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Alternative Browsers You May Not Have Heard Of Before

You’ve probably heard of popular web browsers – Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Edge, Safari – but are there others? If you want a unique web browser that not everyone uses, you have options.

We think you will be surprised at the number of “unknown” browsers. Some of them have unique features and others are quite simple, but you might like one of these alternative browsers over the popular one.

Take a look at our picks of the most interesting alternative browsers that you can install right now on various devices.

Epic (Windows & Mac)

Epic (Windows and Mac)

If you love Chrome but want something more secure, Epic can help you. It is based on Chrome and is very similar to it, but it has several built-in features that make it more secure and secure.

Ghost Browser (Windows and Mac)

Ghost Browser (Windows and Mac)

Ghost is marketed as an alternative web browser that makes you more productive. Aside from the dramatic focus shift that popular browsers lack, this one also has premium tiers that you can buy if you want more than the free version offers.

The free version of Ghost Browser is limited to three sessions and three workspaces, doesn’t support incognito mode, doesn’t allow you to create browser profiles, and forces you to create a user account to get started.

Torch (Windows only)

Torch (Windows only)

Torch‘s motto is “ Get More Out of the Internet “, so this alternative web browser might not look like anything you’re used to. You will immediately notice that it installs with several media oriented tools.

Bold (Windows, MacOS, Android & iOS)

Brave (Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS)

An alternative web browser that’s faster than Chrome and Firefox? This is what Brave promises out of the box, so if your current browser is too slow, you might want to try this one. In fact, Brave advertises speeds eight times faster on mobile.

However, that’s not exactly what makes Brave a unique browser. This primarily concerns privacy and security. This is why when you open a new tab, you see several statistics at once: how many trackers were blocked, how many ads the browser stopped, and how much time you saved using Brave compared to another browser.

The Brave Browser also has Brave Rewards, which are rewards you earn by viewing privacy-respecting ads. You do not need to use the reward system, but if you do, you will be given a cryptocurrency wallet that collects your Brave tokens (called BAT coins). Your coins can be used to support the websites you visit.

Here are some other notable features:

Council. Take advantage of these browser tools to protect your online privacy

Midori Browser (Windows, Android and Linux)

Midori Browser (Windows, Android, and Linux)

The Midori browser is advertised as “light, fast, free and open source web browser,” and it is. Some of its defining features are:

Min (Windows only)

minutes (Windows only)

Min is a browser for minimalists. There aren’t many additional features here, and the user interface is extremely simple, with no unnecessary icons and distracting menus.

You can open new tabs just like in most browsers, but since this tab aims to keep you focused on tasks, additional tabs can be grouped into groups called tasks .

Here are a few more features:

Blisk (Windows and Mac)

Blisk (Windows and Mac)

Rejoice, web application developers! A browser called Blisk has been created especially for you. Ideal for freelancers and teams alike, this browser is geared not only towards web browsing like in a regular browser, but also towards development. This means you can use the Blisk toolbox to debug and test websites.

Here are a few more features:

You can review your payment options to decide if you need additional features.

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