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7 Best Free Online Solitaire Sites To Play When You’re Bored

Solitaire was one of the first PC games to really hit the mark and has offered people a fun way to spend time in the office and at home since it was first included in the Windows operating system in 1990. However, the card game is not new. whose origins date back to the 1800s.

You can still play solitaire on Windows, but Microsoft’s version is a little awkward these days. If you are looking for an old school solitaire game, hundreds of free online solitaire websites that you can play are your best bet.

If you find it difficult to choose between the two, here are seven solitaire games you can try online for free.


If you are looking for a simple and free online solitaire game, Solitr will probably be one of the first games you try. This site has been providing casual solitaire entertainment for many years, with both the original solitaire and variations of it available in your browser.

You can set up the game to flip one or three cards at a time, and also display a running score to gauge your performance. Other than that, the settings are a bit limited, but that might suit your playstyle.

The interface is clean and easy to use, and if you run into difficulties, you can always switch to Sudoku or Mahjong games on the site.

Solitaire World

We admit that World of Solitaire’s gameplay interface looks a little dated, but don’t let that scare you – this powerful Solitaire experience has settings you won’t find in other free online Solitaire games.

There are over 125 different solitaire options available. The list of games from A to Z includes standard Solitaire and Spider Solitaires, as well as more unusual options such as Citadel or Yukon.

The site also allows you to register to save the statistics and performance of your solitaire game, change the theme and background of the deck of cards, switch between different languages, and enable and disable various animations and user interface settings.

Solitaire FRVR

Game developers looking to make millions playing Solitaire are likely to be disappointed, but FRVR is a rare beast – they’ve built a million dollar business with clean, playable classic HTML5 games, and Solitaire FRVR is one of them.

For the humble observer, Solitaire FRVR is no different from many other pure Solitaire clones, but this game, with its green deck table and simple card design, hides an optimized game engine and a number of internal customization options. P>

If you want to experience modern online solitaire, this free online solitaire is for you. If you prefer the Klondike Solitaire variant, you can try Klondike FRVR Solitaire.

Cardgames.io Solitaire

If you are a card game enthusiast, you must have visited cardgames.io once. It offers many card games, including Go Fish and Crazy Eights, but these are free online Solitaire games that will keep Solitaire fans interested.

Solitaire and Spider solitaire options are available at cardgames.io, as well as Kings in the Corner and Yukon. The interface of the site is a bit outdated, but the games themselves are quick and easy to play if you know how to play.

If you don’t, the rules will be quickly available, as will options for modifying the gameplay, with different themes, adjustable game speed and the ability to switch between one or three cards.


Variety is the highlight of life, so if you’re looking for a different type of card game, you can try Solitaired. It has no less than 546 variations of this classic including FreeCell, Spider and others available (as well as the original).

The interface of solitaire in all variants of the game is very similar: timers and counters are located at the top, and the deck of cards is at the bottom. You can quickly switch between one and three cards, or pause the timer when you need to take a quick break.

If you have to come and go, you can register to save your gameplay for later. Your account will allow you to resume the game at any time, and will also give you an overview of your past game to see how well your solitaire skills have improved (or not).

247 Solitaire

The gameplay “247 Solitaire” is probably best for mobile users, but the game can be played well in a desktop browser. It may not offer the 500+ options that Solitaired has, but it does include some of the favorites, including Freecell and Klondike, and the eponymous version of 247 Freecell.

The deck is green, the cards are white – this solitaire is not trying to be anything more than a simple and quick solitaire, so don’t wait for settings. The gameplay itself is in line with your expectations, but the interface is clearly designed for mobile devices.

Despite the lack of customization options, it allows you to undo the last move, play with sound effects, reset game settings, or view statistics from previous gameplay, including the overall win / lose ratio.

Google Solitaire

Wherever the players go, the developers will always follow them. To compete with the numerous Solitaire clones on the Internet, Google has introduced its very own Solitaire game, available to all Google search users for free.

You can play Google Solitaire right now by typing Solitaire into Google Search. Google’s own solitaire will be displayed over the various free online solitaire games that you will see. Click “Play” to start playing immediately.

The game offers an easy or hard mode, depending on whether you like a casual experience or a more difficult challenge. It offers sound effects, scoring and move counting, and a timer for gameplay.

Otherwise, there is nothing special about the way it is set up, but it misses the point. Google Solitaire aims to immediately satisfy your craving for card games, and for many users it will be the first and only online solitaire game they will play.

Free Internet Browser Games

If you are interested in casual games, you can play free online solitaire. There are other browser games available, but if you want a more complete gaming experience, you can get started on Steam instead. However, you will probably need a gaming computer that can play your favorite games.

If that sounds too expensive, opt instead for free online browser games that you can play, including a range of additional free and hidden Google games that do not require additional downloads.

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