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8 Alternatives to Google Maps and When to Use Them

8 Alternatives to Google Maps and When to Use Them.

Google Maps is a great mapping service that is so familiar that you’ll most likely check it out first. It’s great for exploring the area of ​​your future apartment or adding driving directions to your website It’s preinstalled on all Android phones, and even iOS users often choose it because of the app’s name recognition.

However, Google Maps has its drawbacks. So, depending on your needs and wishes, you may consider using an alternative application that gives you more functionality, or another approach. In the list below of alternatives to Google Maps, you’ll find the perfect navigation tool (or tools) to suit you and your lifestyle.


Price: Free.

Best for: When your plans change quickly and you need real-time traffic information.

Waze is a navigation tool for those who love live communication with other users. Since everyone has access to every map, you are constantly updated with traffic information, police alerts, camera alerts, etc. You can also integrate with your music apps for a better user experience.

On the other hand, you get a less detailed understanding of Waze Maps. Compared to Google Maps, the app is also more single-purpose and doesn’t offer as many features.

Download: Android and iOS


Price: Free.

Best for: When you need to find your way and don’t have the Internet. Ideal for frequent travelers.

Maps.me is one of the few navigation apps that can be used offline, making it a solid alternative to Google Maps. This allows you to preload maps of different areas without taking up too much of your device’s memory.

The application uses the OpenStreetMap database to provide a more detailed and reliable experience. Search functions are somewhat limited. While you can easily find all tourist destinations, you won’t be able to search for businesses if you don’t have their addresses on a map.

The small downside to the fact that this service is completely free is the presence of ads on the screen.

Download: Android and iOS


Price: Free.

Best For: When you need a free, highly available and accurate map making tool.

OpenStreetMap is the Google Maps alternative best known for its accuracy. It is an open source service where anyone can edit maps and add new ones to the database.

This approach makes OpenStreetMap very interactive and popular with users, making map selection bigger and better quality every day. However, this also means that some parts of the world will have less data and maps than others.

Download: no mobile version.


Price: Free.

Best for: When you need a comprehensive and user-friendly interface.

MapQuest is a good option for those who value comfort and compatibility above all else. Some of the app’s most useful features include real-time traffic updates, the ability to automatically re-route, calculate the approximate fuel cost for your trip, and even display the current temperature at your location.

When you create a MapQuest account and enter your travel plans, you can sync this data across any of your devices and then share it with friends and family.

Download: Android and iOS

Here WeGo

Price: Free.

Best for: When you want to focus on your route without being distracted.

Here, WeGo is a great choice for the minimalist navigation app. With a simple, standard interface, the app has only those features that will really help you get from start to destination. There are no advanced route planning options here.

However, as with Maps.me, you can download your maps and use this app offline. This makes the application more reliable and user-friendly than others.

Download: Android and iOS

Bing Maps

Price: Free.

Best For: When you want all your tools on one screen.

If you’re looking for the closest Google Maps alternative, but with a cleaner interface and easier navigation, try Bing Maps. All controls are aligned to the top of the screen, so the app is intuitive and simple.

You will love Bing Maps for its extremely detailed multi-layered maps, a modern interface, the ability to save locations, and many map tools that you can access from a single screen.

The downside here is the lack of a mobile app. This means Bing Maps will use more data than other apps.

Download: no mobile version.


Price: Free with Premium starting at $ 1.99 / month.

Best For: When you need more viewing experience, usability, and more features.

OsmAnd is a navigation tool that offers both online and offline functions. It uses the OpenStreetMap database, allowing them to provide extremely accurate real-time traffic updates.

The app also contains various features aimed at improving the user experience, including various tools that change the appearance of maps, dark mode, and even integration with Wikipedia.

The latter can be a nice addition to a long boring trip, as you will learn a lot about your location throughout the trip.

Download: Android and iOS


Price: Free.

Best for: When you need to get around by public transport.

Citymapper is a truly unique app on this list. Unlike Google Maps, this app is designed to show you directions and directions exclusively for public transport.

Citymapper has an up-to-date database of all public transport routes to help you navigate the city and never miss a bus again. Other useful features include ticket price information and the ability to save your favorite seats.

Download: Android and iOS

Are you ready to ditch Google Maps?

With so many reliable options, it shouldn’t be a problem to find a service like Google Maps, but the one that best suits your needs.

Have you ever used one of these Google Maps alternatives? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

8 Alternatives to Google Maps and When to Use Them

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