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Airbnb alternatives Canada in 2021

Airbnb alternatives Canada in 2021.

So Airbnb may be the undisputed king of vacation rentals, but it certainly isn’t the only one. Airbnb was not only the first service to make vacation rentals and accommodations convenient and intuitive. But it also made the booking process an art.

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Over time, the service has become, to some extent, a victim of its own success. The site is becoming quite popular, making it difficult to book a rental. Plus, Airbnb is often more expensive because the rates are higher than they used to be. During rush hours, you may not find the perfect one as they may book in advance.

If you can’t find the perfect vacation rental. Here are some Airbnb alternatives that will make your next vacation a memorable one.

1. Vrbo

Vrbo is a vacation home platform that was created in 1995, long before Airbnb was introduced. The big difference between Vrbo and Airbnb is that Vrbo only lists entire properties, such as houses and large apartments.

If you need a little extra space for large families, meetings, or celebrations, Vrbo is the perfect place to rent for your next vacation. Plus, you never have to share space with your hosts or other guests.

You can browse properties by type, including apartments, villas, cottages, houses, and small properties. Alternatively, you can search for a specific property ID or destination.

You will be asked to indicate the number of adults and children, the dates of your stay, and whether you are taking pets with you. From here, you can filter your search results based on your budget, specific amenities, number of bedrooms, etc.

An interactive map is included that shows where each property is located in relation to other listings. If you would like to know more about the property before booking, you can always contact the owner or read reviews left by other guests.

For instant bookings, you can use the instant confirmation feature so you don’t have to wait for owner approval. Vrbo also offers a book of confidence guaranteed with access to a team of bookers in case the owner cancels a reservation at the last minute, as well as protecting payments from fraudulent ads.

2. FlipKey

If you’re looking for travel inspiration, FlipKey is one of the Airbnb-like sites that brings you deals both domestically and internationally.

Each property profile on FlipKey details everything from the room description to the number of beds/bathrooms, amenities, management information, and weekly availability.

You can easily browse ads based on parameters such as luxury, family friendliness, cost, or even the type of trip you want to take.

The platform lists real estate properties in different parts of the world that you will see when you search through the listings on the home page. TripAdvisor rating is included along with Owner Average Response Time, making it easier for you to choose your destination.

You can browse popular and trending destinations, or view a travel idea page with topics such as national park trips, honeymoon destinations, or girlfriends trips.

While FlipKey is not as popular as Airbnb and Vrbo, its portfolio is growing steadily in over 160 countries. In addition, you can get a good discount on travel if you bring your pet and want to find suitable accommodation for it.

However, FlipKey does not provide hostels, so if you are looking for hostels or communes, you will not find them on this site.

3. OneFineStay

OneFineStay is ideal for travelers looking for five-star amenities and amenities, as well as the flexibility and spaciousness of their vacation rental.

The London-based company offers but does not own, over 10,000 luxury vacation rentals. Instead, they manage the entire booking and accommodation process for guests.

Elite real estate is located in resorts and major cities around the world. However, OneFineStay sets itself apart from Airbnb with its hospitality and 24/7 concierge service to ensure that you are taken care of during your vacation.

OneFineStay has high standards for what counts as a suitable destination, which is why it prides itself on offering an unparalleled luxury and guest experience. However, you can expect to pay significantly more for additional luxuries and services.

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If you don’t mind spending some money on the perfect vacation rental, try what OneFineStay has to offer.

4. Kid & Coe

Any parent or guardian knows that if you are traveling with young children. You will not be able to rest easy if they are unhappy.

Kid & Coe is committed to making sure kids and their parents enjoy their vacation with thoughtfully family-oriented private homes, hotel listings and house swaps.

Their website features kid-friendly and stylish objects such as cribs, books, strollers, beach gear, toys, swings, and high chairs. You may be looking for specific amenities like bed rails, bathtub, stair gate, and pool gate that are suitable for different ages in your travel group.

For each home, you will find detailed notes to help you make your choice. Additional perks include babysitting, additional babysitting or personal chef upon request. Most hosts also list restaurants, shops, and kids’ activities near the hotel.

If you’re struggling to find a kid-friendly spot, you can’t miss it at Kid & Coe. In addition, you can exchange real estate with someone else and travel without restrictions to country houses, city townhouses, and beach houses.

While exchanging a home is an option for a family, it does come with several disadvantages, such as breakdowns and the costs associated with preparing your home for an exchange. It is also not easy to find the right family to exchange within similar house categories at the right time.

5. Simply Owners

Simply Owners is a UK-based website that allows you to book a property directly from the owner with no hidden costs or booking fees. All owners are verified and payment protection is added to all bookings to prevent fraud.

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The site specializes in vacation rentals in idyllic locations in England, Europe, and some of the Caribbean.

If you already know what you are looking for. You can enter your desired check-in and check-out dates on the website and search by Property ID or Destination.

Once you have selected a location, you will be taken to a destination page with a short description, an interactive map, and a detailed overview of local attractions. You can further filter your search results to filter results by property type, price range, specific amenities, and capacity.

Simply Owners also offers wheelchair-accessible options so that you (or your loved one) can have a great vacation that you might not otherwise be able to enjoy.

You can also email the owner directly, access their contact information, and read reviews to learn more about other travelers’ experiences at your destination.

6. Outdoorsy

Unlike the other Airbnb alternatives listed here, Outdoorsy’s business model is the most intriguing. Rather than renting out short-term rentals and vacation homes, the site features caravans and mobile homes.

For the budget traveler, Outdoorsy offers one-stop pricing that allows you to travel and stay in your RV of choice. Also, the caravans are quite spacious and their ads are available all over the world.

There are no hidden fees or middlemen on the Outdoorsy as the property listings are owned by the actual owners who rent them out when not in use.

Whether you’re heading for a cross-country trip or just looking to discover different places, Outdoorsy is the perfect choice for you. The app also offers 24/7 support and insurance, so you can rent a car big enough for your family.

If you have a pet, filter the pet rental options in your search so you can find the perfect vehicle for your trip between campsites.

Get Inspired for Your Next Getaway

Whether you’re planning a trip to one of the world’s best beaches. Or looking for a home with a panoramic pool, these Airbnb alternatives can help you find your perfect vacation rental.

Airbnb alternatives Canada in 2021

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Make sure you are familiar with the latest COVID-19 travel instructions, rules, and restrictions at your chosen destination.

Airbnb alternatives Canada in 2021

Airbnb alternatives Canada in 2021

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