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6 HBO Max Tips and Tricks Every New Users Should Know

6 HBO Max Tips and Tricks Every New Users Should Know.

HBO recently launched its new streaming service HBO Max. At $ 14.99, it’s more expensive than most other online streaming video subscriptions like Hulu, Prime Video, and Netflix. But it makes up for the price with its huge catalog of the entire HBO library along with premium content from partners like The Criterion Collection, BBC Studios and Warner Bros. After using it for a while, I’ve found a few tricks you can take. make the most of your subscription. Let’s start.

HBO Max Tips and Tricks

1. Get HBO Max outside of the US

HBO Max is currently only available in the US, and while you can use a VPN to bypass geo restrictions, you still need a US credit card to sign up. But I have a workaround to use it even without American credit cards or even gift cards. To get HBO Max outside of the US, you’ll need an Android smartphone.

On Android, change the Play Store country to US or alternatively on Android, you also have the option to download the HBO Max APK. Just download the APK and open the app. You will notice that when you try to open the application, you receive an error message: “The service is not available in your country.”

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Turn on VPN and connect to a US server. Proceed to create a new account in the HBO Max app and use the in-app purchase method as your payment method instead of using cards directly. This way, it won’t check for American cards and you can create an account. That’s it, you can now watch HBO Max in peace.

You can also use the same credentials on iOS or the web to watch the show on your iPhone or computer, respectively. Just make sure the VPN is active in the background.

2. Set up HBO max on Firestick

Another issue with HBO Max is that it is not available for Firefox and Roku due to disagreements between the companies. But either way, Firestick and Roku are two of the most popular, and if I can’t watch them on my Firestick or Roku, it violates the terms of the deal for me. Fortunately, there is a workaround for Firestick.

If you have HBO Now installed, you will have to uninstall HBO Now before you can install HBO Max. After that, enable the option “install applications from unknown sources” in the settings.

Then install the Downloader app, go to the home screen of your Fire TV / Fire Stick, hover your mouse over the Search option and select it. Enter “Downloader” in the search.

So, open the Downloader app, select the Browser tab in the sidebar and search for “HBO Max APK”. Download the APK from APKMirror, it’s a trusted source and I recommend it.

That’s it, if you are located outside the US, just turn on a VPN with a US server and start watching HBO Max on Amazon Fire TV.

3. Download HBO Max Over Cellular Data

By default, HBO Max has Wi-Fi Streaming Only and Wi-Fi Download Only, so you don’t waste time using your cellular data plan. Here’s how to stream and download HBO Max over cellular data.

If you want to stream over a cellular network, open the HBO Max app for iOS or Android and go to Video Options in Settings. By default, it doesn’t let you play videos over mobile data. If you do, it will tell you that you need to “View Video Options” to allow cellular streams, so click that button to get there. Uncheck the toggle next to Wi-Fi streaming only and Wi-Fi download only. So, HBO Max will now also play multimedia over a cellular network.

4. Download HBO Max content in high quality

If you are disconnected from your high-speed internet connection, it is recommended that you download movies to the HBO Max app. However, the video quality is set to the lowest by default, and to change this, you will need to go to Settings in the HBO Max app and then select Video Options.

Under Downloads, click on Download Quality and you will find two options: Highest Quality and Highest Speed. Select “Highest Quality” and you’re done. Your TV shows and movies will be downloaded in the highest quality.

5. Automatically opt out of the newsletter

HBO Max offers some of the best content online, which is also frequently added and removed as their published contract expires. To keep users updated, HBO Max automatically subscribes you to their newsletter. But if you’re like me, then I don’t like the newsletter in my mailbox. Here’s how to unsubscribe.

In the iOS or Android app, tap the profile icon in the lower right corner, then the settings gear in the upper left corner. Next, tap Notifications, then tap the radio button next to HBO Max Newsletter. When it is off, the switch color will change from white to black.

6. Change the HBO Max user profile picture

Netflix, Disney +, Prime Video – they all allow you to change your account’s profile picture. However, as far as HBO Max is concerned, it only supports multi-colored rings, which is still better than Hulu (only uses names) and Apple TV + (no profiles at all).

However, changing the HBO Max profile picture is quite difficult. To get started, open the HBO Max app on Android and iOS, then go to the switch profile page by clicking the profile tab in the lower right corner and then Switch Profiles under your name.

Then tap Manage Profiles, then tap your name. From here, you can choose from four other color options. Once you’re happy with the color, click “Save.”

To be honest, it’s a little disappointing the lack of a profiles option compared to Netflix, which lets you choose between Netflix Originals characters and classic icons, Disney + does the same with Disney characters.

Last words

Well that’s all. I am confident that as we use the service more, we will discover new tips and tricks. I will be updating it, so don’t worry, while you want to share any tips or tricks with me, you can do so in the comments below or tweet me.

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