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9 Best 10K Running Apps for 2023

9 Best 10K Running Apps for 2023.

While there is no shortage of Android running apps, not all of them are the same. Some apps are better suited for competing with your Facebook friends, while others have the experience of tracking your individual runs. However, if you are planning to run 10 km (or even a marathon), you will need a training app. Top advertisements

These training apps provide you with a monthly running schedule, weekly run goals, and audio navigation. After trying out a bunch of workout apps, below is my list of the best 10K Android running apps to get you ready for the race of your life. Let’s start.

Top 10 thousand Android running apps

Most Android phones have some kind of fitness app built-in by hardware manufacturers. Samsung comes with the Samsung Health app, Mi phones have the Mi Fit app, and stock Android devices have Google Fit. While these apps can track for you, they do not create a workout program for you.

1. Contestants

The most annoying thing about popular fitness apps is third-party trackers. After a while, you will start seeing ads on Instagram and Amazon. The only solution is the open-source ForRunners app that can help you get ready for your first/next 10K.

However, runners don’t have a workout plan built in that you can use the ones available on sites like Cool Running, VeryWellFit, and RunnersWorld. These websites create a general outline based on your level of expertise. You can choose the Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, or Competitive plan based on the number of miles you run per week. For example, here’s an 8-week 10K running workout plan created by Redditor Arve with cross-training exercises included.


What is missing?

Download ForRunners: Android

2. From 5 to 10 thousand

In case you are actively running and have already raced 5 km earlier, 5 to 10 km is one of the best 10 km Android running apps to start with. Doesn’t require login or data entry. You open the app and it has a 9-week workout plan. I liked the fact that the workouts are based on running intervals, not distance. This has been a key problem for me and most of the long-distance runners. You should run by time, not distance.

The 9-week workout plan is pretty general and cannot be changed. However, it does include pace running, recovery running, and speed training. Good enough for newbies and good enough for resellers. The races are accompanied by an audio guide with some cool characters in the app that make the whole race fun.


What’s wrong?

Download 5K to 10K: Android | iOS

3. CCNB to 5K and 10K

Couch to 5K & 10K is a minimal 5K and 10K training and running app that requires no login or registration. The 10K Run is a 9-week workout plan with 3 workouts per week. The workout consists of interval runs with short recovery periods. You also have longer runs to the last part of your workout. I found the plan to be suitable for intermediate users. The app also has offline music playback controls, but it’s not integrated and requires you to skip the running tracker screen.

As with the 5K to 10K app, there is no way to change the training days of your workouts. However, you can skip past workout plans if you miss some of them. The best approach to running 10K apps.


What’s wrong?

Download Couch for 5K and 10K: Android

4. Huawei Health App

Huawei Health is Huawei’s fitness app for smartphones. Unlike a 5K to 10K app, it requires a login. You will also need to enter your previous run times and the expected dates of the races you want to prepare for. In addition, you must enter the number of workouts per week, rest days, and race date. In the end, the app will prepare a detailed plan for you based on your race date. Fully customizable.

Huawei Health is the app I used to prepare for my 5K run. The application contains a rather rich and varied training schedule. Therefore, it may not be suitable for beginners. What’s more, the schedule is non-configurable, and the running tracker is also minimal, with no music player controls or tones set.


What’s wrong?

Download Huawei Health App: Android | iOS

5. Decathlon coach

I’ve always been a frequent customer at Decathlon and was amazed to discover the Decathlon Coach app. It’s free and mostly supported by the community. I found a dozen 10K workout plans, all of which were created by international trainer and trainer Kalenji. I went through a couple of programs and was surprised to see that interval, tempo and recovery runs became part of them. If you want to contribute to your plan, the app also has the option to add and customize.

Decathlon Coach has a modern interface, but since it is not a dedicated application for the job, the interface is rather confusing. You need to jump over many obstacles to get to the training page.


What is missing?

Download Decathlon Coach for Android | iOS

6. 10KB

10K is another fitness app from the popular Zen Labs Fitness, which also created the C25k app. The 10K app has a static 14 week 3-day workout program. This is more than enough for a beginner or just a beginner. The training program is varied, with interval training and speedrunning. The running tracker also works on the lock screen and is quite informative. The only downside is that the free option doesn’t measure distance and calories burned. For some, measuring distance can be a huge relief, but I usually train on time.

The 10K running app also has a paid option starting at $ 5 per week. It includes distance and calorie measurement with online songs selected by the team.


What is missing?

Download 10K: Android | iOS

7. Nike + Run Club

Nike + Run Club is a reliable 10K running app for anyone new to running and even intermediate runners. I’ve used it all the way from 5K to 10K. The workout program is the most diverse of the other apps on this list. It can be fully customized based on user input such as race date, number of runs per week, rest days, etc. The app measures your workouts halfway through and adjusts accordingly. You can also change the running schedule for the current week according to the weekly schedule.

The Nike + Running Club app has local music management built-in, while some guided launches have Spotify playlists. Plus, you also get in-app audio-guided jogging and audiobooks if you want to run on the weekend. My favorite feature is that you can compensate for missed runs on other days and the app will take that into account. This really comes in handy if you have a full-time job and find it difficult to stick to your schedule.


9 Best 10K Running Apps for 2020

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