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Best body fat calculator 2020

Best body fat calculator 2020.

1 – INEVIFIT Smart Body Fat Scale, Highly Accurate Bluetooth Digital Bathroom Body Composition Analyzer, Measures Weight, Body Fat, Water, Muscle, Visceral Fat & Bone Mass for Unlimited Users

Top Reviews I was looking for a good accurate scale that gave my weight only. Didn’t want the ones with added technology connected to it. I researched just about every scale til I came upon this one. I always read many, many reviews & spend a lot of time reading them. 99% gave it 5 stars. That was good enough for me. I ordered the Silver Scale. It’s very light in color & I was worried the numbers may not show up very well. It was not a problem. The numbers are very bright. The scale is very thin & shiny & actually beautiful. It was delivered in 1 day. Best scale I ever had. If ur looking for a good scale with just the weight, do not hesitate to purchase this one. As for the Companies Customer Service, they are very caring & will contact you to make sure you are satisfied & help you in any way they can. Great Customer Service which means a lot. Am I a happy customer? You bet I am. . I looked at many scales before choosing this one. It was just a bit more expensive than some others I was considering, but I noticed one reviewer mentioned small company with great customer service. I ordered it and have been very pleased ! The company writes to make sure all is well (it is) and then follows up if you have any questions. I got a simple scale that is for weight only,not body fat, etc. It is very accurate and easy to use. It weighs in small increments so I can notice any loss or gain. I am on the Noom diet and they ask you to weigh each day so this scale is perfect for that ! AA++ . It is so frustrating that amazon is now flooded with these 3rd party knock off products, mostly with funky brand names. I have ordered three items in that have all failed within six weeks of buying them.A desk fan, humidifier and this scale. Unfortunately, I ordered all at about the same time with a holiday gift card. The scale worked fine for a few weeks, then started to work intermittently for about three weeks and then it failed completely. My last scale lasted over ten years. Wished it still worked. I strongly recommend not buying this scale. . Easy to read display and works great. You do need a place to keep it flat. It is not good to store on its side or move it after each use. So best to have a place to leave it flat on the floor and never move it. Read more

2 – INEVIFIT EROS Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Smart BMI Highly Accurate Digital Bathroom Body Composition Analyzer with Wireless Smartphone APP 400 lbs 11.8 x 11.8 inch (White)

Top Reviews I have 5 different weights within 10 min maximum. If it can’t even get an accurate weight number how is it getting all the other body fat and muscle% and bmi correctly?I made sure to read the inspection press on the scale first, let it calibrate and when it types 00lb to step on it. I did this every time (9 times) and it gave a weight fluctuation from 115.8lb to 111 lb within minutes. I screenshoted the history of all different weight numbers.I’m going to return it. It’s $50+ scale the weight at least should be consistent and accurate. I’m not sure is all are the same or mine has a defect in it. . This is a very good product, it does what it’s supposed, and though it’s not 100% accurate specially if you’re holding excess water I think it gives you a pretty good idea of your body fat levels.Besides measuring body fat it of course functions as a regular scale, which you can also use to weigh out other things, up to the recommended weight limit.In addition to your body fat it can also measure a number of other bio metrics like protein, though to be honest I don’t know how accurate it is at measuring other things that aren’t fat and weight. But since I only care about my weight and body fat levels the rest of it’s features are kinda irrelevant to me. But that’s just me the rest of the features may be important to you so that’s something to consider.This scale also has a Bluetooth app which is really good and you needed if you want to see all your biometrics.In conclusion I love this scale, I love how it looks, feels and functions and the price is fair, I think so anyway. And yes I don’t really have many negatives to say about this product because I haven’t really found many, if and when I do I will update this review.Do I recommend it? yes I do. . We have had an extremely accurate (tested for accuracy) balance scale for many years and loved it, but it was bulky and I wanted more details on health than just my weight. This scale EXACTLY matches the balance scale reading and gives so much more detail. It hooks with my iPhone via Bluetooth. The design is really solid, exactly what I was looking for. Couldn’t be happier. . The Pros:The scale seems to work great. I know the weight is accurate. The BMI is very close to what a BMI calculator shows. It syncs great with my Fitbit app.The Cons:Due to lack of documentation, I’m still not sure about using this with more than one person.I was going to set my wife up on my phone but I am not sure the pros and cons of two profiles on one phone or on separate phones so I have not activated her account yet. I first want to find out what happens if it is on two phones and they are both in the room when you get on a scale? I also need to test what happens if no phone is in the room, I get on the scale and then my wife walks in the room with her phone. Seems to me it would add the information to her account. If weigh-in is applied to the wrong user, how do you fix it? I can’t find any documentation on this so I’ll have to test these scenarios.I’d also like to know how all the information is calculated. The FAQ talks about some of them but not allI called into support two days in a row. I was able to leave a message. Day one I got a call in the evening that I missed. Day 2 I never got a call back.I’d give it 5 stars if it weren’t for lack of documentation and phone support. Read more

3 – ONE SMARTDIET – Body Composition Analyzer, Wi-Fi Bluetooth Connection, BMI, Body Fat, Water, Muscle, Basal Metabolic Rate, Calories Calculation, Portable Tiny Device, Steps Tracker

Top Reviews Das Gerät ist i.O. und würde besser bewertet, die APP klappt leider nicht, wir korrespondieren immer noch hin und her.Sehr freundliches Miteinander, aber das Resultat bleibt leider noch aus. . Read more

4 – INEVIFIT Smart Body Fat Scale, Highly Accurate Bluetooth Digital Bathroom Body Composition Analyzer, Measures Weight, Body Fat, Water, Muscle, BMI, Visceral Fat & Bone Mass for Unlimited Users

Top Reviews I love what INEVIFIT has done with this Body Analyzer and I am so happy with my investment. The part of love the most is how they integrated it with the App and how its user friendly. If I could buy every single person in my family a body analyzer I would. It breaks down multiple details such as your BMR, body fat %, bone density, etc. I couldn’t be more happier with my body fat analyzer, it has become my newest obsession every morning when I wake up. I truly from the bottom of my heart recommend that people buy this body fat analyzer if they are serious about their weight loss journey and living a healthy lifestlye. . I love my new scale! I must admit that I don’t always review the products I buy but I felt that the scale warranted my review. First of all before I even received my product I had already heard from the company about my purchase stressing if I had questions or problems to contact them. Secondly the scale is quote modern looking and has no buttons that need to be pressed to switch users because it all goes right to the phone. I just wish the App had a bit more by that I mean maybe a community or info to calculate micronutrients and calories. Nonetheless the scale works with my fitbit. I’m not totally sure on the accuracy because I have nothing to compare it to. The price and quality is fantastic especially since some of the scales that do the same thing are selling for double or more. All in all a great scale! . Love this scale. Very modern and sleek looking. Goes great in any room you choose to keep it in. Easy app to download and understand. Seeing the different numbers and percentages it gives you is shocking to see which makes you want to give it your all. Definitely has gotten me back in the swing of things and this product just helps make it easier. . This product takes managing your weight to a whole different level. Easy to set up. Highly recommend. Read more

5 – Omron Body Composition Monitor with Scale – 7 Fitness Indicators & 180-Day Memory

Top Reviews First of all, I am a personal trainer as well as a student in exercise physiology, and I have worked in movement science labs and nutrition labs with very accurate equipment. I say this to add credibility to the review I am about to write.I originally purchased this product in hopes of getting more accurate body fat measurements for both myself and my clients. The problem with most foot scale based or handheld BIA products is that they can be up to 5-10% off. The idea behind this whole body BIA product is to get a more accurate reading, but in reality it is WILDLY inaccurate. I am a fairly lean individual and a rather muscular athlete, yet it put me at 25% bodyfat and very low muscle mass. I had my female friend, another lean athlete, use the scale and she was put at 40% bodyfat. This is over 15% off from all other BIA products she has used.In summary, the scale portion works fine but the actual BIA system, which I assume is what you’re really looking for when purchasing this product, is wildly inaccurate and simply does not work.Please do not waste your money. . I have a number of Omron products, mostly Blood Pressure Monitors, which I’ve checked vs my Dr’s measurements and are accurate. This product gave me an accurate weight but a BF% of ~28% after several measurements. The high end machine at the gym I work out at gives me b/w 14 & 16% consistently (including today) and 28% would also put me well overweight, which I’m not by any stretch. The other measurements (& fact I have a legitimate 6-pack and am relatively muscular) illustrate the fact clearly it’s way off. I suspect that the formula based on age, height, weight calculates averages (I’m 43, 5’9 & 190lbs) & drives more of the measurement than the actual measuring aspect. . I’ve had this scale for 4 years and I’ve always been curious about the accuracy. Today I went to get a Bodpod body composition analysis. It’s considered to be one of the most accurate professional systems on the market. I tested my weight and body fat right before I left for the appointment. The scale’s results were identical on weight and BMR to the Bodpod, and within 0.3% on body fat. Obviously your results may vary, but I’m confident that I’ll never pay for a professional analysis again. . This product is truly junk. Believe the 1 star reviews. The two reasons I bought it were to get accurate weight and accurate body fat %. It cannot do either. I’m talking 2.5 pounds difference stepping on the scale, stepping off and stepping back on. I have used 7-site caliper measurement to calculate body fat which is very accurate but a pain to do alone. My measurements give me 19%, this scale gives me 29%. For the price, it should be kind of close. I’m returning this product and strongly recommend that everyone else save their money. Read more

6 – Changing Body Composition through Diet and Exercise

Top Reviews Ormsbee delivers a serviceable introduction to first-year sports nutrition. If you’ve never dived deeply into the science of metabolism and exercise, this is a good first stop. Even if you have, Ormsbee provides a competent refresher of the basics and an even-handed review of the state of body composition research in 2015. However For more advanced viewers, the pacing can be frustratingly slow due to some overly simplistic segments (such as “how to read a nutrition label”, which seems targeted at grade-schoolers) and due to Ormsbee’s delivery, which is generally ponderous. It appears that he is simply reading each lecture from a teleprompter without much rehearsal.The emphasis on usable tips is an understandable effort to keep the viewer engaged, but suffers from lack of a defined target audience — Ormsbee is trying to talk simultaneously to men, women, the young, the old, the athletically fit and the completely sedentary. As a result his advice tends to be either broad and unsurprising (“eat more protein”, “eat more omega-3s”) or overly specific (“don’t blame your medicated thyroid condition for your inability to lose weight”).Most disappointingly, many of the visual slides contain obvious errors, such as “Other antioxidants include: antioxidents” (sic), “mitocondrian”, or complete inversions of meaning (women suffer “hyperthyroid” at a rate 5-8x that of men, rather than “hypothyroid”). Ormsbee is clearly well educated, so it’s odd that he just lets these mistakes slide. One wonders if he is as forgiving of his own students’ test answers.The entire production comes off as a bit rushed and slapdash, and given Ormsbee’s flat affect and lack of improvisation and elaboration, impatient viewers might wish they could just read the transcript.Still, much of the information is above entry-level, all of it is current, and there just aren’t that many decent videos out there that go beyond the bare basics on this subject. Watching this video won’t substitute for doing your own research in places like PubMed or Wikipedia or even leangains.com, but it is a suitable introduction to the practical and theoretical basics of improving body composition. . A bit more in-depth in the anatomy/physiology area for someone like myself who doesn’t have a background in this area. I found myself glazing over in several spots and I was unable to summarize each episode well enough to feel I got a decent grasp on the subject. The delivery of the information was a bit ragged as well. Most of the other instructors provide a better, more engaging presentation of information. . I have enjoyed the audio book, so I bought it for my son as gift. He liked it so much, helped him to get back on healthy life style. He said, this Dr’s research was very true and deep. . Better to understand what you put in you body and what your body really needs. I’m a nerd so this was incredibly informative and helpful. Read more

7 – Radical Body Transformations

Top Reviews Anthony’s story is like so many others who have struggled with weight loss their entire lives and tried most FAD diets that often fail and are not sustainable. For those who say, Anthony has the financial resources available because of his wealth, while this is very true, as I have learned in life, money does not buy happiness and does not keep the weight off. It is a matter of sheer determination, mind set and commitment that are the driving factors in this documentary. To share such a personal journey of weight loss, exercise and his honesty about the struggles, sacrifices and surgery for his loose skin is brave. Achieving the ultimate goal of becoming healthy for his family is heartwarming. To my surprise, I left a comment on Anthony’s instagram account and to my surprise he responded with a message and even a personal voicemail – wow was I surprised! If you need motivation and something to jumpstart your determination to succeed – this documentary of his journey is worth your time. . Get pumped! This is a great series to motivate starting a workout routine or going for more fitnesswise! Check it out if you ever wanted to see what the world of fitness and new goalsetting and achieving is about! . If you are the type of person who keeps putting off getting fit, this documentary is just what you need. Thank you Anthony for sharing your deication and commitment to a healthier lifestyle. You proved that anthing is possible. . I loved watching Anthony’s transformation. Give me hope! He worked very hard to achieve his goal. And he is absolutely correct when he says he found his reason! Great show! Inspirational! Read more

8 – Keto Air Fryer: 100+ Delicious Low-Carb Recipes to Heal Your Body & Help You Lose Weight

Top Reviews Maria has knocked it out of the park with this new cookbook! I am astounded by her creativity and ability to deliver keto versions of old standbys like corndogs, popcorn shrimp, blooming onion, and sweet potato casserole and her own unique recipes such as Reuben egg rolls, gyro breakfast patties, chicken cordon blue meatballs, and tuna melt croquettes. I also love that she provides pictures of each recipe, tips to adjust it to your dietary needs, and a nice selection of vegetarian and international dishes. The book is organized so well and even breaks down 10 minute meals, freezer meals, and kid friendly meals. She also includes an allergen index and pictorial index in addition to a traditional index. This book is packed with recipes for the whole family and I have no doubt that these recipes will become apart of my family’s regular menu rotation. Thank you so much Maria for making the ketogenic diet so easy and approachable for all. . WOW!!! I’ve been keto for 2 years now and I’ve searched far and wide for good cookbooks, most disappoint me. I’m a foodie Maria Emmerichs books are the only ones I cook from. They are pretty simple and easy to follow with amazing results. I’ve had an air fryer since last Christmas and it was still in the plastic until this book came. Now it sits on my counter!!! Thanks Maria, keep helping people. I am keto because in healing cancer. So thank you . With the Emmerich books, you can’t go wrong, and she’s proven herself to be the most comprehensive source of keto recipes and information once again with Keto Air Fryer.The recipes are easy but not ‘I could have figured that out on my own’ kind of easy like I’ve seen with other books. They’re simple but imaginative, and since the air fryer is the fastest way of cooking, you can go from fridge to plate in less time than it takes to sit in a drive thru on the way home from work, honestly.My favorite surprise is a special section of kids favorites in this book, definitely a great way to get your kids into keto, and the recipes are ones your kids can help you make so they learn to cook healthy at a young age.Also, one big thing I love about this series of books is there’s essentially no overlap of the recipes. I’ve read four back to back to meal plan and thanksgiving plan and haven’t seen a repeat.I honestly can’t say enough good things about this book and the others in the series. . This is the 4th book I’ve purchased of Maria’s and was so disappointed with the content after waiting so long for the book release. My biggest disappointment was the Sweet Endings chapter of the book. There was a total of 6 recipes and the one recipe that was posted/teased multiple times on Instagram (Pop Tarts) didn’t make the cut. The hot dog bun recipe, along with others, are on her blog. Her other cookbooks offer so much more. Read more

9 – Vitagoods Form Fit Digital Scale and Body Analyzer-Tracks Fat, Weight, Muscle/Bone Mass, Water Weight-397 Pound Capacity, Silver 5 Pound

Top Reviews There is a lot of information once you step on the scale, so much so, that I want to access it, afterwards. But you can’t with this scale. Although you can program up to 8 people, it’s useless if you can’t even refer back to one person’s information. I understand it’s not Bluetooth Enabled, and that you can’t download info into any PDF, Excel spreadsheet, etc., but you should, at least, be able to manually press a button to go back in time to look up previous information from previous weigh-ins. This way, you can note and track changes. Again, you can’t with this scale.Maybe I’m missing something, but I haven’t found anything in the setup manuel. Furthermore, I have repeatedly called the phone number provided in the manuel, but to no avail. It rings, I hit the appropriate prompt, rings 4 times more and then disconnects. I’ve even tried different prompts, to see if I get a different result, and unfortunately, no.Between no Customer Service to speak of and the inability to go back and access previous info, I am only giving this product 3 stars. . I loved it the day I got it but after 3 days it stopped working overall I would step on it and it would start counting down from 300lbs, I weigh 130, as it would count down it would just shut off and it never turned back on I had to return it and get a replacement , hopefully this one stays working . This works as designed. The accuracy is really close. It does say because you don’t have the hand sensor, your readings won’t be 100% exact, but they are close. I go to the doctor and use theirs with the hand sensor and its only slightly different. Example: for the muscle reading, my scale can read 6.2. The doctor’s office will read 6.4. Its a good affordable at-home scale. . This scale is perfect! I am trying to lose weight and this gives me a good idea of where my body fat is. It helps me gauge my progress. It also comes with a booklet that tackles a variety of things, including BMI and what body fat percent I should be at based on my age, height, and fitness level. Read more

10 – Arboleaf Weight Scale – Smart Scale Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Wireless with iOS, Android APP, Unlimited Users, Auto Recognition, 10 Body Composition Analyzer, Fat, BMI, BMR, Muscle Mass, 396 lb – Black

Top Reviews  When I first received the package, I was very surprised by how easy and straightforward the set up process was. It only took me 2 minutes to set up the scale and connect it to my phone. On top of that, the scale is sleek, elegant, and fits well in my bathroom.This is a very good scale for its price. It’s a nice tool to track my weight seamlessly on my phone. With this, I feel very inspired to create a healthier lifestyle for me! .  I’m on a journey to gain weight and it’s important for me to keep track of my stats everyday. I have a very unstable metabolism so some days are better than others. This helps me keep track of what I’m eating. It’s very easy to set up, the hardest part is opening the battery tab but I inserted a video for reference. It comes with the batteries. It’s very easy to set up multiple profiles for your whole family and friends. The app itself is very easy to manage and lets you see everything clearly. I wish they would explain how they get some stats, but other than that it’s not really a priority. I recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a way to track their weight and body stats without using miscellanous notes or pads, or forgetting to log it every time you step the scale. It happens a lot!Aesthetically, the scale is very pretty, it indicates you precisely where to place your heels and the sole of your feet. It has the little stands to keep it up from the floor which is very nice. It gets smudged a bit but it comes off very easily!P.S. Every time someone weighs themselves and your phone is not around or you have the bluetooth off, the scale remembers the weight and when you open the app it will ask you what user does it belong to! It’s very neat. Remember to have your phone nearby and bluetooth on every time you use it! . My friend encouraged me to get this scale and I am so happy that I bought it. I like the fact that it tells more than just my weight.It’s so easy to use in conjunction with the app. I use it with my girlfriend and it differentiates who it is as soon as we step on it. The app works well with either iOS or android operating system.I was really surprised that the readings were accurate when I went in for my yearly medical check up.I will recommend this scale to anyone (I already did to my friend who in turn told a friend who told another friend and they all purchased) . Perfect Scale With So much InformationI really like the scale. It is easy to set up, maybe took me 2 mins to pair it with my Iphone X. I`ve been going to gym regularly, so I need a scale that can tell me more about myself. I did a lot research before the purchase and I couldn’t be happier. It gives me many details and I can track my progress from the app, which made me really satisfied to see hours in gym is really working. Overall, the Arboleaf scale is totally worth the price.Accurate and MotivatingI have been trying to lose weight recently and i need a scale that is accurate. This Arboleaf scale is really easy to read and understand what it is measuring. In order to make sure the accuracy, i cross checked it with the scale at my gym and it got the same result.It was really easy to set up and sync to my iPhone; I have also been use it as a motivation tool as i found out that the app can compare history data and display a graph on the app.I definitely recommend it to anyone who needs an accurate scale! Five Stars! Read more

11 – Etekcity Digital Weight Scale, Smart Bluetooth Body Fat Scale, Bathroom Scale Tracks 13 Key Compositions, 6mm-Thick Glass, Sync with Fitbit, Apple Health and Google Fit, 400 lbs

Top Reviews Very nice and strong scale. Not 100% accurate but not bad for this price(small difference compared to the professional scal.as little as few grams!) High quality product comparing to the other one on the pictures(Renpho) . The glass is thicker and larger, and more practical(as seen in these pictures) . I bought the Renpho scale last week and I didn’t like at at all.it gives me a different mesures every time I use it.even 1 mn after the first mesure. Etekcity is much better and less expensive. . Didn’t like it. Gives two different weight every time you step on. Contacted customer service was told to calibrate but still have the same issue. Would not recomend. Overhyped product. I was not paid so I gave my honest review. . This is pretty cool so far. It has bluethooth and when synced with the app, it provides much more than just your weight. As you can see in the pic, I need to loose a few pounds. The manual is super detailed. Pairing was very easy and it appears to also sync with other fit apps, like apple, google and fitbit! It will record all my data so I can track my progress as well as set a goal. It also came with the batteries. The app will also let you add more than one user. . I was looking for a scale that would work with regular batteries (AAA) as I never seem to have the flat cells handy when my old scale went dead.This seemed to fit the bill perfectly, especially for the price point.Arrived within 2 days, and was super easy to set up. I downloaded their app to my phone and connected it to my Fitbit.The most annoying thing for me was to log my weight into the Fitbit app in the mornings (I know, I know, but I’m just not a morning person), but this does everything for me.Open up the scale’s app, step on the scale and it reds all your measurements, which will also be sent to Fitbit.Perfect for drowsy me first thing in the morning.Highly recommend at this point. Read more

12 – Health o meter Carbon Fiber Digital Scale

Top Reviews I bought this one because it’s Health-o-Meter, which is a well-known brand, and it was a good price. It’s attractive, easy to clean, easy to move. The display is very easy to ready. It seems very accurate. If I step on it several times, it displays the same weight. I like the 2-person weight memory. It does not have BMI, which I don’t care about anyway. My only issue is that the corner tap doesn’t work. It works to choose which user I am but not to start the scale. I have to stand on it to start it and wait for it to calibrate. . This scale is supposed to be turned on by tapping on the bottom right. Well, I tried tapping with my foot, with my hand (did not try a hammer though!) but no go. So I stepped on the scale. It did come on, and displayed my weight. But over several minutes of trying after turning on and off, it gave me three different weights 0.2 pounds different each time. The tap on the bottom right is also to help choose Pounds or Kilograms but I could not do so because the tap function does not work.It is going back to Amazon, and hopefully back to China or wherever it came from. . Its a decent scale but you have to keep playing around with it to give you the proper measurement. Had to use a metal lifting weight just to keep the thing calibrated properly. Also you have to wait for this thing to turn back on after use for a little while which is annoying when you are trying calibrate it. . Liked it has replaceable batteries. Liked it keeps last weight for two people.7/19/20So far so good. The Health o meter Model HDM519dq7-15 that Amazon sells is a stripped down digital/tracking scale. I think what Amazon says about it is correct. It has a button on the bottom of the scale for Unit of Weight Measurement – Pounds (LB) or Kilograms (KG). Some Amazon customers have asked if it can be reset. I think it calibrates automatically. You can get a wrong weight if its set to the wrong units (KG vs. LB), or you stand incorrectly on the scale, or if the batteries are dying. It comes with no manual and none is available online so you just learn by using. For me it does the job. Read more

13 – Arboleaf Digital Scale – Bluetooth Smart Scale Bathroom Weight Scale, Body Fat Monitor, 10 Key Composition, iOS Android APP, Unlimited Users, Auto Recognition, BMI, BMR

Top Reviews I had for 7 years an electronic scale that provided some stats in addition to the weight. However, my constant concern and dissatisfaction was that if you weighted yourself several times at once it provided slightly different results every time. Over time I looked for new models that may prove to be consistent but the reviews always showed someone complaining for this same issue. Now that my scale lost one of its “feet” and wasn’t “correctly” calculating the stats, I looked once more and found in the Arboleaf a reviewer who specifically mentioned its consistency in the measurements. So that and the rest of the good reviews on a relatively new product and the affordable price, moved me to give it a try and I’m so glad I did. The set up was very easy and after I stepped on it for the first time last night, I went back several times and the measurements didn’t change!! This morning I did the same and it kept today’s readings too, which were different from yesterday as expected. It also calculated the changes from yesterday’s readings and all the results are shown in table and graphic formats which is very helpful. It’s also great that every measurement is then located in a chart that shows your condition in the range from under, normal or over. There’s so much information for you to understand your real condition and the areas that need to work out and those to maintain. I just want it to keep working properly for the longest of time. . So easy to set up. Auto paired to iPhone health; to Fitbit; which in turn updated My Fitness Pal app. I’m 70 and I am doing my best to be pain free & medication free. The best way to do that is take control of your own health. And I can use the motivation as well as the automation. Healthy Diet exercise & supplements . This scale does all your calculations for you. No excuse not to stay fit. It completed my wellness quest. Put app in pairing mode kept pulsing. After a minute it dawned on me-Duh step on the scale to turn it on .Instant successs. Everything else followed. I’m happy and healthy. .  Overall, this is a very good scale. It looks like built with high quality materials, and it is really easy to use with a smart phone. For $30, it is really hard to ask more than this. I am sharing the unboxing experience in this video. There are a lot of advanced features; but I have not had time to try them yet. I may come back to give an update after using it for a while. For now, it is definitely FIVE STARS! . This scale is amazing! All the details it gives you. I was feeling frustrated not knowing if my hard word was working towards weight loss, but having this scale has help my motivation! It even tells you the ounces of weight. The Bluetooth connection to my phone was seem less. It definitely helps those desiring to really loose weight and get healthy. Be forewarned however, it is quite truthful, it’s a scale, so on body type it said fat, lol. I laughed so hard when I read that, lol. I’m like- yes, yes, this I know, this is why I bought you. 😂 Anyways an amazing scale, love technology, love where we are now, compared to the old school scales that you adjusted with a nob dial 😂. Read more

14 – Etekcity Scale Digital Weight and Body Fat, Smart Bathroom Fitbit Scale Bluetooth for Weight Loss, 400lbs, White

Top Reviews Accurately tells me that I’m obese every day, so I’d say it’s doing it’s job. :-)Lightweight, stylish, unobtrusive.Has a lot of features through smartphones I haven’t checked out yet. . So, I have had a weight watchers scale for a few years now that stopped working. I decided to replace it and ordered this instead. I felt that the packaging itself was nice and simple. The box came with a small manuel and also an extra year of warranty if you sign up with Etekcitizen. I liked that concept. The scale is sleek, average weight and sensitive. By sensitive I mean that it immediately starts detecting your weight once you step on it. Same reading on my wood and tile floors throughout my home. The glass seems smooth and sturdy and I liked the bright lcd reading of your weight. It also comes with 2 AAA pre-installed batteries. I am really happy with this purchase and the great deal on the pricing. Highly recommend. . Great scale. Easy to read, accurate, weight taken quickly and it’s really good looking. A plus that it comes with batteries. It was priced right. Would highly recommend. . Works great. It’s a hundred percent better than our old Weight Watchers digital scale. It turns on quickly, with no waiting for it to cycle to zero, the top is flat and cleans easily, reads weight consistently, and seems fairly accurate. Our old scale would read 3 – 5 lbs. more / less when used twice in a row. A bargain for the price! Read more

15 – Arboleaf Smart Scale – Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Weight Scale, 14 Body Composition Monitor with iOS Android APP, Wireless Cloud-Storage for Unlimited Data & 8 Users, BMR BMI Scales Digital Weight and Body Fat

Top Reviews  First, its a beautiful scale. Very sleek look. The top is a glass covering, making it super easy to clean. The numbers are a bright white LED. It is awesome that it can connect via WiFi or Bluetooth, however I have only used the Bluetooth function. Even if my phone isn’t connected, the scale saves my information and uploads it to the app when it connects later. I especially like that it syncs the info to my FitBit app (you do still have to download the scale’s Arboleaf App and link the two). Very cool to have all my weightloss goals and activities in one place on FitBit. The measurements are very accurate, I compared them to the scale at my gym and doctor’s office. It also allows up to 8 user profiles to be set up so my whole family is able to benefit from it.I have uploaded an unboxing video and the set up is SO EASY! Just insert the INCLUDED batteries and its ready to use! In the video I’ve also included a screenshare of setting up the Arboleaf App. . With evolution in technology, there are many devices available now a days, which helps to understand great level of information about health. During lock down, there were plenty of studies suggesting to improve immunity by exercise and keeping yourself fit. I also started exercising and bought this weighing scale. This scale gives a very detail information about the health. It not just tells the weight but also keeps a track of your weight and changes in the health. Connecting to the app was very easy. The step by step instructions were very clear and easy to follow. It took me just 15 mins to configure this scale and put it in use. The app is free in app store and the QR code helps you to locate the app. Create an account and connect to the scale. The scale transmits data when the app is open in phone. When the app is closed or not in foreground, the scale doesn’t transmit the data for recording. It also helps in keeping track of multiple people in the house hold. So, I have data of myself, wife and my kids. The level of information this app provides definitely motivates to improve in health goals. My current Goal is weight reduction so daily changes in a graphical representation is very helpful. The scale is made of glass and is light weight. It uses 4 AAA batteries, supplied with the scale for the first use. Overall this weighing scale has proved to be a lot more helpful than expected. We all are highly motivated to see the daily progress and changes in the health data from the scale. This is definitely. Must have for everyone if you are really focused on your health and I highly recommend this scale. . I have been exercising pretty regularly with Camp gladiator and over the past couple of years I have invested quite a bit in fitness related equipment. I have also done a couple of CG Fit sessions with camp gladiator where you take your body measurements (BMI, body fat percentage, skeletal muscle mass, water % etc etc) using the In Body machines at the beginning and end of a six week challenge. I have paid over 80 bucks for 2 of these so I thought it’d be neat to invest into a smart scale at home where I can take these measurements from the comfort of my home and more regularly. There are many choices on Amazon so I decided to read a bunch of reviews and finally decided to buy this one. It came packaged well, nothing too fancy. Once you put in 4 AAA batteries (which are included) it turns on and stepping on gives you a weight measurement. You have to install their app to get all the other measurements and metrics delivered to your app. Once I did that I found that a lot of these metrics are very similar to the numbers I got recently (2 months ago) from the inbody test. the BMI was close but PBF (percent body fat) was quite off. SMM (skeletal muscle mass) was also close to the last number. Weight is pretty accurate. I’m not sure which one is right and whats wrong but I have decided to continue using this at home and stay in one system and test regularly to see how I’m doing. I also got my other family members added to the scale and will measure their progress as well. Overall I’m happy with the functionality and ease of use of this scale. . We bought these scales after a bit of research on Amazon product reviews. It came out really highly rated and having used the scales for two weeks now, I do agree with this rating.Out of the box it works as a normal set of scales, but to unlock all the features you have to install the app. This is a very simple process: you just scan the QR-code that’s in the box, connect to Wifi (or bluetooth), enter some personal details and a few minutes later you’re on. One of the features I like is that you can manage multiple profiles through the app, so we’ve set up the kids too.The App itself is very user friendly, it tracks loads of data and trends but displays them in an easy way. The one thing I didn’t like is that it told me I’m overweight – but then I guess that’s what I bought it for in the first place!The build quality of the product seems pretty decent too, although I’ve only had it for two weeks, but it looks and feels like it’ll last a long time.The price was also very reasonable, especially compared to the amount of features it comes with, and compared to other similar scales.I would definitely recommend buying these. Read more

16 – Bluetooth Body Fat Scale, Smart Digital Bathroom Weight Scale with Tempered Glass Platform, Body Composition Analyzer Wireless BMI Scale Health Monitor 400lb

Top Reviews Received the scale in 7 days. (prime) works perfect. the product is fantastic . There is an app that with it via bluetooth and that works well. it can only sync to one phone, but in the app you can add several users. so I just store my and my family weights on my phone. we love it. . I have no idea how this scale calculates all the numbers and how accurate they are. But it is very interesting to have this information. I have been on a fitness kick exercising and eating right, and the numbers from this scale are decreasing with the weight loss. The % body fat is also consistent with other measurement methods (hand held measurement, and calibers). Can’t beat the value! . I dont like the fact it requires batteries. But it is managed. Better get AAA (2) BE fore it gets here just so u can set it up. . This weight scale has been used for a while and it feels good 、Weigh it every morning to better control weight with weightloss。 Read more

17 – Triomph Precision Body Fat Scale with Backlit LCD Digital Bathroom Scale For Body Weight, Body Fat,Water,Muscle,BMI,Bone Mass and Calorie,10 User Recognition 400 lbs Capacity,Fat Loss Monitor,Black

Top Reviews At the outset, I’d like to say I had only encountered machines larger than this that do similar things at my doctor’s office. But being that I’m interested in monitoring my numbers on a consistent basis, I saw this and figured it might be a good addition. It isn’t just a good addition, it’s excellent! I love the clarity of the display and the finish of this product. It comes across as far more expensive than it actually is. What a steal! Moreover, it has all the essential metrics I was looking for to maintain good health. The fact that it can record multiple individuals’ data in your household right on the machine is fabulous! Moreover, it gives you the option of switching between pounds and kilos. The little booklet is a great inclusion being that you don’t have to get an app or go on the internet to figure out what are ideal numbers and where you stand against them. Highly recommend if you are also eating right and working out. The progress on this thing is motivating! . I received this in a very timely manner and in the box with the scale and included was a body tape measure.This scale has so many cool features. I love how I have my height, weight, bmi, etc saved and my boyfriend can have his saved as well.Update: 9/22/19:Overall I did love the scale at first. I still do but I have two small complaints. 1. The scale has rounded under edges which is odd. This causes the scale to scare the sh*t out of you if you are not perfectly centered as you step on and off the scale. I am 5’9 with size 8 feet but man it happens so often. The whole scale will tip and boom you’ve been given a spook. 2. I weigh myself every day. Sometimes I weigh myself back to back (like I’ll step off just to step on once it shuts off) and boom 2 completely different weights (up to 2 pounds off). . This scale is only off – .176 lb! con you have to stand perfectly still to get a reading even moving your head changes the reading my old scle was off by +.6 Lb so when I steped on this scale is was 6.4 lbs lighter i thought for sure this thing is wrong. Put a 20 lb weight on both, old scale says 20.6 new one 19.9 then I went to math town my old scale said I weighed 225.6 this scale says 219.2. I took my reading of 225.6/20 = 10.96 x .6 = 6.576 of added lbs by old scale but this scale shows differences of 6.4 so this scale off by -.176 very interesting ik nobody really cares this much but I am on a weight loss journey so i get mildly obsessive hahahaha . Love the color, first of all. Wanted something that matched my bathroom and this one adds a wonderful pop of color to the otherwise plain floor! I also especially like that this scale DOES NOT need an app. I have enough apps on my phone; don’t need another one. Of course, your weight tracking needs may vary and you may find that you do want an app; I, however, do not. The scale was easy to set up. One notable thing is that if you just step on the scale, you get the weight measurement. To get your BMI, etc. you need to select the user number and then stepon the scale. I believe there are scales or there that recognize the user, not seems like this scale does not have this feature. I’m the only one using it so it makes no difference to me, but it may matter to you if you plan on having multiple family members use the scale. From my standpoint, the scale looks great, is sturdy, gives accurate measurements (weight, at least, as the other stats really cannot be determined without detailed medical tests, but it’s still fun to see them on the scale and get a general idea off where you stand!) And was money well spent!I had an issue with my initial order and the seller responded promptly and assisted me so that the issue was resolved to my full satisfaction. Thank you! Read more

18 – INEVIFIT Bathroom Scale, Highly Accurate Digital Bathroom Body Scale, Measures Weight for Multiple Users.

Top Reviews I really hate to leave a bad review but I’ve had this scale for a month now and whenever I weigh myself, once a week, I have to keep moving the scale around to a different spot on the floor in an attempt to get the same number at least twice in a row. I move it, tap it to bring it back to .00 lbs and step on again but the number keeps fluctuating and sometimes by more than a couple of pounds. For example, this morning it showed 144.6 then 138.9.then 144 then 145 then back to 144.6 and then it changed again. I weighed myself at least 10 times (just to see) and the same number did not come up more than twice. I will happy to edit my review to give the scale a higher rating when it starts to give me consistent readings that I can count on as most other reviewers say it does which is why I purchased this one. I do Weight Watchers so a fairly accurate reading is really important for me. Am I doing something wrong? My floors are level by the way. . We had a scale that changed its reading depending on where you moved it on the floor. We of course moved it around to get the lowest reading. Well we eventually decided we needed an accurate scale. This is an accurate scale. Yeah! . I researched a lot of scales, and I am very happy with my Enevifit scale. It is slim, accurate and most importantly, after easily calibrating it (one time only), all I have to do is step on the scale to receive an accurate and consistent reading. I don’t have to tap the scale, push a button, or activate the scale in any way. The numbers are bright and easy to read, and the numbers stay lit up after I get off. I am very pleased. . So accurate, my wife hates it LOL. Read more

19 – Etekcity Body Fat Weight Scale

Top Reviews The scale seems to work fine and if that is what you are buying it for it should be OK. If you are buying it for the interface and the biometrics look for a better product. The app downloads fine but then things start to go sideways. Entering your date of birth could give you carpel tunnel if you are more than 10 years old. You have to swipe right12 times for each year you have lived. Then you must be barefoot to use the scale as it is designed. Apparently they think you only weigh yourself before or after a shower, and do you always take your phone with you when you shower? Finally after you go through all the trouble to set it up it forgets who you are and you must start the set up all over again.I must commend the manufacturer. They contacted me and took my recommendations to heart. I downloaded the new app to my phone several weeks later and everything was fixed. The only fault I find with it now that I wish the display was brighter. My failing eyesight sometimes has trouble reading it; however, the scale readily transfers the weight to my phone. . Worked perfectly right out of the box. Not a lot of instructions, and you will have to download the manual on their side. Some site issues made it a little bit annoying to navigate, but the app and scale synced easily and I am happy with it. . I use a professional BIA scale at my gym. Speaking about body fat % only, there is a 50% discrepancy between my gym’s scale and this Etekcity scale after multiple measurements. Because this Etekcity scale is not a professional scale, I was expecting a discrepancy. However a 50% difference makes me highly doubt the accuracy of this scale.If you’re looking for accurate measurements, buyer beware. If you are only looking for a scale to give you initial baseline measurements, regardless of accuracy, to help you track losses and gains, then OK, you may be happy with this scale.I will probably returning. . This is pretty garbage if you get it for the app and all the bells and whistles, which is why I purchased. App doesn’t work and won’t stay connected. Just buy a regular scale for 1/2 the price because that is all this tells you is your weight. Read more

20 – Sunny Health & Fitness Stationary Upright Exercise Bike with Performance Monitor, Tablet/iPad Device Holder, 275 LB Max User Weight with Body Fat and BMI Calculator – SF-B2952

Top Reviews Clunking sound when operating. Build quality is good, however the display and operation is extremely basic.EDIT: I have taken apart the bike and have identified the clunking as the open bearings. I can’t get a hold of anyone at the company to get replacement bearings under warranty. I’ll return the unit to Amazon if I don’t receive a response before February. . You could set this thing up without the instructions. 5’2 and my legs reach the peddles . my petite 10 year old can sit and reach the them as well. This bike will give you a solid work out for your mid and lower body. This does not free spin. I typically am at the gym a couple times a week and an avid hiker, and believe this can be for a beginner or someone who needs a more extreme workout. This is super compact for something so solid. I almost bought a folding one and happy I got this, unfolded I wanna get on it more. Super easy to move place to place. Highly recommend this . have had it a short time and will be back to review if anything changes! . I am an idiot girl in my 20s living alone, and I was able to set up this bike by myself no problem! It was delivered in 2 days free from Prime. It comes in a cardboard box with those shipping straps around it so I was able to drag it up the stairs myself, the package is only 60 lbs. From unboxing to assembling all the way to cleaning up the packaging took me 1 hour. I followed the instructions. They provided all the wrenches and screws you need. I didn’t watch any YouTube for it. Actually the next day I had a problem with the bike and I took it entirely apart without instructions and put it entirely back together, and it was much quicker and intuitive to assemble the second time. Assembly is easy for 1 person!About the problem with the bike: the first time I used it, the resistance mechanism snapped entirely while I was spinning and stopped providing any resistance at all. Knowing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about bikes, I just took the main plastic housing apart and saw that the giant band that provides tension around the wheel had come off to the side. I stretched the band back over the wheel and now it’s been working 100% properly. I am using it without the plastic housing now since it’s much easier to access the mechanisms for maintenance if I ever need to fix the bike again.100% recommend! Works perfectly, and the iPad holder is a super nice touch – I watch the Peloton app classes on the iPad while I spin. Keeping me SANE in quarantine! . Love the equipment, works as advertised. The only negative was the seat is hard and small. That can be fixed by the addition of a gel seat cover. Read more

21 – Body Fat Scale?Bluetooth Smart BMI Scale Wireless Digital Weight Scale, Body Composition Analyzer with Smartphone App for Body Weight, Fat, Water, Bone Mass, BMR, Muscle Mass (Black)

Top Reviews I have not had a personal scale for over 20 years and decided to purchase one because I have lost 100 pounds and the only time that I get weighed is when I go in for a check up with my doctor. I looked at a lot of scales before I chose this one and I am so very pleased with this one! I love all of the features and I love the app too! The app tells me my weight, body water %, body fat %, bone mass %, BMI, visceral fat %, BMR and muscle mass alone with where these things are as far as being on a health scale. For instance it shows me where my body fat % is as far as lean, healthy, chubby or over weight and it gives you information about where I am at and how much I gained or lost since my last weigh in and some suggestions as to improve things.You can use it on the metric system or not.This scale’s app also has a Baby Mode so if you become an expectant Mother then it can give you information about your weight during your pregnancy!I very highly recommend this scale and app! . Pulled it out of the box, put in the batteries, fired up the app and ready to go in minutes. Super easy to use and looks great. Trying to just do a daily weigh-in, and this Bluetooth set up makes it a snap. . I ordered this scale in July 2019. Here we are – 8 months later, and the scale no longer works right. I bought this to track my weight – I have a disease that’s causing unwanted weight loss, and used it once a week. Yesterday, I stepped on the scale for my weekly weigh in, and almost had a heart attack! This scale said I had lost 20.3 lbs. I thought to myself – If I lost that much weight — I would know, so I changed the batteries TWICE. Using different batteries each time. Still weighed the same. SO- I feel that after 8 months of nominal use, a one star rating is more than fair. I have had scales before that I owned for decades before there was a 2-3 lb discrepancy. The difference is – all my prior scales were NOT battery operated, digital scales. There’s a lot to be said for the old fashioned dependable scales .just saying ……. . Awesome scale. It comes with batteriesThe numbers light up so you can see it in the darkThe scale itself does not tell you body fat information. You have to use the scale with the app that’s made for the scale. The app has to be connected to the scale via Bluetooth (I’ll explain in a second)It’s a little confusing at first to figure the app out but here’s what you doHave your phones Bluetooth onOpen the appTap on the scale with your bare foot (no shoes or socks) until numbers appear then step on the scaleKeep the app open the whole timeStay on the scale until it connects to the Bluetooth on your phone or tablet and then you can let it record your weight and other information Read more

22 – REDOVER-Bluetooth Body Fat Scale with Free iOS & Android App, Smart Wireless Digital Bathroom Scale, Body Composition Analyzer for Body Weight, Body Fat, Muscle Mass, BMI, BMR and More, 400lb (Black)

Top Reviews Read more

23 – INEVIFIT Body-Analyzer Scale, Highly Accurate Digital Bathroom Body Composition Analyzer, Measures Weight, Body Fat, Water, Muscle & Bone Mass for 10 Users. Includes a 5-Year Warranty

Top Reviews I’ve been very happy with my INEVIFIT scale. So much so I recommend it to all my clients. As some who works in the fitness industry, and helps people understand the difference between a healthy lifestyle vs always dieting, I’m always looking for ways to help my clients achieve their goals. I use this scale to show my clients that it’s not always about the weight number you see, but also about the percentage of bodyfat vs muscle.Things that will influence the numbers on your scale are, the time of day of the scan, the setting you choose, your hydration level and how far you are away from the workout. The idea of always waiting to see a lower weight number doesn’t always equate to a better body fat percentage. So I just encourage my clients to take a reading at the same time of the day, under the same circumstances. Some will pay for a hydrostatic reading and then take the reading on the scale at home. The reading could differ from 1%-3%. But regardless of what numbers they see that day, I tell them it’s not where you are it’s where you want to go. If the numbers are going in the direction you want them to, do the actual numbers really matter?I highly recommend this scale and have been very happy. The customer service has been great. If I call, and for some reason don’t talk to anyone and leave a message, they always get back to me in a timely matter. I can’t wait to see what other things they come out with to help me and my clients achieve more goals. . When i first ordered this scale I was initially really impressed with all of the functions– this is a really cool looking and sturdy scale. I was super excited to try it out until I realized that the height would only measure in inches and not feet. 🙁 I emailed this company to ask if I was doing something wrong or if they knew how to fix the problem. They immediately sent a new scale out to me which arrived within 2 days. Upon opening the scale I hit the button to program my height and age into the first profile and was very surprised to find that they had already inputted that information for me. (In my email I mentioned my height and age and how it wasn’t registering properly in the scale). I have a huge appreciation for companies that go above and beyond to exceed expectations of their customers and was very impressed with their level of personalized customer service.The new scale works perfectly, thanks so much! . I Wanted to give this a fair amount of time before I wrote the review. I bought it at the beginning of a phase of calorie restriction, and now I am at the completion of my goal. I am a male bodybuilder, at 5’10” my weight generally ranges between 225-240 depending on the phase of training. Although, I was not expecting much in the aspect of tracking bodyfat %, as electrical impedance devices are notoriously unreliable and inaccurate. For this particular purpose, I found the same problem with this item. The overall product and quality is good, and as a digital scale, I am happy with the weight, bone mass, and water mass estimations all of which seem to be reasonably accurate and consistent with the readings.Back to the bodyfat measurements. Now, I regularly test my bodyfat with skin fold calipers for a more accurate reading. I figured that the device would, at the very least when used as directed (always used at the same time of day under the same conditions)– would show the continued progress that I was making. Honestly, it was not even good for this. To begin with, the percentage was always 10+ points over my actual bodyfat %.Although my actual recorded progress showed a consistent, continual, and progressive drop in bodyfat the scale would go up and down by 2+ % points from one day to the next but always more than double my actual measurements. In fact, It did not even show a drop below 20% (when I am currently about 9% actual) until my weight dropped below 225. Although I am no expert in digital scale technology, this would really suggest to me that the algorithms used utilize your bodyweight as part of the equation; as would be done by most doctors using the BMI.As far as I am concerned, this is really unacceptable, particularly for a device that has a specific setting for athletes. That feature was a big selling point for me, as it suggested –albeit mildly– that the physical attributes for athletes are figured in, but clearly they are not. Again, if you are steadily changing your body composition, the device should be able to at least show the progression in the correct direction even if the number is not accurate, but even at that it was a failure for that specific feature. Otherwise, it is well made, and a very nice digital scale. However, If you need even a general idea of your bodyfat % have it tested at your local gym or university. . For the last 3 months, I’ve been undertaking a body transformation. I started out taking my body fat measurement with a calipers in my hip area; however, my “mother’s apron” makes it impossible to measure my body fat accurately in that way. After reading reviews of different models and weighing benefits vs. price on Amazon, in enters the Inevit scale. I recommend thoroughly reading the included instruction manual for setup and tips on which part of the day to use the scale for the most accurate measures. It was simple to set up for the various users in my household. The auto-detect feature now allows each individual to step on the scale and it recognizes which user it is– super convenient. It is accurate based on my calculations of body composition. There is fluctuation by about 0.3% in muscle and body fat percentage from day to day, which is much more accurate than my manual measurements! I also like the bone mass measurement (my mother-in-law and my aunt just suffered major bone breaks and found out they have severe osteoporosis). I’m very excited to find such a reliable measure of my composition. Five stars!! Read more

24 – Ozeri Touch 440 lbs Total Body Bath Scale � Measures Weight, Fat, Muscle, Bone & Hydration with Auto Recognition and Infant Tare Technology

Top Reviews Ozeri Touch 440 lbs Total Body Bath ScaleSummary:The old bathroom scales just died one day. This was no great loss as we had always had our suspicions that they never worked properly. After reading a huge number of reviews of different scales, I decided to try the Ozeri Touch Total Body Bath Scale in white.This review is being given having used the scales for a full year.Firstly, the scales are very easy to use. If you don’t want to set up a profile that remembers your last weigh-in and gives you weight plus fat, muscle, bone density and water content, you don’t have to. Straight out of the box, you can step on to the scales and get your weight. So far, the weight measurement seems to be very consistent and accurate.Secondly, if you do want a profile, this is easy to set up. I had the directions in front of me, and with a few steps only, I was done in a couple of minutes. Again, once this is done, you can step on and get an immediate weight reading. If you wait a little longer, it will then give you the other readings. I have no idea if these other readings are true or not, but over time, they have remained consistent. At a minimum, they can give you a guide as to whether you are heading in the right direction for your weight goals or not.Finally, there is the tare function. I know this is designed for children, but it is also extremely useful for weighing anything small or wriggly (think pet, for example). This function is excellent. We have been able to monitor a pet’s weight with absolute ease by simply pressing the tare button, stepping on with pet, allowing it to register the first weight and then stepping on a second time without pet. Brilliant!Something else of note. The scales measure weight instantly. You don’t have to turn it on or activate it and wait for it to be ready (like our old scales). You simply step on and get an instant reading.The scales themselves look very modern and feel well made and the glass feels strong. It has rubberized feet that keep it from slipping around, and the white color blends in well with our white bathroom floors. Whilst I wasn’t looking for the bells and whistles of measuring fat, muscle, bone density and water content, these are indeed an added bonus. The best bonus, however, is the tare function.I highly recommend this bathroom scale.Pros:• Accurate weight measurement.• Instant weight reading.• Tare function is brilliant.• Added bonus of fat, muscle, bone density and water content testing.• Modern looks.• Takes up very little room.• Feels well made.• Batteries last a long time, even with daily use.Cons:• None.About my purchase:I purchased this item for considerably more that the current listed price with my own money from Amazon with free Prime Shipping.I heavily rely on Amazon reviews of other people when making my own purchases and therefore any review I write is absolutely honest with the hope it helps others make a decision. . Have had this scale for 4 yrs now & just as accurate as ever! 2 things need to know that I learned by calling company .1. Scale must be used regularly to keep batteries charges . if not going to use it for while (like bathroom remodeling) take batteries out & put them in freezer or they will go dead even if brand new.2. For every 4 £ move up or down u must reset for that user . just go thru & push set on all the options & weigh otherwise it WILL loose its accuracy as u go along. . I bought this scale back in June and at first, it worked fine. A couple months ago it began malfunctioning; I tried adding another profile and the “Set” button wasn’t responding to my touch easily. I’d have to press it several times before it worked. Just in the past month, it stopped taking my weight completely. I’d stand in it and the screen would just go black. I tried resetting it completely, but now the “Set” button barely responds to touch. All other buttons are working. After I finally got my profile reset and got to the final step (enter your age), no 0.0 came up like the manual says. Instead it said “Lo” and then began turning on and off again by itself, being every time. I had to take the batteries out. There doesn’t seem to be an option to return this item, even though there is a warranty, so I’ve resorted to this review instead. I’m pretty annoyed that I didn’t even get a year out of this $50 scale. So frustrating. . What a great tool this is! It gives you the following readings:(1) Weight(2) Body Fat Ratio (body fat percentage of total body weight)(3) Body Water Ratio (how hydrated you are – important for being healthy and burning fat)(4) Body Muscle Ratio (muscle weight to body weight)(5) Bone Ratio (bone weight to body weight)You just step on and see your measurements. I record them in Excel because I am trying to lose weight, fat and increase my hydration, which is low. The booklet that comes with tells you the range you should be in for your gender and age. I use the minimums in Excel to see how much I need to lose or improve. The scale seems consistent from day to day.You can program it for up to 8 people, but I’m the only one using it. I don’t know if you can “hide” your scores from others, if you don’t want them to see your numbers. You can also use it to weigh your baby or pet while holding them (called the “tare” function).All in all, this was a great investment and I’m very happy with it. It is very attractive, too!P.S. I began adding a *pinch* of baking soda to all the water I drink. I read that it helps alkalize the water, which helps you absorb it better. My Ozeri scale tells me that my hydration has improved 1 whole percentage point in just a few days. I’m thrilled and grateful that I have this handy scale to help me accomplish this goal!!! Read more

25 – Withings Body+ – Smart Body Composition Wi-Fi Digital Scale with smartphone app

Top Reviews This a long review since I make comparison with other scale so be prepared to read alot.1. The first thing i noticed, this scale measures the Fat Free Mass as a muscle measurement rather than the Skeletal Muscle Mass (google the difference if you are interested).2. I tested it for 4 straight months comparing its results with my gym’s “InBody” scale results and here what i noticedWeight: they both show same weight measurement.Body Fat: there were some inconsistency in readings, sometimes this scale measure higher, other times gym scale measure higher. Keeping data from both i came out with an average error or lets call it inaccuracy of 8%. The average difference in grams is almost 0.9 g of fatMuscle Mass: my gyms scale always gave me higher results. Average percentage error was 4.7% with 2.55 average difference in grams of muscle.Body water: this scale usually measure higher body fluids. Average percentage error 1.1 % and average difference in grams is 2.8gFat percentage: fluctuating results between both. Percet difference of 7.8% percent n average with 1.3g difference in readings . I’m going to preface this with the fact that I was a previous Fitbit Aria user. And after a year of wildly inaccurate readings, I’d just had enough. Trying to loose weight is hard enough without dealing with a scale that varies anywhere from 20 lbs higher or lower at any given time. I’d done everything recommended by fitbit, and was even resetting the thing every day and having to weigh in 3 times in a row just to hopefully get a somewhat correct idea of how my diet plan was going. There was no way I was going to invest in the Aria 2 after the fiasco with the first one. So, enter the Nokia Body+ I’ve only had it a day and can already tell it’s insanely better. It was a breeze to set up and it seems to give pretty accurate readings, never varying by more than a fraction of a pound. I don’t know if it is as precise as a triple balance beam scale at a doctor’s office, but I don’t need it to be. I just need to know that I’m moving in the right direction. With the Fitbit Aria I had no idea if I’d actually lost weight, gained weight, or if the scale was acting up since it could be totally off even when weighing myself a few times within a few minutes. The Nokia Body+ is consistent with weigh-ins, and that’s what’s important for me. And the other features are handy too. I don’t really think I need a scale that tells me the weather, but I do like the auto tracking and it easily linked up with my Fitbit account and my Weight Watchers account. Oh yeah, the Aria wouldn’t even sync with WW properly and was throwing in all these weigh-ins that I’d deleted and every time it synced they just came back. So now Aria is an expensive paper weight, but I’m really happy with the Nokia scale. If you are deciding between the two, choose this one. Hands down. .  I really like this scale. Once you set it up and connect to WiFi, it will track your weight as well as body fat, muscle mass, water weight, etc. However, I don’t think the body fat and muscle mass readings are entirely accurate, and that’s why I only gave it 4 stars. I’m somewhere in the 8-12% body fat range. But from one day to the next, it will measure my muscle mass as much as 5 pounds up or down. Now I’m no doctor but I I’m pretty sure it is impossible to add 4 pounds of muscle in 24 hours.That being said, it’s a really cool scale. You can set what readings you want to see each time. You can also set up multiple profiles and the scale will recognize who it is automatically (unless both people are within a couple pounds of each other). The free app also tracks all of your stats and shows your progress. The scale even displays the weather if you like to weigh in before you get dressed in the morning. . I’ve had one of these since before Nokia bought Withings and have loved it. I bought a second one as a gift and had a totally different experience. The new app simply does not work. You cannot setup the scale to use it. It will act like it’s all working, but then go back to the first setup step without any error message and everything display a setup failed message on the screen. We tried for hours and got nowhere with it. We’re returning it. I sure hope I never need to re-setup my own because I know I’ll just end up throwing it away. Read more

26 – Bluetooth Body Fat Scale, Bluetooth Smart BMI Scale Wireless Digital Weight Scale, Body Composition Analyzer with Smartphone App for Body Weight, Fat, Water, Bone Mass, BMR, Muscle Mass (White)

Top Reviews I have not had a personal scale for over 20 years and decided to purchase one because I have lost 100 pounds and the only time that I get weighed is when I go in for a check up with my doctor. I looked at a lot of scales before I chose this one and I am so very pleased with this one! I love all of the features and I love the app too! The app tells me my weight, body water %, body fat %, bone mass %, BMI, visceral fat %, BMR and muscle mass alone with where these things are as far as being on a health scale. For instance it shows me where my body fat % is as far as lean, healthy, chubby or over weight and it gives you information about where I am at and how much I gained or lost since my last weigh in and some suggestions as to improve things.You can use it on the metric system or not.This scale’s app also has a Baby Mode so if you become an expectant Mother then it can give you information about your weight during your pregnancy!I very highly recommend this scale and app! . Pulled it out of the box, put in the batteries, fired up the app and ready to go in minutes. Super easy to use and looks great. Trying to just do a daily weigh-in, and this Bluetooth set up makes it a snap. . I ordered this scale in July 2019. Here we are – 8 months later, and the scale no longer works right. I bought this to track my weight – I have a disease that’s causing unwanted weight loss, and used it once a week. Yesterday, I stepped on the scale for my weekly weigh in, and almost had a heart attack! This scale said I had lost 20.3 lbs. I thought to myself – If I lost that much weight — I would know, so I changed the batteries TWICE. Using different batteries each time. Still weighed the same. SO- I feel that after 8 months of nominal use, a one star rating is more than fair. I have had scales before that I owned for decades before there was a 2-3 lb discrepancy. The difference is – all my prior scales were NOT battery operated, digital scales. There’s a lot to be said for the old fashioned dependable scales .just saying ……. . Awesome scale. It comes with batteriesThe numbers light up so you can see it in the darkThe scale itself does not tell you body fat information. You have to use the scale with the app that’s made for the scale. The app has to be connected to the scale via Bluetooth (I’ll explain in a second)It’s a little confusing at first to figure the app out but here’s what you doHave your phones Bluetooth onOpen the appTap on the scale with your bare foot (no shoes or socks) until numbers appear then step on the scaleKeep the app open the whole timeStay on the scale until it connects to the Bluetooth on your phone or tablet and then you can let it record your weight and other information Read more

27 – Bluetooth Body Fat Scale, ESHOWEE Smart Wireless BMI Scale Bathroom Digital Weight Scale Body Composition Analyzer with Smartphone App for Water Bone Mass BMR Muscle (White)

Top Reviews A friend started telling me about this scale months before I looked it up, and I thought it sounded cool but expected it to be way out of my budget because of everything it does. I finally looked it up and was shocked to find out how reasonably priced it was. I’m not in perfect shape, but this has helped me be more mindful of my nutrition and gives me a little extra push while I’m exercising knowing I’m building muscle. With my body type, even if I were in the ideal state of fitness I would still have a higher BMI level than recommended, so it helps me a ton to see the breakdown of my body fat percentage, muscle mass, water and protein levels. The app picks up the scale easily, syncs easily and is very readable. Highly recommend! . Worth the purchase. The app gives the the experience of being at a doctors office or consulting with a physician. I bought two and gave one away to a relative as gift. Looks nice, expensive, and is comfortable to use. Beware tho the SCALE/App doesn’t hold back when telling you the truth about yourself lol stay healthy!! . Love this scale easy to get a reading for the whole family even my baby. . Amazing. A simple product with an amazing iOS app support. The metrics are informative with suggestions for improvement for your health. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to monitor the health of their family and do something about it! 🙂 Read more

28 – Bathroom Smart Scale Analyzer, Fat Scale Digital Bathroom Weighing – Wireless Smart Body Scale Composition Monitor Compatible Weight, Fat, Water, BMI, BMR, Muscle Mass with App Tracker (Wineglass)

Top Reviews This isn’t like your ordinary scale. Sure, it measures body weight, but it also syncs up with an app. The app is free so you can just download it and turn bluetooth on. On the app, it shows you other statistics like BMI, body fat percentage, fat-free body weight, subcutaneous fat percentage, body water percentage, skeletal muscle percentage, metabolic age, BMR, etc. It logs all past measurements so you can track your progress over time. It also has a very sleek design and is thin so it easily slides under my bed when I’m done using it. Of course there’s no way to be 100% accurate, however you can at least track changes from time to time. Love it! . This Bluetooth digital scale is awesome compared to the old-school scale. It provides 98% accuracy of my weight. I’m so glad that I toss out my old scale and go with this new one. As I was shopping on Amazon, this brand gets to my attention because of the awesome features and the impressive design. After using for a while, I can assure that all the features are as described. Purchasing this scale is like wining at the gambling table since there was not much review to base my purchase. However, the price and features of the product are too awesome. The most impressive feature about this scale is the Bluetooth features that able to record all data to your phone. Compare to some of the apps of other scales, this app is really easy to use and setup. Thank to this features, I’m able to maintain my diet on a weekly basis. I also found the scale to be very accurate to diet habit as I’ve lost a few pounds as I adjusted to the diet. Overall this was a great buy and would recommend for anyone who is looking for an accurate, smart scale. . FIRST OFF, THIS IS MY VERY 1ST REVIEW I HAVE EVER WRITTEN! I just recieved this scale and I am beyond ecstatic with the results. This is a beautiful, high quality scale for just about $30! Very easy to use and accurate. I obviously have a ton of work to do but it’s great to see the little changes. Knowing you put that effort in and seeing those results means everything to me! I also use myfitnesspal app to track my calories and I stayed under 1500 for the last 4 days and these are the results. It feels good to know I’m on the right track. I highly recommend! . This smart scale is really smart because I can track my weight numbers in a very long time. I can see the chart of the app and see my weight conditions for a long time. The accuracy is trustworthy. And the weight speed is fast, as long as I step in, my weight number will show very quickly! Love it. Read more

29 – OMRON HBF-306CN Fat Loss Monitor

Top Reviews These types of monitors are very dependent on the user to be accurate and consistent. Using at the same time of day and following instructions are crucial. This has been very consistent for me. Day to day it is within .5% of the day before, and my percentage I fee is very close to what my body fat percent is. Great to use to monitor to see exactly why you gained or lost weight- gain or lose fat or muscle etc. very happy with it. . Doesn’t work. I haven’t tried to return it not sure if I’ll bother. Why doesn’t it work you ask there is a zero chance I have 43% body fat. I doesn’t capture anything as far as I can tell other than normal calculated BMI rates at a given weight and height. I can read a paper chart for that. I bought it I got it to get a more realistic body fat number. Oh well I should have known. . Surprisingly accurate! I had the actual doctors office full body scan on bone, muscle, fat It was within .5 of that result.Make sure you are well hydrated when using, bc dehydration can negatively affect your numbers.Like anything, watch the overall trend rather than day by day comparisons.www.KadianMijic.com . I like to be able to get ballpark data on fat and bmi.Does that fine better than scales ive used.Worth it for a small investment. Read more

30 – WW Scales by Conair Carbon Fiber Design BMI Bathroom Scale, Shows BMI (Body Mass Index) for 4 users, 400 Lbs. Capacity

Top Reviews Although it is nice looking, this scale does not fulfill its actual purpose, i.e. give the correct weight! Even if I stand on it over and over again, it gives me different readings off by a few pounds. What a useless product. . Do not waste your money if you are looking for syncing & tracking – Syncing w/ App stopped after 2 1/2 weeks. Read the multiple reviews on the app store – mostly poor – wish I had read them before spending my money.When it did work, the app crashed every single time.It did sync with WW account for 2 1/2 weeks – so that was nice but now, scale works as a scale but no longer connects to app. I am left with a plain digital scale that is priced way too high if the function you bought it to perform does not work. Very Disappointed!!!!!!(If they get the bugs worked out, I will update my rating to higher score) . Love the app that comes with the scale and it tracks right to my weight watchers app. Was easy to set up and the colors are nice. Was able to easily set up different profiles. . Do not buy. This thing has been nothing but problems for me. First hour with it trying to sync it’s Bluetooth to my Galaxy s6 to later find that they have problems with my device and the recommended work around doesn’t exist anymore if your phone is up to date. Decided to give the scale another try today (day 6 of having it) and the thing won’t even turn on. Save some headache and get a different scale. Read more

31 – AmazonBasics Body Weight Scale with BMI technology – Auto On/Off Function, Black

Top Reviews The instruction manual is absolutely essential to get this scale set up, because without it the controls on how to operate the bathroom scale are incomprehensible.However, you get a lot of features with this scale, including weight history, BMI, and of course your current weight. The scale rounds to the nearest fifth of a pound (or KG if you’re all about the metric system). The scale is super slick and looks great in front of my bathtub.One problem I found is that, once when testing the scale, I weighed myself before going to the bathroom, then peed at least 0.5 lbs of urine, and then weighed myself again and I was the same weight. So either my urine measurement is completely off, or the scale didn’t recognize the small change in weight. I tried other similar tests after that and everything seemed to check out, so maybe this was a fluke, or maybe I inhaled 0.5 lbs of water vapor after I went to the bathroom but before weighing myself the second time. In any case, that’s the only reason why I’m not giving this scale 5 stars. . A sleek looking scale . toohRD TO SET UP FOR SENIORS . I have a great deal of respect for a sleek beautiful bathroom scale that coddles me in my bleary-eyed morning monents by telling me the date, year and time of day as well as my weight. This Amazon Basics Body Weight scale replaces the scale I’ve had for over 30 years and does so with quiet style – no groaning noise of springs or scale wheel. No more need to adjust the zero setting.This design of black glass and bright digital figures looks beautiful just by being there. After inserting batteries, the instruction manual guides the new user through setup, which includes a BMI (Body Mass index) readout.The only minus? If I step on it with bare feet I leave a very crisp image of bare feet in the black glass. Wearing slippers solves that. I was also very happy to know my true weight was 4 pounds less than my creaky old scale showed.Its more if a pleasure now to weigh myself every morning or whenever the urge hits me. Read more

32 – INEVIFIT Bathroom Scale, Highly Accurate Digital Bathroom Body Scale, Precisely Measures Weight up to 400 lbs

Top Reviews I would give this product ZERO star. It is complete crap. It is NOT accurate. I have been training for 30 years so I know my body. After 2 months of Covid hybernation I got fat. I mean hanging love handles and round stomach fat. So i got this scale and implemented a home workout. I got the scale and weighed in at 193lbs. After two weeks of burning 3,500 to 4,000 calories daily with limited 1,000 caloroes of food intake the scale read that I weight 188lbs. Went two more weeks with the same pace scale stated I weighed 193lbs. I was not doing weight training so muscle mass growth was limited. I was mostly shedding fat and toning a bit. So I got suspicious. Today I weight myself at 8a.m. with a 186 lbs weigh in. I weight myself 5 minutes later & the scale read 193. Then 2 minutes later it read 188lbs, five minutes later I weighed 185. The scale is totally inconsistent and inaccurate. It was ironic since on it’s description it declares that it is highly accurate. Cost $50 & total junk. DO NOT BUY! I really write reviews and when I do they very short. But wrote this one because the inconvenience of returning an item during Covid era is upsetting. To the company; STOP SELLING CRAP! . Very sharp, sleek and attractive. However, don’t be fooled by its beautiful exterior. Looks aren’t everything! What is physical beauty if you have a cold ugly heart, who continuously says hurtful things over AND over. I watch it closely, willing to give the benefit of the doubt, a second chance if you will but that’s just the foolish forgiver in me. Burns me everytime. Bottom line, it’s quite frankly rude. It knows EXACTLY what it’s doing. VERY CALCULATED if you ask me. It sits there with an arrogant attitude and has absolutely no filter or remorse in its communication skills. It tells you EXACTLY what it thinks, disregarding any feeling I may have, without a care in the world. Trust me I am a firm believer in stating the truth, but there are softer ways to deliver truths than the blunt way it leaves you standing there naked, stunned and speechless. It is ACCURATE that everyone has a twin out there, somewhere. It mirrors the exact attitude of one in my doctors office, right down to the OUNCE!! As far as this one in my home?? I’m not gonna talk to this one again for week. It needs a time-out to think about things and how it treats people. . The product is really simple and easy to set up. I also really like the design. The only downfall is every time I weigh myself it gives me a different number every time. It keeps decreasing. I don’t know if I’m using it wrong or if it’s the product. I wouldn’t recommend this product because it doesn’t complete its purpose. It‘s a nice product but it doesn’t weight you accurately. . Spoke to the seller to return this as there are cheaper scales that actually give you a lot more information like body fat % yet this one is more expensive and does not connect to your phone for tracking. I went to return it and its $15 to return minimum. Will avoid this seller in the future. My advice is t ok buy a regular one at walmart for $10 and save yourself the time. This was not a great experience. Read more

33 – Innotech Smart Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Digital Bathroom Weight Weighing Scales Body Composition BMI Analyzer & Health Monitor with Free APP, Compatible with Fitbit, Apple Health & Google Fit

Top Reviews I put the Innotech scale in a comparison against two other scales I own which are an older model Tanita BC-534 and Naked Labs body scale.Both the Innotech and Tanita use a technology called bioelectrical impedance analysis. This method is not the most accurate as a lot of variables can affect the results. Some advice on reducing the variables is do not step on the scale with a full stomach, make sure you’re hydrated, clean feet that are slightly damp are helpful and for tracking purposes; try to weigh yourself at the same time of the day as your body fluctuates throughout the day.The Naked Labs scale is a $1400 scale that uses infrared light to capture a 3D model of your body. It then uses a proprietary algorithm validated against DXA using a combination of metrics from the scan. They say it’s +/- 2.5% accuracy.For the testing I removed all clothing and jewelry except sport briefs. All scales where placed in the same spot in my room. While the Naked Labs scale doesn’t ask you to rate your level of activity, the other two scales do. While I have an office job, I work out six days a week. For the Tanita and Innotech I weighed myself as non-athletic and athletic.Results:Naked Labs: Weight: 207.6lbs / 20.4% body fatInnotech:Non-athletic: 207.2lbs / 24% body fatAthletic: 207.2lbs / 17.1% body fatTanita BC-534:Non-athletic: 206.8lbs / 23.1% body fatAthletic: 206.8lbs / 13.9% body fatIf I assume the Naked Labs scanner was the most accurate, it would make the Innotech the 2nd most accurate scale.Now to focus on the Innotech. In terms of construction, I think the Innotech looks the best and feels well-constructed. I also like that the numbers are big, clear and bright. Naked Labs #s can only be viewed on the App and the Tanita #s are hard to read. I typically have to bend down to look.The App for the Innotech is very informative and has a nice layout. One thing to remember when pairing your phone to the scale. Be sure your location services is turned on otherwise I couldn’t get it to pair. The app has 5 main sections:Goals: Allows you to set a target weight.Trends: A graph that can track your trends.Dashboard shows a lot of info on your last weigh in.Info: Has charts on what Fat % mean.Me: Info about yourself, ability to connect to FitBit or Google Fit.I found the app to be very informative and it also educates you on the different readings.In closing while the Innotech didn’t match the Naked Labs scale in its readings, it wasn’t far off and being considerably less expensive ($52 vs. $1400), it seems like a very good deal. I was actually disappointed in the Tanita scale. It is more expensive than the Innotech and is always being touted as a recommended scale to get. Again the Innotech is less expensive and more accurate in my opinion.The other thing I like about the Innotech that you can’t do with the Naked Labs is if you want to just jump on for a quick weigh in you can. With Naked Labs you have to start the app, adjust the scale, weigh yourself and then wait about 5 minutes for the results. Because of this I only use it about once a month. .  I hope this review and video are helpful. – This is a quantum leap from the old fashioned digital bathroom scale.With it, you get to know your body so much better and seeing those numbers is hugely motivating in improving any aspect of yourself you want to work on, weight, BMI, Muscle mass, Visceral Fat & moreIn addition it also:1– Paired quickly and connects to the Fitness App on your cellphone via Bluetooth2– The App Displays the measurements beautifully in both Numbers and Graphics.3– Lets you record and track changes over time + has separate settings for each user4– A Highly impressive set of readings from BMI, to Bone and Muscle Mass, etc.5– Looks very slick and feels solidly builtThe App is really nice but I wish you could share the results and also delete particular reading, e.g. if someone took theirs using your own ‘profile’ .  Okay, so please watch my video for details about how this scale is but overall this is out it works:1. Comes with 3 tiny batteries that you just neatly place into the back of the scale2. The scale immediately weighs you but it needs to be paired to your Iphone or Android; I have an android/Samsung Galaxy S8 & I went to my playstore on my phone & simply typed in Innotech Scale; it popped up immediately & then I downloaded it onto my phone. It then shows up as Innotech on your phone displays the following:BMIBody FatProteinWaterBone MassBMRVisceral fatMuscleI love this scale because it holds you accountable in that it’s not just about your weight but your water, muscle & metabolism. I’m currently doing Keto/IF (intermittent fasting) & plan to for the rest of my life because I’ve had such good results with it. With Keto it’s not always about the weight lost but rather the inches, the muscle gained & the fat lost – this scale shows you that even if you’re not losing that many lbs; you can be losing fat/water etc.I also love the look of this scale; it’s so pretty & sleek. It’s also a good size, my feet are small (6.5/7) & there’s plenty of room to step on this scale. I will say it’s glass so be careful of moving it around & chipping it. The scale has 4 little rubber pads on the bottom of it that keep the scale in place. I actually keep it under my bed & not in my bathroom because 1. I don’t want to constantly weigh myself (I would if I saw it in my bathroom) & 2. I am more likely to have my phone with me to check my body measurements in my bedroom than have my phone in the bathroom (we need to separate more from our phones people!). Overall this is a great scale & I’m super happy with it. I actually was able to use a coupon when I bought it so it only came to $40 with Amazon Prime. Well worth the money! . Read more

34 – INEVIFIT Body Fat Scale, Highly Accurate Digital Bathroom Body Composition Analyzer, Measures Weight, Body Fat, Water, Muscle, BMI, Visceral Levels & Bone Mass for 10 Users. 5-Year Warranty (Black)

Top Reviews MY boyfriend bought this for me (us) to track our progress. I have about 40-50 lbs to lose. The reality of the stats crushed me at first, but hey it didn’t happen over night. Every pound is an indication of choices, some for me at my age 53 could be hormones that have to be addressed, so I am going to do just that. In the meantime my job is to continue to run 2x a week, body train 2-3 times a week and get myself to the Athletic Level on the scale and watch my numbers change for the better. You gotta have a goal!! . This scale is really nice. I’m glad I opted for this one, instead of a bluetooth one. All the information is in front of me. No need to use the phone with this one. I like that. Gives me constantly good readings. . I bought two scales, and both had multiple problems and I’m returning them. First, the batteries were completely dead on one of them and gave a Lo (low battery) error on the other. Yes, I took them out and put them back in and jiggled them around. Nothing happened until I put in some Energizer batteries I already had. One scale’s up button just wouldn’t work, so there was no setting the profile unless you wanted to use the down button until you got to the bottom of the scale and then start over. The other one’s buttons all worked, but I just kept getting an err message on it, despite having set up the profile according to the instructions on the pamphlet. It did seem to weigh accurately, but neither of them showed any other numbers. I was really looking forward to using these, so I’m very disappointed that the manufacturer hasn’t ensured enough quality control for even a 50/50 chance of getting a unit that works. . I bought this scale as recommended by Rodger Raglan. He used it to lose 80 pounds in 5 months. I am doing the diet he used and this scale is great. It can be used for really heavy people as many scales cannot. It also tells you a lot of health information and water levels important as this diet has you dehydrated if not drinking enough water. I hate water so its good to have this feature for me in case I am falling behind. Its very modern looking almost atomic in style which is not why I bought it but its cute. Thin it is not hard for me to get onto with a bad knee which is a perk too. Read more

35 – Triomph Body Fat Scale, Digital Bathroom Scale Body Composition Analyzer with Backlit LCD for Body Weight, Fat, Water, Muscle, BMI, Bone Mass and Calorie, 10 Users, 400 lbs Fat Loss Monitor, Black

Top Reviews The scale is very accurate and much lighter than my last digital scale. I had little trouble at first getting the BMI, WATER %, calories used and body fat. However, I figured it out quickly. The quality of the lighting makes it easy to read the numbers. I would recommend this scale to friends. . Bought this scale for replacing the old one, this new one is nice, App quick and easy to track my weight and BMI, it’s easy to set up and use for multiple household members, the most remarkable thing is the price, only 20 something is really a good deal. . I have wanted to buy a scale that measure not only my weight but also my body fat, etc. This scale is perfect for me. It is light and looks very sleek and more importantly it tells me how much body fat composition I have. I should have bought it earlier. . This is my first to try this type of scale, the product is well packed in box and also seal with film, thumb up for come with the battery. It was way easy to use than I thought before also it modern look fits my bathroom. Read more

36 – Wyze Scale, Bluetooth Body Fat Scale and Body Weight Composition BMI Smart Scale, Digital Display, Heart Rate Monitor Tracker, Wireless Body Fat Percentage Tracker, Analyze with Smartphone App, Black

Top Reviews Horrible scale. Gives a different reading every time you step on and off. Can vary up to a pound. Nowhere close to any other scale in the house. They want me to pay return shipping for a defective item. Buyer beware. . This scale is all around awesome! It arrived nicely packaged with quick set-up instructions. It paired quickly with the Wyze App and we were using the scale within 5 minutes of unboxing! It has a sleek design with a glass top and tracks everything from muscle weight, bone mass, metabolic rate, metabolic age, and even your heart rate! Wyze explains all of these metrics and what they mean to you and your body in a simple and easy to understand format. My husband and I compared our Wyze readings to our known current readings and the Wyze Scale appears very accurate. I would give this scale more than 5 stars if I could. 👍🏼 . Didn’t have it for very long, so not sure how is the build quality.But in general works fine, computes the parameters and plots bmi and weight. For some reason app does not plotthe history for the other parameters (they can be accessed by clicking on the day measurement and then on the popup).The material is nice but the color is such that footprints are plainly seen which makes me want to clean it all the time.Finally, which I think is the flaw of the firmware, is that it does not connect to more than to 2 bluetooth devices. I have more than two people in the household and it seems that the only way we can share is to persons to my phone to make the measurements and switch profiles, which extremely annoying. . Nice, but doesn’t work for me. I am within the weight limit according to the specs but it only tells me my weight. I did get it to measure my heart rate but nothing else. It worked for my husband so I assume it isn’t broken. I think it is still worth keeping for easy weight tracking and it is worth the price, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed. Read more

37 – [Latest 2020] Bluetooth Bathroom Digital Body Fat Weight Scale, Smart Wireless BMI Weighing Scales, Tracks Body Composition Analyzer Scale with Smartphone App for Water, BMI, BMR, Muscle Mass(400 lbs)

Top Reviews Wow! Wow! Wow! This scale tells you more than you probably ever wanted to know. It requires 3 AAA batteries that are included. You have to download an app but it’s very user friendly and so informative. The scale connects to your phone by Bluetooth or WiFi. On the app, you press “measure” and the scale comes on and you step on it. I thought it would measure and record my weight so I can track my weight loss but it tells you so, so much more. It measures weight, BMI, body fat, muscle mass, body water, visceral fat, bone mass, BMR, protein, subcutaneous fat, fat level, body type, lean body mass, and standard weight. It gives you a curve for your progress for the day, month, and year for your weight, BMI, body fat, body water, muscle mass, visceral fat, bone mass, and BMR. You can email your results to an accountability partner or trainer with the click of a button. You can add family members and track each persons measurements. The photos are my daughter’s measurements but I wanted you to see just how much information you get. I will definitely be ordering another one for my friend who weighs herself on a daily basis. . Great scale for a great price. I had trouble connecting to bluetooth at first but for future reference you need to stand on it while trying to connect. The info all populates according to the info you enter and your verified weight. It can be used with multiple users but so far I have only in put myself. It was quick to connect, feels sturdy and looks sleek. It’s got a low profile and looks to be of very good quality. I gave it 5 stars as the connection issue was user error (until user smartened up to the scales intelligence) .  This scale has so many features, it’s insane. I have another digital biometric scale from about 10 years ago and that is still an awesome scale — but it cost me $100 and since it’s so old, it doesn’t have an app that it links to and if I want to track my data, I have to write it down. This bluetooth digital scale does it all for me at a fraction of the price! I would say this scale is very accurate. I have 2 other scales in my house and they all read within .2 lbs of each other (including my higher end/expensive one) so the accuracy is great. Setting up the app was a cinch. The instructions that came with the scale are easy to follow. I love all of the data it tracks: weight, BMI, bone mass, visceral fat, and SO MUCH MORE. The data comparison feature is pretty amazing too. You can select multiple weigh ins and look at the stats side by side. So cool. There is so much going on in this app and so many things tracked, I feel like I haven’t even explored it all yet! . Omg!!! I absolutely love this scale. I have my entire family entered on the app and have everyone’s health analysis on my phone to make sure we’re getting enough exercise, drinking enough water, or even eating too many fatty foods. I feel like, knowing this will help me ne cognizant of my health and weight management. The Best!!!!! Read more

38 – DEIK Body Fat Scale, Bluetooth Bathroom Scale with Smartphone APP, 18 Body Composition Analysis, High Precision Sensors, LCD Backlit Display, Include 3 AAA Batteries, Black

Top Reviews I have wrestled my whole life and this body fat scale comes in very convenient. I have always kept a count of my calories by hand but ever since I got this scale, I never have to anymore. This scale and the app are incredibly helpful in monitoring my weight, calories, BMI, muscle mass The app is user friendly and simple to use. It breaks down your entire body composition. I am very happy with this product! . I was looking for some scale that can measure not only your weight but also your body mass and body fat. And this is far more than what I expected! You can connect the scale through bluetooth to your phone and track your weight and all kind of your body composition measurements! I’m using it with my husband and we can switch our 2 accounts on the app to track our progresses! . I love being able to track my weight as it changes over time. The problem has always been that Bluetooth was an unreliable way of syncing the scale with my phone. Just pairing most scales with the phone was difficult enough to require reading the paring instructions in the manual. The new scale from GreaterGoods just magically connects! No pairing, nothing to do at all expect click the Yes button when your phone asks if that is your scale it sees. The scale itself is very thin, very accurate and looks great in most decors. It also tracks BMI, Body Fat, Muscle Mass, Water Weight, and Bone Mass. All within just a few seconds of stepping on the scale. The free phone app makes all that data easy to see and graph over time. So in my opinion this is the perfect scale. . This scale is awesome! When the scale arrived I found the device to be well packaged. I opened the box and found the scale itself to have a sturdy feel and appearance. I can track my weight and health information. The app is very useful, seeing the trend data is very motivating! This scale has been very helpful in assisting me to stay on tract with my weight loss. I have recommended this scale to my roommate. Read more

39 – YUNMAI Premium Smart Scale – Body Fat Scale with Fitness APP & Body Composition Monitor with Extra Large Display – Works with iPhone.

Top Reviews I was considering getting a Bluetooth scale for a while but the reviews for the other two popular scales weren’t that great so I didn’t want to spend $100 or more on one if I didn’t like it. After looking around and sorting by customer reviews, I found this one. The price was good and all the reviews were pretty positive.When I received the scale, the setup was easy and fast and all I had to do from there was insert the batteries and weigh myself. I had also purchased a highly rated non-digital fat caliper from Amazon as well and comparatively the scale was within 1% of what the manual caliper said. Compared to the commercial gym scale I usually use (at the gym & at my work gym) the measurements were within 1 lb or less of that as well.The app is pretty straight forward & easy to use and calculates your BMR, BMI, protein %, fat %, bone % visceral fat ranking, fitness age and metabolic rate. It also gives you the delta measurements from your last weigh in to current.As for appearance, the scale is pretty slick looking and seems to be usable even without the app on or present, some other similar higher priced scales required the app at all times. The display is bright and easy to read so no complaints there.The only annoying factor would be the statement listed after setting up your goal weight, something like “You are X lbs away from your goal weight, you should try really hard to lose X lbs” but comes with a year warranty and 90 day return policy so overall, worth it. . Since I made a decision to start tracking body fat stats, I have been looking for a BIA biological resistance measurement scale for a while. I read reviews for different types, this one comes to be the most affordable and accurate one. Then I ordered it and got in 3 days. It is lightweight, looks sleek, modern and thin, has a nice glassy shine on it.I have been using it for 3 weeks (it comes with batteries). The app is easy to setup with user friendly display. I am surprised that it gives result much quicker than gym machine and it’s accurate too!It provides data of your body weight, BMI, fat, muscle, bone, water, BMR, visceral fat, protein and fitness age. You don’t need for pen and paper to track data. It gives you an overall score.It supports multiple profiles, saves data for the family, you can easily create a visitor profile.The app has charts of comparisons for Day/Week/Month/Year data. Stats in the app are stored and easy to see graph displays difference over time. This helps to track your progress.I know that no body fat analyzer is completely accurate, but they give me a guideline to go by when trying to lose body fat along with weight (good for competitions and such).I recommend this smart scale to everyone who has a fitness goal! . I love this thing. I’ve been a pretty-reliable user of various forms of fitness tracking over the last several years, but haven’t been very good at updating my weight in various calculators, etc., so I know what I should be shooting for. Tying this thing into my Apple Health account (which I’d not previously used too much) does a great job of having the data available for other websites to pick up. In other words, while Yunmai’s app doesn’t feed other sites directly, you can push the data to Apple, where a TON of other sites can read it (MyFitnessPal, BodySpace, etc). It does feed directly to major-label fitness tracker, too, which is good.The good:For what it is, the price is great. I didn’t want to spend $120-130 for a (major-label competitor) and then have it break after a year, which I’ve heard is a problem. If this does the same thing, well, at least it will cost less to replace. Weight seems to be accurate, based on direct day-to-day comparison to my older digital scale in the other bathroom. Added benefits of this scale are a read on how much water you’re carrying and what kind of body fat percentage you are, which are useful in improving overall body composition.The less good:The directions will tell you to turn on athlete mode “if you’re any kind of athlete,” so I took them at their word. I lift weights and do a basic/short cardio session every day for about an hour and a half. I’ve been at this for a while- so even though I’m pushing 40, I’m still probably more athletic than at least 75% of the other people in my age bracket, hence, athlete mode “on!”. Problem: this estimated my body fat at about 10.5% at 6’2″ and 259/260#. This is hilarious, because at that weight/height/bodyfat, I’d be in way better condition than Schwarzenegger was at his peak, and possibly some of the leading bodybuilders of today. Needless to say, and sadly, I’m not. Turning OFF athlete mode estimates me at 22%, which I’d say is way closer to right for a middle-aged recreational powerlifter/ gym rat type guy. I totally have 20-30# to lose to get where I want to be, and hope to do so by tracking, improving diet, increasing cardio (ugh) etc., over the next few months. Turning off “athlete mode” also improves visceral fat readings (11% vs. 1%- way more realistic), carried water readings, etc. In short- I’m not sure what athlete mode is for, but apparently I’m not as athlete as Yunmai thinks I oughta be. That’s OK- a hard reality check is just the thing sometimes.Summary:Set up right, this is a great, accurate scale that can help you get where you want to be in terms of general fitness, while providing a little more color around the number on the scale than you’d otherwise have. I’d buy it again. . Nice product. I got impressed on how good it was wrapped. App works fine as well. All in all I am happy with the purchase. Read more

40 – INEVIFIT Body-Analyzer Scale, Highly Accurate Digital Bathroom Body Composition Analyzer, Measures Weight, Body Fat, Water, Muscle, BMI, Visceral Levels & Bone Mass for 10 Users. 5-Year Warranty

Top Reviews I have to admit, when I first got this scale and tried it out I thought it was a waste of money. I am a weight lifter and I lift 6 days a week and I know what my body fat is so when this scale showed it was 6 points higher than any caliper reading I have ever received i was not happy. I weigh myself in the morning and one morning I got on the scale and recorded my results; I accidentally bumped into it and decided to get back on it just for fun and almost every measurement went up by .04%???? In frustration, I called the company and was surprised when someone actually called me back and had a long conversation with me explaining exactly how the scale works. I was very impressed with the call and after a few recommended adjustments to my profile, I am now happy with the results; they’re not as perfect as the ultra expensive machines and tests but it does give you a pretty accurate reading of your total body composition! I’m very happy with this scale and I believe it will help me attain my personal fitness goals! . I lose 10lbs every time i get on it!!!!! what’s not to love, right? Ok so after 6 weeks of ownership, this scale decided to love me with lies. it is incapable of telling the truth after only six weeks. not worth the purchase. . This product is nice looking, but It is unreliable and I am very disappointed in it. Despite reading directions/watching video/and calling the helpline, this scale does not do what it is supposed to do. I mainly wanted it to watch my body composition, thus the upgrade from a weight only scale. I am the only one that uses the scale, so it is to easy to program for P1- person 1. It programs exactly like the manual says, but it often will not recognize me as p1 when i step on it, it tries to make me a different person. Or if it does recognize me as p1, it only gives me weight and never goes to body composition part. Also after repeated programming to give pounds, it randomly gives me kgs, so I readjust to lbs, eventually it goes back to kg.It is just unreliable and I do not recommend it. Either settle for a good old balance weight scale or buck up for something better than this. I will replace this soon.Every time I step on it, I just hope to heck I can get the information I want. . This is extremely easy to set up user profiles and get a reading on important metrics needed to gauge progress and results from being active. It does not have Bluetooth Connectivity, which we do not care about because our findings are Bluetooth Scales rely too heavily on the Bluetooth Device. – Regardless of whether you prefer Android or iPhone.Anyone who is active and not lazy can type the info into their mobile device of choice. Heck we spend half our day looking at social media; so what are a couple seconds to update our health info? Regardless, this is a good product and it is built well and easy to understand with an easy to read instruction booklet. A huge bonus for the analytical personality type is seeing they had someone proofread their manual and it is in proper US English syntax. My apologies, but broken English can occur in conversation, but has no place in instructions, or other labeling. Read more

41 – Health O Meter Body Analysis Scale

Top Reviews This scale is exactly what I have been looking for! I wanted digital, and I wanted accuracy! I wanted it to save at least two persons information, and it stores 4. Very easy to set up, and use every day! I received it on Monday, and tested it out right away. I put in a 30 pound weight loss goal, even though it’s more like 50 that I want to lose. I figured 30 was a good start, if I can get there, LOL. On Tuesday. I started writing it all down. I have tried a low carb diet before and yes it works, but face it, EVERYTHING GOOD IS CARBS!!! While I did lose a few pounds, I can’t stay away from the carbs, soo I decided to start counting calories and include my favorite carbs, just in moderation. This scale is sooo accurate, that in 2 days I lost one pound! Now, that is encouraging to me! My old scale would fluctuate 2-3 pounds different, every time I stepped on it, which is soo frustrating to see any progress on the scale. Yes, I know I will see progress in how my clothes fit, but that’s not immediate proof that I am losing weight, with encouragement to continue counting my calories! I do not have an exercise program, so I am very low keyed in activity, and now that Winter is almost here, I won’t be getting out as often as I have during the summer. I will try though, to get more exercise in the house on a daily basis. I do think this scale is going to help me achieve my goals. Now. what to do with the holidays coming up. LOL. . It’s okay. Once set up seems accurate and fairly easy to use. However not very intuitive to use over time–mine inexplicably switched to kg overnight and I cannot get it switched back to pounds. Nothing on the company website about this model, and no online manual to refer to. . The multiple function of this scale worked right out of the box. Simple instructions to input your personal information. All of the metrics came up clear as scale cycles through all of data obtained.the information can be used as a guide to assist you reaching Health goals. The caloric feature is fantastic as it gives you the amount of calories for increased weight gain or loss, it also tells you how many weeks approximately it will take. As a Wellness and fitness trainer I did the math myself and calories only 30-50 difference.the BMI is not the best since muscle reads differently so Fat index is better guide.but one can use BMI as a gauge to getting healthy.the scale really feels well built and the color is beautiful with easy read screen Health meter makes great weighing equipment.thank you very much and the printed instructions are in big enough print for someone with not so good eyesight Thanks Amazon for timely delivery of product. . I like that it has easy features but you have to read quick as it doesn’t stay on long. Additionally, wish I could just take my toes and tap on without having to choose and assigned number. Still love it though. Read more

42 – EatSmart Digital Body Fat Scale with Auto Recognition Technology, One Size, Black

Top Reviews Looked like a nice product, but the weight was so inconsistent that I had to return it. I tried it on several hard surfaces, and I tried it for several days, getting off, and immediately getting back on resulted in weights that varied by up to 12 pounds. I tried to be very careful about placing my feet in the same positions, and not moving while I was on the scale, but the results were so inaccurate that they were useless.EDIT:I’m leaving my original review so that this update can be put in context.Within half an hour of this review being posted, I received an email from the VP of the EatSmart company. He apologized, said that it must be defective, and offered to replace it. I received the replacement a few days ago, and it is definitely performing much better. Its weight measurements are right in line with other reliable devices, and all measurements are consistent.I’ll give the product itself five stars because it now appears to do what it says it does with good accuracy, and if I could, I would give another five stars for the customer service. It is nice to know that there are still companies who take their products, and their reputation, so seriously. . Dear EatSmart Staff,I have been waiting to write you this review for a long time but given the higher price of the scale and the greater expectation of quality I feel thoroughly let down. This scale at first was amazing, remarkably accurate in my weight and body fat percentage as I would double check the number against more expensive scales available at local gyms/doctors visits. Then one day the scale registered about 6 lbs lighter than I anticipated. After double checking with multiple other scales I confirmed that this was an error. The scale continued to give inaccurate and not repeatable readings for about a week. ( varying up to ten lbs in back to back uses) Using the users manual and all possible reset techniques did not correct this problem. Chancing the batteries did not correct this problem. Nothing worked. Unfortunately I had to place it away to collect dust forever, not good enough to use and too expensive to throw away.During the 6 months that your product did work I credit it for assistance in a 20 lb weight loss. After month six though, this product became inoperable and a total disappointment.Disappointed Consumer,Frank . It’s hard for me to decide what to give this as a review. I bought the scale in 2012 and was really happy with it. I don’t expect the body fat etc. to be exactly accurate but they seemed fairly consistent, and reweighing would give same results. About 6 months ago my body fat percentage started going up pretty drastically. At first I thought it was that I was gaining weight, which was probably partially true, but then it would only give my weight. None of the additional measurements worked any more. First, it would give the blinking squares like it was trying, but then just go dark. Eventually it stopped even giving the blinking squares and just give my weight. I replaced the batteries, reset it, etc. but nothing worked. I called the company and they were super friendly and offered to replace it, free of charge, even though it was a few years old. The new scale would only give weight. I called again, thinking maybe they’d sent a refurbished scale with the same issue. Again they were super helpful and friendly and offered to replace it. Again the new one didn’t give anything but weight. I called again and they sent a fourth scale. Again, the new one didn’t give anything but weight. If the first one hadn’t worked, and hadn’t worked for years, I’d say the scale was totally useless, but having three replacements that had the same issue as the first, makes me think that there’s something with the scale itself. I even had friends try them, to make sure there wasn’t some sort of electronic issue with me or my body. . Scale arrived today,.in great shape. This is my second attempt and getting a scale. The first one was not good and I returned it. The instructions and bluetooth programing were very poorly done. From what I could see, many of the bluetooth scales use the same bluetooth app. So, for that reason I decided to get a scale that did not have that complication. This is not a bluetooth scale and it works great. The set up is extremely easy to do. the manual is very well done and easy to understand. Your unpack the scale put in the batteries, input your personal data, (male/female, height, and age) and your done. It took me less then 5 minutes. The scale seems to be very accurate. I tried it 3 or 4 times and got the same data each time. I did some research outside of Amazon and this scale was the highest rated (and for good reason). Judging from what I see so far, I expect it to be exactly what I wanted. If for any problems down the road, I’ll update this review. I don’t expect you will be hearing from me. Before you ask, I have no connection with this company, but would be happy to business with them again. This is simply a great product. Read more

43 – Body Fat Scale/Body Analyzer Scale/Body Composition Scale – Supports Fitness and Weight Loss with Fitness Tracker App – for Apple or Android Smart Phone Users

Top Reviews I know body composition / electrical impedance scales are less of an exact science & more of a novelty item, but I needed a new scale and this was a good price. I was pleasantly surprised at the comparative accuracy of my calculated body fat percentage compared with skin fold testing & the visual reference guide on the ketogains website. I say comparative accuracy because hydration, time of day, and digestive status will all shift the percentages, sometimes quite significantly. Your best option is to weigh regularly under similar conditions and then watch the trends rather than the individual results. Don’t get fixated on the number, instead focus on your overall health. <3 . So-so scale. Unfortunately, the accuracy is questionable. I weighed, but forgot to turn on the phone app. Walked across the room, got my phone, set it on the counter and weighed again and it showed a 6 ounce difference. I don't think I gained 6 ounces in 10 seconds. Third time, yet another reading. Since I got this as a tool to monitor weight loss, those ounces matter. Ugh.The app constantly switches itself back to kgs from lbs as well. I'm disappointed. . I had my doubts about another digital scale. My last one was wildly inaccurate. This one seems to give an accurate weight within a few pounds. I like the app. It gives so much info. It breaks down fat weight, water weight, and muscle weight. I know I have a lot of fat to lose, but am glad my muscle mass is in optimal range. It'll make losing the fat so much easier to lose. . This scale is phenomenal!!! It calculates BMI, body fat, water weight, muscle mass, bone density, and total weight. It keeps track of all numerical data on an easy to read line graph. I bought this scale for accountability. I don’t compete with others, so this scale helps me stay tru to myself. You will not be disappointed.Also they supply the batteries for the scale, they are tucked away in the styrofoam packing. Read more

44 – Keto 1000 Recipes: Big Fat Keto Cookbook with Over 1000 Ultra Low Carb Ketogenic Recipes

Top Reviews I must say that this book is very helpful for all people who want to Keto 1000 Recipes. This book is what I need when it come to Start. Overall, this book is a must reading for us, I am very happy to read this great one book. . I would highly recommended to read this book everyone.This book gave me a lot of information.This book is awesome to read and i think this book is the best book of this topic, and i really appreciate this book. . I like this book because I found here twelve types of recipes for me. . Love this book, this book has a lot of information, it is easy to follow. I have done the keto diet several times and found it a great way to get rid of the crap foods that creep into your food choices, lose some weight and generally feel better. However, over the long term, keto was hard to maintain as I got bored of the repetitiveness of the meat only dishes that I made . and the amount of complaining that I heard from the family LOL. This book combines keto with the INSTANT POT that I just LOVE. It has lots of variety in meats, spices, and food types, with main dishes, soups, and desserts, as well as vegetarian options. If you have used any of the many new Instant Pot recipe books out there, you will find many will leave your meats a pulpy mess which means that it was cooked too long on the high pressure setting. I have found that the recipes in this book have reasonable cooking times and combine good cooking settings with great sauces and spices. A great choice for those embarking on the keto way of life with info on keto in general, links to calculators, and the macros you need to keep track of for each recipe. This is an essential guide for everyone. I’m going to best rating this good content book. Thankful! Very good cookbook, love this one! Read more

45 – Omron Fat Loss Monitor, Bodylogic Body Fat Analyzer, (1 EACH, 1 EACH)

Top Reviews Read more

46 – Body Weight Scale, Digital Bathroom Scale Body Composition Monitor Health Analyzer with Smartphone App for Body Weight, Body Fat, Water, BMI, BMR, Muscle Mass 396 lbs

Top Reviews This scale looks nice with a great design on the top. It already makes you want to step on it and helps you feel good about yourself while doing so. The app took a little while to connect and doesn’t tell you how every measurement is calculated. I definitely didn’t agree with some of the categories, especially with it telling me I’m overly obese or Fat III but doesn’t explain where they got that from. I’m 5’9 135 lbs. That’s definitely not Fat III whatever that means and I don’t have a body of an 80 y.o. like it told me. Although I did buy it for a nice looking scale and that’s what I got so I’m happy with it. . I am so presently surprised that for 20 bucks I got this scale.It looks good and is accurate and you just step right up and it’s quick.None of that foot tapping to get it to turn on and then to zero out then to get on.The phone app function is cool but I never use it.This scale is stylish and really accurate I recommend and it’s light too. . I’m very stoked about all the features that this product has. I actually originally purchased with just keeping up with my weight in mind, but upon receiving, there were so many more features available to me that I hadn’t originally thought to use. There is an app that you can download for free and connect to the device. This allows you to monitor your progress as you go along and keep the memory of it in the app. It measures your BMI, body age based on weight, and more. Let’s just say I have a lot of work to do to lose weight! Overall, a great purchase and all for a very low cost. You can’t beat it. . My old weight scale finally kicked the bucket and was in the market for a new one. Saw this scale and like the price point and the features it offered. First off, I LOVE the large screen display that clearly shows you’re weight (didn’t check for accuracy, but seems right as far as my knowledge of my weight).The app is easy to use. The initial setup takes a little bit but I like how it gives you the detailed data of your body (again, can’t confirm the accuracy without going to a doctor, and I don’t feel like doing that!!) but at least it gives you overall data to track.This may be insignificant to some, but I LIKE that it uses AAA batteries instead of those flat batteries that seem to always die quick, harder to find, and more expensive!!Side Note: As mentioned, can’t confirm accuracy, but since it seems right to me, I gave this product 5 Stars for accuracy. I think for the everyday user, it’s good enough! Read more

47 – Ozeri Precision Digital Bath Scale (400 lbs Edition), in Tempered Glass with Step-on Activation

Top Reviews I got weighed at my doctor’s office not long before I purchased this. I allowed the scale to calibrate itself as directed, and then I was given a weight *twenty pounds below what I was at the doctor’s office.* The wind blows and it will give you a different reading, I’m talking 5-10 lbs off. This scale looks great, but is crap for its actual purpose. Possible that I got a defective one, sure, maybe. I’ll update this is that’s the case. But right now I’m feeling a penny wise and a dollar foolish. . First off, it’s not white. It’s close, but when your bathroom is full of white, it’s easy to tell that this is not. It’s a very very pretty light sea foam.Second: I am the exception it seems, but I can get the scale to vary 10 pounds versus when I step on it. Then it seems like it picks a weight and keeps saying that even if there’s a very slight differenceI haven’t returned it and I’m not giving it 1 star because it weirdly only does this stuff for me. It acts normally for my husband. . When observing this scale in its version of deep turquoise color, it may be easier to imagine the Biblical expression of a magnificent throne resembling a glassy sea like crystal. A handful of marine water is much lighter than the Ozeri’s body-weighing scale with its thick glass properties. I would not want to drop it on my bare feet; the injury will result.And also, the product can be easily damaged if mishandled. If those factors don’t worry you much, this is a decent selection, especially for its reasonable price and quality. In several succession of days, I weighed myself on it according to the manufacturer’s instructions during the same time zones and found it to be consistently accurate.If a person is weighing 1817 pounds, which is unbelievable, remember the dot visible on the digital reading; correctly as 181.7 pounds. The consumer product is limited to 400 pounds; it can not be programmed at a higher hippo-size weigh. It is not difficult to use, and you’ll get the data within seconds. Ozeri scale uses AA batteries. The solid surface is a simple, clean wipe. . I received this scale the day I had a check up with my doctor, so as soon as I got home, I weighed myself with the same clothing on and got the same weight as the doctor’s scale. Can’t get much more accurate than that.The scale is nice looking, so I keep this one out in the bathroom. It is very easy to use and read. I am very pleased with the scale. Read more

48 – Etekcity Smart Bluetooth Body Fat Scale – Digital Bathroom Weight Scale with 12 Essential Measurements, Large Platform and Clear LCD Display, ITO Conductive Glass, 400lb (180kg)

Top Reviews  I bought the scale because it had such great reviews however I found it out to be totally the opposite. It’s big, sleek and yes it does look good however it does not accurately weigh yourself. We live in Japan so I paid a total of $30 for the scale and also about $45 for it to be shipped over here. I cannot get a refund because I’m not going to pay 45 more dollars to send it back to the company So I just wasted about $75. If you do want a scale that looks good then this is the one for you however I wouldn’t trust the numbers to be accurate. . This is a great scale I have never bought a scale prior to this on I needed one that would go to at least 450, I recently had bariatric surgery and so this bad boy has become my best friend So far he has been with me while losing down to 350lbs so far!!! Yup, 100lbs gone in six months!The scale it self was a great price, easy to stand on, plenty of room on it. The display is awesome, it is large and when I forget to put on my glasses I can still see it! It does have a glass finish, so I DO NOT suggest getting on it out of the shower hehehe . I ordered this scale based on user reviews. I am tired of digital scales that change their weight if you move them even half an inch on the floor. I have owned several based on reviews before and have been disappointed each time. They would vary as much as 4 pounds if I moved them an inch or a foot around the room. The first thing I did when I got this scale was weigh and then move it around my house to different locations. It was the same everywhere within .2 of a pound. This was wonderful. I finally have a very nice consistent scale that weighs me accurately! Very well done!! . You must use the VeSync app to use this scale for anything but weight, no body fat, BMI, ect. Norton flags this app for placing ads on your phone homescreen, data mining, and unusual behavior. Returned immediately. Read more

49 – Beurer BF70 Body Fat Scale, Body Weight, Body Fat, Body Water & More, Smart Digital Scale for Full Body Analysis, BMI & Calorie Display, App Sync via Bluetooth, User Recognition, 8 Memory Spaces

Top Reviews Upon unboxing, the scale looks good. I was able to pair it with my phone using the Beurererererer application from the Play store. Although Google Fit, or Amazon, or other health apps aren’t supported, they aren’t mentioned, so I was disappointed, but not surprised. The application’s functionality, from the onset, is limited to providing a place for the scale to store the measurements, as well as providing the height and age info *to* the scale. The app only allows one user, so if you want to enter multiple users onto the scale, for measuring BMI, etc, everyone has to load the app on their phone.For the first two weeks of use it seemed like a fine product. The scale will not sync with the app. A bluetooth icon wil appear once every half dozen times I step on it. The instructions describe the scale storing the information and sending it to the app if the app is opened within bluetooth range. This does not happen.Do not buy if you expect it to work as described. If you want a scale to measure BMI, body fat %, water, etc, buy one that will without requiring to pair with a broken application, for half the cost. If you want a scale to track and monitor your progress with Apple, Google, or Samsung health services, or even its own software, look elsewhere. . I was reading other reviews prior to me ordering and I was a little dubious about the app’s function. I called Beurer’s customer service line and they reassured me the bugs had been fixed and if anything happened they had a return policy.They were so helpful and kind over the phone that I felt safe and if anything happened I would be okay. I’m so happy I followed my gut. The scale arrived within a day and I immediately downloaded the app. The bugs that other customers were angry about were not an issue at all for me. I was able to properly use it and sync my measurements.I also appreciate how elegant the scale is, it looks amazing in my bathroom. Overall I would recommend buying and suggest talking to their customer service first too if anyone has any doubts! . I got this scale because one of my new year’s resolutions is focus on my health and wellness. My first impression was that I liked the look and design of the scale. It’s slim, light-weight and looks/feels very high quality in my bathroom, especially with the digital reader. The Bluetooth idea was something I hadn’t heard of before, but I really like it. They have an app to download for free and it let’s you sync the data to your phone. I personally find it helpful because it let’s me keep track of where I am. I also learned more about my body because it tells you your body fat/water/muscle/bone mass percentages. My roommate also uses it because it lets you make more than one user profile which is really neat. . The weight part is accurate. Programming the weighing scale is a bit of a pain; it’s not a simple matter of hopping on and off. And the body fat part is questionable: If you say you’s sedentary, it will show a different BF percentage. If you say you’re very active, you get a lower percentage. It’s still you, same height, same weight. But by changing the activity level, you get different readings. That shows it’s not actually measuring your body fat, it’s using an algorithm. If you’re a member of a gym, you can get a more accurate calculation by asking the trainers there to do a skinfold caliper measurement. Still, if you’re on a fitness or weight loss regime, this Beurer scale is a good way to keep track. Read more

50 – Digital Body Weight Scale, VICOODA Bathroom Scale with Backlit LCD Display, Measures Body Weight/Fat/Water/Muscle Mass/Bone Mass/BMI/Calorie,400 Pounds, 6mm Tempered Glass, Black (White)

Top Reviews I’ve been looking at bathroom scales to measure body fat and body water for a while now. I finally decided on this one. I know that these impedance scales are not perfectly accurate, but this scale does give me a point of reference. I have compared my body fat and body water on this scale versus other scales belonging to me and my friends. This scale returns consistent results. Besides, the backlit display on this scale is big and easy to read. I really like this body fat scale. . I needed a new scale for my bathroom so I purchased this one. I think the black with silver on it make it look very elegant and fancy. The digital screen is lit with a blue light which makes it quite easy to read. Compared to the scale I had, my weight was 0.6 pounds less. This scale had my body fat at a much higher rate, which I believe is inaccurate since I have my trainer at the gym measure it once a month. I don’t really use scale much than other for the weight anyways. You can program several members of your household into this scale based on sex, age and height. That way each one of you can monitor your health and progress. It’s also nice that this scale comes with 4 AAA batteries so that you can use is as soon as it arrives. . This is an awesome scale. It is very accurate on weight it trackes your body weight, water percentage and calculates your BMI with your bone mass and body fat percentage. It connects with Iwillness3.0 app and works with Bluetooth. I like that it came ready with the batteries out of the box and it keeps different profile for different users. The only thing i did not like that the body fat % is different than what i get at the gym. It reads 30% and when I measure at the gym it is only 23 %. The other thing i did not like is that the battery cover does not hold its place and it moves easy, but once on the floor it is fixed and stable . In my mind the most important trait in a scale is sccurate and consistent measurement. I hate when you step on a scale, it gives you a readout that seems off so you immediately step on it again and it gives you a different readout . Or your measurements on consecutive days are miles apart. This scale is excellent in that regard, it is very consistent and from what I can tell it’s in good agreement with scales in my doctor’s office, fitness center, etc.I give it 4 stars instead of 5 for 2 reasons. First, some labels on the display when it’s flashing through “% body fat” and other readouts are incredibly tiny, if i want to see them i have to crouch down. I’ve got good eyesight and I’m not *that* tall not sure whose idea it was to use 12pt font on something intended to be read from 5+ feet away. Second, it offers measurements in lb, st., and kg, and sometimes it can be a minor hassle to toggle through them. Read more

51 – Lightstuff Precision Skinfold Caliper – Easy, Reliable Tool for Monitoring Body Fat – Quick Start Guide for Beginners, Detailed Booklet for Advanced Users – Measures up to 80mm in Skin Fold Thickness

Top Reviews It is a solid quality piece of equipment. Comes with a carrying / storage pouch and how too booklet with the charts you need. It is big and bulky but that is how it is. One warning however, if you do not have someone to take your measurements for you with this device or too embarrassed to have someone pinching and measuring your fat folds, you should just forget about this item if you want accurate results. You will not be able to measure accurately or at all the 4 areas you need to, such as a measurement on the back under the shoulder blade. . Happy with this caliper. It was easy to use but I would recommend having someone help you for accurate measurements. The chart that comes with only recommends measuring at your belly and then finding that measurement based on your age & sex only.I found an online calculator at linear-software.com that shows video of how and where to take the measurements and then lets you enter those measurements for the calculated result. (Btw, some of these locations are near impossible to get by yourself, that’s why a recommend someone help you). I have a home scale that uses electrical impedance to measure body fat; and over the past months as my waist has gotten smaller it only showed a decrease from 21% to 20%. Using this caliper and the online calculator it showed I’m at 15.5%. I’ll have to repeat this over the coming months to see how they track. . Works good over all. Only downside was that the numbers are only on one side of the caliper so when trying to measure yourself you have to get into some weird angles to try and see the numbers while still holding them to your skin. Other than that nothing wrong with this product that I have found for the price. As far as accuracy goes skinfold test is always hard to be accurate with so it’s just a good Baseline to measure progress not necessarily the most accurate way to calculate body fat percentage. . Too tight fit. Squeezes too hard. Too bulky. Read more

52 – Lightstuff Weight Tracking Tool Kit: Measuring Tape for Body, BMI Calculator, Visual Starter Guide & Tracking Chart – Easy, Reliable Companion for Your Weight-Loss Journey

Top Reviews The BMI calculator is easy to use and the measuring tape is just what I was looking for – a better, easier way to measure, especially on the arms, when it can be awkward to do it yourself. It would seem to be a more accurate way to measure too since it tightens at the push of a button. . I purchase this product it is a good value for the price, My only complaint is that when pressing the button for the measure to retract you have to help the tape, seems the retracting mechanism is not working well, this may be problem eventually. But other than this issue, the product is a good value . I like that it wraps around and you can secure it while you read it. . EASY TO USE Read more

53 – AsaTechmed Body Health Tool Kit – Body Fat Monitors – Skinfold Fat Caliper, Body Tape Measure, BMI Calculator – Instructions and Body Fat Charts for Men and Women (Black)

Top Reviews Read more

54 – Portable Skin Fat Caliper Tester mm inch LCD Screen Athletic Women/Men Body Tools Monitoring Kit

Top Reviews When I initially read the review, I figured the seller/manufacturer would have fixed the product by now because who would continue to sell a defective product especially when you can return it for a full refund. However, I was wrong, the others who indicated this product does not work were absolutely correct. Beware, if you buy this product there is a high likelihood that you will have to return it because it doesn’t work. The none of the buttons function, and there are not readings. . Cheap and does not do the job. Don’t bother! . It’s very sensitive, so it’s good to use the average as instructed. Easy to use on others and on yourself. . I followed the instructions on the packaging and the measurements were all over the place, maybe its operator error on my part Read more

55 – Body Fat Calculator and Analyzer

Top Reviews Hard to say how accurate this is, but it is consistent. It isnt like some scales I have had that vary by as much as 3 or 4% during the course of a day. However, the accuracy is a big question. Would be nice to compare it to a caliper test and other products for that. Everyone who uses it seems to get a very high reading. Or, maybe we are all just severly overweight. Anyway, for as inexpensive as it is, you can at least judge accurately if your body fat is decreasing or increasing if nothing else. . I am confident that my body fat % is between 10% and 17%. It may even be a bit lower. This device tells me that I’m around 30%. It had a bad interface, a poor feel, and doesn’t seem well thought out. . The calculations on this were ridiculous and not even close to accurate, don’t waste your money! . I bought it thinking wow ten bucks not much to pay for it and that is worth buying. Well it won’t read half of my friends and the ones it can read seem extremely wrong. I bought it without looking at the reviews now I regret that. Read more

56 – Fitlosophy Red Body Fat Calipers and Tape Measurer BMI Calculator Set

Top Reviews Not the greatest caliper but it does the job! I work as a trainer and we have nicer equipment but for my in home or travel use this does the job . Grabs my chunky and tells me its chunkie than last time . Excellent product, excellent seller. . I like being able to track my progress and these make it easy and more accurate, I love the color too. 🙂 Be gentle with your calipers, they are fragile. Read more

57 – EatSmart Products Free Body Tape Measure Included Digital Bathroom Scale with Extra Large Lighted Display, One Size, Clear

Top Reviews Warning!! Had this scale for 3 weeks and loved its design and easy to read display. Both my husband and I were shocked today when he picked it up gently and it suddenly exploded into hundreds of pieces! He had two cuts in his hand and we are relieved nothing else was cut. If a child were to be near this scale and it happened, that would have been terrible! We are quite shocked and disappointed. The photos show the scale after I had already swept up the tiniest shards that had sprayed across the bathroom. We need a refund and a totally different model scale. Our weights are both in the low average range, so that is not a factor. . Appearance, A+ While it lasted.Performance, FSix months after purchase, “Battery Low”. After replacing batteries, which should not have been the case with below average use, scale would only be showing “00”.Removed batteries, waited, replaced again. Same results. After removing and replacing batteries again, Flashing excessive weight above limit, which should not have been the case.Past Amazon’s return period. Recycle center is the only alternative, regrettably. . I used it side-by-side with my mechanical balance scale (like the one in Doctor’s office). My scale isn’t perfect, but it is consistent (i.e., given the same weight, it gives the same reading). This scale is NOT consistent. I tried several calibration cycles, on different flat surfaces, and I still experienced two things: 1) my weight with and without pajamas (which weigh 9oz, or more than 1/2 lb), was the same. And the difference between the mechanical scale and the digital scale varied by 2-3 pounds from day to day. (so 160 lb on the mechanical scale was 162 on the digital scale on Monday, but it was 163 on the digital scale on Tuesday). I contacted customer service. They said this was expected behavior. They said their scale was not expected to distinguish a 1/2 lb difference correctly, and that reading-to-reading it could vary +/- 1%. For 160 lbs that’s a range of 3.2lbs. I can’t see how this is useful for anyone. . I have owned this scale for nearly a year, and I am disappointed. The good points first: it is inexpensive and easy to set up, and the cat can use it to weigh herself with no human assistance. This is endlessly entertaining, and I now receive almost daily updates on whether the cat weighs 11.2, or 11.4, or only 11.0 (immediate infusion of tuna fish required).On the other hand, I have found this scale pretty unreliable for weighing myself. It needs to be calibrated at least three times a week. My bathroom floor is slightly uneven, and this may be part of the problem, but what person who is buying an inexpensive bathroom scale really wants one so sensitive that it can’t be used in an ordinary home with minor imperfections in the building? Also, the scale skips around–sometimes it reports weights that I know are about 10 lbs. less than I actually weigh, and sometimes it reports weights that strike me as 1-2 lbs too high. I can weigh myself three times in the space of ten minutes and get three different weights spread over a 10-12 lb. range. While the scale looks good, I find it far less reliable than the cheap, cracked, 15-year-old bathroom scale that I unfortunately threw out last summer. Read more

58 – Digital Caliper, Adoric 0-6″ Calipers Measuring Tool – Electronic Micrometer Caliper with Large LCD Screen, Auto-Off Feature, Inch and Millimeter Conversion

Top Reviews If you are a professional machinist or fabricator, then it is necessary to buy a $200ish pair of Starett calipers. If you are a homeowner with better than average skills and a decent shop, then these $9.00 carbon fiber calipers are more than adequate to precision measure threads, gun calibers, rotors etc.These six inch calipers go down to hundreths of an inch, more than precise enough for household needs. I checked the accuracy and repeatability of these calipers using 5 U.S. quarters, the oldest one minted in 2006. I measured each quarter’s diameter and thickness at the milled edge 20 times, one by one. The oldest measured .94 dia, the rest .95 (Spec is .955). They measured the same all 20 times.To conclude, these carbon fiber calipers are well worth 9 bucks, and the quality is well within spec for homeowner duty. . This digital caliper is extremely useful. While it’s not super high end it’s still useful. I hope to get a decent a amount of use out. When I can afford it I’ll buy the Park Tool version of this product. One thing to keep in mind this product is not waterproof! So keep it away from liquids. Does come with an extra battery. I recommend this as a inexpensive beginner product for those who don’t want to spend a ton of money. . Having just got into the hobby of 3D printing, I wanted to get a pair of digital calipers to make measuring as easy and accurate as possible. I’m not a wealthy man, so I decided to take the risk and pick up a cheaper pair to see how it would work for me. I’ve only had this product for one day, and I’ll update this review if I encounter any problems down the line, but so far I’ve used it a few dozen times, and am extremely pleased. It is easy to use, and very accurate. It’s also nice that it will turn on automatically if you move the caliper, instead of having to push the on button. However, you have to make sure you store it somewhere that it won’t accidentally get bumped, turn on, and drain your batter. On that note, it does come with a battery installed, as well as a spare, which was appreciated. The accuracy is listed as ±0.2mm/0.01”, however I’ve only ever seen it struggle between ±0.1mm, and even then, it’s rare. . I was looking for some cheap calipers to just leave at the office for when i needed them, and these have been great. I did compare measurement with these against my much nicer calipers, and they seem very accurate (they only go to 0.1mm resolution) and maintain accuracy pretty well as long as you aren’t sliding them all over the scale very quickly, which they do lose zero if you do. They are totally plastic which could be an issue for some but for my needs they are fine. I wouldnt buy these if you actually need high levels of tolerance (you shouldn’t be looking at ANYTHING in this price range if you do) but if you just want to measure something, well, go for it! Read more

59 – Personal Skinfold Body Fat Testing with Skinfold Calipers Body Fat Caliper to Measure Your Body Fat BMI Caliper Handheld Body Fat Measurement Device(White)

Top Reviews We have been looking to start getting into better shape so we got these to do before measurements and will compare later on. Sometimes the scale numbers are not correct since you could be gaining muscle. So with these you can check body fat loss. These are easy to use and read and seem sturdy. . Not losing weight, but feel like you’re probably losing inches? This is how you’ll know for sure. I made a huge diet change this year but haven’t seen anything drastic on the scale. I decided that this would be a good motivator to keep going and it is. This has been so helpful in seeing results even when my scale isn’t. . My frustration with the scale not budging led me to purchase this! This is a much better way for me to track improvement in my health. The non invasive caliper is simple to use and easy to read. I also like that it is thin and stores away easily. This little tool makes me feel much better about my journey to becoming healthier! . I’ve compared this clipper to others and I think this item is very quality and accuracy.fast ship,quality product; I feel very satisfaction Read more

60 – Tanita BC730G InnerScan Body Composition Monitor Green

Top Reviews Accurate weight but a point off due to the body fat percentage calculator. They take all your info and give you a body fat percentage which you can do online. But it is an accurate weight scale. Don’t be fooled by those metal circles. All it does is detect if someone is on it . Like . Excelente servicio . Good product Read more

61 – Adoric Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Smart Digital Scale with Free APP for Android and iOS, Tempered Glass Surface, Auto On/Off, Body Composition Monitor Measures Weight

Top Reviews This scale is small and compact! It’s really nice. The app that goes with it is not the one in the directions. Thanks to a different reviewer I found out the app is called Adoric Health. The app can sync up to my fitbit which is pretty cool. The app has lots of cool features, including where you’re at in terms of weight, body water, body fat, bone mass, BMI, Visceral Fat, BMR, and Muscle Mass. In each of those it shows you if you are below, where you should be, or above where you should be. It also tells you what each measurement means and what you should do to if you aren’t in the optimal area. . This scale is super easy to use and set up. i pulled it form the box and followed the instructions to download the app from the google play store. setting up your profile in the app is very simple and only took 30 seconds. it asks a few basic questions only to help it determine your BMI and other key factors. then i added batteries to teh scale and stepped on it. i love the fact that you dont have to add the scale to your bluetooth devices in your device it automatically connects then each time you want to use the scale again you simply open the app and step on the scale. it will ask you if you want to save the data. This scale measures your weight, BMI, Body Water %, Body Fat %, Bone Mass, Visceral Fat, BMR and Muscle Mass. clicking the drop down arrow for each category will give you a scale of where you fall on the index chart for these categories. the silver circles are electrode plates that help the scale measure the different categories that arent based on height and weight alone. it can support up to 400 lbs. you can set it for lbs or kg depending on which way you tend to measure your weight. . This product is great. It works wonderfully and all the options on the app are a great tool to have. Helps me keep track of my weight and bmi also bone density. The only thing that needs to be fixed is with the paper work that comes with it, it lists the incorrect app you need to download. After doing some searching, I found the correct app, which is called “Adoric Health”Definetly recoomend this scale to everyone. It also looks great in a bathroom. Compliments my bathroom very well! . Amazing technology. I had no idea this kind of technology existed until I searched for a weight scale. I love that I can see my body fat percentage. I just had my second baby 2 months ago and so I’m trying to lose the baby weight. I like that I can see the progress I’m making with body weight, body fat, bmi and what my water weight it, if I need to work on consuming more water. I’m a number oriented person and seeing these numbers helps keep me motivated and lets me see that I’m making progress even if it’s not showing in lbs lost. Read more

62 – Loftilla Bathroom Scale for Body Weight BMI Scale

Top Reviews Out of the box the app is easy to set up. The results are received instantly. Comes with two triple a batteries. Syncs with Apple Health and Fitbit. . I don’t use it with the app. But I had to give 5 stars for it’s accuracy. With other scales I take a reading 3 times and calculate the average. This scale’s reading is the same to the dot even to the decimals. I even carry additional weight in between readings to confuse it but when I step back on, without the said weight, it still calculates my weight correctly. Obviously the weight changes during the day. But if you calculate the weight at one sitting the reading is always the same.I’m thinking of getting a second one as back up.The only con I can think of is that it’s smaller than other scales I’ve had.(maybe that’s why it’s so accurate?). I have size 6 feet my husband’s feet are size 11 and we have no problem with the scale. But if your feet are bigger than that it might feel a bit cramped. I have attached a photo of my small size 6 foot on the scale. And I can see how a person with a bigger foot could find this scale too small. .  * A good quality weight scale is normally $20+ and at same price you can buy this smart scale.* Small and Strong scale can easily fit in any corner.* Accurate weight measurement. (Don’t use on carpet as it may not give you correct reading. Which is common with nay scale on carpet).* Sync is easy on bluetooth one time setup required to sync app with scale and then it will take care.* Sync your data with Google Fit . App interface is very clean and easy to use,* Comes with 2 AAA batteries. . Sleek design with a nice blue tooth feature. This scale is small: Perhaps too small if you have really big feet? Just add the app and the technology will chart your BMI/weight gains and losses for the long haul. It’s fun to see the graph fall, but the opposite when the graph shoots up. One minor beef? I would be way too skinny if I hit the normal weight range recommended in the chart. I’ll set my own target 😉 Overall, a really good purchase. Read more

63 – YUNMAI Smart Scale Body Fat Scale with New Free APP & Body Composition Monitor with Extra Large Display

Top Reviews Bought this to work with samsung health app so it can easiky update weight tracker daily, however had to uninstall the yunmai app for it to sync via bluetooth for it to work. Also, I have another scale that measures body fat and this scale is very inaccurate when it comes to calculating body fat. If you are buying it to keep track of body fat I would try a different scale. . this scale was so far off it wasn’t even funny. DO NOT waste your money. got on it wednesday night and got a decently accurate weight, got on the next morning and it said I lost 30.6lbs. I had calibrated as the instructions said to do both times. also got on twice both times. i’d give 0 stars if allowed! . Very disappointed in this product. I’m usually fair at this but considering how inaccurate this item is I have to say something. I did a dexa body scan and got 28.3%body fat. This scale device keeps fluctuating every hour ranging between 17-19% body fat with athletic mode off. With athletic mode on its at about 11.5% body fat. Shaking my head, thats just misleading and ridiculous. I understand this isn’t a dexa scan but still to be way off in the numbers is frustrating. . To begin with, this scale came remarkably well packaged and was super easy to set up. It has really easy to understand directions and a little scannable thing to make downloading the application super easy. My son recently had a doctor appointment and so both my children and I weighed ourselves for fun and this little thing is doctor’s office accurate. It also has a sleek beautiful appearance that I just love. Highly recommend! Read more

64 – Best Ketogenic Macro Calculator: For Women To Lose Body Fat (Online Macro Calculator Book 1)

Top Reviews Read more

65 – Omron Body Composition Monitor and Scale with Bluetooth Connectivity � 6 Body Metrics & Unlimited Reading Storage with Smartphone App by Omron, Black

Top Reviews First of all, I am a personal trainer as well as a student in exercise physiology, and I have worked in movement science labs and nutrition labs with very accurate equipment. I say this to add credibility to the review I am about to write.I originally purchased this product in hopes of getting more accurate body fat measurements for both myself and my clients. The problem with most foot scale based or handheld BIA products is that they can be up to 5-10% off. The idea behind this whole body BIA product is to get a more accurate reading, but in reality it is WILDLY inaccurate. I am a fairly lean individual and a rather muscular athlete, yet it put me at 25% bodyfat and very low muscle mass. I had my female friend, another lean athlete, use the scale and she was put at 40% bodyfat. This is over 15% off from all other BIA products she has used.In summary, the scale portion works fine but the actual BIA system, which I assume is what you’re really looking for when purchasing this product, is wildly inaccurate and simply does not work.Please do not waste your money. . I have a number of Omron products, mostly Blood Pressure Monitors, which I’ve checked vs my Dr’s measurements and are accurate. This product gave me an accurate weight but a BF% of ~28% after several measurements. The high end machine at the gym I work out at gives me b/w 14 & 16% consistently (including today) and 28% would also put me well overweight, which I’m not by any stretch. The other measurements (& fact I have a legitimate 6-pack and am relatively muscular) illustrate the fact clearly it’s way off. I suspect that the formula based on age, height, weight calculates averages (I’m 43, 5’9 & 190lbs) & drives more of the measurement than the actual measuring aspect. . I’ve had this scale for 4 years and I’ve always been curious about the accuracy. Today I went to get a Bodpod body composition analysis. It’s considered to be one of the most accurate professional systems on the market. I tested my weight and body fat right before I left for the appointment. The scale’s results were identical on weight and BMR to the Bodpod, and within 0.3% on body fat. Obviously your results may vary, but I’m confident that I’ll never pay for a professional analysis again. . This product is truly junk. Believe the 1 star reviews. The two reasons I bought it were to get accurate weight and accurate body fat %. It cannot do either. I’m talking 2.5 pounds difference stepping on the scale, stepping off and stepping back on. I have used 7-site caliper measurement to calculate body fat which is very accurate but a pain to do alone. My measurements give me 19%, this scale gives me 29%. For the price, it should be kind of close. I’m returning this product and strongly recommend that everyone else save their money. Read more

66 – Beurer PS25 Personal Bathroom Scale | Smart & Accurate Body Weight Control | XL Scale with Illuminated LCD Display, high Precision Weighing | Timeless White Design | Quick Start, Batteries Included

Top Reviews We love this scale. I did not want a digital scale at first, but after getting one with a dial that was terrible I ordered this scale. It’s easy to read and accurate. The top has a shape that is different than expected that is very comfortable underfoot. It’s comfortable to step on, and easy to clean. I like that you do not have to tap it first, you just step on it. We’re very happy. Not much lighter in weight, but very happy! . Really great scale. The platform is large, no more toes hanging off the edge ! Turns on instantly, and the numbers are quite large, and the light is very bright . so easy to read. So glad I got it ! . I wanted one that wouldn’t break if you accidentally bumped a corner. This one is protected with an outer shell and hopefully won’t break as easily as the other ones I read about. The weight it gave me matches what the doctor’s office said the week before and is easy to read. So far, I am still pleased after having it for a month. . I was tempted to give a 1 star as I dont like the number I see LOL, I’m joking. It’s accurate and same scale my drs office uses. I can even weigh my infant and its accurate. I step on scale. Weigh myself. Hold my newborn and step on scale together. Subtract the difference, and it’s the same weight the drs office weighed him at. Read more

67 – Body Fat Calipers Tester Retractable Tape Measure Fitness Health Weight Loss

Top Reviews Calipers are fine. Used the tape measure once and it’s already ripping off of the plastic stopper. . The measuring tape fell apart by the third time using it yet the calipers still work well. . Read more

68 – Smart Bathroom Fat Scales, Digital Body Weight Scales, Bluetooth BMI Composition Analyzer with Smartphone App 396 lbs, 6mm Tempered Glass – White Golden

Top Reviews Do not work with out app do not buy . Tracked weight gained in quarantine well. Synced to phone app was easy. . I liked the pattern.I was disappointed that the scale is only in KG!! You can see pounds via the app. But I don’t want to HAVE to use an app every time I get weighed. The bottom of the scale has 4 “feet” that are disc shaped and are on each corner. TWO of them came out and would not be coerced back into place. This made the scale not accurately show my weight (was suddenly 40 pounds lighter!)Returning the product. . Read more

69 – Pediatric BMI Calculator Wheel

Top Reviews Read more

70 – BMI Calculator Wheel

Top Reviews Now I will not have to rely on a big wall chart, and this will fit in my pocket too. It has a height range of 4’9 to 6’9 and a weight range of 90 to 440 pounds. Also it is for Adults of >= 20 years of age. . The wheels are made of good material, in short they look durable.It took them a lot of time to deliver/ . great tool, fantastic to have this thing. . great tool Read more

71 – Bundle: Body Fat Caliper, Measuring Tape for Body. Fat Caliper, Body Fat Analyzer. Weightloss Measure, Body Fat Calculator. Bodybuilding Tape, Body Fat Caliper with Body Fat Chart. One Stylus Pen.

Top Reviews I have used the body tape once and the retractable button no longer works. You get what you pay for I guess Read more

72 – Beurer Body Fat Analyzer Scale BMI, Multi-User & Recognition, Digital Bathroom Weight Scale, XL Display, BF130, Silver

Top Reviews I purchased this scale in a local store because I wanted to know more than just my weight. It seems that some owners don’t know how to use it and gave this scale a bad review so I am just chipping in on how to use it. First press the set button to set your user profile(s) — age and gender etc. Use the left/right buttons to increase/decrease the numbers until it’s the correct value. Daily use: if you just want to get your weight, tap on the scale with your foot to turn it on, step on to weigh when you see 0.0. To get weight and other body analysis: press set button to get to your user profile (ex. P-0), wet your soles or the two metal plates on the scale and then step onto the scale. Remain on the scale until you see the analysis shown. It will first flash your weight, then a small o will run across the display for a few seconds to conduct analysis. That’s it. The only complaint I have with it is that the display is black fonts on a gray background so you need good lighting to see the readings. As for accuracy the reading is 0.1 pound different from my old sclae so I think it’s fairly accurate. It looks good too. Read more
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Best body fat calculator 2020.

Best body fat calculator 2020.

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