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5 Ways To Record Calls on iPhone or Android

5 Ways To Record Calls on iPhone or Android.

There are several reasons why you might want to record your phone conversations –

So here are all the possible ways to record phone calls on Android and iPhone.

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What is the opinion of the law?

But before you start, check your country’s recording laws, b because you’re not the NSA, are you? Recording laws differ from country to country. For instance.

In some countries, such as Italy, it is allowed to record a phone call, legally and can be used as evidence in court even if the other party does not know what was recorded, provided the recording party takes part in the conversation

If you live in the United States, you must obtain the consent of the other party (remember to call support)

And in a country like India, the laws are still not clear, it depends on the circumstances

Therefore, it is best to c contact a lawyer if you intend to use these records for lawful purposes.

Record calls on iPhone or Android

1. Google Voice

If you live in the US and have a Google Voice subscription, look no further. t there is a built-in option to record conversations in Google voice. When you’re on a call, just press 4 to start recording your conversation. And works flawlessly for both incoming calls. There is no way to record outgoing calls.

2. Built-in recording device

If you are a reporter or journalist and need a permanent solution t then you can use special call recorders called built-in recorders. For example, you can get a Forus FSV-U2 or RecorderGear PR200 cell phone call recorder from Amazon. They work for both iOS and Android, but may cost you $ 100. Therefore, I do not recommend that you choose this option.

3. logger

Another popular way to record phone calls is using 3-way communication services like recordator . There are many similar services like Record Line, SecureSpeak, etc. But the reason I recommend Recordator is one, it’s the only service I could find that supports my country – India and other small country. And secondly, it gives you 10 free minutes to try it out. No credit card information required.

How it works?

This service sits between the caller and the recipient. If you want to call someone, you first call – the recording device. And then the recorder will connect your call to the recipient. And since it’s in between, it can record calls from both sides.

1. Create a free account and log in.

2. Enter the phone number you want to call or record. Now you have two options

2.1 If you want the registrar number to appear as caller ID, please use the first method.

2.2 If you want your number to appear in Caller ID, use the second method.

Note. A call made from this service is not an internet call, but a regular voice call. So the sound quality is very good. To check the audio recording, watch the video at the beginning of the article. It should also be noted that if you’ve been to the US, you get a toll free number. But outside of the US you will bear international fees,


It does not depend on the platform, that is, it works with both fixed and mobile communications. Sound quality is good too.


The price is slightly higher, especially considering the international fees.

4. Record a phone call using the Android app

So, if you have Samsung or Xiaomi phones, it might already have a built-in call recorder. y You don’t need to download third party applications.

But, if you have standard Android, I suggest using the automatic call recorder. This is by far the most popular app on the Play Store and should work right out of the box for most people. Just install the app and it will record both incoming and outgoing calls. But if you want cloud integration or blacklist some t numbers , here’s an option to tweak.

5. Record a phone call using the iPhone app

Now when it comes to iPhone, as always, this prevents third party apps from recording phone calls. So, iPhone won’t have apps like automatic call recorder. But they have their own method, you need to call another number and then merge the call. Just like we saw in the recordator service.

So, for the iPhone, you can use Tapeacall as it costs $ 7 per year. But there is also a free lite version, it will allow you to listen to 60 seconds of playback. If the app is not available in your country, you can download it by changing your country in the app store settings.

And the way it works is very similar to recordator app t , it’s just diff,

  1. Recordator is cross platform, so it will work for any number, whereas tapeacall will only work for iOS
  2. Tapeacall is much cheaper, it will cost only $ 7 a year with unlimited recording, while a recorder costs the same in just 30 minutes.

The sound quality you are going to get will be the same, almost at the same level as they use the same technology.

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How to record VoIP calls like Whatsapp and Skype?

Now many of you want to record WhatsApppp and Skype calls for recording. But, unfortunately, you cannot record a Skype or WhatsApp call. Why? Well, because on Android only one app can access the microphone.

But how, then, do you record regular phone calls? Well, your phone app is a system app. So it doesn’t count.

So, if you really want to record a WhatsApp call, you can put your phone on the loudspeaker and then use the screen recorder app. But when the quality is not good enough.

However, if you want to record Skype calls on your desktop, you can use Free Video Call Recorder for Skype on Windows or Call Recorder for Skype on MacOS.


There are three main ways to record a phone call.

  1. Application usage on your device
  2. Hardware usage
  3. Or 3-way service

It is the cheapest app like Automatic Call Recorder for Android and Tapeacall on iPhone. However, if you are a power user, such as an interview presenter or journalist, you can use equipment or online services. They are expensive but have their own advantages.

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