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Best braun calculator 2020

Best braun calculator 2020.

1 – Braun BNE001BK (Reissue of the Braun ET66 Calculator), Black

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This is more than a mere calculator. It is a work of art as well. Designed by the famous Braun designer Dieter Rams. The products that he designed are legendarily beautiful. It is now made in China but still very high quality. I personally beleive that special products like this should be made in the country of design.It is almost impossible to find a simple calculator that is high quality – this one is! .
This is a standard issue Chinese knock off. The calculator is portrayed as a product of Germany but after opening it up, I found made in China on its cover. You can get a better deal on knock offs on eBay. .
But you aren’t buying it JUST to crunch numbers are you? If you are, head to the drugstore and buy a $3 solar powered one. It will be smaller, just as functional and you won’t have to worry about batteries. But if you appreciate iconic design, this is a good example of it. So good, in fact, that it inspired the original calculator in the iPhone. .
Didn’t work out of the box.Probably dead battery that no one checks.Typical Chinese junk. .
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2 – Braun Men’s Calculator

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Design is classic and classy. Seems very sturdy and secure. Fits just right in the hand. .
Not the same quality it used to be in the past.Lighter, different material.Price is excessive for a simple calcualtorBRAUN is not a luxury brand .
Being that I received this men’s calculator as a gift, I initially felt unsure of whether it would be of use to me, a woman. The size of my hands, the dark, masculine color, and my gender Many questions and factors circled my brain as I attempted to find the on button. Green, red, which could it be? I finally returned the item, opting for a pink women’s calculator, a choice I felt much more comfortable with. Thank goodness we have gendered calculators, as one does wonder whether the numbers will turn out the same, etc. Ladies, take the safe route and look elsewhere. .
It’s 2019, guys. Come on. .
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This calculator is the size of a palm. For usd 20. I expected a bit bigger size .
An all white calculator. Nice simple item. Display is clear, buttons are a little small but all is well. .
Simple. Small. And light weight. .
great seller and super cute calculator! it’s the exact same calculator I saw at the MoMA museum in NYC 🙂 .
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4 – Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 7 790cc Electric Shaver with Precision Trimmer, Rechargeable, Wet & Dry Foil Shaver, Clean & Charge Station and Travel Case

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As of this writing, i’ve had the Braun Series 7 for 2 years. This is a long review, so if you need to skip to the most important point, just read the verdict towards the bottom.I always found rotary shavers to be effective at tackling the wirey hair in my light beard. However, it got to the point that I felt the rotary shavers of today felt cheap, compared to previous generations.Enter the Braun I purchased a Series 5 and a Series 7. I’ll compare this model to the Series 5, as well as to the rotary shavers I used to have.*Why the Series 7?*I got the Series 7 because it is the most-recommended shaver on the planet. This is how I would break-down the differences between them:-Series 1 – Terrible, avoid at all costs-Series 3 – Good starter shaver for teens with thicker skin-Series 5 – Good for light and medium-light skin, does an adequate job with sensitive skin, pivoting head, excellent build-quality. Second most-powerful motor. Not recommended for medium or heavy stubble.-Series 7 – Most-recommended shaver on the planet, good for just about every skin type, has a massaging shaving experience, good features for sensitive skin, good build quality, second-most-powerful motor, replacement heads are wayyy too expensive and justify purchasing the Series 9.-Series 8 – See Series 5 above, as this is a re-branded Braun Series 5 (Model 5795). Costco-exclusive that appeared around 2019. Not really a true successor to the Series 7, as it does not include an extra shaving blade in the cassette. Has a longer-lasting battery, though.-Series 9 – Top-of-the line, has an extra blade compared to the Series 7, excellent build-quality, most-comfortable shave, most-powerful motor, design is based-heavily on the Series 5. Blades are expensive, but may not be as expensive as the Series 7 when you factor-in the years of ownership.*Why the 790cc-series?*I purchased this specifically from Amazon, as it seemed to be the only retailer that sold the 790cc series. Therefore, I specifically opted for this older generation because it can be used corded and cordlessly. No longer do I have to wait for the shaver to charge, as I can just plug it in. More importantly, when the battery dies, I can still use it corded until the motor dies. I don’t have to look into replacing the battery myself, unlike a lot of cordless razors that cannot be used while plugged-in.The 790CC is still waterproof if used cordlessly (just DO NOT plug it in and rinse it under the tap), so I don’t understand why newer shavers won’t let you shave when it is plugged-in. The only explanation is that the manufacturer wants you to get another shaver by giving you the impression that there are no user-serviceable parts. That’s silly! If you have a cordless shaver that cannot be used while plugged-in; once the battery dies, order a new battery from Amazon or Ebay; then go on YouTube and you’ll be able to DIY and save yourself a LOT of money.If you don’t know, the Series 7 is probably the most-recommended men’s shaver on the planet. Why? A host of reasons, including:-It has been out since 2010-Cool-looking design-A very close shave-A comfortable shave, thanks to the massaging, pulsating motor-A motor that adjusts to your beard-Five power settingsWhy do I diverge from the crowd? Well, the Series 5030 was released in 2012 – a full two years after the Series 7 was released. The changes were so successful that the 5040-series from 2016 was essentially the same – minus the dual power function. The 2015 Series 9 looks practically-identical to the Series 5. I think that says alot, as the Series 7’s design didn’t carry-over to another model – at least not yet. Here’s why I prefer the Series 5.-Cost – This is the mac-daddy of all issues when comparing the 5 and the 7. Not only is this cheaper than the Series 7, but the blades are cheaper as well. The Series 7’s most-well-known issue is that the same, high-quality blades that came with your Series 7 are notoriously-difficult to find so much so, that there is actually price-gouging. While a Series 7 blade could fit on a Series 5 razor, the opposite isn’t true, unfortunately.-Design – From an aesthetic POV, I like the Series 5 better. Sure, the Series 7 looks cool because it is futuristic-looking. But more importantly, the locking head truly locks. The Series 7’s perhaps second-most well-known issue is that the lock will break with normal usage, which isn’t covered under the warranty.-Build quality – I found that Series 5 felt more substantial than the Series 7. I already thought that the Series 7 had great build quality, but the Series 5 beats it in my honest opinion. Both the 5 and 7 are miles-ahead of anything low-to-mid-grade from Norelco, and slightly edges-out their highest-grade options.-Grip – I can get a firmer grip on the Series 5 than the Series 7-Indicator lights – The Series 7 has a hard-to-read LCD screen, which shows the battery and hygiene levels except the hygiene monitor doesn’t work by detecting cleanliness the only thing that it detects is how long it has been since you cleaned it in the cleaning station. In other words, the hygiene indicator is a cash-grab. The Series 5, on the other hand, has LED lights that don’t require ambient light to see clearly. Only a waterdrop icon appears when it says it needs to be cleaned – I just ignore it.-Beard trimmer – I find that the Series 5’s beard trimmer is designed better and less-likely to break.-Cord placement – the power port is located at the back of the Series 7, which means that the unit has to be face-down when you charge it. If you had a corded model, it makes shaving with the cord very awkward. The Series 5 power port, on the other hand, is located on the bottom – so you can charge it from any angle you want.-Travel lock – The Series 5 has one; the Series 7 doesn’t. The Series 7 tries to make up for this by making the power button recessed and thereby more difficult to press.I would concede the following points to the Series 7-Power button location – The series 5’s power button is located in an awkward situation. So when you first start shaving, don’t be surprised if you accidentally turn it off. Annoying, but with a bit of practice, you’ll overcome this.-More comfortable shave – I like the pulsating shave-More precise shave above the upper lip – since the head is smaller than the Series 5, you can reach those mustache hairs with greater precision-Quicker shave – It takes less time and effort, compared to the Series 5-Power Levels – You can choose one of five power levels. For someone with a light, sensitive beard, this is great and I definitely notice a difference. If you have a thicker beard; as many reviewers note, you may not notice any difference in how gentle this shaver is.*Shaving Experience*As previously mentioned, I have a light beard – so anything over the Series 5 is overkill for me. Since beard types are different, I would recommend at least the Series 7 if you have at least a medium beard.The shave with the Series 5 is adequately-comfortable, but it obviously does take more passes than the Series 7 or Series 9 to get their same level of closeness.*Should I upgrade to the Series 7?*The longer answer would be that it depends on the thickness of your beard, as well as your skin sensitivity.For the short answer,, if you can find a great deal, just go with the Series 9. You may pay more for the razor upfront, but it’ll even itself out – and may even be cheaper over the long run – with the cheaper blades.*Is the cleaning station worth it?*In my experience – no.I own both the Series 5 and 7, and each has a cleaning station. While it does a good job, I didn’t like the station’s build quality and the fact that replacement cartridges can get expensive. In other words, it’s a cash-grab. Basically, you put the shaver head-first into the cleaner. It’ll charge while it cleans and will use the power of gravity to pulsate-out the hair to the bottom of the cleaning cartridge.Instead, I take a glass with soap, flip the shaver head-first, and dunk it into the water while it is running (don’t do this if you have it plugged-in). The hair will naturally
fall to the bottom of the glass and the blades will be clean – its the exact same concept as the cleaning station – albeit safer (not flammable) and less-expensive. Once it is dry, i’ll put a little oil on it.*Value*I felt that this was a good deal for the $125 I paid for it.*Verdict*3/5 Stars – I have very mixed feelings on the Series 7. Even though it was released in 2010, this is a very nice product. However, any nice product has to be backed by a great design; not just stylistically, but also functionally; and have plentiful spare parts. While it offers a wonderfully-comfortable shave with customizable power options, I would definitely get the Series 9 over this. There’s a reason that the newer 2012 Series 5’s design was used for the 2015 Series 9, instead of the 2010 Series 7.The extremely-high prices for genuine Series 7 replacement blades, as well as the likelihood of the Series 7’s locking head breaking with normal use makes me hesitant to recommend this shaver.If the Series 7 is overkill for you, go for the Series 5. If you *must* get a Series 7, just fork-over some extra money for the Series 9. I’ve tried it and it is everything that the Series 7 should have been and more – no need for power levels, more durable, excellent locking head, more powerful, shaves faster – I could go on and on.*UPDATE 1 – July 3, 2019*I’ve had the Braun Series 7 for 20 months and it works fine – I don’t use it as much as my Series 5, though, which would explain why I haven’t had to deal with the hassle of being gouged for a new Series 7 blade. .
“Seven years” yeah right. Mine didn’t even last one.Quick background: I have thick (Eastern/Central European) facial hair and had relied on the Braun series 5 model all throughout high school before the battery died. Seeing as it was out of the two year warranty, I figured three years out of a new razor was worth upgrading to the 7 series. One thing I want to make clear is that the main razor will more or less last and do the job of providing a clean shave. However, the blade is very “sensitive”, so to speak, especially over time. It will dull fairly quickly. This is not a huge issue provided you trim your hair short enough that you can go over it a bunch of times and from different angles, and keep up with replacing the main head every 6 months-year and clean it with the solution every time it says it needs it. (Though it will still “pull” hairs sometimes and cause razor burn with repeated use.) Even with that upkeep do expect razor burn and the pulled hair to be issues, but the main reason that forced me to write this review comes from something I’d taken for granted: the attached trimmer.Right away, my main focus went to the attached trimmer when I received my 7 series. I felt that the trimmer was inferior to the 5 series in that it seemed cheaper and did not seem to trim as closely- which meant patches of stubble could not be shaved thoroughly. You can literally compare the two: the 5 series has a larger blade that feels more secure with its vertical sliding action compared to smaller blade with the flip action. I’ve attached pictures below to highlight this. Beyond the quicker dulling (which should be a big complaint in and of itself) the 7-series also contains a major design flaw in that you cannot take apart the trimmer to clean it in any significant way. Lo’ and behold not even a year later the flipper gets stuck thanks to excess trimmed hair that is near-impossible to clean out. With enough shaking/adjusting the thing closed, but upon opening again it broke off altogether. Seems curious that they would design it this way.Yes: I could go through customer service. But my line of work requires that I be clean shaven consistently. Which for me means a shave every other day. I cannot afford to go through customer service and must order a new trimmer. For a razor advertised to last seven years and for mine to not even last one I advise a high level of caution when going with the seven series. At least if you have thicker facial hair. The main head still works–for now–so my solution is going to be to order an outside trimmer and still use the main head for shaving. But the fact this is even necessary screams to me that this thing shouldn’t have been A) advertised to last beyond two years. B) Shouldn’t be this expensive. While we’re on the matter: I’m not sure why they created a trimmer that you can’t unattach. Let alone one that is inferior to the 5 series.As for the main razor itself: it does seem to work okay-ish. It does dull and will eventually begin to “pull” on hairs if they aren’t trimmed short enough, and will eventually give you razor burn. But it is more or less identical to the 5 series and was worth the convenience of having an electric razor. That convenience being that its harder to cut yourself and doesn’t theoretically need replacing every use. That is contingent on the trimmer lasting, however, which mine didn’t beyond a year. A major issue with the Braun’s in general is that only the main head is attachable. This means that the trimmer or battery will dull over time which means that the actual lifetime is MUCH shorter than the advertised one. In the 7 series case- don’t expect it to last longer than 2 years. I’ve gone ahead and attached a few pictures. In addition to comparing the main attached trimmers. I want you also to notice the long crease that hair seeps into at the base of the razor’s head.In Summary:A) The trimmer of the 7-series is made more cheaply and with worse design than the 5-series. (In my case it just broke off.)B) Brauns in general advertise long-lasting, but because only the main head of the razor is attachable this means that either the battery or Trimmer will give way to wear/tear over time long before the main head’s mechanism fails. This to me would seem like common sense.C) The main head definitely does wear faster than one would think, and while it does do the job of providing a clean shave–this is contingent on having a trimmer buzz your beard short enough for it to do the job. (Yes, even after 1-2 days of growth.) Seeing how much hair seeps into the creases of this thing, I wouldn’t be surprised if the main function lasts to the two year mark.Overall, the problems of B and C are bearable. Those two were issues I’d dealt with with the 5-series. But A just made me mad to the point where I had to write this review. Not even a year of use and already a critical mechanism failure. I literally have no interest in going out of my way for this other than to punish Braun for gross and false advertising. I’d be an idiot for literally believing this thing would last the advertised seven years, but not even one? For those of you looking at this review and wondering about the two year warranty. Go ahead and take a look at the long list of conditions relating to use the warranty and you tell me if its worth the hassle. .
I have waited well over a year to review this shaver just so that I could say I fully understood its nuances. Having used all of the major brands/styles of shavers over the years I, unfortunately, can’t recommend this product.It definitely takes me longer to get a close shave than any other razor I’ve ever used (even the cheaper models). The center shaving element can cut you if you are not careful or are a little over aggressive in your shaving.The cleaning & charging station is nice to have and does keep the razor reasonably clean. It can clog over time though resulting in a razor that never gets clean and it leaves a residue that you have to wipe off. The cleaning cartridges are an added consumable expense that you have to consider. However, if you are spending this much on a razor it’s probably not much of a consideration.The biggest problem is the cost of the replacement blade. It has almost doubled in price and now costs 35% of this shaver’s cost. For that price, I could buy a cheaper competing shaver, use it until it’s dull, throw the shaver away, buy a new one and still save money over this replacement blade.The older reviews may sing this shaver’s praises but the times hav
e changed .
Gives a great shave and battery last a long time .
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5 – Braun Clean & Renew Refill Cartridges CCR – 4 pack

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Nice for keeping the shaver clean. They do evaporate a bit faster than I would like but they are alcohol based so you can’t expect to much. You do need to clean the shaver base station out every 2 or 4 cartridges though. If you don’t the oil and sludge will build up and block the drain hole. You will know this because when you press the clean button all of the fluid will come bubbling out the top. This will waste an entire refill in a few seconds so I recommend keeping the base clean as these things are not cheap. .
One poster made the accusation that these are Chinese knock-offs / fakes. His pick compared a different looking cartridge from these and was likely the knock off IMHO. As the title says, these are identical in every detail to the original that came with my series 5 shaver I bought a while back. Was trying to stretch things out on the cheap by refilling with alcohol, which only worked for a few refills. After about the 3rd time the cleaning station wouldn’t recognize the alcohol refill and so I purchased these.As soon as I inserted the new cleaning solution cartridge all was normal, the light went out and it functioned like new. I presume there’s some tech involved that tells the cleaning unit how many times a cartridge has been used, or possibly a counter of such that tells it to stop using said cartridge after a certain number of times? idk. As noted, these are identical to my original in every detail right down to the same citrus scent. Amazon Prime has the best deal on these at $19.99 per 4-pk shipped, so stock up! Happy with my purchase.*_UPDATE 12/19/2019 I can only assume folks who claim they’re only getting 2-4 or 5-6 uses likely aren’t cleaning the razor head and razor swivel of hair etc before placing in the cleaning station. I have average full-face beard hair, not real heavy, not lite, but average heavy and if let go I can grow a nice full thick bushy beard. I’m just now on the 4th cartridge of the 4 pack I bought in August of 2018 over a year ago.After every shave I remove the razor head, tamp the hair out in the waste basket, then clean it and the razor swivel with the little brush that originally came with my series 5 shaver a couple years ago, then reassemble and place the razor in the cleaning station. Generally it lights up 1 blue station light for a basic cleaning (not referring to the btty charge lights on the razor itself). Occasionally it will light up two blue lights for a more thurogh cleaning, and very rarely will it light up all 3 lights for a major cleaning unless I’m rushed and don’t clean head etc with the brush first. YMMV, but cleaning the head and razor swivel of hair and debris is paramount to making the cleaning solution and station last. Just sayin’ 😉 .
I clean my Braun 790cc every day and while these cartridges do their job very well, I’d like it better if they lasted longer. My last cartridge didn’t even last a month.The thing is that I’m just way tired of using a blade to shave and all that goes with it and I really like the convenience of the Braun Series 7 shaver and the shave I get from it, so I want to take good care of it so that it lasts a good long time.If that means popping one of the cartridges into the charger once every month or so, then so be it. .
I’ve been using this system for over 3 years and typically get a month or two, shaving every other day, from the previous versions of this product.Now I get 3 cleanings before it stops working! My guess is a change in formula or mistake making the fluid evaporate too quickly.Since I can’t return it or get a refund for a defective product it doesn’t even deserve one star. I am afraid to buy replacements here as I don’t want to waste more money so I’m sure a mix of isopropyl alcohol, witchazel and glycerin will reduce the number of trays going to landfills. .
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6 – Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 5 5018s Electric Shaver with Precision Trimmer, Rechargeable, Wet & Dry Foil Shaver with EasyClean, Black/Blue

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I pre-ordered this before it was released and was really excited to get it. When the day finally came, I was a little underwhelmed upon unboxing it. Note that I did NOT use the shaver so this review doesn’t cover how it cuts. I made up my mind before using it that this was not what I wanted based on the features (or lack thereof) and decided to return it read on.First off, it feels a little cheap in the hand, to be honest. It’s mostly hard and lightweight plastic and feels like it probably wouldn’t survive a drop very well. The foils are spring loaded, which is nice, but the shaver head is fixed and doesn’t pivot it only looks like it might. The two biggest downers for me were that 1. the shaver doesn’t come with a case or even a protective cap for the foils what’s up with that? The foil is pretty delicate, I wouldn’t want it banging around inside my toiletry bag; and 2. I don’t like the idea of unattaching the shaver head to attach the separate grooming attachment. Where am I supposed to keep the grooming attachment when it’s not being used, especially since there’s NO case provided. It’s bound to get lost along the way. There’s nowhere on the shaver where one could attach the grooming attachment when it’s not being used (i.e., you’d think Braun would’ve designed a slot or something on the shaver body where the attachment could click into when not in use). All electric shavers I’ve used so far have had a pop-up trimmer, and that’s just so much more convenient. I can see myself getting frustrated using this shaver – imagine having to pause the shaver, removing the shaver head assembly, looking for the separate grooming attachment, attaching it, turning on the shaver again, and then reattaching the regular shaver head when done with the grooming attachment. No thanks! .
I have been a Norelco guy for years and love them. Their major shortcoming is two to day beard growth, and I do not have a heavy beard. Now that I am semi retired, I don’t need to shave every day. I had and older Braun that did an excellent job at weekend growth before, followed by the Norelco because it shaved more closely. I got this to replace the old Braun. Mistake. This shaver does not handle two to three day old growth at all. Plus, this shaver versus the Norelco, wet or dry, doesn’t compare for one day beard growth. I can not recommend this shaver. .
Finally took the plunge after trying a rotary for a few years. Definitely glad I did, as the series 5 gives an astoundingly close dry shave with minimal skin irritation (the rotary could give a close shave if used with foam, but left my skin irritated if used dry). It took a couple of day’s growth off without a problem – not an incredible achievement in and of itself, as I tend decisively towards Jacob rather than Esau in the hairiness department, but a shave impressive nonetheless in its thoroughness and smoothness. .
I cannot recommend this shaver to anyone to be honest. My Norelco 30 Dollar shaver has a closer shave than this. A complete waste of money and was not up to the Braun standard I was expecting. Very disappointing since the only way to get a close shave is with 6-8 passes, which at that point, it’s an exfoliator. My skin is left itchy and irritated. I’m not sure if it’s this specific one I got or if I’m doing something wrong but as of right now, THIS SHAVER IS NOT WORTH THE 70+ DOLLARS I SPENT .
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7 – Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 7 7865cc Electric Shaver With Precision Trimmer, Rechargeable, Wet & Dry Foil Shaver, Clean & Charge Station & Travel Case

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Wow! I am never going back to razors.In the short time i’ve used the Series 7 shave all facial irritation is gone.I use a small soap lather and shave just like i would with razors but the diffrence is like night and day. It leaves my face feeling like i dhave agaisnt the grain but without the irritation or ingrown hairs.I clean the head with water then spray a bit of Clippercide on it over night, then repeat.Pros- Battery life is stupendous, i charged it once last week and it’s still going strong(as reccomended for these batteries.) The shave feels great and with practice it takes me half the time it would with Razors. The small additional shaver it perfect for maintaining areas around the side burns. The shaver creates a good line without fading into the side burns. The handdle feels good when gripped. The power adjuster was great innitially when i started with irritated skin. Long term price when compared to razors(compared to Gillette and Dollar shave Club each shaver head lasts 18 months and some reviewers state even longer with care)Cons- bulky cleaning/charging station. Cryptic icons for all signs. No plastic cover for countertop protection(carrying case is not very pourus and doesnt allow for propper drying). Regular price (I bought it on Amazon for $139.00 includes reduced price abd $30 Amazon coupon). Price of cleaning liquid refills(cheaper alternative options available)Conclusion- I wish i would have bought one sooner. I will be saving money in just a year of use. I would deffinetly buy again. (2 week review 4June2018) unless the system fails before 14 months I won’t edit this review as i will have my money’s worth when compared to razors I had before. .
I absolutely love this shaver. It is the best I have ever used and I have been using electric razors since 1991. Been using Norelco all that time, but when I tried this razor, it gave me the closest smoothest shave I have experienced ever. I would highly recommend it to anyone. The reason I tried the Braun was that I have become increasingly dissatisfied with the Norelco brand. The shaves are not as close or as comfortable as the Braun. Also, in my opinion Norelco has slipped greatly in quality, and customer satisfaction concerns. .
Price about gave me a Stroke. I’ll take out second mortgage for replacement heads and cleaner cartridges. I guess it was a good thing I ran out of 6MF1 micro-screens and cutter heads for my Remington shaver @ $17.00 { that was still working great! }, I’ve had for probably 40 years. The Braun does a closer shave on neck/face, picks up long hairs on stubble for bearded dude, without burning, nice charging and cleaning station. Needs a clipper/trimmer speed, lowest speed tickles lip to much to use accurately. I guess begrudgingly you can teach an Old Dog new Tricks .now where did I leave my Flip Phone!! .
I decided to try Braun after 5 years of using my Phillips Sensotouch 3D. Phillips seems to have dropped the ball with replacement head quality. I went through 4 replacement heads and none ever matched how well the original part performed out of the box. Also it seems that along with reduced quality they have become more expensive as time has gone by.I was completely floored by the performance of this razor. I shave daily and my face is just about as smooth as when I used to shave with a Mach 3 (I suspect daily use of shaving gel made it feel smoother). This razor truly achieves a blade close shave DRY and in less than half the time as shaving with my old Phillips that never came close to these results. No pulling or irritation whatsoever.I use the charging station with the cleaning solution as directed. The solution has a pleasant light lemon scent. The flip up trimmer is convenient and easy to use. I haven’t traveled with it yet but the plug to the docking station also fits directly into the back of the razor and you can rinse it clean in the sink while away from the cleaning station.To sum up, this razor has transformed my shaving experience. I’ll update as I continue to put the machine through its paces.Update 9/12/17First cleaning cartridge lasted 7 weeks with daily cleanings (almost doubled the anticipated time). No degradation in performance. .
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8 – Braun Series 3 32B Foil & Cutter Replacement Head, Compatible with Models 3000s, 3010s, 3040s, 3050cc, 3070cc, 3080s, 3090cc (Packaging May Vary)

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[edit] two years later, I want to add something else to my review. Unfortunately, this is now the only design available. Braun has simply abandoned the original design. Not only that, they are leaving out even more parts! First they took the springs away, now they’ve done away with two plastic sliders (one on each side of the cartridge) that used to assist with the back and forth motion of the cutter head inside the foil. So now, it is more of a vibrate-all-over-the-place method, rather than back and forth. I’ve gotten more used to it now though, but I noticed something another reviewer noticed: these break so ridiculously faster than they used to. I’ve replaced mine 2-3 times a year, and the old original head lasted more than a year, easily. Sad [/edit][Original review from oct 2017]:Shockingly bad. If I could return this after having opened it, I definitely would. As others have stated (and I was just hoping they were anomalies) the hole pattern is different. I won’t go into detail on that as you can read other low-star reviews that detail that change. What I WILL detail, I haven’t seen anyone else talk about.On a quick side note: this blade replacement PULLS MY FACIAL HAIR BADLY. right out of the box. The very reason I purchased a new one, is that my old one was beginning to do this. After almost 2 years. This is ridiculous for a brand new blade/foil.Back to my details – this version has COMPLETELY REMOVED THE SPRING MECHANISM Inside the blade and foil assembly!!! Of COURSE this impacts quality and performance. Every refill I’ve bought before has four springs inside, two on each blade unit, which maintain a very close distance between foil and blade, while remaining flexible to contours and varying pressure on the unit while shaving. Take a look inside – if there are no springs at all, we have the same type. I wish I hadn’t thrown my old one in the trash – i would have liked to have taken a comparison photo. I’ll just share a photo of this one without the springs anyway.If you’ll compare with your own unit, I’m sure anyone with the original blade set, or a replacement from somewhere other than amazon, will be able to see the difference right away. First shot is to illustrate the pattern of the foil. Last two shots are to show the lack of springs .
The design has changed and now it has a white bar in the middle. Unfortunately whatever change they made it seems it goes dull faster than the previous style. Other than that it is cheaper and more available than the last ones so I can’t complain too much.EDIT: I have been using the replacement screen for a while and thought it must have something wrong with it so I opened a brand new one. It performs just as poorly as the last one. Before they changed the style of the replacement foil I never had pulling or grabbing of the hairs on my face. Now it seems every time I shave I have one or two EXTREMELY uncomfortable moments where it grabs a hair rather than shaving it off. I have no idea what happened to their quality, but these new screens (with a white middle row rather than the black middle row pictured) have made my razor almost unusable. It takes three times as long to shave, it doesn’t shave as closely as before, and it pulls the hairs on occasion. Way to go Braun, you made a great product crap. .
This replacement part was definitley not up to the standards of the original foilhead that came with my razor! I am very dissatisfied with this part as I bought it ahead of time anticipating that I would need it at some point. That time came last week and I thought okay I have a replacement. I shaved one time with it and noticed because of the white center piece, it did not cut as sharp as the head I had which was very well used. When I took it out and inspected it, it fell apart in my hand, with the white bar coming straight out and one of the other bars popping out! Now I cannot put it back together again (I tried) and I cannot use my Braun Shaver which I loved until this happened! I found out today that I cannot even return it even though I only used it once! I would like a response either from Amazon or from Braun as I am not a happy customer!Thank you .
I have had Braun shavers for 30yrs and have always spoken highly of the quality of their products. The razor that I purchased this replacement head for has given me 10 years of great shaves. I have had no reason to replace the head until recently even though they recommend it every so many months. I ordered a replacement to add to the repair of the long hair trimmer only to be disappointed of its poor quality. I figured that all the poor reviews were just coincidences and possible bad manufacturing runs. Other reviews mentioned their problems were due to the change of the replacement heads that have a white center strip which mine did out of the original package.This head will pull whiskers and takes me twice as long to shave in the morning, almost to the point of retuning to gel and blade. The only time I don’t have as much pull is if I shave each morning. I use to be able to skip a day and not have any pulling until recently with this new head, now I have to either shave every morning or go back to gel and blade.This is the worst replacement part from Braun I have ever purchased!!! Thank you for cheapening the quality of a great product. This would make me seriously reconsider ever purchasing another Braun again if this is the quality of their replacement pieces. .
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9 – Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 7 7075cc 360 Flex Head Electric Shaver with Beard Trimmer, Rechargeable, Wet & Dry, 4in1 SmartCare Center and Travel Case, Black

Top Reviews
I previously reviewed the 7071, and this shaver (7075) is virtually identical. The most significant differences are 1) the price, which is about $20 more for the 7075, 2) the color – this shaver is (mostly) black, the 7071 is (mostly) silver, and 3) included attachments with the package. The dimensions, specifications (battery runtime, wet/dry ability, 360 head rotation), cleaning station (5434), charge cord, shaver head and shave (which is outstanding) are identical. The accessories are useful if you have a beard: various length trimmer guards, which slide onto the included trimmer – which actually is different than the standard trimmer on the 7071. The 7075 trimmer has slightly more exposed metal trimmer blades which accomodate the guards, and is slightly taller, but fits on the shaver body exactly the same – a click on and pull off attachment. As far as a trimmer, it functions exactly the same as the trimmer for the 7071.And speaking of attachments, this is a first for Braun – a removable trimmer attachment rather than one that is built-in. The disadvantages of this arrangement is that you have to remove the shaving cassette and replace it with the trimmer cassette to trim sideburns or beard. It’s something else to carry when traveling, and something else to lose (although the travel case has a convenient slot for it). The advantages are that if the trimmer breaks or dulls (and built-in trimmers are prone to this), you only need to replace your trimmer and not the whole shaver. No replacements yet, but as an example the detachable Norelco trimmer costs something on the order of $15, as opposed to $300 for a new Norelco 9000 Series shaver. I would expect Braun’s replacement to be similarly priced. This arrangement also allows other attachments to be used – the included beard trimmers for example – but also a brush attachment and other types of trimmers (similar to Norelco’s system approach to shaving) will be available. I actually prefer this approach because it allows more versatility for the purchase of one shaver body, and makes the shaver itself less bulky. As with the 7071 (and this new Braun line of shavers), highly recommended. .
Braun used to have great products. This thing feels cheap. Too cheap for what’s supposed to be a German company. They should be ashamed for selling cheap flimsy plastic parts that feel like they can break easily.As far as shaving just my stubble, I had to go over areas over and over again to get it smooth. I guess I got fooled by the videos that make it seem so easy to shave in one or two passes. I’m returning this the same day I received it What a shame! .
After many years, this is the first shaver that has brought me back to electric shaving. I’ve had to take blood thinners recently, so I was cutting myself too much with my regular razor and so decided to try electric again. Surprisingly, this Braun shaves wonderfully close with just a couple of passes, and I have none of the irritation I remember from past shavers. I highly recommend it for those who haven’t tried electric in a while.I would, however, agree with many here that the instructions are baffling. The little booklet attempts to reduce everything to pictures a la Ikea instructions, and the result is terrible. I had no idea how to set up the cleaning base from the pictures, or whether I’m doing what I’m supposed to after shaving to clean the unit. Also have no idea when or how I’ll need to change out the liquid cartridge when it’s time. Or whether I’m using the cleaning brushes properly In short, Braun needs to re-think this instruction booklet and put it into words.Otherwise though, and most importantly, this is a terrific shaver. Really shaves close and the trimming attachments work well. It does make for an odd looking angular item sitting on a bathroom counter when not in use, but if you don’t mind something that looks vaguely like a strange sculpture (or other private paraphernalia ), I say go for it. The main asset — the shave — is terrific. .
AMAZING! I never thought an electric razor could be this efficient.My stubble is especially difficult to manage but this Braun takes care of everything! .
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10 – Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 5 5020s Electric Shaver with Beard Trimmer, Rechargeable, Wet & Dry Foil Shaver with EasyClean, Black/Blue

Top Reviews
I regretted buying this shaver soon after I opened the box. The instruction manual is a farce, consisting of no text, only cryptic cartoons. Seriously, they could have has IKEA do the instructions and has a far better document. The construction seems poorly designed – I feel it will break under normal use. The need to remove the shaving head to plug in the trimmer is moronic, and adds significantly to grooming time. A cover is NOT provided to protect the delicate shaving foil, which, by the way is not available anywhere in the world as I writer this. No storage case or stabnd is included, either – it’s only a matter of time before the shaver is damaged and is unrepairable. It does give a nice shave (so far). After having a old Braun last nearly 15 years, this may be may last shaver from them. .
I am really disappointed with this purchase. Doesn’t provide a close shave. Not good at all for body grooming. My cheap Philips body groom that is 9 years old does a much better job and it was only half the price. If I could get my money back, I definitely would. .
It is very smooth shaving and I can clean it easily since it’s okay for water on the blade area. It doesnt pull hairs. It’s very nice and I’m hoping it lasts a long time. I will be back to update if anything is new. Also people asking can women use this?! . we have hair, don’t we? 🙂 .
Disappointing.My 15 year old machine did a better job – shaving. .
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11 – Braun BNC002BKBK Classic Analog Quartz Alarm Clock

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WHY NO RESPONSE? Requested reply some time ago, no reply. Appears second haNd sticking and goes back and forth. Constantly have to reset clock. l Was expecting better. Have SEVERAL Braun products. This is epic failure during trip. Customer support appears nonexistent state side based on manual. Did they outsource from Germany to China? Appears that way. HELP ME. Thank you in advance .
I bought this to use as my morning alarm in an attempt try to keep my phone away from my bedroom. Unfortunately it kept stopping in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. I would shake it a little and it would restart, but that was no use after I had already missed my wake up time. The Braun team said the hands could be getting stuck. But after it failed to wake me up a second time, I couldn’t trust it anymore. So a wasted $35. Seems like a very bad problem for an expensive alarm clock with one real function. Braun weren’t helpful in solving. Their customer support was pretty poor, and they didn’t offer a refund. And I was already outside of the Amazon returns window. .
What I love best about the Braun BNC002BKBK alarm clock is the fact that this is the quietest alarm clock I have ever come across. By quiet, I mean the noise of the clock running, not the sound of the alarm going off. You can put the clock on a nightstand right next to your ear and you’ll still have a peaceful night. All you hear from this clock is silence. Absolute, divine silence.When is time to wake up, however, the sound of the alarm is loud enough to accomplish the task.The clock is smaller than what I had thought from looking at the pictures on the Amazon page, but that is my fault for not reading the dimensions. This is not a problem, it’s just something that caught me by surprise.The clock feels sturdy and exudes good craftsmanship. You get the impression that this is a well built clock that will last a long time.I’ve only had it for a couple of weeks, but so far, it keeps very good time.I’m very happy with this purchase. .
Have had braun clocks before and liked them. Lasted a long time. This one is very light weight (almost feels fragile it is so light). Does not have a night light (unless I am missing something). My old Braun if you pushed down on the alarm switch it lit up. Very small format if you want it for bedside use it may be a little small for that purpose. Great clock however, and you need to base decision on size, weight and use for your purposes. .
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12 – Braun Men’s Electric Digital Alarm Clock

Top Reviews
I wanted a simple, minimal bedside alarm clock, and while it fits that description, there are a few too many flaws. That said, I’m probably on the pickier side with alarm clocks, and I hate mornings in general.It has allowed me to quit using my phone as an alarm though, so that’s good.This clock is expensive. I don’t mind paying a little bit more for a quality item, but my initial impressions are that it’s overpriced. The backup battery has a plastic sticker covering the contacts to preserve the battery before purchase. Great. Except when I tried to close the battery cover after removing the sticker, the plastic just ate itself. Eventually, I got it to stay on, but I definitely stripped the threading using normal pressure. I’m not confident it will stand up to a battery replacement, though tape should hold it in place well enough (the battery door is hidden on the backside of the display).It’s been about a month of daily use, and everything is still working fine. We’ll see how it holds up long-term.It’s too bright for me, even on the lowest setting. Half the bedroom is bright enough to navigate at night. On the upshot, the display is very easy to read, and brightness adjustment is very easy (cycle through three settings using the +/- buttons). It seemed like the other clocks with pushbutton backlights that I considered had other problems, and I was concerned about the ticking sound from an analog clock. That said, I started using an eye mask, which blocks out the light, and I feel like maybe helps me sleep better generally. This one, which I quite like, if you’re curious (only $7):  Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask, Blindfold, Super Smooth Eye Mask (One Strap) – The Authentic Are ONLY”Sold by Alaska Bear” .On a positive note, operation is dead simple. For me, one of the major negatives on an alarm clock is a tiny on/off switch, or one with several positions. I don’t want to be fighting with electronics first thing in the morning. This clock (and it looks like most other Brauns) does extremely well on that point. The on/off button is a good size, and you can easily tell if the alarm is on or off (bright green edges when it’s in the up/on position, plus an indicator on the display). Touching the top of the clock anywhere also activates the snooze, and pushing the on/off button turns off the alarm fully.If you’re constantly changing the alarm time, the switch to do so is somewhat fiddly. I don’t change my alarm time often, so it isn’t a problem for me.The alarm itself is louder than I had hoped, but still within the range of what I would consider “medium.” One of the things that attracted me to Braun clocks was the “crescendo” alarm, which is a grossly misleading label. The word “crescendo” (to a musician) means “increasing in volume.” This clock beeps at one volume, and just beeps more as it goes on. It starts with three single beeps, then goes to three double beeps, etc. This was really disappointing. I tend to be a pretty light sleeper, especially by morning. I was hoping for something softer, that would increase in volume if I didn’t wake up right away. .
Love love love this clock. I researched what must have been 100 alarm clocks on Amazon, before making the decision to buy this one. I really wanted a clock with a simple, beautiful design. An alarm that could very easily be turned on/off was essential for me. Also, I wanted both the time and alarm-time to be displayed. Bingo on all fronts.My reason for getting an alarm is that I’ve made the (great!) decision to stop using my phone as an alarm, which allows me to now charge my phone somewhere else in the house and as a result, I now sleep better without distractions and temptations from my phone. .
This is the *only* wall-powered alarm clock with *all* the features I need:1) contemporary design2) solid build3) simplicity4) choice of 12/24 hr format and brightness adjust5) pleasant alarm sound and display lighting.All other clocks scream “bargain-basement !”, or have a plethora of unnecessary bells and whistles.If you don’t need radio or CD functions, but a reliable, simple-to-use alarm clock, then look no further.Time and alarm setting is done super-easy with a selector-slide and “+” and “-” keys on top of the clock.Alarm is armed/disarmed with a push button, the proximity snooze function is a bonus.The photo is potentially a bit misleading.The alarm clock is an L-shape, not a box.Display faces upward. That said, the alarm clock must be positioned at lower than sleeping level.If your night stand is higher than your mattress, the numbers of the display disappear.I do not believe this is a defect; the design intended for this clock to be looked at from a top-down vantage point.I have had this alarm clock for over 2 months and, in my opinion, I have never had a better one. .
I was looking for the following:* Clock that I could put next to my bed and wouldn’t shine too bright and disturb me at night* Able to read at all times without having to press a button to turn off a light (that last part applies mainly at night)* A cool looking clockI didn’t care about:* alarm* battery backup* radioI was surprised at how few clocks matched my need list. I then accidentally found this clock (Note to Amazon, you need a better search feature.) It was love at first sight :-)Yes, it’s pricey, but you’re paying for the beautiful, minimalist design. You’re also paying for the lighting technology. It has 3 levels of brightness. I have it next to my bed and the light doesn’t disturb me at all. .
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13 – Electric Razor for Men by Braun, Series 5 5190cc Electric Shaver with Precision Trimmer, Rechargeable, Wet & Dry, Clean & Charge Station and Travel Case

Top Reviews
I am a Braun fan, but the shave with this shaver is inferior to my prior Braun Series 5. The new shaver base has been redesigned and is less user-friendly. I would not purchase this shaver again.I had (still have) an older Braun Series 5 shaver that I purchased in 2011. I have replaced the foil and cutter block regularly and kept the shaver in good shape. The shaver still works today, but the pump in the base unit failed. I could have purchased a replacement base for $50.00, but decided that since the shaver was over six years old I should replace the entire system. I wish I had just purchased a new base for the old shaver.This new shaver does not shave as close as the old shaver. The new shaver head is larger than the old shaver and the shaver head is all one unit (no separate foil and cutter block anymore) so there is no way to brush out heavy trimming “debris” in order to lessen the load on the self-cleaning base. Yes, you are able to run the new shaver head under running water, but that has not done nearly as effective a job of “pre-cleaning” the shaver. The new shaver does not trim (sideburns, etc.) as well and as closely as the old Series 5; the shaver head is too large and the trimmer on the back of the shaver seems designed more for appearance than function.The larger “all in one” head also does not allow the clean & renew solution to drain and dry as quickly. So, if I shave as night and then again in the morning, eight hours may not be enough time for the clean & renew solution to drain out of the shaver. So not only do I drip solution out of the shaver head onto the floor, sink, etc., but I also risk skin irritation from the solution left in the shaver head. I have tried rinsing the shaver head under the tap when there is solution still present in the shaver head, but then the shave is worse than usual (and the shave is not that good on a “good shaver day”).The most objectionable issue for me is the new base. The button to open the base and the access to replace the clean & renew cartridges is at the rear of the base unit. I build shelves in my bathroom with an integrated GFCI outlet in order to store my shaver and trimmer neatly. Now I have to carefully rotate and balance the base unit (with the old clean and renew cartridge inside) in order to: (1) open the unit, (2) remove the old clean & renew cartridge, trying not to spill any solution, (3) insert the new cartridge, (4) close the base, (5) rotate the base unit back into position. This may sound like I am whining (and I am), but it is a problem for me. I replaced the cartridge tonight and spilled solution all over the place (that was my motivation for writing this review tonight). The old base unit that has the button to open and cartridge access in the front was a much easier and user-friendly design.I have had (and still do have) several Braun shavers (smaller unit in my travel kit, etc.), but this shaver does not comport with Braun’s reputation for excellence. .
Wow what can I say! thought my husband had tried every electric razor, but NONE of them ever worked the way a regular razor works that is, until NOW! This electric razor gives him a CLOSER shave and WITHOUT THE NICKS and BLOOD and spots of TISSUE stuck to his face! Hooray! And the fact that is CLEANS ITSELF makes it worth its’ weight in gold! My husband is not one to stand around cleaning things, a quick rinse and he’s done, but now, he just drops it into the stand and IT does all the work! And I love the convenience of the refill cartridge. Plus, and I’m not sure WHY or HOW this works, but it really did make his skin SMOOTHER, SOFT and SILKIER with the VERY FIRST USE! Amazing product! Highly recommend!!! .
The product description says: with Clean&Charge Station. This item does NOT come with that! I did not use the shaver, and sending it back. I have one similar to it and really like it. I will buy a different product that includes the Clean&Charge Station, as this is a very nice feature. Hopefully Amazon will fix the description, since I informed them of the problem today, 10/09/18. .
When I first tried the Braun system in 1964, I was hooked for life. I bought one for myself and one for my father and brought them back from Germany where I had discovered this unbelievable shaver. They were not available at the time in the U.S. But, when they did find their way to this side of ocean, I have purchased many over the years. This latest model is the biggest disappointment. I have been using this one for almost a year and I identify with a number of reviewers how this one has let us down. The trimmer is my latest complaint. It just stopped working. It does not cut anymore. Maybe there is a quick fix, but I have not found it yet. The closeness of my daily shave fails miserably in comparison to the original model of over fifty years ago. Yes, maybe my face and whiskers have changed in those years, but Braun should be able to handle it unless they have cut back on technology to keep up with economics and the bottom line .I cannot recommend this model. My son has a cheaper model that I find superior to my own. His shave is so much closer and much nicer to my face. His trimmer works and is on the same side as the shaving blades. So much simpler to use. I want my old Braun back or maybe I will by the cheaper model that seems to work so well on my face. .
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14 – Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3070cc Men’s Electric Foil Shaver / Rechargeable Electric Razor, and Clean & Charge Station, Black

Top Reviews
First off, I have a beard that could stop a lawn mower. It grows in several directions. In college I won the beard-growing contest in a dormitory that housed 900 men. I’ve been shaving for decades and have tried all brands of blade (inconsistent and messy), rotary (ouch!), and foil (my fave). Nothing has worked better than this $60 Braun.I’ve owned shavers costing several times as much – and they didn’t perform any better. All the snazzy features on more expensive units are just noise. Swiveling heads that don’t allow you any leverage, messy cleaning systems, etc. Save your money and keep it simple. It’s just a shave, for crying out loud!At this price, what have you got to lose? If you’ve always used a razor and want to try an electric, here’s a cost-effective chance to give it a try. .
Avoid like the plague. Have bought three of these for myself and sons, two have died already in less than 2 years of use.I dealt with the fact that the foil heads wear out about once a year. I have no problem ponying up $25 to replace. But two of these have just died. One day they just don’t turn on. The LED indicator stays lit, but nothing else happens. Both razors weren’t abused and probably had 10-20 charges between them. From what I see online this isn’t a rarity, happens all the time. Stay away. .
I used to love Braun. It’s the electric razor I first used and have continued to use for the last 10+ years but am seriously thinking of switching to a new brand because of the foil heads. They used to last me the recommended 18 months before I needed to switch them. Now, the foil head on a brand new razor was ruined within 3 months. Similar to other reviews, the foil head started to peel off in one area (it was sharp and scraped my face) before the blade started to rip off additional portions of the head and was unusable. I replaced the foil head, and within one week I had the same problem!!! Not okay when the foil heads cost $25-$30 and are supposed to last 18 months. I thought my problem was isolated until I checked the reviews and saw that many people are having the same issue. They must have switched suppliers or otherwise sacrificed quality for increased profits. Not cool, Braun. Not cool. .
This review is a specific warning for existing owners of Series 3 razors who need to replace an older one. If you don’t have a Series 3 clean and charge system already, you can ignore this review.But if you are replacing an older Series 3, learn from my mistake. I had an older series 3 that came with the docking station that let you clean and charge it at the same time. Turns out that is a very useful feature for busy people, so I’ve come to depend on it, even though the little cartridges are kind of expensive and definitely not exactly eco-friendly since they can’t be refilled.After a few years, the trimmer piece broke on my razor, so I needed a new one. Fair enough, they don’t last forever. So I wanted to just buy a new razor that fit in the dock I already owned and that still works fine. I look up and find a new series 3 just like the one I had. Get it and come to find that this razor fits EXACTLY in the docking station and will charge it. Awesome.However, Braun puts a sensor in the docking station to specifically make sure that you cannot use this razor in the clean/charge station. It looks for something on one of the little bumps on the back of the trimmer – if the razor doesn’t have it, then no activation of the cleaner. This razor does not have it.So basically, they force you to buy a new docking station every time the razor dies, you can’t just replace the razor and keep the existing docking station. Or at least you can’t replace the razor with this one, which seems to be the top of the line series 3 that you can buy without a new cleaner.This is a good razor, it works well – as long as you keep it clean and change out the heads occasionally. But be aware that Braun has deliberately designed their cleaning system not to work with this razor, because they want to soak you for a new docking station. There is zero excuse for deliberately omitting the thing the dock looks for on this razor – it is an exact clone of my older razor in every other respect.So now I have to either go buy a more expensive razor to get something I don’t really need or give up on the self-cleaning feature and pitch the half-full box of replacement cartridges for it that I already have.Awesome. Braun sure knows how to treat its loyal customers right. I think I’ve bought half a dozen Braun razors – but this might be the last one I ever buy. .
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15 – Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3080s Wet&Dry Electric Shaver for Men / Rechargeable Electric Razor plus Charging Stand, Premium Blue

Top Reviews
after I owned the shaver for a few days I was extremely happy and that is why you see the five star review below. Sadly after about 5 days of Shaving the foil broke apart! Thus the shaver was useless and I had to order a new shaver head. This required me to downgrade the original 5-star review down to a two star review. The rest of this review is all true but unfortunately when I wrote it the shaver head had not broken apart yet. Now it has and I’m very disappointed in the quality control of this shaver. Anyway here’s the original review:This shaver gives a smooth clean and very close shave. And all of this for a really reasonable budget price. I am 75 years old and as you can imagine I have owned and used countless Shavers in my life. This gives as close a shave as I have ever enjoyed. Further and please note this carefully it is cord / cordless. Many of the modern Shavers are cordless only. That means that if you have a cordless only shaver when the battery runs down you cannot plug it in and keep shaving. Rather you have to plug it in and wait some time for a quick charge to finish the shave. But this shaver Braun is cord / cordless which means when the shaver runs down you can just plug it in and continue shaving with no interruption. That is much more convenient. Also it gives a nice long number of shaves with the battery also the replacement head is only about $25 which is much less than many other of the higher-priced shavers. This is much less expensive than most other Braun shavers and well worth the money. Highly recommended. .
I have the blue version of the 3000 series and like that, just needed a second for my gym bag and travel. It works well, better than other razors for this price so I’m happy with the shave I get out of it.HOWEVER – be careful if you’re used to the other 3000 model shavers – this one doesn’t have a trimmer. Not a HUGE deal, but I’m knocking off two stars because not only is this not really covered anywhere in the product description, BUT the picture where it says “Tackles Tricky Areas” even shows an image that looks like it has a trimmer.If this was going to be the only razor I had I would have returned it, but as a gym razor it works fine.If you want a trimmer as well get the blue 3040 – same shave, but with the trimmer and as of this writing it’s only like $3 more. .
I’m 63, my face is wrinkled, with scares on my chin that make shaving a challenge. I’ve owned and used several Norelco rotary razors as well as razor blade systems from Gillet but none have performed as well as this Braun 3 series. I purchased the 3080s unit as it appeared to be the best value unit. It shaves almost as well as a sharp straight razor leaving my skin smooth with very little stubble feel. Even around my upper lip area it does a remarkable job of shaving the whiskers close with out leaving razor bumps. The scares I have on my chin are usually difficult to shave. This razor does a great job in cutting these problem areas. No electric razor can truly match a regular straight razor but this Braun comes very, very close. I really like what it does for my face, I dry shave so I’ve not tried it wet, I leave that to others who may prefer wet shaving. Cleaning the razor is quick and easy. The brush supplied works well in getting the loose whiskers out and off the unit. It comes with a stand and charger that keeps it ready for use on my bathroom sink top. Power indicator lights work well at keeping me informed as to charge levels. Over-all I would recommend this razor to anyone looking for a quality unit that doesn’t cost an arm or a leg. .
Rarely am I overly impressed;but .this a very well built product and it gives a great shave better than even a blade. Braun seem s to be one of those that understand when the companies name is on the product and if you build a cheap product it still a reflection on the company. I have no idea how good there expensive item are but if they if they are proportionly better with the increase price they have to fantastic .
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