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8 Easy Raspberry Pi Projects For Beginners

Learning to work with computers and electronics at the board level now takes place in elementary school. The Raspberry Pi project boasts this. Raspberry Pi projects are affordable, easy to start, and fun! Why not try one of these simple Raspberry Pi projects for beginners of all ages?

Raspberry Pi Projects For Beginners”/>

Ad Blocker for Whole Home

We generally do not recommend blocking ads. This is how we pay the bills. However, making an ad blocker that works across all devices in your home is a great educational project! These RaspberryPi (RasPi) based ad blockers are known as Pi-hole.

You will need:

Create a virtual private network for your home

A virtual private network (VPN) is a huge step towards online security and privacy. This can be done with WireGuard, a free and open source VPN client. Do this with the Pi-hole project and you have a more secure home network than ever! It’s also a simple Raspberry Pi project to learn about RasPis and VPN.

You will need:

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