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8 Cool Ergonomic Christmas Gadgets for Any Office

Comfortable workplaces lead to maximum efficiency and increased productivity. With the holidays approaching, why not give your loved ones a practical gift that will help them avoid discomfort and fatigue during work and lead a healthier lifestyle?

Here are eight cool ergonomic Christmas gadgets for any office:

    1. VIVO Black, Small Height Adjustable 25 ” Standing Table Converter
    2. Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair
  1. Magnetic Stationary Stationary Exercise Bike
  2. Ergonomic Kneeling Chair
  3. Standing Work Chair with Swing Chair
  4. Wireless Neck Massager
  5. Black Leather High Back Multifunctional Swivel Ergonomic Executive Office Chair.
  6. Kangaroo Original Standing Mat

VIVO black small height adjustable 25 – Inch desk converter

Achieve a healthy balance between standing and sitting with VIVO’s Desktop Vertical Seating and Standing Monitor Workstation (DESK-V001G).

Features and Benefits


Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair

Ease the pain of prolonged sitting at the table with the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair.

It is an alternative to the traditional office chair with a revolutionary design that provides ergonomic support throughout the day.

The Gaiam Balance Ball Chair, designed with assistance from Chiropractic Pioneer Dr. Randy Weinsoft, promotes energy and concentration.
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Features and Benefits


Several users have complained that the ball is not as big as in the photographs and that it is too close to the ground.

Magnetic static exercises inside the stationary bike

Burn calories and get in shape with the ECHANFIT CBK1902 Prime Series Ergonomic Magnetic Exercise Bike. Quiet belt drive and resistance levels provide a safer, more stable, quieter and smoother cycling experience.

Features and Benefits


For some, the drink rack is too low to grasp easily and the shelf lip is too shallow.

a comfortable kneeling chair

Improve your posture and relieve neck pain with an ergonomic knee chair. Its thick, flexible cushioned seats and an adjustable desk chair help your back stay straight and aligned with your knees and shins to stay comfortable.

Features and Benefits


Some users complained that the instructions were not as clear as they could have been. Others have mentioned knee pain after prolonged use.

Wobble Stool desk chair

Sit or stand with the Wobble Stool. This is a high swivel chair for ergonomic computer balance.

Stay productive and active at your desk with the Wobble chair. Burn your nervous energy, focus better and sit comfortably.

Features and Benefits


Some heavier weight users felt that the seat was not firm or soft enough, which was painful.

Wireless Neck Massager 

Ease your neck pain with the JJYPY Wireless Neck Massager, an ergonomic tool. It includes 3D travel equipment that can be used in the office, at home, or in the car.

Features and benefits


While a mechanical massager is effective for external massage, deep massage is more difficult.

a multifunctional executive rotor in black leather High Back) Ergonomic office chair

Maximum comfort and productivity with a black leather high-back multifunctional ergonomic office chair

Features & Benefits


After a few years, some complained that parts were starting to break. Others reported that the adjustment range was too limited for them.

original Kangaroo kitchen rug

Relieve pressure, get superior support and stay comfortable for extended periods of time with the extra thick, ergonomic Standing Mat.

Features and Benefits


There have been several complaints that the dirt is very visible on the black and that it is not as easy to clean as indicated. Some users didn’t like that the mat was delivered with duct tape. There is a residue that is difficult to remove.

No need to look for a unique, useful and memorable holiday gift. Choose from the above classy ergonomic products to enhance productivity and provide health benefits to friends and family.

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