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4 Best Wireless Earbuds For Your Workout

Oftentimes, when we go for a run on Sunday mornings or get ready for weightlifting in the gym, the music encourages us to move on. This can be said about taking us out the door or during the event itself.

Whether it’s heavy metal, rap, or even classical music that turns you on, you’ll want to use the best wireless headphones you can get your hands on. This ensures that the sounds vibrating in the ear canal remain crystal clear with every press, bend and step.

The 4 Best Wireless Earbuds for Your Workouts

Many people prefer to use wired headphones. They feel more practical, connecting directly to the device rather than relying on Bluetooth connectivity. However, for obvious reasons, wireless and in-ear headphones are generally more comfortable for other, more complex activities.

For this reason, we believe these are the best wireless earbuds for your workouts. We will use the terminology IP, which stands for Ingress Protection The number shown is the rating given to each set of earbuds passed during production in terms of resistance to both solids and liquids.

Beats Powerbeats Pro

Crisp and clear sound, easy-to-use controls, long battery life and water resistance. Beats Powerbeats Pro ticks all the boxes to look for in high activity headphones. These earbuds have several distinctive features such as smart play and pause and smart call routing, making them easy to use with your mobile device.

Inside each IPX4 waterproof earphone, there are many sensors that notify the Powerbeats Pro that it has been removed from the ear. These same sensors also register when you speak and detect when the headphones are inactive, causing them to turn off.

Beats, a subsidiary of Apple, means the Powerbeats Pro uses the H1 chip. Unlike Apple AirPods, they work well with iPhones, which means listeners can enjoy extended playback for over nine hours straight and access Siri using the phrase “Hey Siri ”

The Beats Powerbeats Pro are quite expensive, but are well worth the investment for the sporty rat when the iPhone is their preferred musical motivator. If you can’t afford it, the Beats Powerbeats3 are a great $ 100 discounted alternative.

Plantronics Backbeat FIT 2100, 3100 and 6100

With Plantronics Backbeat FIT 2100 headphones, you don’t have to worry about oncoming traffic. Plantronics’ Always Aware feature keeps you alert by keeping the ambient noise up even while listening to your favorite song. The earbuds can connect to the PLT BackBeat app that comes with MY TAP functionality for your Apple iPhone or iPad.

The headphones are soft, flexible and reliable with a neckband. Count on up to seven hours of battery life with these extremely durable and waterproof earbuds. If you are uncomfortable wearing a strap, there is always a Backbeat FIT 3100 with the same functionality but at a lower price point.

The same can be said for the Backbeat FIT 6100, which completely covers the ear and is considered the best wireless headphone for weightlifting. The adjustable sports headband is waterproof and sweatproof with an IPX5 rating. It also has an “Always in the know” feature, but the battery life is 24 hours, which is due to its higher price.

JLab Audio Air Sport

The excellent value for money JLAB Audio Air Sport headphones are as comfortable as they are affordable thanks to the earhook design. The ear clip protects the earbuds securely, and the Cloud Foam tips are great for isolating your ears. These earbuds are IP66 rated, which means neither sweat nor drizzle should cause any problems.

Bluetooth 5.0 connection is straightforward, but there may be a slight audiovisual lag when pairing, and battery life can last up to a decent six hours. As a JLab product, you can expect the sound to be a little heavy, but not to the point where it becomes noticeable during activity.

For athletes looking for something affordable, with excellent durability and comfort, a pair of JLab Audio Air Sport headphones will be the perfect solution.

Jaybird Vista

The Jaybird Vista headphones are not only some of the best headphones for your regular gym or home workout, but they are also great for those looking for outdoor courage. These tiny, lightweight yet particularly comfortable earbuds can withstand drops, attacks, and even total immersion in liquid thanks to the Jaybird EarthProof sealed design.

EarthProof seals all headphone components inside a tiny plastic bubble. However, regardless of the IPX7 rating, they are still not designed for swimming or extended water activities. So don’t expect to rock at the bottom of your underground pool just yet.

Battery life is supreme, giving you a total of 16 hours (6 outside the case, 10 within) of playing time. The controls are intuitive and straightforward, and the Bluetooth 5.0 connection is excellent.

Monaural listening is one of the most important features of earphones, meaning you only need one earphone to listen to music or receive calls. When using the Jaybird Vista, you only need to remove one earbud from the case to activate this mode.

The sound is good, but these headphones, like many others, are focused primarily on comfort and safety. You will still hear crystal clear sound in both buds, but don’t expect to be blown away by demolition. However, they are comfortable and durable, which is why we have some of the best wireless earbuds for your workouts on our list.

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