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25 Great Free Online Courses for Senior Citizens

25 Great Free Online Courses for Senior Citizens.

We live in the digital age. Millions work online from the comfort of their own homes. Meanwhile, students of all ages are using the Internet to continue their studies (or learn something completely new).

Perhaps it’s never been easier to learn a new skill or find your favorite activity. The wealth of free online classes for seniors makes them very accessible to everyone.

We have found 25 of the best free online courses for seniors. Whether you’re an experienced online class pro or want to try something for beginners, you can get started right away.

Online Technology Classes

Online tech courses are the perfect choice for seniors who want to learn or improve their tech skills at their own pace. Classes are available on numerous topics such as digital security and office software. There are even tutorials for coding.

1. Digital Skills: Embracing Digital Technology

This course covers the basic digital skills you can use every day. Best of all, you can complete each lesson and assignment at your own pace. With FutureLearn Basic Access, you can access this course for a limited time (four weeks) for free.

Course Provider: King’s College London (via Futurelearn.com).Certificate: This course offers a Certificate of Achievement with FutureLearn Unlimited membership (for $23.33 per month).Study Program Level: This course has been designed for people unfamiliar with the digital world, in particular, to improve the lives of migrants, refugees, or others adapting to the digital age for the first time. Completion Time: The course is four weeks long with three hours of weekly tuition. However, you can complete the entire course at your own pace.

2. Tips and Tricks for iPhone and iPad

iPhone and iPad Tips and Tricks is a great course for seniors new to Apple devices or mobile devices in general. This course provides a wealth of tips for using Apple mobile devices, from app management to data usage management.

Class hosted by: Garrick Chow, LinkedIn Learning Senior Instructor.Certificate: This course offers a certificate of completion. via LinkedIn Learning. LinkedIn Learning is free for the first month and $26.99 per month after. Curriculum level: IntermediateTime to complete: Each lesson is short, so the entire course will take you 35 minutes. You can also go back and review each section multiple times.

3. Microsoft Office Basics

In today’s digital age, learning how to use productivity software can help you with a variety of tasks. This includes budgeting, correspondence, and even business. The Microsoft Office Fundamentals course contains several tips and lessons on the Microsoft software suite.

The courses are designed for self-study and are great for beginners. In addition, the lessons are free with step-by-step instructions and videos.

Class Organizer: Free Will Community Foundation GCF Learning ProgramCertificate: This course offers a certificate of completion. Curriculum level: although intended for beginners, those taking the course should know basic computer operations. Time to complete: There are four core curriculums and four courses full of additional tips. Since each module contains over 30 lessons, this self-paced course can take several weeks to complete.

4. Computer Programming for Everyone

With the Computer Programming for All course, those who already have digital skills can improve their technical knowledge of computers and computer languages. With FutureLearn Basic Access, you can take this course for free for two weeks.

This course is great for those looking for advanced computer know-how or even wanting to make a career change at a later stage.

Course Organizer: the University of Leeds (via FutureLearn.com).Certificate: This course provides a Certificate of Achievement with a FutureLearn Unlimited membership ($23.33 per month).Curriculum Level: This course requires prior knowledge of computers and how to use them. Thus, this is an intermediate-level course. Completion Time: This course can be completed in two weeks with just two hours of weekly classes. It can also be completed at your own pace if you upgrade to the FutureLearn Unlimited Package ($23.33 per month).

5. Security Tips

Digital security is more than just strong passwords and antivirus software. Anyone who uses a computer should know the security tips to stay safe in this digital age. This course is useful for everyone from understanding fraud to protecting against hackers.

Course host: Scott Simpson of LinkedIn Learning.Certificate: This course offers a certificate of completion with a LinkedIn Learning account. LinkedIn Learning is free for the first month and $26.99 per month after. Curriculum Level: This course is designed for any level of technical skill.Timing Time: This course is self-paced and takes three hours and 43 minutes to complete.< /st>

Online Finance & Investing Classes

Understanding your finances and investing options in old age can help you maximize your existing retirement accounts and make your money work for you.

6. Investments at MIT

The Investing course is an advanced quantitative investment course offered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He uses mathematics, streamlined financial theories and comprehensive market experience to teach expert portfolio decisions and advanced investment finance.

Course Provider: MIT OpenCourseWare.Certificate: No certificates available.Curriculum level: Advanced (Graduate level).Time to complete: This course consists of 23 lectures and five lectures. group assignments. Each lesson lasts 1.5 hours, and there are two lectures per week, including exams.

7. Just Money: Banking Like Society Matters

Just Money: Banking as if Society Mattered is for those who want to understand how banking and finance impact society. This course focuses on the impact of your finances on social and environmental issues, especially how digital tools and methods can help banks improve society as a whole.

Class Provider: OpenCourseWare and MIT’s edX.Certificate: At edX, a $49 validated course offers a certificate upon completion. Otherwise, the certificate is not provided. Without certificate renewal (optional) the course is completely free. Curriculum Level: This is an introductory course open to all. Time to complete: This is a self-paced course. At a standard learning rate of three to four hours a week, this would take 16 weeks.

8. Finance Fundamentals: Managing the Household Budget Sheet

It’s never too late to learn how to better manage your finances. Fundamentals of Finance: Managing a Household Budget contains lessons on borrowing, investing, and debt. It also aims to strengthen and prepare for your financial future.

Class Organized by: The Open University School of Business (via FutureLearn.com).Certificate: This course is accredited by the Online Course Certification System.< /li >Program level: This course is open to everyone. This is a powerful tool for seniors looking to better manage their household finances.Time to complete: This is a four-week guided course with three hours of study per week.

9. Investments and Retirement

Investing and Retirement is a powerful and free lesson for seniors who want to discover the world of investing. This course focuses on investments, mutual funds, life insurance, and other related financial topics. Seniors should take this course to help maximize their finances for their upcoming retirement goals.

Class Organizer: Khan Academy.Certificate: This course does not offer a certificate. Syllabus Level: This course is for adults of all levels, but those with previous financial experience may find it easier. Completion time: This course consists of 14 videos of different lengths. Watch at your leisure and expect more than a few hours of insightful content.

10. Principles of Wealth Management 

Seniors who want more information about personal finance should enroll in the Principles of Money Management course. This course focuses on advanced financial theories and mathematical formulas to delve into specialized investments, portfolio diversification, and more. This course is available for seven weeks as part of the free FutureLearn Basic Access Program.

Course provider: Hanken School of Economics (via FutureLearn.com).Certificate. This course offers a Certificate of Achievement with FutureLearn Unlimited membership ($23.33 per month).Study Level: This course focuses on advanced topics. As such, it is intended for those who have knowledge of personal finance.Timing time: You can take this course at your own pace. According to the four-hour-a-week training schedule, this should take seven weeks.

Online Language Learning Classes

Learning a new language in high school is a learning experience. It is beneficial for many areas of the brain. In addition, online language courses help older people improve their communication with people from all over the world.

11. Introduction to Norwegian

Introduction to Norwegian from the University of Oslo is an excellent course for seniors who want to learn the Norwegian language, customs and culture.

This course covers the basic rules of Norwegian grammar and pronunciation. He does this by focusing on basic, everyday conversations. In addition, the Norwegian chatbot allows you to communicate in your new language with “Norwegian artificial intelligence”. The FutureLearn Basic Access Program allows you to take this course for four weeks free of charge.

Course Provider: University of Oslo (via FutureLearn.com).Certificate: This course offers a Certificate of Achievement with FutureLearn Unlimited membership ($23.33 per month). Program level: This course does not require prior work experience in Norway. Thus, it is available to everyone. Time to complete: This course is for self-study. This should take four weeks, assuming five hours of weekly training.

12. Spanish I

As the second most spoken language in the world, Spanish is a beautiful and rewarding language for anyone who wants to learn it. Offered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Spanish I is a series of 26 half-hour videos. Each video is an authentic Spanish immersion in culture, emotion and language.

Course Provider: MIT OpenCourseWare.Certificate: There is no certificate for this course. Program Level: This course is for anyone with no prior knowledge of Spanish.Completion Time: Originally designed for a 15-week schedule, this course is now self-paced. Expect 13 hours of video, plus extra time for classes and extra exercise.

13. Contemporary Chinese

For seniors interested in learning about the culture and language of China, Modern Chinese is a great place to start. Teaching Traditional Chinese Characters and Pinyin, this course introduces you to the basics of Mandarin Chinese. Students will also learn about various aspects of Chinese culture. This varies from traditional bloodlines to cultural practices.

You can try this class with a free seven-day trial of FutureLearn’s ExpertTrack software, but you’ll need to upgrade to complete. The ExpertTrack program is a great way to try out classes to see if you like them before purchasing full access to FutureLearn’s vast category of online classes.

Course Provider: Chinese Plus (via FutureLearn.com).Certificate: This course offers a verified official certificate of completion with FutureLearn Expert Track membership ($39/month). Program Level: This course is designed for anyone interested in learning Chinese. Prior experience is not required. Time to complete: This is a self-guided course. This should take five weeks with five hours of training per week.

14. Speak Italian With Your Mouth Full

Fully embracing Italian culture (and cuisine), Speak Italian With Your Mouth Full teaches the language through the kitchen. The curriculum, divided into 13 video lessons, focuses on learning to speak Italian by learning how to cook Italian.

Class hosted by: MIT OpenCourseWare.Certificate: There is no certificate for this course. Curriculum level: This course is interesting and accessible to people with no prior knowledge of Italian.Completion time: This course is designed for self-study. In addition to the lessons, different recipes take different times to complete.

15. Irish 101: An Introduction to Irish Language and Culture

Irish 101: An introduction to the Irish language and culture will be of interest to seniors interested in Irish history and culture. With a focus on the Irish and their heritage, students learn basic Irish language skills. This class is available for free with basic access to the FutureLearn platform for four weeks.

Course Provider: City University Dublin (via FutureLearn.com).Certificate: This course offers a Certificate of Achievement with FutureLearn Unlimited membership ($23.33 per month).Study Program Level A: This course is designed for anyone with an interest in the Irish language, history and culture. As such, no prior Irish experience is required.Time to complete: With four hours of instruction per week, this course should take four weeks to complete. However, this is a self paced so feel free to study on your own schedule.

Online Art & Music Classes

As a senior, you may finally find the time you’ve always wanted to get creative. With online classes, you can bring your art and music education right into your living room. These courses are designed to reinforce your love of the arts, help you discover a new hobby, and brush up on dormant skills.

16. Popular Culture and Narrative: Serial Storytelling

Seniors interested in the art of storytelling will find great value in the MIT issue of Popular Culture and Storytelling: Sequential Storytelling. This course focuses on how the passage of time, popular culture, and various forms of media influence how stories are created and told.

Course Provider: MIT OpenCourseWare.Certificate: There is no certification for this course. Program level: This course is open to everyone. Previous experience with art and literature can help with clarity, but it’s not necessary. Completion time: This course is divided into 25 self-paced lessons. Two two-hour sessions are recommended each week.

17. Introduction to Art History

An introduction to art history provides a deep understanding of how history is portrayed through art, and how art has influenced and changed history. This is a great opportunity for seniors who love classic European-American art from the last seven centuries.

Class Organizer: MIT OpenCourseWare.Certificate: There is no certificate for this course. Curriculum Level: This course has been designed for everyone and does not require any prior knowledge of art history. Completion Time: Originally designed as a 15-week course, the online version is designed for self-study. At the same time, two weekly classes of 1.5 hours each is an average pace.

18. Art Since 1940

For those more interested in contemporary art and culture around the world, MIT’s Art Since 1940 is a good choice. This post-World War II Art course explores the relationship between art, politics, and culture over the last century. In addition, the course will explore how the art boom of the 1940s evolved into contemporary art.

Course Provider: MIT OpenCourseWare.Certificate: There is no certificate for this course. Program level: This course is open to everyone. Although it focuses on a more specific period of art history, no prior experience in art or history is required.Time to complete: This self-guided course includes 14 lectures covering a variety of topics. The standard pace involves two classes per week, each of which takes 1.5 hours.

19. The Anthropology of Sound

Anthropology of Sound is intended for students interested in the art of hearing. The course focuses on the relationship between people, culture and sound transmission. First, students will explore sounds from music to environmental noises. They will then study how these sounds relate to cultural and scientific achievement.

Course Provider: MIT OpenCourseWare.Certificate: There is no certificate for this course. Program Level: This course is open to everyone and no prior skills are required.Timing Time: This course includes 14 three-hour weekly lectures.

20. Popular Musics of the World

Focusing on popular music outside of the US, Popular Musics of the World looks at what makes music popular. It also focuses on how music has changed around the world through Western recording technology and artistic influences.

Course Provider: MIT OpenCourseWare.Certificate: There is no certificate for this course. Curriculum level: No prior education or experience is required for this course.Time to complete: This course includes 26 weeks of lessons and assignments. Each week is divided into two sessions of 1.5 hours.

Online College Classes

Online college courses are a great way for seniors to learn new skills and improve their existing ones. In most states, registration for seniors is free, or costs are greatly reduced if class spaces are available.

Many public universities and colleges offer free college courses. Some of the world’s leading educational institutions offer free online courses, including Yale and Harvard Universities. In addition, some non-college education services, such as Udacity and Coursera, offer college-level courses in a variety of subjects.

21. Yale Open Courses

Yale University Open Courses provide course materials and recorded video lectures free of charge. These self-paced courses focus on the liberal arts at all levels. These offerings range from the humanities to the life sciences. Registration is not required, but credits and certificates are also not offered.

22. Harvard Open Courses

Harvard Open Courses offers over 400 courses on a variety of topics and levels of proficiency. You can listen to over 120 courses for free, including accompanying lesson plans and coursework. Paid classes are available in many disciplines, from personal health and medicine to data science.

23. Stanford Free Online Courses

Stanford’s free online courses provide academic lessons taught by world-class Stanford faculty. Courses are varied and varied. Senior students can find lectures on cybersecurity, special relativity, and more.

24. edX Open College Courses

edX is a free online course provider partnered with over 160 of the world’s leading universities, including Berkeley and MIT. Over 3,000 college-level courses are offered in over 30 subjects.

All edX offerings are free as verified courses. Each lesson also has a verified track at different prices. Each verified track has assignments, quizzes and exams assessed by instructors and then a verified certificate is issued at the end of the course.

There are also various other degree and certification programs, although most of them are paid.

25. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

As part of the edX library, Massive Open Online Courses provides a vast library of edX courses to hundreds of thousands of learners. MOOCs may offer college credits and other recognized awards. Within edX, all course materials and instructor lessons are optimized for online learning.

How to Prepare for Online Learning

Online learning provides seniors with a great option to expand their education. You can join all online courses wherever an internet connection is available, meaning you can take classes in your living room or even while traveling.

What materials do you need?

Online courses require a computer and internet connection. Be sure to take a notepad with you and find a quiet place that is conducive to learning.

Additional materials and supplies will be listed for specific courses. This can range from textbooks to software and students may need to purchase these items on their own. Be sure to read the requirements for materials before enrolling in any course.

Are free classes really free?

In most cases, “free” is another word for course auditing. This usually does not lead to any certifications or credits. However, the lessons themselves were otherwise unaffected.

Like MIT’s OpenCourseWare, other academic sources provide entire curriculums and study materials for free. Again, these are essentially standalone, proven courses. However, the content has been created by some of the leading minds in their respective fields.

Quality sources of education will immediately and without hesitation emphasize the pricing structure. When signing up for a free course, always make sure that all resources are indeed free. Never enter billing information for a course that is supposed to be free.

How Do Online Class Schedules Work?

In most cases, free courses are suitable for any schedule because there is no set course time. Many online learning sites understand adult busy schedules. Their lessons are designed to be self-guided and run on your own schedule.

With that said, double check the features of each course before signing up. Some courses run concurrently with on-campus offerings. These courses may require timely attendance and interaction with classmates (so make sure you have a camera so your peers can see you!).

More interactive courses can also set days and times of the week to better reach all students at the same time. While this is more likely for paid courses, some free courses track attendance, so be sure to clear your schedule for studying.

Free Classes for Seniors Near Me

Free face-to-face classes can be found in many places. Seniors can visit local public libraries, community colleges, and even museums for courses.

To find specific classes (online or in-person), simply Google free seniors classes near me. Ignore any results that say “ad” next to them. Your best scores should be tailored to your region.

Online courses enable seniors and busy seniors to develop skills in almost any discipline. In addition, most online courses are self-paced. This allows students to set the pace of their education around their lives. If you feel the need to improve your mental acuity, look to online classes. In the digital age, lifelong learning is available to everyone.

25 Great Free Online Courses for Senior Citizens

25 Great Free Online Courses for Senior Citizens

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