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5 Best Typing Apps for Kids

5 Best Typing Apps for Kids.

Typing is currently one of the most important computer and technical skills that students must master in 2020. Students who cannot type correctly end up wasting valuable time testing, especially in computerized testing scenarios, because typing incorrectly slows them down.

With good typing or keyboard skills, they can complete their assignments and tests much faster.

The good news is that there are many typing apps for kids that will teach them how to type without getting boring. Follow the directions to find the best typing apps that will make your child wiggle their tiny fingers.

Writing Animals (Android and iOS – $ 11.99)

This app offers kids an easy and fun way to learn touch typing. Different animals like snail, rabbit or horse are used depending on the child’s typing skills, so the faster they type, the faster the animal becomes. If he or she dials with more precision, they can unlock the cheetah and other wild animals.

This technique helps the child learn and master this skill at an early age, as there are no shortcuts to the necessary practice. The app also provides feedback on your child’s progress and accuracy, which forms the basis for learning to blindly type.

This is a fun and addicting app that will help your child learn to type through practice and familiarity, but they need to put in the time and effort to be able to type at a reasonable speed.

You can use the Bluetooth keyboard or enter text directly on the animated keyboard to help your child learn blind typing. For children under the age of 10, a set of 32 lessons is available with animated fingers that show them the correct typing technique, and advanced lessons for special characters such as symbols, numbers, etc.

Dancing Mat Writing

Dance Mat Typing is an animated, colorful and fun typing teacher. Children learn in four levels, starting with the home row keys and then moving on to the next levels that build on previous lessons.

With the help of animal friends, kids learn how to place their hands and letters on the keyboard.

Each level is divided into three stages and ends with a quiz that allows kids to test their speed before they can earn exciting rewards. The first level teaches them how to use the A, S, D, F, G, H, J, K, L keys, and then they move on to the next two levels where they learn the keys above and below the home row keys.

Claudet the Cat shows them how to capitalize with the Shift key, add the X and Z, and enter characters such as forward slash, apostrophe, and period.

The free web typing app for kids offers simple instructions that kids can follow and practice what they have learned. It also allows them to complete a level one day and start the next level the next, making it flexible and easy for kids to develop.

Keyboard Fun ( iOS

Designed by Susan Hossack, occupational therapist, this fun, practical and engaging app introduces kids to autism, physical disabilities or learning disabilities with letters and key-to-picture matching.

This way children can associate letters with words and find them easily on the keyboard, learn to type faster, and also learn the alphabet.

The app displays both upper and lower case, scores on each task, and rewards them with vision and sound if they match the keys correctly.

Finger Writing ( Android &

Typing Fingers is an effort to teach kids how to learn and develop keyboard skills at an early age.

The app uses 32 levels of gamification that teaches children to identify letters, numbers, symbols and memorize to improve basic skills and motivate them to win by offering prizes to move to the next level.

Throughout all 32 lessons, a guide named Dennis helps children learn early on by memorizing and using the correct fingers for each key. After this level, the game mode is activated and children have to shoot at the correct letter, number and symbol by pressing the corresponding keys on the keyboard. The levels gradually increase so that kids can learn how to use the keyboard in an easy but fun way.

At the final stage of each level, they will be timed and will receive points based on the time taken to complete the test and the level of accuracy. They will also receive a typing certificate for successfully completing the last test.

Balloon type

As the name suggests, this typing app for kids teaches kids how to type with balloons. It is designed as a simple yet fun game in which children type the letters that appear on the balloons to burst.

If the balloon flies into the atmosphere, the child loses one of his five lives, and any wrong answer takes away the already accumulated points. By improving their typing skills, they rise to the next level.

The web app is perfect for kids of all ages looking to improve their keyboard skills, but parents can join in the fun too.

Move those little fingers

Children may be interested in learning how to type. With these handy apps, you can start a new typing adventure with your kids and help them learn a new and useful skill. For more educational fun, try these math apps for kids And if your child loves to read, try these cool reading apps for kids

5 Best Typing Apps for Kids

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