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6 Best Chrome Extensions for Managing Tabs

6 Best Chrome Extensions for Managing Tabs.

The main and useful feature of the browser is the ability to use multiple tabs. You can open as many websites as you like and switch between them with one click using tabs.

Often the problem is that you have so many tabs open that they become ineffective. What good is using multiple web browser tabs if you can’t quickly select the right one when you need it?.

Here is a list of the best Chrome tab extensions to help solve this problem. From those that list tabs vertically, to others that allow you to save your tabbed session, bring tab efficiency back to the Google Chrome browser.

1. Vertical Tabs for a List View

Tabs at the top of the browser window are fine, but you can’t see tab titles when you have many tabs open at the same time. You may see icons for some sites that will help you recognize them, but not all. How about a different look?

Vertical Tabs is an extension that lists your tabs in the sidebar. You can then select the tab you want to go to.

Open the Vertical Tabs sidebar with the toolbar button, resize it by dragging the arrow, and then close it by clicking the X in the top right corner when you’re done.

You’ll also see a handy search box at the top, the number of open tabs, and the option to open a new tab.

2. Tab Resize for Split Screen Layouts

Another option for viewing tabs differently is resizing the tabs. You can see open tabs in grid, columns or rows. This is a handy option for split-screen layouts for comparison.

Open the Tab Resize layout options from the toolbar button. Then choose the layout you want to use at the top. The currently selected tab and tabs to the right will open.

You can choose to align left or right, use only one tab, and select a monitor if you use more than one.

To create a custom layout, select the plus sign and enter the number of rows and columns in the Fixed tab. You can also use the Scale tab to choose a different horizontal or vertical layout.

To return to the single tab window, select Cancel.

3. 2oTabs for Quick Switching

When you need to switch to a tab, 2oTabs (20 tabs) provides you with a popup to do so. Then, with a simple keyboard shortcut, you’ll see all your tabs in a pop-up window, and you can select any of them to go straight to it.

Press Alt + E on Windows or Command + E on Mac to open a selection window. Then just select the tab you want to visit.

2oTabs offers a helpful search box at the top to find the right tab. With the toolbar button, you can also use the bookmark icon to name and save the tab group so you can access it later.

4. Snooze Tabby for Automatically Reopening Tabs

Maybe you have a tab that you don’t use right now, but you know you’ll need it later. Tabby enters. With this add-on, you can automatically close a tab and reopen it for the time you set.

Select the tab you want to snooze and click the “Snooze Tabby” button on the toolbar. You can then select a fast time such as later today, tomorrow, or next Monday, or set your own date and time.

You will see the tab close and then magically reopen at the date and time you choose.

You can also view your snoozed messages list, edit or delete snoozed messages, view your reopen history, set the time, and export data.

5. OneTab for Reducing Clutter and Saving Memory

When you have many tabs open, you may notice a slowdown in your browsing experience. With OneTab, you can move all your tabs into a list form, reducing tab clutter and reducing CPU usage at the same time.

Click the OneTab button on the toolbar and you’ll see your tabs close and appear in the list in one tab. You can then select the one you need to open it or restore all tabs if needed.

In addition, you can share your saved tabs as a web page and scan the QR code on your mobile device. To keep your list of sites longer, give it a name, block it, and star it for quick and easy access.

6. Session Buddy for Saving Tab Groups

If you want to save your open tabs for access at any time, check out Session Buddy. As with OneTab, you can give your tab group a name and reopen all or just one of them.

Click the Session Buddy button on the toolbar. Your tabs will remain open and compiled into a list in one tab. This makes it a handy research tool as you can reopen your sites at any time.

Use the three dots in the top right corner to sort the list by site name or URL. Remove the site from the list by placing a cross on the left. You can also duplicate the list and merge multiple sessions.

In addition, with Session Buddy, you can import, export, and back up sessions, as well as customize appearance, filtering, and general behavior options.

7. Tab Manager Plus for Complete Tab Management

If you’re looking for a comprehensive tab management solution, Tab Manager Plus for Chrome is the one for you.

Click the Tab Manager Plus button on the toolbar and enjoy its useful and extensive features.

Browse tabs in one place and select one to jump to it.Switch the view between box, large box, horizontal and vertical.Change the color of the window, minimize or close it with one click.

Search for tabs and hide tabs that don’t match.Highlight duplicates.Open a new empty Chrome window.Pin the current tab.Delete or close tabs.

Set options for limiting the number of tabs per window, popup size and style, session management, popup icon, etc.

Tab management doesn’t require a lot of work. With these best Chrome tab extensions, you can save, search, sort, switch and view the tabs you want.

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6 Best Chrome Extensions for Managing Tabs

6 Best Chrome Extensions for Managing Tabs

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