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Alexa Routines and Skills 2023: A Tutorial

Alexa Routines and Skills 2023: A Tutorial.

Amazon Alexa is a powerful smart assistant that lets you shop with your voice, control your smart home, and more, but your home isn’t truly smart until it’s automated. With Alexa, you can customize routines that run every day at a specific time or under pre-set conditions.

You can also use over 100,000 Alexa skills to create routines and further customize your smart home and improve its functionality.

How to Create an Alexa Routine

Creating a new routine in Alexa is easy. There are three main stages. Once you learn how to do them, you can set up all the necessary Alexa routines. Let’s take a look.

Open the Alexa app and tap the More tab in the lower right corner to open the menu. Click on Routines and then click on the plus sign in the upper right corner. You will see a new screen where you have three options:


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