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Best 4 function calculator 2020

Best 4 function calculator 2020.

1 – Texas Instruments TI-503 SV Standard Function Calculator

Top Reviews I’m a Harvard grad, 99% GRE scorer and professional GRE tutor with 18 years of experience. This basic, 4-function calculator from Texas Instruments gets my strong recommendation because of its price point, sturdiness, ease-of-use and most importantly, its easy-to-press buttons.rnrnCheaper standard function calculators often have gummy little buttons that barely protrude from the top of the surface of the calculator and have way too much “give” to them. These cheaper buttons are often hard to press, and make using the calculator difficult. By contrast, this TI calculator has very firm plastic buttons that are easy to press, and to use quickly without mistakes.rnrnThe TI 503-SV is very similar to the on-screen calculator that is used on the computer version of the GRE (Graduate Record Exam), as well as the calculator provided for the paper-based test. If you are studying for the GRE, then this is a great little tool at a decent price (a little more expensive, but much studier, easier to use and reliable than others like it). Unlike the more advanced TI calculators, this one does not come with a cover, but then again, it’s only $5. You could buy or use a nicer calculator instead, yes, but in my opinion it’s important to practice with a calculator that has the same limitations as the one you will be using on the test (for example, it only displays answers out to 8 digits).rnrnIf you’re like me, then you never really had much use for the memory buttons, and you wonder why they are there taking up valuable real estate. But if they are on there, then you should at least know what they mean:rnrnM+ = Memory Add = takes the answer to the operation and either adds it to the memory (you will see an “M” in the upper-left hand side) or to whatever number is already in the memoryrnM- = Memory Subtract = takes the answer to the operation and subtracts it from the memoryrnMRC = Memory Recall = provides the new number stored in the memory / answer to the operationrnrnFor example, to perform the operation (2 x 3) + (5-2) you could press the following keys:rnrn2 x 3 (M+)rn5 – 2 (M+)rnMRCrnrnYes, I know, it’s complicated…but now you know. It’s almost always easier—and more reliable—to simply write down important numbers on your scrap paper with a good old-fashioned pencil.rnrnFinal tip: if you see an “E” in the lower-left hand corner, then this means that your answer is too big to fit.rnrnCan you find cheaper basic calculators on Amazon? Of course, but I’d rather pay a couple of bucks extra for something of much higher quality. . I ordered another calculator to replace this one. I’ll keep it as a backup but the shape of this thing is horrible, it rocks around due to the curves when sitting on a desk and trying to use it, and is not ergonomic when holding it. Also due to the extra width and slippery shiny plastic, it is impossible to use one handed as when you reach your thumb across to hit a button on the far side, it slides out of your hand because there is no texture to it. . I use this for my accounting classes and it’s been perfect so far. It’s a calculator, it does calculations, it hasn’t reinvented the wheel or anything, but I find that I appreciate that it turns off (my other calculator just turned itself off after a while, which was a bit of a waste of battery), it provides commas for large numbers, the buttons feel nice and I never have to double check if the digit worked like I did on my old calculator that had thick rubber buttons. The curve at the top makes it easy and comfortable to hold. It’s a solid tool, and it’s carried me through a lot of homework and a couple of exams now with no issue. . I love the color and the functionality is perfect for what I needed it for. I am planning to take my CPP exam in the fall and the APA requires a very basic calculator. And I mean BASIC. This means no tax buttons or any scientific functions (or your phone). If you are looking for basic but want something more stylish than the standard, this is the calculator you are looking for. If I could change anything I’d like it to be slightly larger. I am used to a calculator with more functions and a larger screen. But it is definitely still readable and very clear, just a personal preference for me. If it was going to be an everyday, all day, at work calculator, I’d probably make it a point to get a larger one, but for study work and testing, it’s fine. Great calculator overall! Read more

2 – Casio SL-300VC Standard Function Calculator, Green

Top Reviews There is very little information on how this calculator works. The manual describes how to set the tax rate as well as how to do time calculations. However, when I do the calculation 10 + 20% (not using the tax key) the answer shown is: 12.5, but it should be 12. I have even set the tax rate to zero. When the % button is used, it should work exactly as the % button works on all other calculators. It should have no relation to the tax button, with the exception of holding the button down for a few seconds to set the tax rate that’s only applicable to the tax button. I don’t understand how it’s coming up with 12.5. I have multiple calculators with the % key and they all show 12, including my phone and Windows 10 computer.rnrnUpdate: I figured out what the % button is doing. It applies a markup to the value. This is not the same as some other calculators % key.rnrnWith regular calculators, the add based on the percentage of the number you are adding to:rnrn 12 + 20% = 14.40 This is arrived at by doing 12 * .2 = 2.40 + 12 = 14.40rnrnBut this calculator instead does a mark up of the number which works like this:rnrnSay you have an item that you want to sell for $12. But you want to list it as 20% off the regular price.rn With this calculator you do: press AC then 12 + 20, press % key = 15.00.rnrnWe can check out work by doing: press AC then 15 x .2 = 3 and 15 – 3 is 12.rnrnThe % key on this calculator should be marked MU instead %. But since this key has two functions,rn1 to set the tax rate, and the other to find a markup, they just left it %. The manual does not indicate that thern% sign functions as a markup. . the calculator is definitely a miniature version so make sure you know that before purchasing. it’s very very lightweight so you can throw it in your purse and carry around easily. the buttons can be a little bit annoying to push since they are small and close together but doable. the color and design is super cute! here’s a photo of the calculator next to an iPhone 5 for size comparison. . I needed a basic, hand-held calculator for my accounting class and this one fit my needs perfectly.rnrnI have Prime (arrived within 2 days) so I can’t speak much on S&H other then there were no visible damages on the packaging or the product.rnrnAs for the calculator, I’ve only had minimal use with it but it’s been lovely so far. The buttons are a soft plastic that don’t make much noise when you press them. Some people might not like the way it feels when they press down because it’ll seem like they need to apply more pressure but the numbers show up fine on the display. The calculator is also super lightweight and not bulky at all. I placed it next to my Milanos cookies package in one of my attached pic
tures for comparison (xD).rnrnThe calculator also came with a simple, white passport style case that has a sticky strip on the inside cover to stick the calculator to. The only thing I found a bit odd was that the case opens from left to right (as if you were opening a book from the back cover) instead of from right to left. I don’t know if this design was intentional or a one-off. The “Casio” imprint on the case is right-side-up so I’m pretty sure sure I put it on correctly? I don’t have a bunch of calculators so maybe this normal. lol. It hasn’t really bothered me but I just thought I’d mention it. . I just received this calculator today.rnrnI had an older solar powered Casio calculator for years and loved it. It was still going strong, but got crunched in my pocket by accident.rnrnI chose this calculator because the display shows a +-x or / symbol when you press the matching mathematical function key. Being able to see when you’ve pressed the key correctly cuts way down on data entry errors when using the calculator.rnrnThis calculator has a backspace key, which is an awesome feature.rnrnThe one I received included a protective case with a fold-out adhesive strip to mount the calculator on. Be sure you mount it right side up. The little slidey pocket on the opposite face should open upwards and the “Casio” letters on the outside of the case should be right side up.rnrnThe calculator without the case measures 5/16″ thick, 2.75″ wide and 4.66″ long.rnrnOverall a nice little calculator and I’m sure having a backspace key will make this my new favorite calculator.rnrn(Update: 4/21/14)rnI’ve been carrying this calculator around every week at work in a warehouse setting and it is holding up well.rnrn(Update: 7/14/16)rnWell my calculator finally bit the dust because I ran over it with a forklift. I’m back to buy another for a replacement. I use this daily at work and it was still working great before that unfortunate incident. The only noticeable wear was that the folding protective plastic case was starting to split at the fold. Great calculator. Read more

3 – Basic Calculator Dual Power 8 Digit Desktop Calculator (Black,Set of 5)

Top Reviews Read more

4 – Victor 700 8 Digit Pocket Calculator, White, Great for carrying in backpacks, purses and breifcases

Top Reviews I purchased this item to have an additional simple calculator for our home. I had never heard of this brand before, but I decided to give it a try. It is made in China. It is powered by a dual solar panel-battery combination. The buttons are quite soft and squishy, in comparison to some calculators I have used in the past that had very hard, stiff plastic buttons. It is only a basic one so it can not do any advanced problems, such as the ones a Texas instruments calculator might be able to do, but for most people it will probably work great for them as it does for me. One additional factor to consider is that it is somewhat small than the picture shows it to be, so keep that in mind. The photos show it compared in size to a Casio SL-300SV. Overall, a good item, I give it a 9/10. . This is an inexpensive item that works just as well as you would expect it to. It’s nice to have around when a smartphone with calculator app is not nearby. The calculator is lightweight and the buttons are easy to depress. The only aspect that is not my favorite is the fact that the item lacks any sort of gripping mechanism on the back cover to prevent it from slipping, which can be easily remedied by placing the calculator on a difference surface or using it with two hands. Overall, great addition to our office and would also be a great choice for a student. . The size was perfect for me, and the display nice and large. . Much smaller than I thought it would be. Read more ~~ best calculators ,

Best 4 function calculator 2020.

Best 4 function calculator 2020.

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