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4 Metronome Online & Mobile Apps & Why They’re Useful

The metronome is a must-have tool for every person who is serious about music

It used to be thought that you would have to spend a lot of money on a mechanical or digital metronome, but in the age of the internet and smartphones, you can simply purchase metronome software instead.

Here we have compiled some of the best online metronomes and metronome apps to keep you updated.

What a metronome is used for

Just in case your music teacher told you to take a metronome, but you don’t know why, let’s take a quick look at using it.

In a broad sense, music has two main components: melody and rhythm. The metronome is a device that helps you with the latter. Basically, it is a timing device that generates a steady pulse. Music has a tempo and a rhythmic pattern known as “timing.” Tempo is simply the speed at which the music is played. This is the main job of the metronome. If you, for example, set it to 120 beats per minute (BPM), the metronome will tick 120 times per minute.

While mechanical metronomes only provide steady ticks, digital metronomes can also offer more sophisticated features, such as providing beats to match different sizes.

Metronomes help musicians develop an innate sense of timing. This helps to curb the “swing of the beat” phenomenon where the player speeds up and slows down rather than playing constantly.

If you want to record music professionally, it will not only help you learn to play at a constant speed, but also have the experience of playing with a metronome. Recording engineers use a so-called “click track” that is played while recording.

This helps to ensure that all musicians involved in a multitrack recording will play in sync with each other, even if they are recording their parts one after the other. There are even live performers who use the click track through their in-ear headphones, which the public can’t hear!

Metronome + (iOS)

Metronome + has been around for many years, and for good reason it is incredibly popular. The Metronome online app is no longer just a metronome. Additional useful tools are available, such as a recorder and chromatic tuner. However, only the metronome itself is free, and there is a little ad at the bottom that helps the developers.

It suits us. If all you need is a metronome, just look at one little ad. What we are not satisfied with is the full screen pop-up video when you first open the app, but whether you can tolerate that is up to you.

As far as using the application itself is concerned, it is intuitive and simple. You can install BPM directly and by the way, the app will give you the correct name for the different tempos (adagio, andante, etc.) so that you can impress your teacher.

You can use the tap button to quickly determine the tempo of the music you are listening to or trying to play along.

However, Metronome + plus has hidden depths. Just hit the settings button and you can make virtually all the necessary changes to the beat, including the time signature. Overall, this is a great choice for the vast majority of people.

The Metronome by Soundbrenner (Android)

Soundbrenner claims that they developed Metronome as the answer to all mediocre online metronome applications. Based on (over) 50,000 reviews and an average five-star rating, it’s clear they did something right.

The app is also completely free, so what does it give? It turns out Soundbrenner also makes wristwatch metronomes that can work with the app. So when you run the app, a little marketing will be thrown at you.

If you decide to just use the app, you will get one of the most beautiful metronome apps you can get for any price. It has all the features a musician might need, such as beat detection, timing and note splitting. It also lets you load presets for different songs.

This is truly one of the best online metronome apps we’ve ever seen, and the fact that you don’t have to put up with third-party ads is overwhelming. Highly Recommended!

Time Expert (Android)

Time Guru is not free. You will have to pay a few dollars for the privilege of owning this app, but if you like solutions that are a little out of date, Time Guru may well justify the small asking price.

The difference between this and something like a Soundbrenner metronome is intent. The Soundbrenner metronome is designed to be the most elegant core metronome there can be. Time Guru can also work like a regular metronome, but it has several useful features to better help you develop an accurate sense of time.

For example, you can duck the beats at random to challenge yourself and make sure you can keep track of the time even when the metronome isn’t helping. While the interface is somewhat awkward and unattractive, these clever features may be exactly what students are trying to improve their sense of timing.

Google Metronome

Sometimes it’s easier. Google has tons of little tools that pop up when you type in certain search terms. For example, when you enter “calculator” into a Google search, a fully functional calculator appears at the top of the search results. If you are looking for a metronome quickly, you can simply find it using the nearest device with a browser and internet connection.

It also works in mobile browsers. We tried it with the Chrome mobile app, which means you always have a free online metronome in your pocket.

The metronome itself is very simple. You select the BPM number and press the play button. This is pretty stable as far as we can tell, but a rhythmic tap or click function would be welcome in cases where you don’t know the exact beat of the piece you are trying to play. It is, however, a good tool to keep in your back pocket in case of a musical hazard.

Just in Time

Could a software metronome replace a mechanical or special electronic model? There will be many disagreements among musicians, but every decision has its place. The main weakness of software metronomes is that they can be influenced by the system in which they operate. So if you have a phone that doesn’t have many free resources, for example, it might be difficult for it to keep you running smoothly.

On the other hand, all the online metronome apps we tested on each one performed the basic timing function as well as we humanly could tell. In terms of their main job of helping you develop your sense of rhythm, there is no doubt that a good software metronome will do.

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