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A Streaming Service for Horror Fans

A Streaming Service for Horror Fans.

The horror movie genre is popular, with new scary movies constantly appearing on both the big screen and streaming services. One company took notice of the large number of horror movie enthusiasts and created a streaming platform dedicated to the genre.

A platform called Shudder has since become quite popular, and with good reason. The service offers a variety of horror movies, both classic and new, as well as exclusives.

If you’re a horror movie fan yourself and have exhausted the offerings of other streaming services, you might want to look into Shudder. They offer a wide selection of horror movies as well as TV shows spanning several different sub-genres including supernatural, slasher, thriller and more.

In this article, we’ll take you through everything Shudder has to offer, including their exclusive titles, library content, pricing, and more. We will also answer the question of whether you should buy Shudder.

Shudder’s Library

Shudder offers both movies and series in the horror genre. They span several sub-genres and include both classic and modern horror. Below are all the genres that Shudder includes:

SupernaturalKillersCreature FeaturesPsychological thrillerExclusive and originalInternationalDocumentary MovieComedyCrimeRevengeSci-FiCultShorts

The contents of their library are truly meant for hardcore horror fans. It includes not only classic films such as Halloween, Nosferatu, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and others, but also many new horror films to discover.

If you’re having a hard time choosing what to watch, Shudder also offers what they call Collections, where they collect specific types of horror movies to choose from. They also offer Shudder TV which streams live shows and movies around the clock.

Shudder exclusives are great too, and they include titles like Rob Zombie’s 3 From Hell, the animated special Creepshow, as well as documentaries on horror classics with exclusive interviews.

Shudder’s Features

Shudder has several features that make using the streaming service more enjoyable. One of them is very similar to Netflix and can save the movies or series you want to watch to a list called “My List”. This makes it easy to save the movies you want to watch for later.

Another feature that many other streaming services don’t have these days is the ability to write reviews of what you’ve watched. You can rate films on the five “skulls”, as well as write a review explaining your rating. Reviews from other users are also available to read, which is extremely helpful when choosing what to watch.

The Shudder TV feature, as mentioned above, is also a unique feature of the streaming service. You can choose from three different live channels: It Came From Shiver, for Shiver exclusives, Folk Horror Collection, and Slashix. These channels are always on, so you can always tune in if you can’t choose something else to watch.

Streaming Features

Shudder’s streaming features are one of the platform’s shortcomings. The service only allows you to stream to one device at a time, although some believe that streaming to multiple devices is still possible, so your mileage may vary.

Shudder also doesn’t support 4K or even 1080p. Most films are streaming in 720p, although some will be streamed in lower definition. Streaming quality, as I have found, can also include some delays and random errors. However, in most cases there are no problems.

Membership Prices

Shudder has two different types of membership, either $5.99 per month or you can pay for Shudder annually at $56.99 which works out to $4.75 per month. Shudder also usually offers a free 7-day trial for the annual plan, and you can cancel it at any time before you’re billed for the entire year.

It’s significantly cheaper than many other streaming services, likely due to the fact that it caters for a single genre and has some streaming restrictions. It can definitely pay off if you’re a big horror fan.

Devices That Support Shudder

Shudder is supported on a range of devices so you can watch movies on your TV or mobile devices. Here are the devices that support Shudder:

iOS App StoreAndroid Google PlayAmazon Fire TVRokuXbox One

If you don’t have a device that supports Shudder or the Shudder app, I was able to connect a laptop via HDMI to a TV to watch movies on the service. However, this caused more problems than Shudder’s streaming otherwise.

Is Shudder Worth It?

Shudder is great for anyone who is a big horror fan as it has an amazing selection of movies and series. The Shudder documentaries are also worth watching, especially if you’re an obsessive fan who likes to get to know the ins and outs of their favorite films. Shudder also offers great exclusives and original movies that make paying for the service more attractive.

If you’re not too into horror movies, Shudder might not be for you. The platform also offers a few more thriller, crime and mystery films, but most of their offerings certainly revolve around horror films.

If you’re still not sure if it’s worth paying for Shudder, you can always try a free trial to see if you’re really interested in paying for it.

A Streaming Service For All Your Horror Needs

All in all, Shudder offers something unique for those who might not be impressed by horror offerings on other streaming services. It’s a good value for what it offers, with plenty of great movies, exclusives, and more for horror fans.

A Streaming Service for Horror Fans

A Streaming Service for Horror Fans

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