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7 Best News Apps for Android and iPhone

7 Best News Apps for Android and iPhone.
In an era of fake news, conspiracy theories, and controversial politics, it has never been more important to find reliable and respected sources of news and current affairs. Just because something is retweeted or shared a thousand times on social media does not mean that the information you see is real or true.

7 Best News Apps for Android and iPhone

This can make it even more difficult to separate fact from fiction in the real world. This is especially difficult in breaking news when the “facts” can change rapidly. If you want instant access to reliable news on the go, you need some of the best news apps for your smartphone. Here are the 8 best news apps you can try.

1. BBC News

The BBC is the UK’s public broadcaster, but thanks to the BBC World Service it is also widely represented around the world and has a reputation for reliable reporting and objective news around the world.
Available to users around the world, BBC News offers a British perspective on local and global news events. No topic here: AllSides news rating service confirms that BBC News articles are usually at the center of political reporting.

BBC correspondents work all over the world, which is why BBC journalism is at the heart of publications in the UK, US, and around the world. The BBC News app is available for free on Android or iPhone devices, but non-UK residents will see ads onsite during use.

2. Google News

Trusting a single news source can leave you without the dissenting votes needed to truly challenge the opinion you hear. This is where apps like Google News come in and act as an aggregator of news sources around the world.
Instead of providing journalism, Google collects articles from news agency websites around the world. You can follow a variety of topics, from tech news to local news in your area, that Google will combine into a daily briefing for you to read and learn.

You can also delve deeper into Google News, with a complete list of news articles and topics (ranked by importance and news quality level) available in the Full Coverage section of the app.
News is as honest as the sources you read are honest, which is why Google News can help you choose the news agencies you trust the most. Google News is available for download for Android and iPhone devices.

3. CNN News

CNN is the original 24/7 news service, and while its main focus is on US events, the CNN News app has tons of news worth reading. You can download CNN news to Android and iPhone devices.

CNN’s product quality puts it ahead of many of its competitors with a huge bank of news video for users who prefer visual content over text. CNN is rated by AllSides as a left-wing news source, which could scare off some conservative newsreaders.
If you’re looking for two sides of a story, the CNN News app will definitely give you a unified, constructive, and clear voice that you can trust, whether your political views differ or not. While targeting the US, it also publishes a large amount of global news to keep international users in the loop.

4. Reuters

Reuters News Service is an international news provider that informs (if not fully delivers) the journalism behind newspaper and television articles around the world. It is also one of the oldest news services dating back to 1851.

With die-hard, high-profile journalists who beat the streets and scour the Internet for sensations, Reuters has built a global reputation for unbiased reporting. Reuters reporters cover a wide range of topics, and the app lets you see more stories that interest you, from sports to politics.
Reuters is non-political and takes its reputation seriously, even banning emotional words such as “terrorist” in articles to provide completely unbiased coverage. If you are concerned about fake news and struggle to trust other news sources, then installing the Reuters app on your Android or iPhone is a great place to start.

5. Apple News

iPhone and iPad users do not need to install any additional devices to receive the latest news and information, be it local, national, or global news. This is thanks to the Apple News app, which comes preinstalled with iOS and iPad. Sorry, Apple News is not available for Android devices.

To differentiate it from other news aggregators, Apple News focuses on visual content such as videos or images. It helps you see the most important news, giving users the ability to quickly view the daily news without losing important facts.
Like Google News and other news apps, Apple News lets you choose the topics (named channels) that matter most to you, from science to entertainment, as well as the most important news of the day in your area. If you want to go further, a News + subscription gives you access to hundreds of paid news sources for $ 9.99 per month.

6. Financial Times

As the name suggests, the Financial Times (FT) is a news source that focuses on how politics, current events, and global events affect financial markets. It is also one of the oldest news sources, first published in 1888.

Readers of the pink sheets will know what to expect from the FT app for Android and iPhone devices. The stories are meant to focus on how this could affect business and financial markets, but between the lines you’ll see high-quality reports on a range of topics that don’t stray too far from direct political views.
This is backed up by independent news ratings like AllSides, which confirm the FT is right in the middle. If you’re concerned about the markets or just looking for an interesting news source to try, then the FT app is available for both platforms, but you’ll need a paid FT subscription first.

7. Flipboard

Like Apple News, Flipboard is a news aggregator that focuses on polish, presentation, and look. It takes the news, embellishes it, and presents it neatly in the trendy and user-friendly Flipboard app for Android and iPhone users.

In the Flipboard app, you can select the topics that matter most to you, from the most general to the niche ones, which you can then flip through at your leisure. Flipboard, like many other apps on this list, offers a Latest News Alert system that will alert you to the latest news as it appears on news sites, followed by Flipboard.
You can even add your own sources to the app, allowing you to create your own aggregated collection of specialized news to read or share with others. If Flipboard isn’t for you, you can use the RSS feed on your PC or Mac to create your own news aggregator, but you’ll need to find the RSS feeds first

Find Good News Sources

It is easy to reject a news source based on personal politics, experience, or dislike of the content in general. This makes it even more important to find good news sources that you can trust, especially in current affairs, where you might prefer to see the two sides of the story before making your own judgments.
While it’s always important to consider paying for high-quality journalism, paid access can sometimes be disruptive and costly. If you’re on a tight budget, there are some easy-to-use techniques that you can use to bypass paid access to news sites If you are interested in debate, try the calm political subreddits on Reddit instead

7 Best News Apps for Android and iPhone

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