder. Documents fit open the document pockets. Calculator can add, subtract, multiply, and divide. The zippers zip, and the pad takes ink as well as any pad I have ever written on. There’s more! My iPad fits in the accordion pocket. No complaints. Great customer service and great product. . This is very nice and in style it is made very well and it is very durable it has a pocket for my Ipad also it has a notepad in and calculator which comes in handy the zipper on it is sturdy and this helps you look better if going to an interview or even at school or work I am very pleased with this purchase . Premium. It’s very well thought out with plenty of pockets. I like the pen and calculator. A retractable handle might be useful. I I would like to see other colors offered. There are a few small defects in the cloth trim where it seems to overlap and is rough but nothing major or that would affect use in any way. I’m not a big fan of the color of the leather, but I like that is is a nice leather and is expensive looking at reasonable price. If I can part with it, my son would like it to carry his resume and other papers for his job search. Read more

3 – Canon Office Products MP21DX Business Calculator

Top Reviews The calculator appears to be well built and is sturdy, and everything had worked fine until recently when after using it about three months some keys are seeming to need quite an extra effort to push them down to enter the number or the function. If these keys are not hit straight in the middle then they seem to not want to be pushed down easily, particularly the keys used a lot which are the numbers, the + key, the total key, and the decimal key. Please note, I have not dropped the calculator nor has anything been spilled on it (no damage has been sustained by the calculator), nor do I feel that I use the calculator in excess of what would be considered a normal day’s use (possibly 30-60 minutes/day through the work week). I just do not remember this type of extra effort being needed on the keys of the older Canon models that had been used in my office, and as a result I do not feel I am as fast on this particular model even though it is the same size and with the same keys as the older models that I had used. . I purchased this calculator from Amazon on January 15, 2019. Today is March 5, 2019. The + key would randomly need pressed directly in the center and I can live with that. However, one week ago, the CE/C key started to randomly not respond and now it does not respond.at all! I love the size & display of this model MP21DX calculator, but only lasting 6 weeks with very light use VERY POOR! My old MP21D lasted for years under the same amount of use .no more than 30 minutes a day for closing our cash drawer. . This is a great machine. I ordered the same model that lasted me 11 years at my full time job (accounting) and I don’t know how long it was here before me. I expect this one to last just as long but I’ll be retired by then! Would encourage anyone to purchase a Canon. . Our old Canon calculator finally played out and we were so glad to find one that didn’t require relearning the keyboard. It is larger than our previous one and much quieter, thus making it easier to use even when hubby is napping! It has all the necessary features needed to do our small amount of bookkeeping and should give us many years of servi
ce. Read more

4 – Canon Office Products HS-1200TS Business Calculator

Top Reviews A basic rule in mathematics is that one rounds up at a place value of five or more, down if four or less. This calculator rounds EVERYTHING up. 6÷28 set to four decimal places results in 0.2143. Set to three, 0.215, set to one, 0.3, and set to no decimals it claims the answer is 1. With such a basic error in programming, one any sixth-grader should easily catch, one has to wonder what other mistakes are being made. Canon may make decent printers and cameras, but I will never buy another calculator made by Canon! Addendum: Six months later the calculator will not turn on despite hours in direct sunlight. Not only doesn’t follow rules of math, it is physically junk. . A friend said calculators are an anachronism. Why of course they are. So are electric typewriters and rotary dial land lines. I guess my 1911 crank phone that still receives calls is too. When you need to add up debits and credits in a checkbook or some other mundane arithmetic or even mathematical calculation, there is little better than a calculator and this Canon HS-1200TS if far more superior than any calculation I will ever need now. Just think that this little number cruncher will out do almost any old timey calculator at far less weight and considerably faster. I only wish I saved my Friden Rotary chuchanga-chuchanga, put on the ear plugs calculator. My desktop weighs less than it did. Long gone is my Comptometer and I miss its doorstop capabilities.My last Canon calculator did not have the multiple functions and did not have the decimal capacity either: however, it just wore out from use. This new Canon has the solar battery and meaningful functions. Frankly, many of those capabilities are of little value if the keyboard does not respond properly to a user or the amount of time is too long. Canon is perfect in this area as well as providing me with a fantastic handheld calculator. Even though the full universe of calculations resides in my desktop, I seldom use its abilities since the Canon is handy. . My dad was struggling with his small calculator and not being able see or hit the numbers properly. I read other reviews and was impressed with the feedback so I purchased this for him. He has been so happy with it and doesn’t have mathematical errors anymore when he balances his checkbook. The numbers are large and clearly visible with large key pads. . I love this calculator. Owned many over the years but nothing beats this little rascal. No batteries to change, totally solar but still with an internal battery inside. Could not believe the ease of using all the functions. Even has a built in tax + and a tax – minus auto built in. Love the buttons as absolutely no pressure is required to push them, almost like waving your finger over the keys. The real beauty of this calculator is the ability to enter up to 12 digit viewing screen with auto punctuations, commas, periods once you set the decimal point to your liking. The tax key alone is worth the cheap price of this beauty. It’s amazing. For example, hit the tax + plus key, enter the amount of tax in your area, and hit the tax plus + key again. The tax function is programmed forever. So simple. All memory functions are built in. The size of this calculator is perfect for desk top use. Gone are the cheap looking black plastic models. This unit is very light weight, colorful and features a tremendous viewing screen set at a slight angel. Very large keys for a mans hands. Widely spaced no clutter. The unit has two built in front rubber pads to prevent slippage. I keep my unit on a shelf with little light without any solar charging problems from the built in top mounted solar screen. This calculator is worth 5 times what I paid for it. It’s a keeper. Read more

5 – Victor 9700 12-Digit Standard Function Business Calculator, Battery and Solar Hybrid Powered Tilt LCD Display, Great for Home and Office Use, Black

Top Reviews This item has numbers that are easily read and buttons are easy to push. No more pushing hard calculator buttons. It is quiet, takes up hardly any space. The only thing I wish it did have was the way to figure the calculations on paper and not on the back of the box. Other than that, it is definitely a 5-star rating. . Victor Calculators have been in business for a very long time, and they are the sourcing / manufacturer for many other brands such as Sharp. They offer many models, so its important that you understand your requirements before you make a purchase decision. Through Amazon, I have been lucky enough to test 4 calculators from Sharp and Victor. I can easily say that every calculator has its strengths and weaknesses. BUT, the weaknesses are not really weaknesses because the model that is tested is designed for a specific function. For example, some are adding machines that use a very different and non-intuitive keystroke command structor when compared to a regulator calculator. Be advused that you must really understand what you want in a calculator before making a purchase decsion. This review may help you decide if this is the model for you:Key Features:+ This operates like a traditional calculator in the way that you enter the equation. 2+2=4 is just like entering 2, then the +, and then 2 and then =. display will show 4+ The user manual is on the back of the box. do not throw the box away without reading it, maybe take a picture of the back of the box with your iPhone. This will help you with the less intuitive features such as cost, margin, markup, sell, and tax rates. Once you practice these features, it becomes very easy to repeat the process. but the first few times you will want to teach yourself by reading the instructions.+ the display is huge, and I love that. But it is not very bright. In a dim office, it is very hard to read. The display can also be tilted to find a comfortable viewing angle that reduces glare.+ the calculator is dual powered with an internal battery and solar. The battery does not appear to be replaceable, but it is claimed to last over 10 years. The calculator will probably last longer than me.+ the larger display means that the calculator is large in size. Victor uses this space to make the keys very large. They are easy to press while providing a decent amount of spring tension. I truly love the keyboard.- the larger size means that it will not fit in my pocket. No way. However, it is not suppose to fit in my pocket and Victor sells a similar calculator that is much smaller and pocket-freindly. Model 1180-3A with many of the same features.+ Backspace key allows you to delete a partial entry without having to re-do the entire calculation. Excellent feature+ this calculator is part of Victor’s business line, so it includes Cost, Sell, Margin, and Markup. Simply stated, enter 2 of these variables and the calculator will solve for the 3rd. Thus, enter the cost and the selling price, and it will display the margin.+ Unlike its smaller business calculators, this one also has Tax+ and Tax- buttons. With this, you store the tax rate into the calculator, and when you enter the selling pri
ce and press Tax+, it calculates the final price for the customer. This is sort of handy if you have a state where the tax rate is a large amount of data entry. for example, instead of typing 7.125 tax rate for every purchase (which is 4 keystrokes) you just hit the Tx+ button. saves you time.To summarize – this is an excellent calculator with built-for-purpose features as a business / sales desk calculator. Even if you ignore the business functions, you will still find that this is an excellent calculator for everyday use. . Reviewing: Victor 9700 12-Digit Standard Function Business Calculator, Battery and Solar Hybrid Powered Tilt LCD DisplayReally, most name-brand LCD-display calculators are miracles these days, operating on nearly no power, giving great results, and taking up little space. This one is a good example.My wife will be using this one mostly, so here are her thoughts so far:Very nice small, business desktop calculator. I like the angled display which makes it easy for me to see the figures.Keys are a nice size.Both battery and solar power, though it’s generally hard to tell since batteries last so long these daysIt has some very useful features that many other models don’t have and of course the standard ones:HELPFUL FEATURES:BackspaceRounding SwitchDecimal SwitchGrand. Total FunctionKey MemorySquare RootPercent KeyCost-Sell-marginTax Plus and MinusI find this one easy to store in my upright desktop organizer, doesn’t take up much space on my desk and has the features I need when working on my personal finances or figuring out the totals for my consulting clients. . I don’t spend hours entering long columns of numbers, but I do have several small calculators in handy locations around my house — by the computer, by my reading chair, in the kitchen — and I reach for them frequently. This is the only one with a large tilting display, and I enjoy using it as it sits on the table. I like not having to hold it up to read the results I generally pick up my calculator in one hand, and make entries with the other hand. The slightly larger size of this calculator and the extra weight of the display means it will easily tilt out of my grip if I try to pick it up one handed and I can’t hold it while using it. It has several business-oriented functions that are new to me (Tax, Grand Total, Cost-Sell-Margin) plus a decimal place selector, and a rounding selector. There’s no user’s manual, but there is a Function Chart on the back of the box. I haven’t quite decided yet which location will become its permanent home to make the most of its display. Read more

6 – Canon USA 2468C001 Canon TS-1200TSC Desktop Calculator with LCD Display

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Best business calculator 2020.

Best business calculator 2020.

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