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4 Ways To Uninstall Apps On Mac

4 Ways To Uninstall Apps On Mac.

One of the biggest differences between Windows and Mac is how applications are uninstalled on those platforms. If you are also a Windows user, you know that the procedure for uninstalling applications on a Mac is quite different. There is no control panel where you can find and uninstall your applications.

Mac actually provides you with various ways to uninstall apps you no longer need. In fact, uninstalling apps on Mac is much easier than it is on Windows PC. This has a lot to do with how the apps are installed on the Mac.

Some of these removal methods require a little more effort than others, but in the end they give the same results.

Apps you cannot uninstall on Mac

Like any other computer or smartphone, your Mac comes with some default applications, often referred to as “stock applications”. Apple believes these applications are essential and you will need them to complete your tasks.

Therefore, these standard applications cannot be removed. Your Mac won’t let you uninstall them, and even if you manage to get rid of them somehow, they’ll come back with the next macOS update.

Some of these applications are Notes, Photos, Safari, Stickies, and TextEdit.

Delete apps as you delete files

If you know how to delete files on your Mac, you already know how to delete your applications.

One way to uninstall apps on Mac is to use the standard uninstall method. Just like it removes your files, it removes your applications too.

The selected file will be instantly deleted from your Mac. Then you can remove the app from the trash to make sure it is gone forever.

Clean up leftover files in library

Even though you got rid of the app on your Mac, some of the app’s configuration files may still be present on your computer.

This is because when you install an application on your Mac, not only the application file is added, but a number of other application-related files are created and added to your computer.

One way to clean up these files is to manually find these files on your computer and then delete them. In most cases, these files are located in the Library folder.

Make sure you only delete files intended for this application, as deleting other files will cause those applications to crash.

Remove Apps from Launchpad on Mac

If you are a Launchpad guy or girl and this is your favorite way to launch applications, you can also use it to uninstall applications. This removal method works in much the same way as the iOS method.

Again, you will have to manually find the leftover files for the application and remove them from your computer.

Use custom uninstallers to uninstall Mac applications

This is very rare, but some of the applications you install on your Mac come with dedicated uninstaller programs. These uninstaller programs will help you to easily remove the application as well as all related files from your Mac.

Your application along with the file should be gone forever.

Use a third-party application to completely remove Mac applications

If you are uncomfortable with finding leftover files manually, and there is no dedicated uninstaller for your apps, removing those apps is a really big deal.

Luckily, there is a third party app out there that will save you that hassle. It’s called AppCleaner and, as you might guess from its name, lets you clean up apps on your Mac.

The app allows you to uninstall your apps as well as their associated files with one click of a few buttons. It automatically searches for all files associated with the application and gives you the option to delete them all at once.

The application you selected and all of its libraries, cache, and other files will be removed from your Mac.

4 Ways To Uninstall Apps On Mac

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