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5 Apps Which Will Take Your New Mac To The Next Level

5 Apps Which Will Take Your New Mac To The Next Level.

Many of the default pre-installed apps on a macOS computer are really good. But, as with any new computer, there is always something new you can add to make your user experience a little better.

In the seven years I’ve been using my Mac, there are some applications that “fell in love at first sight.” Now I would like to share this love with you.



Most Mac users are happy with using Spotlight to launch their applications. After all, Spotlight is already built into macOS by default. But if you want something more powerful under the hood, consider switching to Alfred.

If you give it access to all areas of your computer, it will look for you everywhere you enter a search term – your Finder files, installed applications, contacts, calendar, email, browser bookmarks, and more. You can also manage your Spotify and iTunes music with Alfred.

Alfred‘s app launcher portion is free. Paid upgrades are only possible if you want to use additional features such as “workflows” (similar to the Automator app on macOS or iOS shortcuts).

I highly recommend you pay money for this extra feature because once you get comfortable with things like workflows, you will never touch that trackpad or mouse again.



No, not a drug. Amphetamine, in this case, is a small macOS application that prevents the screen from going to sleep or switching to the splash screen.

Since the longevity of your laptop battery (assuming you have a Mac laptop) is measured by its ability to shut down regularly, you shouldn’t take amphetamine all the time.

But for those times when sleep mode or screensaver can be a huge nuisance, this is a nice little free app to have at hand.



The trouble with any computer is junk files left behind by an uninstalled file deleted. Even if you think that all the remnants of the uninstalled app are gone, there are probably a few bits and bytes left that clog up macOS channels.

AppCleaner neatly solves this problem by properly uninstalling apps. Consider this Revo Uninstaller for Mac. By dragging and dropping the application you want to uninstall onto AppCleaner, it will search the entire hard drive of your computer and present you with all the attached files, which you can then safely remove.



The more programs you install, the more people will be on the top bar next to the clock. For minimalists like me, this can be a lot of stress.

Bartender is an application that collects all the icons of running programs and groups them together, hiding them from view. They’re still there – you just have to click on the Bartender icon and the hidden icons will open up.

A very simple tool, but once you have one, you wonder how you did without it.



Apple Calendar app is fine. But I don’t always want to open the calendar app if I only need to check the date. It’s a bit like using a bazooka to kill a buzzing insect – overkill.

If you want something small, unobtrusive and showing you your appointments for the next week or so, try ItsyCal, a free lightweight. The date is displayed next to the clock, and when you click on it, the calendar and your appointments are displayed at the bottom (synchronized with the calendar you selected – mine – Google Calendar).

5 Apps Which Will Take Your New Mac To The Next Level

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