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4 Ways To Livestream On Facebook To Increase Engagement

Facebook launched its direct feature in 2016 for all users. Since then, it has become a powerful marketing tool for interacting with viewers in real time. They report the following impressive Facebook Live stats:

Make sure you have everything you need to create a successful Facebook Live video and, if necessary, the ability to upload your videos to Facebook. Someone will have to oversee the technical aspects of the show. For simple events, this can be as simple as starting and stopping a broadcast. More professional setup is required for interviews or co-broadcasts.

How to Live Stream to Facebook from Your Computer

Facebook lets you broadcast live directly from your computer You can broadcast to your Facebook pages, profile, event page, or business page.

Before you start streaming to Facebook, prepare yourself:

Facebook allows you to stream live from virtually anywhere, anytime. If this is your first time live streaming on Facebook, you will be asked to allow your microphone and camera. Click “Allow”.

In the options popup, do the following:

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