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8 Best Puzzle Games of 2022 for iPhone

8 Best Puzzle Games of 2022 for iPhone.

Puzzles are a great way to beat boredom and hone your problem-solving skills. If you run out of word searches, sudoku puzzles, and crossword puzzles, you can also turn to your iPhone or iPad to find great puzzle games.

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Puzzles are one of the most popular, so you can find a lot of interesting things in the App Store. In this list, we will show you the best iOS puzzle games that you can download on your iPhone. Be careful, because these games are easy to get carried away!

Logic Games

1. Two Dots

This game has a simple premise – connect at least two dots to make them disappear and get points. You need to connect a certain number of colored dots to advance to the next level, and you’ll want to do it in the fewest possible moves. You can connect as many dots in any order except diagonally.

As you progress through the levels, you will learn a few more tricks, such as connecting dots in a square so that all dots of the same color disappear. The gameplay gets harder and harder as you progress, so you will always experience difficulties.

2. Picture Cross

Picture Cross is a fun logic puzzle game where you determine which pixels need to be filled in to create the right picture. You use the numbers next to each row and column to figure out where the squares should be, and each puzzle can be solved completely logically without guessing (but we won’t blame you if you guess once or twice). >

When you complete a puzzle, you will see the created picture and also add it to an even larger picture that will be completed after you complete each puzzle. Each puzzle has different levels of difficulty so you’ll know what to expect.

3. Word Seek

If you love word puzzles, this game will be one of the most addictive. You are given a square of letters and you must connect them to form words. The longer the words, the more points you get. The part that makes this game so addictive is that it has a time limit so you’ll have to make words quickly. You’ll want to play again to see how many more words you can get!

4. Triple Town

As for the puzzles, this is one of the most addictive. In Triple Town, your task is to combine different materials to build bigger and different houses. For example, if you combine blades of grass, you get a bush, three – a tree, three – a house, and so on. The goal is to get as far as you can in building, as things like big houses are worth more points.

The game has many other elements that make it not boring, such as bears that interfere with building, power-ups, various game modes, special items, and much more. Seeing how big you can get makes this game exciting and fun to keep coming back to.

Point-And-Click Games

5. The Room Pocket

The Room is a popular 3D puzzle adventure game where you try to solve intricate puzzle boxes to continue the game’s story. This also includes the use of a fictional fifth element called “null”, used in the game as another puzzle device in which you have a special lens to view it.

The Room became incredibly popular, and its success led to the release of two more sequels. So, if you finish this game and find yourself wanting more, you can play Room 2 and 3. If you like games that feel mysterious and also challenge you to think outside the box, you will have a great time playing this series.

6. Tiny Room Story: Town Mystery

Investigative puzzles can be equally frustrating but fun. If you are a fan of these types of games, Tiny Room is a great iOS game. You play as a private investigator who is asked by your father to come to the town of Redcliffe asking for help. When you arrive, you will find that everyone has left.

If you like quest-type games, Tiny Room is very similar to these puzzle games. You look through each of the rooms on each level, looking for clues, items, or notes that can help you. This game is both fun and has a tense storyline, making it a great puzzle game.

Sorting Games

7. Water Sort Puzzle

One of the most addictive puzzles is Water Sort. The goal of the game is to pour the same color of the water into each vial, making sure they match, until all colors are in their respective bottles. It sounds simple, but as you progress through the levels, everything becomes more difficult.

Because it’s on the borderline between easy and hard, you’ll probably find yourself playing this game for a lot longer than you planned. Eventually, the game will throw some cool balls at you, like not showing you the next color in the bottle until you use the top content. This makes the game interesting and unique among other similar games.

8. Unpacking Master

If you like to organize, this game will be very fun and easy to learn. For each level, you will have a box or boxes to unpack, each containing a variety of items inside. Your task is to determine the perfect place for each item and make sure they are in the right place.

At the end of each level, it becomes more difficult as the game will tell you which items are out of place. But, once you understand this, it’s very nice to see that everything is in its place. The controls and design of the game are so simple that it is a pleasure to play it at any time.

Challenge Yourself With These Puzzle Games for iPhone

One of the best ways to kill time is to play games and with these puzzle apps, you can not only play something fun but also exercise your brain. All of the top games listed above are also free to play, so download them now and have fun solving challenging puzzles!

Have you played any of the games listed? Tell us about your gaming experience with these puzzle games for iPhone in the comments.

8 Best Puzzle Games of 2022 for iPhone

8 Best Puzzle Games of 2022 for iPhone

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