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8 Best Music Apps For Kids

8 Best Music Apps For Kids.

Parents need to find creative ways to keep their kids informed and entertained at the same time. But it can be too distracting for any parent, especially if you have to work from home due to all the chores, schooling, and other chores.

Music is one of the best ways to keep your kids entertained and buy yourself an hour or two to spend time for yourself. However, not all music is good for kids, so we have compiled a list of the best music apps for kids that are kid-friendly and offer useful entertainment.

Musela Music School (

This app is intended for children aged five and over. It offers over 20 music courses and over 1000 music assignments, making it a fun way for kids to learn music through games, fun exercises and classical music courses.

Interactive exercises motivate children to complete each course, teaching them, among other things, how to play the flute and learning about masters of music such as Beethoven, Bach and Mozart. The kit includes music fact cards and music games to teach kids fun things, and a DJ function so they can compose their own music.

Sesame Street Make Music ( iOS

Sesame Street is a classic childhood favorite and this latest app features furry stars like Cookie Monster, Elmo, Abby, Ernie and many more. Kids will love how their favorite characters sing and dance to familiar songs such as “Mary Had a Lamb” or “Wheels on the Bus,” in different styles such as samba, rock and many more.

There are 10 instruments that you control, and your kids can play along with the characters, exploring different rhythms on their own, playing with the tempo. They also learn about musical rhythm by playing virtual instruments to familiar nursery rhymes with their favorite Sesame characters.

Spotify For Kids ( < Android & iOS

The popular music app Spotify has created this new offline music listening app just for kids. It caters to the unique needs of young people with over 8,000 songs, lullabies and stories. Your kids enjoy kid-friendly content that educates and entertains them, and parents get peace of mind.

The app is associated with a Spotify Premium Family subscription, but this is for them to enjoy content from a secure environment.

It is ad-free, compliant with Children’s Online Privacy Protection (COPPA), hand-curated and human-curated audio for kids. Learn more about the music app for kids in our Spotify For Kids guide.

Loop (

Loopimal offers endless opportunities for kids to learn how to compose music. There is no goal, wrong or right system, so your kids can create as much music as they want using the sounds and animations from the building set. These handcrafted instruments offer kids a fun way to experience computer sequencer, music composition and movement.

Preschoolers can have fun with the app by dragging and dropping shapes onto the timeline and making the animals make sounds and dance.

Mazaam The Musical Genius (Android and iOS

Drawing on the latest scientific research in positive psychology and neuroscience, Mazaam offers an intuitive approach to help your child distinguish and identify musical elements while having fun.

From feeding joyful eagles to brushing chameleon’s teeth to putting squirrels to bed, the app lets your child visit the game worlds while discovering masterpieces of classical music.

Duo mode allows you to join in the fun with your child and check his milestones with a report that is published at the end of each course.

Baby Mozart ( iOS

This kids music app is designed for babies, babies and toddlers. It is great for when your child is bored, naughty, or wakes up crying in the middle of the night. This versatile app has features to help lull kids to sleep and help develop their brains while listening to music.

A white noise function is available that is guaranteed to calm your child, as well as classical music that develops your child’s brain from a very young age. Lullabies, funny sounds, baby songs and flashcards also help your child learn the alphabet so they can grow with it as they get older.

Kidloland’s Nursery Songs ( Android

Kidloland is designed for toddlers. It’s filled with interactive nursery rhymes and lots of other surprises like balloon popping and thousands of other things that come to life when you tap the screen.

A phonetics section is included to help your kids take their first steps in learning to read. Unsurprisingly, Kidloland is highly recommended by moms, dads and teachers as a complete preschool and kindergarten learning app.

YouTube Kids (Android and iOS

Like Spotify, YouTube has a music app specifically for kids. YouTube Kids offers a family environment that allows children to access information from all over the world. From music to educational programs and animation, kids go on a journey and discover exciting new topics.

Keep them engaged

Children absolutely love music. Not only does it help them get rid of their bad moods or calm them down to fall asleep at night, but it also helps them express their inner dance queen and pop star. If you don’t know how to keep your kids busy and entertained, try any of these awesome music apps for kids.

You can also check out our guide to the best consoles to buy for your kids if they love games, or websites with free online books for kids.

Is there a kids music app that your kid really loves? Share this with us by leaving your comment in the section below.

8 Best Music Apps For Kids

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